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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - Contract Dispute Editon - 2/19/14

Feb 19, 2014|

We debate four topics all revolving around contract disputes.

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-- -- -- And now. And it's silicon -- swollen already. Bored or all four. Fun for me. Mean. Well we've solved it finally got on sports radio and W GE. Contract disputes that you were talking about today enforce -- brought you by -- on your technology ally in the business to manage wanna let's see beyond manager technology. And by integrity which dozens or just. What is the best fun. But that's what ever given later. -- -- or simply because that's. That's got jobs and I think it's stuff on -- Look like -- thunderbolt. It's political figure from the gulf of great. About. -- great that's the best Roger -- -- as a better do better question. Not the best -- movie with the best -- but -- just -- completely it's Sean Connery and as you can have a conversation. You know he had no -- Roger Moore I love Roger Moore but not more than Sean Connery as James Bond amount insane. If you're gonna argue Roger Moore over Sean Connery you're twirled I think you know what do. Obviously -- Craig you know Craig might be number two he keep that -- -- -- Roger Miller lives. -- -- Is the worst James. George -- and they know the one Timothy Dalton. I think it's it's I was in Goldman's neck that's what appears -- I think all the worse or about all those movies were terrible. Will -- was the ressam's I don't like any of -- -- -- -- -- browser was the worst -- can't stand -- out I'll even take you talk bad about Remington Steele. And that's why he should never been moment. What really happened. It's all about contract disputes. As well so it was David Ortiz David Ortiz in the Red Sox seem to Munich contract dispute right now. The Red Sox are no strangers to contract disputes in recent history. What was the most contentious dispute between the Red Sox in the player in the past twenty years. Twenty years. 1994. Roger Clemens. Right. Roger Clemens -- restaurants. He's in the twilight of his career. It realizes how many people how many of you out there Rangers. Have apologized that they -- care. For a laugh at him trying to -- him out of New England. 19971998. Roger Clemens dealing ignored divisions. For the Toronto Blue Jays all look at that mr. Duquette always in the twilight of his career. Well he probably should. But there are pretty nasty case anyway go closer to home. You -- to be -- of corporate. The rock he lied I guess that he was never play for the New York Yankees in the two years later he played for the New York Yankees I did not use steroids. Or human growth hormone and I've never done so many like him I got the water and got slaughtered by my OK Andre waters that -- is that good or bad tonight and I drink water like you know. Well. And I can swallow thank you. Can I go a little off the board is not a player course for what the big contract dispute with the Boston Red Sox last twenty years with the yes it led to a guy leaving and -- spark yet in general suit yet say what you want about Roger Clemens he never left them gorilla suit. You Epstein left in the gorilla suit and even when he came back it was never the same. Yes they want another championship but the relationship in the front office. It seemed to have just been severed forever between he and Larry Lucchino that was contentious and it led to problems for the next what five or six years. You know your group -- -- First like that I like that call on the output. It's harder it is it's hard to look at this team now they talk about chemistry chemistry chemistry and how it's perfect in everybody's on the same page. If he can't he can't talk about chemistry on the team if the players can turn around -- they want -- to have chemistry and how. Our clubhouse is dysfunctional but. The president and general manager can't stand each -- So you -- set the tone -- don't expect us to be able to do something that you can do yourselves. So that is an aspect of the organization and that's that many times before on the US team fans that he did a great job here but that is something. That that goes against these Red Sox right now everybody's being. You know. I'm ashamed. -- America you know a lot about it and you you know Theo van a lot of these guys better than I do but. One of the things that always seemed to me to be the issue there was that he didn't have an agent to negotiate himself. That he himself was negotiating with Lucchino is supposed to letting his agent deal that. And that that permit and it got personal because it was the two of them as opposed to allowing somebody else to do the negotiator. As a possibility but here's the flip side that is if your -- you don't wanna hear what Larry Lucchino has to think negatively that you Xperia. Are possible -- so desperate to win the agent can come in and take some of the pressure off. Agent can also