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Jack Edwards with Salk and Holley: USA/Canada a hockey showcase for the ages

Feb 19, 2014|

We talk Olympic hockey and some hockey hall of fame with Jack Edwards of NESN.

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Jack course joins us via the AT&T -- brought to you by Norfolk power equipment Jack. Friday is going to be pretty special -- Yeah well. It's it's whether that longest undefended border in the world right you know so we can kill each other -- better -- -- Possibly. I. Though. Enjoyed working out along siding with so many great Canadians over the years but. Nothing would give me more pleasure -- to know that the US was just a little bit federal one day. And Friday the day that the. -- what Jack Russell wanted to give the tale of the tape and you look at. The Canadian team -- that you look at the US team. Who's better why. Do you think the thing is gonna play out. Well if you're looking -- tale of the tape if you look at these teams on paper. Every time -- sent the team to the Olympics it's the most talented roster ever double if you if you accept that athletes do get better over the years. Because they evolve on the basis of there'll still there physical advantages over previous generations. And having learned the lessons of their predecessors mistakes. It is hard not to accept that argument that it's that every team Canada -- every all the reporters dances about. Coach urban pockets -- put together. That's bad. When you look at the late David Backus played today. Setting up or. Was the go ahead goal -- And then scoring. A goal one point eight seconds to go in the period are sure possible flight. That's what the United States as in spades over every other country in the world in every sport the United States played. There's something about. People from the US. That makes it's just a little longer just a little more willing to buy into that notion that no matter what we do were always the underdog. And and that willingness to pay the extra price to win this small. That that makes this such an interesting dichotomy between the two countries and the Canadians are hungry -- play hungry and you know especially when it comes to hockey -- they want it as much as anybody. Anywhere but what you know use your pick those two factors in play about each other it's a pretty interesting entry in discussions. Why should just think watching the tournament I have watched every minute but I've watched quite a bit of it the US just looks better. And they just look like the best team in the tournament they fore check they they get to the net they've played pretty good defense of I have to think of anything. That hasn't been great for them. I think maybe Jonathan Quick -- little. -- -- -- bad because he hasn't been bad but I guess he's made me a little nervous -- net but they just look like that they've they've played like a better team account -- -- -- that there's there's word unity there Canada has gotten caught a couple times and I think sort of get in the trap of well you know this is always worked for -- song gonna try it and an individual. Play does and sometimes. Sort of superseded that this team systems but. You know that says. I think the US is playing at full throttle and I get access to Canada has another year. That's that's that's kind of the scary part you're -- in -- -- or against the other. You know is this is this the matchup that you wanted to see or Cyrano was is that US to Russia that stood out you mean before the Olympics started. And you -- on man a look at the look at this team look at that team this won't wanna see -- who was. Well continue my tradition of incorrect predictions which goes all the way back in the 2011 Stanley Cup final. A third Russian to win the whole thing. But I did also say that Russia had more pressure on them than anybody else and it ended up being the structural well -- That's said I wasn't really lusting for the US against Russia because. The Cold War. It's over you know funny thing is people freaked out on nuclear weapons anymore but there's no -- enough the lawful or the world within you know. Point four minutes we just don't think about it anymore. Thanks for the sobering to appreciate it at a swipe at it enjoy sunshine notes or -- -- -- -- -- On there. -- But no other game you'll want it if you're if you're going hockey fans in the US and Canada because Canada is the standard and that this is they not only invented the game they've. They've perfected he perfected and expanded their brilliance that it and you know this. For the first. Thank for the first quiet seasons after the yearlong lockout there was not a single unsold seat at an NHL game in Canada and well the passion for that game is awarded north of the border and -- to think about what it would mean symbolically. Two. And knock out Canada at -- completely neutral site. That would be pretty cool. I thought a lot field was where was -- entity based on what I was seen today look what the Latvians are about as good as anybody out there have a performance they had. And edit or the wonderful things about. Condensed. Parliament where it. It gets to the portal where every single game is a singular knock out game it's what enabled. The Jim Craig United States team 1980. The Soviet Union team which. You know that team. That played in 82 games he's been in the Stanley Cup finals. Stanley Cup Playoffs that the Soviets would have taken a real good run at the top. That was at the peak of the Canadian scientists. Yeah yeah yeah how admire. Game planning and individual -- commitment when you. When you see what Latvia for a candidate to do and oh -- -- the report out of a thousand. Of -- Levi's and Mike Babcock point. Then -- standouts vehement when we look at the Olympics I was saying for years ago. Exact reason they really made his mark. And even though they didn't win the gold. At this time around -- give you the US Canada Russia Finland anybody anybody in the world. When you saw them Olympic competition -- you see them an Olympic competition. You have new respect for what they're doing. It's it's not so much for me as I hope it is for the masters and they're a bit in this -- that -- -- -- about. Exposure I think guys touched upon it to him. And it's. It's