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David Ortiz addresses his critics in all-inclusive media session

Feb 19, 2014|

Sitting next to one of his biggest instigators, David Ortiz addressed the entirety of the media about his supposed contract demands and what is and isnt being blown out of proportion. We listen in to some of it and discuss.

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Got to tell you Michael gonna do my best to remain focus but I am watching the game of the century right now. Who would've thought. Canada Latvia. -- now that I'm not joking 117. Minutes left in the game -- is just. Killed off the first on what you were joking I'm not a government it's simply a second left on the power play seven minutes left in the game. -- giving cannot everything you can handle. Well is it calculus is be real here. Isn't only the game of the century because you're rooting against candidates elected. And Justin Bieber behind you pretty against Canada and just to be you know what I hadn't thought about the Bieber factor of course I haven't I haven't considered that. Is kind of unspoken. It's just that of an implied that -- -- candid you really are talking about -- I guess I am I Waco. I mean this is the potential to be one of the greatest upsets in Olympic history right. Latvia has like one guy and -- team in the NHL and they're playing Canada the ultimate dream team. Canada loses this game they don't medal in the Olympics. They're tied up one with under seven minutes left the -- So what bell Canada don't go. Oh is that right politically tone dot. I was gonna want -- power play to line up simulator. He can pretty much him and he heard sorry. You rummaging through not my fault the show started 2 o'clock well that didn't -- separate ball for mentioning it leaves it up the bridge. Wasn't a no hitter -- -- a hockey game forgot things -- with the equivalent it is. Not the same than go -- Unbelievable. Use our left on the power play shot from the point of it was Drew -- ends up and -- beat the goalie whose name I can't possibly try to remember. They show host Norway six dollars what is six plus six shots like that is put it there. Yeah but there's not a mean let's face it what we're watching here was to see if something would go wrong and yeah. -- at Shea Weber ethical. Well I was just gonna askew wears you out before that goal before -- takes a moment there where you were you rooting for the upset. -- -- what candidate pulled off so you get. UCLA Canada and you have the best team available Alitalia I was rooting for -- I didn't mean to because you're right Michael I want. I want the US to play Canada for people saying salt -- you would watch -- in the US is on the US is up 51 the game is over watched. Most of that game and avenger five to now fine but the candidate they've dominated the Czech Republic the entirety of the game and so eventually said -- 11 upset incredible upset brewing he got to go check it out -- Canada's great dream team. For the country that cares more about this -- than any other country but really isn't built that much like a team whether or not they'd lose. To the one team left that nobody thought she'd even be there so. Yet turned on. And Michael. US and Canada. But how would you see how do you not star root for the incredible run that Brian for that. Era for the -- that unless it's your country involved. Where's your country you don't know -- course I'm not rooting for your country. But when you route to see -- lose to a tell Latvia of all teams -- really I don't know our man I think now here's what I was there. Don't look at his look at that team we talked about it yesterday that Canadian -- you're you made the point that you don't think they're great team to have a lot of names. Aren't all my guys you. They they can throw some firepower out there that's pretty scary. You wanna see that. You don't wanna -- a win. You just wanna see them lose to somebody who is on their level who's who's who's worthy of knock them off like the United States. I just think that the story line of this team getting tight when it matters the most in and all the pressure that's on them losing to the team that that nobody I mean look at that lost that checks at the slovaks are somebody out Finland Sweden etc. fine. But to lose to and it to a team that I don't even think most people realize was going to be in the Olympics and Lafayette. To me that that is would have been incredible story but not gonna happen. They gather up 21. Both five minutes left in the game on what you know what he's able to claw back into it but looks like Canada. Should advance and so we will see US and Canada on Friday. Yeah -- how good racket that is great that is great last time they played the Olympics it was one of the all time great Q what about all time great games. That was that was it in sort of talked about ultimately. It'll last ticket be candid sure that it is tonight's story. But I would like to see the US. You know bridge that -- from four years ago care where they played great hero well built team -- some guys -- that team that you really. You really grew to appreciate it. Another skill level of -- stance out. Above many others from four years ago there yet in -- four years ago -- US team that. Was always on the verge of a stunning candidate that candidate was able to win it with. You know and guess who Sidney Crosby but I elect him like if you meet again like for the US to -- them. I think they're going to I think both those things are gonna happen -- four minutes left in this Canada game I think they'll probably end up winning be huge surprise if they lose now and -- I think the US is going to be on Friday I think the US is better I think they're looser. I think they have you