be that. There are. You can you won't believe what -- They don't want to pay you this they think you are creation of the system. They don't appreciate you and then if so it merged into. Well a lot of the a lot of great. Sister was closer to Texas Austin -- against the they'll come slightly weak that it would go both Omar is not much he would it was at this weight. What he what he thought about being closer to home I -- -- keep -- going to another part it's. OK I think you remember we looked at its miniscule and really it's like a mile or two with you know kilometers -- at. How many kilometers from Texas City -- in Texas and other countries do -- -- Texas. Around. -- Yes we -- Michael Rajon Rondo sits via free agent over the summer. There's been a lot of talk about trading him before the deadline -- potentially in the offseason if Rondo does not get traded. Will there be a hard fought dispute between the teams and around our first though then what does the rumor that was just floating around others Rondo to the rockets rumor Rondo and Jeff Green for Jeremy Lin armor she can Chandler -- Jailer Parsons but the rockets don't wanna give Chandler Parsons. Was a good player rep so -- that field. I would make that deal the -- -- They re election of our -- you want Jeremy went. Now I it's because I don't want to. I don't wanna pay Rondo twenty million dollars a year that's what it's gonna he's gonna test free -- because he wants to see if someone has of their employment out here. And I like -- I don't like that much. And I don't think the Celtics like in the twenty million dollars a year either which is why all these rumors and all these conversations are out there are so yacht. I think it does get to that there would be disputed area -- Celebrate Hugo only -- I look at it what maybe twenty million dollars a year I'll go somewhere. Where that it happens they'll put a nice tribute form together at the garden he'll come back. -- see the tribute on this on the six screen you'll cry. We'll talk about all the good times of mobile won't be nasty. That was the last time that you think about the what's the last time the Celtics. Had a really nasty contract dispute as a must. I think the last time the MB and the Indian us and generally have nasty contract disputes Ray Allen because the team that he's giving the team that you play for is always capable of giving out or monitor right -- forgot about that that's your right. Re still nobody's gonna like everybody's in a different place you're still battered each others like dogs that had -- docs and LA. Raise -- Miami Paul and KG of Brooklyn. And there's all mad. They're all bad about how things and it was right. So yeah that was -- but I over to -- at that point. Three. Next the master contract dispute Bill Belichick. The votes in the -- that many. Contract disputes over the year scientist Samuel. Wes Welker -- team our Deion Branch Logan Mankins just in the few Mankins as the only players that Republicans of getting in new deal with the team. At that time. Which dispute between Belichick and supplier was the most costly to the patriot. -- start with a one that was the least costly to the patriots and that's Adam Vinatieri. You think they've lost. Super Bowls or lost out because Adam Vinatieri and other people they didn't Vinatieri had been there in 07 they would care field goal instead. So maybe it is that maybe I should maybe I should rethink because -- -- that you haven't really talked much about it's it's such a big deal was made of it but maybe should've just given Vinatieri the money. And he wouldn't -- Vinatieri kicked a field going -- you know even sweating it at the end of the 2000 -- -- also -- let me repeat that one. -- the one that affected them the most could be Deion Branch because of just how for the receiving group was as soon as he left. I don't think I was I was thinking. I was sick it may be assigned -- -- annual. Horror. Even Seymour -- Seymour was traded because they the thought they knew they were gonna -- can only play events. He's either offense -- -- at Lambeau. But that year. They traded 41 round pick. Not in 2008 and 2009. Assuming 2000 can't -- became -- older. They trade -- they have to wait. For their first round pick and in the meantime yes I think it did supplements if you can just -- re Richard Seymour and get nothing -- that year. That hurts. And you really were people vote -- -- But available. Called it later. Maker. I mean FaceBook. And Twitter. This is Vinatieri went onto the symbol in the the next year so crazy why no it was good with indeed they didn't -- the civil because there. You think you won a lot in that area because of our it was. He was huge contributor for them and he was Aaliyah tribute paid me and yeah it was our game. It was a game. What the divisional playoff -- aboard. Touched down because like five senators -- right but I mean -- You wouldn't incredibly some of his incredible cakes you know kicking in this -- doing -- in the Super Bowl. Kicker makes it