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The Eagles upset the Orange: Meter talks about an emotional night for Boston College

Feb 20, 2014|

Jon Meterparel checks in with Dino, Gerry and Kirk after the Eagles scored an upset against Syracuse. Meter breaks down the phenomenal win after an emotional week for the program.

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Meets Dennis and Callahan met with John Dennis -- gone and -- for the court. The -- I. Do believe it. Gerry Callahan and -- an emotional she uses an emotional release with the loss of the killings. He just won't lose yourself they're looking down. The guys were. Just tremendous encouragement ahead I don't know why got a feel about that -- leaving here earlier. Let me. You all the way. On Sports Radio WB EI. It means for the final hour of our second day Red Sox spring training at Fort Myers, Florida. Much of the discussion of course is -- you don't -- and you know what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm no more farm you that no more farm farm aid arm none of all four Lagos today they let you know arms Willie Nelson Waylon -- absolutely world copies. By -- by noon time we'll have this done Red Cross call to doing the blood drive for David yeah yep. Crazy that it would possibly get out to you may have to hold -- to get weepy here because it's gonna feel like old. Whole week the style with jungle we shouldn't be mistaken chick just put him formidable. Go to states as they get a group she's joining us via AT&T outline. Our former flash boys are now. The voice of the Boston College basketball Eagles John meet Burrell -- take a Bol. Guys and still they can about just got -- admitted drug -- in my sleep. Believable. -- needed to you but should you just copied in your life. Stellar opening at 601. But I did not give -- sorry I don't often hear -- historically it's and so on but. -- -- -- -- I said as we speak -- -- contacting a doctor begins it's an erection was lasting longer than four hours but but but but -- That's right now -- the most optimistic BC eagle. Supporter and fan and I objective broadcast play by play guy never saw this commended. I really did absolutely did not -- but those -- circuit pregame show yesterday and it felt like. Jeep that is still looks depressed -- Rollins. Says you know what it's been a lot of years and been disappointed to amend its phase of this state it was. Expected to make the tournament runner picked in the no issues see this is supposed to be the year they emerge but. This really makes it -- -- ride this out 46000 people in distant noise just brutally ignoring Syracuse. That's -- effected that are on the road is the most amazing thing I'm not only the -- unbeaten team number one Syracuse but on the road is just off the charts ridiculous. Didn't really have five road win the last 31 games. -- O'Sullivan meaner desist -- I think it on this you give Steve Donahue a contract extension have always been a big fan of Steve Donahue. And just had a bad break down their Georgia Tech but. Is this team shoot this two ways to look at is the biggest upset in college basketball history and good kudos. Two BC or how can a team good enough to knock off number one only have six wins. I'd -- I think -- how -- really has just let let me count the ways lack of a defensive commitment this year. Pretty -- this has been a problem. They -- that is clippers seven foot junior was spoke to did a defensive presence because I would arthritis in both these Richards. I hope it's the biggest upset because that's just part about squash -- you have put in the top five would be Seattle's. The last step that there was 2009 against North Carolina gets double what they had. The on the road it's been under 500 did not not stop the top. -- opened a top ranked team at their homes since 1955. Wow how they do it for those of us who didn't get it until the very end on Twitter went crazy over this thing what it -- miss how to they get in the position to get to overtime and -- -- and what they do. Or you're watching the bit didn't give myself and -- are now. Have to hit -- hit that -- how -- you give me it was it was girls figure skating right I couldn't drag myself away from that that fifteen year old chick from. From wherever the US shoes it was just from somewhere and somewhere. She was spellbinding. I didn't do another village C -- down by -- the first step Philly scored seventy points that throw the ball over twelve -- stood up myth to think terror out of the second half that in proper cup at all. They shot -- -- three they had seven out of twelve. They've moved the ball well want to -- PC I don't -- ahead -- disease studies god basketball talked about yesterday. Absolutely they moved the ball around a program better than any team in the country went there what good -- There is about a couple -- -- there is at least in the ACC and every coach are you that. That's exactly what happened a ball over -- much more fluid. It was much alacrity -- you know as there -- words yeah. It was like watching a team that actually was committed up both -- that they felt really put a complete forty minute -- together this year but this is. And you know I it was there today is says there's Abrams said. You know it was bizarre I I really didn't think about it until about three of formats -- -- -- the old Dick -- factors and yeah that's an emotional week in what everybody went through after. They're viewing on Monday night and then in the funeral on Tuesday the -- so sick -- church has just been amazing we can. -- are we prevented pieces but the fact that the -- that was incredible. Well said meter and I wish