know I think Canada has so much to lose just the amount of pressure their entire nation out of the US loses. It's like you know the entire country is gonna is gonna turn on Phil -- on the most people already don't like a Marty don't like him for people who are watching right now that they love Adam. It's easy. He's been arguably the best player in the Olympics and the guy he's the incredible so far scored again today scored his fifth gold the US really. Does look great but you course Michael. Beautiful tell me about beautiful sunny Florida. Tell me about it OK -- -- first of all the flight was delayed. As as you can be as you can imagine you can't complain about it but nobody -- -- wanna hear anybody complain. In the -- area. Our our flight to Fort Myers was delayed the only people who who had a right to complain that. And those where were parents were very small children who were just like I'll. Tell you try to try to plan everything out. He -- -- it was like -- leave it 98 he seemed so when we get here exactly this time. -- change around the feeding every -- can be just right. So we'll be ready. In the schedule won't be -- thrown -- well. 915 was the late at 1015. And then that was delayed to about eleven. So got to Fort Myers last night you know when you when you -- they say ladies and gentlemen welcome to. For. Ivins. The local time -- 2271. 278 year now pitcher now you're expecting. Though so it's a great job driving -- eventually drive into the hotel. And and north Fort Myers. Secular now got so. -- talk. With the two kids. Day when he when he won that. Arsenal busted beat up car. I roles has dwindled down points the meat of the role while Wyndham and this is spot between 230 victory. It's just they had a word of -- that we're going to my head. Only think he's an -- here and permit is is one of the people who is that -- the people of that little more. With a little more crass and only thing open after midnight legs liquor stores anyway. Oh on a drive and and -- see these -- really won several Wimbledon she -- and great. Wrote when now. -- was I wanna raise. What are what are you -- Altima. He's in a beat up car beat up -- -- -- -- -- that no. One couple reasons grown up. Re one over the adults. -- -- he'll -- -- Justin Bieber. At 3 o'clock or -- an awareness and their ground state right I can just imagine. Like a star racing you. It this story gets a little turnaround that I'm chasing you -- now I don't -- putting is a month a year to stand your ground state the very fact that you said no might be considered a threat. Exactly as soon as they rolled down your window did you immediately assume that you were doing something threatening phase -- work -- in particular thing right. Our thoughts and now I'm gonna go to bed so what this Tokyo. When I don't think. You -- by the knighted by the hour. It should have been by the hour now threatening note though. That would ever back to those tell what is on US 41. And and -- -- to -- over exaggerated I call it ever. This hotel. And but the first thing that checking into the hotel the first thing he said was. You don't have to worry about your car what what what we're about. You. How Smart I was not thinking about the car. -- -- well this is not a problem here it is -- prostitution and drugs. That's the problem with -- don't worry don't worry I have no problems calling the boys in blue. If things get out of hand now thanks. Pitching and I went I went -- -- from that technicals. I am not giving into them by getting them to publish -- this hotel -- for the nine. That's the difference -- Obama ticket because you more than thirty -- yes it -- more than a hundred dollars it was it was one of the school vacations. And it's Florida. So even a hotel like that I should probably be about. 2519. Dollars and 125 dollars a night guys in your little five dollar discount for something. -- put yourself in danger. All these places they just public the prices because making so GS believe you were checking a firearm when you went up to the front desk now -- who's looking out forms that your. -- in 143 whatever it is but I don't like that room. That's where you know its base in the parking lot a lot of activity. -- to a paper. Activity happens that's her a lot of the activity goes down. I'm over you do you have any difficulty sleeping with quickly flashing blue and red lights does that distract you at all while you're trying to sleep -- does -- give -- another room. So here's the great part about it OK after tell me all -- about and don't worry about that just you know keep your -- out for drugs and prostitution knows that. After Salmonella. If -- just before dip into the room to grow if solely. Our usual checkout time is eleven. I'm critics didn't -- that extra hour -- it if -- could -- just another hour because the longer be here the better. The activity like in the parking lot between eleven and twelve but no thanks I'll be utterly. Got there about 630 work to underweight he rim she's like -- -- sleep well. Thirty to about while you know you are out earlier you know -- -- your place is horrible at like -- I'd like to be here as little as humanly balls going to. Ballpark of coming out there. But there's going to be here and a lot of things going on with -- and I got -- got to elect its. It's so silly it's February -- -- call myself off from being ridiculous or. We had a we had the -- kind of made a conversation -- that we do that much on the radio but we are afraid of conversation yesterday about. If Campo were to make a move with David Price right. Would they trade David Price to the Red Sox and with the Red Sox give them Henry -- Are. -- -- area with that and -- February I know it's just that Gibril. It is ridiculous stop a month stop he still. No I wouldn't I wouldn't I'm telling you this -- you talk about throwing free and easy Michael the way we both of them the ball coming out of his hand ball release. Really really jumps out of Israeli pop in the mideast road free and easy. The way we are talking about Zander Bogart's rookie of the year MVP when he fourteen. We're going to be talking about -- -- went real soon. He's just. Easing credible get so no I don't I don't even want -- pay the price. For Henry L I look at the difference in the new one was wants to win World Series the other guys happy about some prospect -- on the ball on February -- -- a little bit about and that's you know your game is a who pops the Mitt. February before the rest of the team is even reported as a fine -- you can be that guy and -- be the guy who sit around hoping that for another championship. 