different picking a -- field goals in playoff game most most kickers -- Accurate answer questions and answers. Well why didn't kick if you look at -- -- felt that -- it's more than thirteen. It was a 48 yard field goal in it dole becomes -- is always have a good -- I -- he's better now that he was and but if -- double it is the surprising is that it was a forty yarder and it. Up Mac and how many times it Vinatieri missed the -- Never army and it was never I mean at that point he'd never missed an adult. But it might be confusing to Tim Wakefield. The book club better let go out about the trial. Tim Whitfield at the -- and then you in your mixer and out of whatever you do just don't put them just a little pitch in Texas on. -- As fans -- is on our star players sustain take the hometown discount. Brady is renegotiated -- of the so the jury took less money he could have gone on the open market. Lester has been saying you want sustained will take the hometown discount. The most underpaid player in Boston right now. David Ortiz. David or teams. David Ortiz. Right is that. Yes. If you're on the road yet. There for who he is not the position he plays everybody was used his position against. Designated hitter. Nobody no other designated hitter is getting paid that much money on Norton designated hitter is doing what -- York. I think what what are you what he's meant to their franchise. -- he's under a crime reforms. I'll take it must take half his money I'll take a Big Ten percent. Of David Ortiz -- and be happy about. You know it would not trying to think of other people and I thought about Patrice Bergeron because he's in the underrated list his name comes up but. Please make it pretty good money right if you're 52 million dollar deal that he signed with the Bruins. -- -- Patrice Bergeron. Tuukka Rask obviously is not get paid a ton of money telecharge. You got paid big money to come here mean maybe here I mean I think he was paid pretty appropriately -- made a cornerstone of the franchise. -- -- you know renegotiate to retirement even have rated they'll body a lot of money -- And a man on man I feel he might -- Somebody -- -- -- soldier because the second is second rounder. Daniel Nava -- guys are making no money but after not being -- UK that's just as such is the way the world works at the beginning in your career he can bring guns into obstacles. Even to a logical post has some -- what -- tomorrow overpaid guys. Who were actually under me. That's -- are truly underpaid guys. For their profession is a Pedroia though. Mean the deal he signed pretty below market value of what he could've gotten them on the open market and is considered to note. And and and and consider the fact that he actually runs to first base right the -- -- there have messed up what are you doing probably you know. -- but what are you doing. -- think Kevin long. The hitting coach via management solutions probable -- -- And it Lloyd McClendon you don't Lloyd McClendon calling. And all I'm really sort of -- -- is that you call you at a moment's notice the choir I stole a base. I I don't know he was the spokesperson for the New York Yankees. I didn't know that. Like you mentioned the book. Spokesperson who can -- to be physically. That's sport for today. A you don't have to -- it is not a contract dispute but it was definitely. Which is because it was fun lasted so long and into the hatred between them so great. The end of the road between Jimy Williams into. Just how freaking mad they seem to be at each other at the end. That was -- dispute you don't think that was the dispute. He kept us. But that's something that we knew about. It felt like at the end Jimy Williams was throwing out line ups at random just to -- Duquette -- -- it felt like they were so. Not on the same page remember reading that weren't on the same page at the time. You guys -- just a completely different visions were sick of each other. Finally Duquette to make the move in and go away from Geneva and at the end it was ugly between. Hard and play for a please -- what kind of mystery. -- And loads -- little folksy sayings. TV eight on TBS. What do you do when. A question. You never hear from right or hear his voice would get him on with Jimmy James Francis waiting to get Jimmy John Bentley Jimy Williams on the show agreement now. Even now he will be good -- you look like them like. Like Rick it's you know a fan of the electronic media -- You back. -- are you better go talk to Seattle he plays for Seattle. Catholic template for a sort of like the son Michael made it to march when her -- it. Relate knock on New Year's enjoy life. You'll hold Jimmy filed out there don't you are buzzard luck out there. Probably. You're -- hero their New York in the -- looking when he spoke. And then Steinbrenner -- than John -- Mexico and George reports the final list. Thousand different kind of different another correction this insomnia tariffs on drugs to a -- techies.

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