juvenile it allowed to speak up much on your room last night with no Abrams stepping all over you during that critical final -- of outstanding ever heard. That's just those stated that the situation to but he probably could do. -- Ken Dryden jumped over Al Michaels that you believe in miracles again and Max jumped all over again. I got the world faces. Is it -- that. That other guy but meter. -- saved Donna -- job. Jerry we -- to put me on the spot. Just say yes of minutes. It does of course it does a good job was in jeopardy political. You really didn't do you think. I really didn't I really did I think -- bases is committed them in the rights affirmative -- -- -- and I think state -- is pretty good position. There you're young and being respectful here in annual part of that saw the whole emotional Monday and Tuesday leading up to this game. Did you think it could've gone the other way that the emotional drain all the stuff they yelled at. All the that could've made it go the other way and have them not show up. Apartment that they that you know especially with the atmosphere -- -- -- -- -- cut the player rather have a good people would write them play there. I was a little little bit worried about that. I just seeing those seen them. At the funeral -- in the the way can disputes. Extreme emotions. It's just seem to have it that's simulated in their there was there's a bunch of juniors and that's so close there about you probably read today it didn't stories this is -- start Dick about it and not just basketball but everything. I was the beauty -- -- constructive way they didn't want it to about what you worry about your -- you idea about that only. Wanted to hear about just everything that was going on in your life. I don't know if you have knowledge of this but did. Donna did did did the coach. Invoked the name of Dick Kelly either pregame halftime heard any point during the game that are you aware of. I think he has the last couple days yes step yet bubbled up pregame I do not know about that no post David pointed to his lapel and said you know this what this sport yeah. The players like crazy that is what I absolutely nuts and executed on the bus to the airport. It was just there was there was -- -- spirits are really what. -- games left and it is what you saw what is what we witnessed last night sustainable NA -- as you would like to call it a jumping off point for this team. Yes -- watching quite a lot. -- didn't see BP go do what I thought they did that big assist there would have Miami concert on Saturday at Miami which -- invite all -- you. Down alligator Alley to join -- courtside at the -- -- this Saturday night. Okay. -- -- Odds are we reservations at bonefish grill we -- -- -- this obviously tomatoes. But. Yeah what do you miss most about coming down there -- this meter because we don't we used to rub together down on him. I don't miss certain that -- a lot of things I missed the boat trips -- -- -- Deal would dinner I haven't the -- from our plane into the future very distant Jersey Mike's in we -- having a lot of philosophical discussions about everything and. -- don't we we miss we miss sun's out guns out of the bowl that's true. Well done that in fact you saw my my spare tire on my. You can attempt I think that that's -- to be sure about that idea. It should but -- about the people around their -- we didn't -- to receive did you. Our source said you might be down here Sunday. Well you know what we're hearing rumors about -- bills replace Andrea. Would you rule -- in a row I mean they do every attractive looks are important want to get the implants and we don't need broad front court. -- you -- for that job -- could you not say right now. That's natural but the makes too much sense yeah he's the first prerequisites for the jobless you have to be a complete ass kisser of all the we'll look channel. -- you got that right. We could at a meeting -- leader I've gotten into this habit. And I've had to break it when I tuned in to herald radio and suddenly my favorite person and -- radio. It's not -- that didn't make. Too many travel arrangements are too much. But while Bob don't. Democratic strategist put it that way they -- good to be people barrel. Very basics like my best friend out -- It he's an awesome guy. They do demand and stop trying to correct get in there and making India travel has been pretty brutal especially doesn't storms all basketball -- For. What are what are analysts -- What's in the in the spring is that volleyball or is that the feel luckier. It would is that what sport would what's the squash what do you do when this break. That's appropriate situations very we did not have an out before it actually. Have you ever Chara -- ever called field hockey. I did a great sport. It's apple though isn't it feel walking is the single on the we killed this worst sport of ever seen. And I just what guess because the college level I sought plated the high school level the worst thing ever receivers that blows the whistle every five seconds and don't let a black. Yeah it's it's pretty doubled my system's ability to register or does it brought their. So I can't say they -- silicon. Yeah so you could call feel lucky if called upon. Article is nothing that that's audio -- herself -- equally some what makes them arrangements if you get down here when we're still there. I will be definitely good god please don't mistake it shaped orbit today judge did that come out that I. The -- well OK you've got a meeting daycare meters animator. -- could -- Burrell with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline.

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