it's Ryan you're finally had its. A stage and this guy. Just absolutely amazing athlete and you know guys like soft or silly plays the hardest position player. It's true I say that everybody -- listen. It and -- even though the miner's board member at -- plays the hardest position any minor sport is getting getting getting in the I don't well. Just. But let's. But there is it is a marvelous player the more you watch in the more you appreciate him and and see. Is not a guy who shows an awful lot in box score numbers then it's you know -- -- draw -- are cut from the same. Kind of claw that. Their players -- that only care about the W at the end of the night that it's all about the result. And not do anything to help this way. You know whether it's. And over and around. Power play or. During the courageous thing about penalty kill or just. Make himself available for he senses so they can make -- clean break out on its defense -- so he. In you marvel -- player to shoot the constantly -- consideration for the next. She has Phil Kessel done anything to change your opinion of him more or was an already high what is still -- one -- you thought of Phil Kessel in these in these Olympics are far. What is your that they cultural counselor you. You know there are a lot of interest in -- -- People's opinions and Boston and so. You know we did if you talk shows and throttle and when the trade happen in fact that I was saying so councils can score between 300 them. 550 goals depending on his health and his longevity. And is the -- a goal scorer in pure goal scorer that's what he has. And when you open up the -- and there are more scenes there's -- for possession and there's less pressure and there are fewer are battles and there's. A smaller chance he's gonna get rubbed out by subject to at a gas see that's that's been -- 33 in black and gold. -- -- -- -- possibly at least possibly in the military so so no surprise -- capsule is excelling. Clearly -- Has reached his prime and it is the guy who says. Possibility to score or supper bowl or pupils. Every single time he's on the -- regardless. Of the -- through the sides of the -- he he has arrived as an absolute from your goal scorer but my opinion on the hasn't changed and you know I don't think that having him back involved within the -- orchard was Stanley Cup considering what they have to give up again back. And it is they is a story true in the who I've heard so many times that. Despite what we say about castle and not one to go into the corners and lack of toughness at times that they wanted him back and he didn't wanna be effective if you confirm that too is that is that how went down. If you don't so. Bill didn't like the way he had to play hockey involved -- Maybe to me that the line that resonates the most. Was -- Julian in his very -- play at the podium Warren but the -- the post trade. Press conference influence could believe it or not I want trying to make him look at a player but then that's really -- -- you know. The -- for Jordan never gonna have a ninety point -- he's going into the hall of fame folks. And we re going to go all say is that there is the perfect player include -- and sister were all that matters is the end of the day -- It also wasn't so what completely on board with that and that's okay -- -- sold back person but it didn't make it look good shape of this culture. You really think Bergeron -- gonna go into the hall of fame and I don't mean because he does deserve you but -- think that his. His style of play will be recognized by enough people to put into the hall for him. Yes because people who who put him at all -- people who works out Slovakia in the note equality in this -- absolutely Austin. Has. We're automatic automatic familiar I'd -- I shouldn't do that but they'll the only asterisk that it has something absolutely horrible happens -- reverse luckily. Isn't the point right now where he's got. He's got fault that of yours and almost enough records it's only got to take -- one -- great thing in his career and I think he's going to be right there because. People have to understand what an amazing athlete he has. Jack about -- familiar with the with the system and hockey who who. Who is responsible for the hall of fame how many people vote on it is transparent process secret process -- ago. But my at least since it's not real transparent you know and I can't -- to be an expert so I would have to. I know nobody's ever asked my opinion sought help you know I don't believe broadcasters -- -- anyway but I think that people in the all same. Have a vote I believe there's a committee. That this side by. It's not. It's now one of these media popular votes as far as I can -- Typical Canada typical Canadian shrouded in secrecy Jack great stuff is always we appreciate it -- -- -- can be a lot of fun. -- this'll all work cannot find -- -- next time. Banks aren't there Jack Edwards has brought to you by Norfolk power equipment and any going to stand right there on Friday were gonna carry the game. My right. Yes that's a -- noon on Friday we'll carry of the -- US and Canada and you can hear right here in 93 point seven W media. Pretty get a bit less -- you grew up watching. A little wager that I mean I'm so I I think you're gonna win you. Of course I that's not just that I'm rooting I think the US is going to win I think they're playing better but they're better team right now the candidates. And maybe I'm maybe I'm a little biased as the watch candidate look bad today or mediocre against Latvia. But I think the US is better they look great they look like a great great hockey team Canada looks tight they looked nervous they look a little selfish they don't look anything like the US the US line. Plus it can be up there that actually moves on the crazy right awesome I mean I just I think that they are so high heat. There's so nervous about it try to defend his gold medal from four years ago with another super team it's the greatest ever created and meanwhile -- saying -- guys in -- team -- just finally getting their due. Finally people are noticing guys like -- -- half the saint Louis blues are on the US team they look great. They look like a great hockey team we'll be -- -- alcoholic WE.

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