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Red Sox catcher David Ross: Time to get back to work

Feb 20, 2014|

David Ross joins Dennis and Callahan as the team turns the page heading into the 2014 season. Ross knows the team will never forget last year but it's time to go to work.

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-- -- three hours three Dennis and Callahan broadcasting live from Red Sox spring training at Fort Myers, Florida joining us here at the broadcast -- Red Sox catcher. Mr. Ross has joined us bases a year again good to see guys -- tell me and I know it's I know the monster down here is to turn the page who started that I know it's done through text message was there one guy who said you know we got -- stop talking about hangovers got to stop talking about. Duck boat to go stop talking about being world champions got to look for to 2014 who was the guy behind that. I don't know if I've seen a couple pictures didn't beat him -- you know it's a church of these shirts on the way -- in my has something do with that but. I don't think it's like so much turn the page as far as just stop talking about it because -- Do what they wanna get. Back to his guys in the clubhouse I'd get here -- else's story -- You know we're still talking about Dunston and reminisce a little bit but. When we get out here on the field it's gotta this to work you know and and that's kind of -- we had last year you know this -- can get out there and you are working to get done. We talk your manager yesterday I've never seen him -- relaxed and so confident so pleased with the way things are going does that reflect the entire mood of the team. I think so I mean I'd I would say relaxed but I know guys are are happy to get back to work -- guys are excited to see each other -- as -- -- things. It is nice to get back in and see these guys again and give back to normal routine -- like routine is crucial. Players how we know Ryan Dempster was no longer in his prime as a pitcher he was in the top of his game and he knew witnessed one of the reasons he walked away but. When he did you guys all kind of rallied around him people -- he taught us how to have fun and we're really gonna miss some. Tell us what he brought to you go you do you get -- credit for playing several similar role making it loose making it fun -- -- to do that until jokes. He and yet it apologists. We get on the bus along road trip we Landon. He's got everybody's but it's on -- Mike on a bus kind of got the gun stuff yet he did -- -- does that Harry Carrey does. You know he can he does do all this is different things and give us the Tor Toronto only land he's Canadian and tell us all about Canada and make us laugh and I think the main thing that we do is better than we realize that long instead of a season. And that -- not take ourselves too seriously let's not get too worked up over are really bad you know the best thing to do after a terrible terrible ugly loss. Is not there solved its realize that hey let's move on let's turn the page. Hey we got a 162 of these let's turn the page on that loss yeah it was terrible -- this move past it. Were you surprised he walked the way he could have come here even if he were hurting it -- collected thirteen million dollars in just kind of made it through the the final season. He walked away from a lot of money. He did and that's a credit fairway wood house security was and and not be they would perform at the highest level how surprised no no is going to be missed yes. I was wrong I thought he walked away from more money than -- ever -- if it's added fourteen points six. So I -- that and -- collectors there there radar let's say that. There -- -- the one of the things Dempster said to us on duck boat today as we were interviewing him he said spit it never in his career heady player on the team that didn't have. Use the term enable on the team which you agree with that and and and you've been around twelve or thirteen years have you read more fun playing with this group -- guys you did last year. No this is a this a fun group to come to work with every day and it was really nice. Have I ever. I'll I'll say I'll say this we got rid of 88 holes that war around yeah an office took care of anybody that wasn't on warns -- -- against those. So let's witnesses -- -- any way I guess a week we got rid of that they did a good job of of getting guys in there that were on board to what was going on and that's a credit to John and the coaching staff in the front office well focused and away holes at the end of last year are there any Eagles this I will say that -- -- -- -- play that out real quick if we need to bring get back to help us clean that up we you know or fly in and a helpless hopeless maybe there's some suggested that Pierzynski maybe an able odd feeling not so I -- -- -- yes actually get to know him I think. Meet personally -- It's real similar from because we both had kids we both we can talk about a lot of things that's different