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Gordon Edes, ESPN Boston, thinks that Ortiz is about to get paid

Feb 20, 2014|

Gordon Edes sits in with John, Gerry and Kirk to talk about the potential for a David Ortiz contract extension. Gordon believes the Red Sox have never been in a better position to give David Ortiz a contract.

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Welcome back my friends it is -- number two how are never -- -- Callahan broadcasting live from Red Sox spring training. A fellow by the -- -- Wii -- -- he spent 47 days adrift on a raft in the Pacific and two and a half years in the Japanese Prisoner of War camp he never gave up. After four weeks of talking about David Ortiz. I -- -- Louisiana -- I can't do it anymore I'm going over to the dark side is that John Henry please put an end to our national nightmare and give the man his money. Courtney TSB and Boston joins us here at the broadcast like that morning Gordon -- you. John I think -- gonna be put out of your misery I sooner than what I have that feeling I had a billion alive for a number of reasons John Henry knows this is topic a down here and will continue to be until he hands the guy is money and -- does it for three reasons I think he does it because it's a public relations move. I think he lost oil to squeaky wheel I think essentially in his mind to an -- mined correctly you think I'm wrong. A lifetime achievement honorary import disguised them for the organization yeah I mean. The third reason is probably delivering three World Series rings and in the span -- and -- right -- tier -- yet you mean it's at the all its golden parachute have always. Believed in paying guys for past performance or is this new because of David Ortiz didn't like him so much that you just said. Pre World Series titles in the past to get paid for the scored yet but you know that this thing is. You know would we we say that you know guys get paid on past performance. What guys don't get paid on past performance I mean Albert Pujols didn't get a ten year 240 million dollar contract. Based on projected for autism and just let me get a report second -- continue every time you use an example that's an example someone else making the mistake. That works for my -- I mean not you it's what it's like this eight million dollars it was a mistake bad idea to sign Albert felt that -- Connecticut also offer also is a free agent. It time. Yet well it it well of course is that it's a big -- there's a little bit of apples and oranges here but I. I was just addressing the point of you're you're talking about past performance here in the and that's what. It gets rewarded and and the reality is in David's mind you know for five years people have been. You have to remember those two years in a row where he got off to horrendous start rights and people thought maybe this is the end for him. You know David's mind is a look. I'm delivering year after year after year. And there's no reason for the Red Sox to think that I am gonna stock. He even he has been defying age there's no I just one big reason we all stop at some point scored yet they broke we've been saying since. What age 33 with David that that it was gonna slow down -- your security thing or what you're a baseball guy you write your. Baseball guy you know how this works you've seen many many big bones slugger is big strong sluggers. You know and in third at 353638. It's coming and but -- think he's going to be Julio Franco do you know but but here's the thing is it that much greater risk. For the Red Sox to attack on one more year. To David Ortiz -- contract then to pay Shane Victorino for another year. After this season I mean is there any reason to take David's performance is -- gonna decline. Any more dramatically than than those other guys -- yes yes but see. If he's been up to this point. He has been the exception I think the Red Sox took a far greater risk last year. When they gave the two year extension when he when he was coming off the Achilles address the second half of the season then they would be. Giving him an extension now. And they've never been in a better position. To pay the man the money because the industry is watching cash right now -- the TV national TV revenue doubled. -- Salary obligations for next year 62 million a year after that it's fifteen million. I do think there's something to the valedictorian a little bit here as well. There's I think it's it's. It's impossible. To quantify just how much value. Ortiz has attached to that franchise in in the ten years plots. All right this is where repeat might dumb and dumber analogy when he talked about their flush with cash in the industry has never been healthier I'm walking no mystery to find a hundred dollar bill on the street. I put in my pocket and into convenience store and buy one doubles title the balls at the big cat like got a bunch of stuff let's that you would spell out how blessed I I would a so so sad because I found -- A hundred bucks I should waste night the other of the -- -- have been here yet again are you really wasting their money appeared if you tacking on it a year. On David or you might find that you might you might that you might you might have done the same at any time you sign -- Do you think Jon Lester the Red Sox give him -- five or six year. Extension. Do you think that. That there's any less risk that he'll be performing at that level. -- -- -- commensurate with his pay at the end of his contract they may -- David Ortiz and another thing everybody is quite literally here's what -- worked yet. He's gonna leave it can you do that we're teases. Some progress -- the -- -- -- -- -- -- this contract right he's -- diseases like -- not a free agent right now I have seen this year. So he'll be around this entire season. But the whole year to sign so what what so he goes that's a good here if he goes as a great year they've outside and let's just say they'll do. -- -- gonna be next year. I mean the like sought to -- and anywhere that we too. And come up a list of teams that say he has a good deal like -- you're not off the charts were answers before -- but just