then. Maybe a younger catcher younger guy on the team we have a lot to relate to and he's done so much I -- I look for to maybe learn a little bit how he goes about his business -- what he does NF. -- to understand where he is in terms of getting used to the staff what do you know about this staff right now that you -- know you're good today. -- man -- -- just just their comfort zone what do you like to go you know Jon Lester. Is gonna go heaters any honest that was just hearing John Lackey. Even when in doubt he's going to be -- foresee -- down away and he's gonna he's a nail that pitch he's -- you can have confidence and what he's gonna do -- buck coats when he gets his clay he's got to realize how. What a broad spanned he can do as far as. What he can do -- the baseball and how he can work something different hitters when he's on the mound in. Is your ability to determine how much you're on the same page with a particular pitcher on a particular date a direct result how many times he does or does not shake you off. But you know I -- shaking off because it gets me in their brain more bright I love when they should especially down here I love what a pitcher shakes me off that they. If they can shake me off down here tellem that the forty shake up under the more Ernie knows why -- right. So how hard and then when it comes at a game when you do shake me off in a situation what to a strong about it go talk to on the mound. Or I'll talk to the dugout and say. Hey this is rustic and think about this this this this you know and -- have a reason in my hand and he may have the same. And that's where the relationship starts to build public it's -- do you expect to play against every lefty and do you ever anticipate being a personal catcher as well no sir not I I actually it just. I just wanna play whatever job puts me in there and I -- said before read it if I think they're going good for me I wanna play if they're not. You know -- get some -- in their gives the best chance to win I know -- is gonna gonna help us do that and I think we worked together. Like me insulted -- last year the more we work together the better where we're going to be is salt is what you are you giving you guys are taken straight platoon. -- I don't eat John has said nothing to me out to he said nothing in the NH actually hits lefties pretty well it's I've ever -- -- in Texas and he played against Lester and he was over they was over off off Lester -- he had some really tough at bat so I know he's in there and in the and the pitch I was -- -- does -- seem. It's healthy he was before I got -- last year I. Caught -- yet I have not -- -- I've caught probably young guys not cause lack. Two days ago so. I'm looking forward to you know it's only day three of us catching today if you -- Owens. I have caught -- -- first got caught I was really impressed sneaky fastball really easily to let it real easy delivery. For me he's he's already trying to do some things that are or a veteran pitcher. I talked a little bit about like hey let's lock in at the fastball command first before we start. Backdoor breaking ball changeup but his changeup has. Plus plus semantics really good and his breaking ball he can -- it's big you can flip it -- pretty much time. What do you just through what he started. Not opening day but first week of the season went out there and started a Major League game. Won't be the problem that I mean he's got the physical ability to get you wouldn't get a pitching coach -- -- guys helping him. I'll pick -- adapt to the big leagues what would be the downside. For me baseball's all about confidence and if you if you have a guy with confidence and and you -- you. You know. Kind of get that confidence it's hard to come back from that or. You would hate for him to come in and struggle a little bit and then think he can't pitch -- a level that kid's gonna pitch the Major League level if he's healthy. It's just gonna take some time he needs to refine some things because you wanted to come out and have success you know some organizations. Are able to bring up younger guys and let him take their bumps you come off a World Series championship. You know you have a little bit less -- -- or I would say he has some veteran guys that you feel more confident which. To address -- catcher David Ross and David everybody has their their their highlight moments of a last year but I am looking to go little inside baseball. Tell me a quiet moment that you had a -- accomplishment with a pitcher that maybe we didn't see him highlights it wasn't you know the cop. With that with a victory -- and in the outfield was there some moment that you said this is important to what we're trying to accomplish here as we get to the post season that you're the pitcher had. While I feel like the guys that this place stayed on the radar guys that were pitched in a little banged up you got guys like Craig Breslow who was just going out there. And that did that sure. The -- gutsy was -- him with that and get this out of big especially Detroit and became -- got some huge outs in the championship series. And then it was really fun me and Lester really hit it off and it's really fun to watch him. Just get dominant yeah -- just dominant that was fun that. That we just what you thought the games don't get out of hand a game one he got that double play and and he screamed at me out screaming at him -- in the emotions were. Were ridiculous yeah. So scientific group baseball breakdown of why Koji is so good because just to the naked -- it doesn't look like you should be that they hit it right back and raise these unbelievable. For me it's confidence and his -- he's got. Pitching is deception. Okay and and and and control for me. He's got great deception is his fastball did you talk to guys who faced before our team. And is fast budget -- -- off do you see a lot of first pitch fastball develop guys are ready it's Biden even though it's 89 so he's got some deception there. And I mean he can throw it to a location over and over and over both sides of the plate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Coach draws a backdoor front door to go in and now it looks just like his -- so -- controller on the staff. I would definitely say that yeah yeah no question and I caught movie -- the other day and he has really good. Roland hey you have one year left and you deal this is it 2014. And then you're done -- some guys would make a issue out of -- and if I think if I need an extension -- -- final edit I just I like fifteen million -- I know you don't look for fifteen but if you wanna start the campaign for that one year extension and now here and now with some guys earned is murder and other than that guys too and it still some. Guys have earned it -- some some of us hit like 211 last year so obviously I just got to be happy with the contract I got this year. And hopefully go out try to get another championship and then. I'll start my campaign let's get another chance about a belt them but today. Who was it and rolled pretty good until a number three guy here at home they'll start that can I I I expect to would like to be here beyond Greg Garcia allowed I'd love come to work every day it's a fun. Clubhouse even a young guys are. Really good guys -- true professionals expander -- has got and Jackie Bradley and you know as young guys that we are coming up just true pros. We've been in Boston for ever and do we overestimate. Or friends of playing at Fenway Park and another ballparks across the country now. No I don't know it -- so it's different well it's just. When they won it makes the whole. Team better when I when I show up that the fans have to play. Expect my best yeah they do and not everywhere some people come to Jesse get an autograph for. I've played other stadiums where they're just you know it's it's that thing to do in the city is a welcome -- game. Boston bands come and they expect the best -- they'd get a bus to energy when I -- that that dugout about thirty minutes for the game and -- get ready to start for the starting pitcher. There's already. Mainstream media and know who I am and and in the end there I mean a couple months and there are ready. On my side and and he batting the odds that it's terribly hurt last year hitting but. They they expect a lot from me so it makes me elevate my game -- -- said that when I was here no way you could feel that what's that the opposite of the spectrum either homer way that you play with a just isn't any energy coming out of the stands down the field. I've I was home player in Atlanta and it it was -- would you know like come Monday a day game yeah it's the nationals. You know it's just Atlanta's I think that's why they're moving the part is just hard to get downtown traffic. Later did they actually do a Friday 735 games or more people can get down there either just some some days energy wasn't as good as. -- Monday night it as a matter it doesn't matter what day it's it's a pretty pretty sold out. Crowd and Qaeda and fans bring their energy you're pretty vocal couple months ago I think it was in -- about steroids abode A-Rod that whole thing -- have been happy to see him drop his lawsuit. Yeah I was well I mean I am like I said in that interview -- just like. Come out and look in the mirror kind of guy you know if I mess up I'll be the first to tell -- I I stunk it up outfielder. I did some I was exposed to I apologize and let's move on I'd just I'd I don't you know let's not bring in people that don't matter. David -- great to see you guys that I always a pleasure island for a talking got a bunch. It should be a lot of fun -- roster Dennis and Callahan 6777. On 7937. All guest appearing with the doesn't -- program get get -- -- get them. Bone fish grill wayside road Burlington wayside commons Cranston, Rhode Island doing it in south Windsor Connecticut will take a quick to about back to the phone calls John Peter we see on the cable talk to you next.

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