the good solid year there are two teams. Forget that half a dozen there're two teams that will. Make it two year forty million dollar offer for him but it might beat you are you totally eliminating the possibility. That there might be. Eight team that would give him a one year now balloon contract they'll -- board that did the red sought to say okay he wins it will match maybe we we lose this battle. Plus like I'd I I'd be shocked to see him in another uniform. Now I I think it's very unlikely and it makes no sense for David to -- it means -- Going forward in all. It makes much more sense for David and his career here with the red charts and in where its stature would be in this. Community as compared mean -- would be like Jeter going somewhere for Brett I don't what -- answered this question would be publicly. But privately in his mind if he ordered that conjure this. Question up. Does David Ortiz one another year after this one. Because he's convinced that in 2015. He will still be productive or does David Ortiz -- another fifteen million dollars. In 2015. Because he thinks he might not. Be productive no more I I'd say -- speak. I think in I would say it's okay. I would think that in his mind he believes that he'll be every bit as productive in 2015. It's not like he needs the safety net I think he. I think for him he's seen the Red Sox give these enormous contracts to guys. That didn't perform and I know you say this actually feeds your argument -- but any say what what about me I've done. I've gone out on the field in -- that I -- coming off the best iron to bitch that's cost -- -- and and the reality is that. He did perform an end in like he said. It's when you know you don't go. It talked about hey you know what you guys -- tack on another year on my contract when you coming off a bad year he's coming off a great year window but a lot of people. Myself -- you guys. At the beginning of last season I think we're taking over under on how many games by Ortiz was gonna play against us it was a surprise especially after the killings in the -- -- this time last year will want around the problem all the great case assignment when a year ago or talk. The game to play -- he's you know it was that civilian he's kind of that's when he put the Achilles concerns to rest I guess -- I guess you guess what I meant that he's got left on his dealers. The Achilles is to rest but the age is never going to be put to rest you know he's. -- -- not making you're it you're not making 567. Year commitment to him. You're talking about adding one year to a guy who is being your franchise player and a -- give us and I think -- with the owner is with you John Henry I am too I surrender and expect it and I expect I think it is gonna get done when this week. No well I think that I mean yeah I think they'll come to probably the framework of an agreement very out after opening day that's my that's my guess -- -- a luxury tax. Yes although it probably wouldn't have that great because I don't expect him to get this huge bump. For one year extension so pride wouldn't have that -- -- -- luxury tax in -- but price would be your point. Out you suggest that given about one year with a club option that Tim Wakefield -- that but. Would need to signal light I want the one year the world -- with me on this just give me the one year and pick a club options that it. What if if they offered him the elected to -- It it perpetuated like liquid filled it in every year and a okayed it'll kick it why wouldn't take that. Because he doesn't have to he's everyone's on the side and it's already essentially agree that given that year. It is saying he would take it just. Because he is going to be put it would have or go through this isn't a perfect fit in a year yeah that kind of -- -- -- -- but the CI deal. L for much different from what -- feel -- just a problem solver Gordon and maybe that's a sense but it's gonna happen he wins right he wins again David Ortiz. And why should. He is speaker is one of the most valuable and is not a free agent yep but how many times. I mean this is it up what you have read I got up dying until I'm tell and I'm like yeah. I guess what happened however there are ahead evidently I hate what you well I don't want him to retire I don't know whether it's you know god let's get -- -- I -- it. Good if you have as much. You know and I I think I mentioned this in in the column you know. We got in this country we'd get corporate executives. Who award themselves tens of millions in stock options in bonuses even when their company is under performing. And here we have David coarseness right either yet it. There's less break your book that David Ortiz want to -- -- GOP argument that is also up to do with the other -- I'm asking you to read David Ortiz -- do you really think if I get up early this morning to have some guy Bobby Kobe that's how well. That's moronic how to draw a line apple out of -- to do with the other. Does David Ortiz -- -- it's moronic. It really general answer chips are to continue to go ahead of -- there -- Baltimore Ravens were not in their wives out an elevated -- Ortiz has never -- as well miles above my. We -- the truth the fourteenth street that the beat writers the regular guys like garbage they would never. All they're you know -- -- don't ya that's totally in the business thirty plus years and I'd just sent an David or Tony's baby. -- -- I do know there. -- it is scored tonight I will defend you in this you have you are is level -- -- at this -- absolutely loves it he's got -- -- a little outlets that it has sucked up it's a good Democrat on this -- -- this surprises me I could see some because Peyton -- -- -- play on who who love him and adore him and they're gonna take his side just because of the personality sure you're not that kind of -- originally you know that -- -- reporter. It surprised me that you fell in line and said things like. You talked about there's more outrage for a player. Who might wind up being paid for one year too many that for corporate exit I just said area. Outrage. How we're rich we're just talking about it as well and I got a great people calling greedy selfish offensive it's better that -- does that. While I mean that the Boston Globe did it the day after he first. Indicated. He won an extension Shaughnessy yet you know gets one I'd there'd been some radio hosts. That have -- we can say that we -- -- so what are cars go one person so -- you -- you to admit his personality is a factor here. Is it terms of my stance and. A public perception that everybody everybody who calls his radio stations -- give the man his money there's nobody else that you could put themselves in this position without having. Created this this -- the love around himself and by the way second question you think David really things people hate him. I would tell you there is no athlete I've ever seen in forty years in Boston who is -- and lastly David Ortiz and had a great Bobby Orr and Tom Brady. -- you know I I'd. Didn't know that there was any hate toward war Brady I would think that that they probably on a par it would save peony. More or less for let's -- the but I think he's all aptly absolutely -- they -- -- yes and you know Pedro at ridicule detractors are held out you know those things done. David's very sensitive and I think maybe he thinks that at this point he's kind earned himself a Mulligan. That. He doesn't like to hear after I think from his perspective and and it's a little presumptuous of me to be putting myself in his head but I think he feels that after this long in this many years of or Asia and also you know the commitment he's made to the town and in you know the charitable things he he does and all that. It stings him he gets on me I mean think about it. Other players would have laughed three or four years ago people were saying he was watched Japanese had about seventy you know David took it to heart you know he he is sensitive. So I I think that's part of it I think his personality plays in part of it but. But I do is I strongly dispute. You know that this is gone back to the idea that you know the lodge that baseball writers lajunen. I would be hard pressed to identified. Very many writers whose position on David Ortiz. Contract situation is. -- is predicated on whether. They like them you know I'm sorry that that that's. That's an unfair. -- It's all right let's flip said David aside here because I think it's this whole discussion as a moot point is everybody believe right on it -- say enough enough for this just give the man fifty million dollars and we will be done with this. Let's talk about this team. How where does this go wrong everything that happened last year what does what does John Ferrell worry about at night. That things won't work out like he did last year. Well I think you always start with you pitching. In. The fact is if it's pretty remarkable that they survived. With buckles on the shelf for three months last here with at least sort of slides and and losing the two closes for the season in Andrew Miller your top left handed setup man for. For the season so I think. There's always that. The situation that you're concerned about in there already down one starter Ryan Dempster. Although let's face it Dempster was basically coming into this -- safety might have all the problem. It ends in some respects absolutely want it frees up the money right shoot. You know it opens up a big league jobs for while puts -- brought in the rotation but it opens up a spot on the on the pitching staff for Brandon -- -- worry him. Shortstop center field and middle Brooks to some extent the third well I I think depth on the left side of the infield may concern and that I think that's why you still here at Steven Andrews name in the mix here. A little bit. I mean you'd just. They did get serviceable backups in and Ferrara in rock hole. But those aren't the kind of guys that you would want to be playing every day for any length of time if say. Mel Brooks Bogart's get heard of one of them falls on their face or something so there's a little I I think there's a little bit of apps you know last year they they. They credited their depth for for. The reason they won their little short on that side thanks. Otherwise I don't think there's a whole heck of a -- that's keeping him awake yeah. At he was he was with Russia yesterday could not a bit more relaxed it was a really he was -- little items going to be and you know this is did not look like -- it was stand up later worried about anything what does what does -- Contra when he signed that deal this year presume it's -- what you gonna be how many years how much what is that hometown discount. Well I think to discount it is it's probably not going to be too much in dollars I think we're talking more maybe years we'll take it a year or two less. Then that he might be able to get on the open market. But I mean you're you're gonna talk be talking about an average annual value somewhere in the twenty million dollar raise 500 -- That that I think that's plausible -- Speculation. In and I think decades dot net that's gonna get done probably. Something no amounts after after opening day as well. You know he's had a great spot not mean -- you know would. They're very few starters have of his stature that are going to be on the free agent market at this time or are discovering. Winters so I just think you like -- -- this person I mean I really ridiculous I love the ball Youkilis and we always thought of use the most famous person from Bloomberg you're now number two behind Denver mom and here we heard a rumor that she was your prom date -- school is that not determined how. A court and it's gonna talk baseball they are it was a pleasure I'd 617779. 7937. By the way all guessed accurately Dennis and Callahan. Receive gift certificates to bonefish grill bonefish grow up in Boston. Is that the wayside road Burlington mass location the wayside -- also in Cranston, Rhode Island. Doing to -- and south Windsor Connecticut were sent to get a bone fish for dinner we their last night it's great. Or your phone calls next headlines David Ross and it'll by the media well I believe his four hour erection has since subsided we'll talk to nine.

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