1 so big that make it even crazy -- crazier February. On the field the -- it. Is the -- to whom he's going to like a bullpen catcher who was -- last played 1975. -- -- -- I think. Assault Varitek walk around yeah tactic they you started -- -- -- yeah deploy. Couric go. You do -- her wicked. I'm so glad your spring training for week here because I think this story should be great there's nothing quite like the BS that comes out of spring training it's -- if there's it's all -- -- and it's been that way forever who's their own free and easy -- a little bit wade who gained a little bit away. Who does look like -- -- -- could shape who who. You know wants a new contract doesn't want a new contract and of course that's the big story today. And -- -- talked about it and I know people are passionate about it they should be but this story has been BS since it started. I mean we had before we get into I just wanna remind everyone but the David Ortiz story from the moment it began with the conversation he had with with that Steve Burton on channel four and the articles that were soon afterwards has been BS from the very beginning. Because Ortiz is never shut it down he's never demanded anything he's never threatened anything all he -- said was. Yes I would like an extension of entering into the last year my deal I think that's fair. And if I don't get an extension after this week next year I'd be a free agent which case yes I would look elsewhere if they don't wanna offer me a deal. But what's the big oil we use what you mean or is David Ortiz said that you went reported what you what you mean. What you mean -- what you what you mean it was it's BS from what -- asked. Don't like idea I mean it's BS because that there's this is false controversy. David Ortiz is not creating controversy. He is not threatened anything he hasn't he hasn't shot it down he's there at spring training before he needed to be. At no point has he done anything outs out out of bounds right. Yes and he hasn't he has refused anything or been a pain in anybody's ass all -- said was yeah I'd like to be here longer. And we're gonna sit here and rip David Ortiz for saying he wants to be here longer than just one year. I just don't know -- so I think it's been BS to begin. Well I hear you -- this particular story but it's it's part of an ongoing story. I think that the critics. If you guys can speak for yourself I'm just guessing that the critics of David Ortiz. Are just talking about that interview with Steve Burton. They're talking about. Comments from last year and the year before the year before that at the date they are just. They don't wanna hear and a certain certain fans just don't wanna hear. About and -- -- all but certain facility here about contracts and players asking for an extension asking for more money. Whatever it is I happen to think I agree with -- on disposal happened I think most of the people. With that perspective are in the minority. You look at the majority of people. Talking about David Ortiz Ortiz says yes and one another Europe by contract of the majority of people say. Okay have another year at number two years and a note you -- have another three years. Because. If the Red Sox go. Where their talent says -- -- ago. To the postseason again -- care about it and October. October. If David Ortiz does this thing you might wanna get my four year contract extension twenty million dollars per year. And nobody cared. In in the World Series nobody cared during game two of the ALCS so. I think that's the majority. The -- of the minority is very vocal and very passionate they just don't wanna hear David Ortiz anybody else talk about it. What is that basically would Ortiz said yesterday. Right I don't know whether bitching about we talked about contracts guys putting up my numbers they're making 25000030. Million a year I'm not asking for that I'm asking for food and and there are still bitching about it. Bleep them I'm tired of hearing him talk bleep about me when I talked about my contract every time to talk about my contract iron it leaked. But don't be given me that I believe I -- -- is great but you don't and it's not real anger it's David Ortiz just sort of deal himself right. Outlets that what it Israel anchor but it's not real anger at at it's it's a real anger. At a couple people in the media. That's what it is I think adding David Ortiz and I heard who earlier. On what those guys he's absolutely right David Ortiz off the record has told. Some of these guys here. That he's just upset me you listen to the radio he reads the papers and end there're there are some people who have called about his. And a lot of liberal I don't play him at all -- -- replicated. -- here is this is this letter to just say well pensions he did say I mean that's basically what I -- that I'm not that you guys in the media. I'm mad you're hitting on me for wanting to be here longer than I am right now and I'm mad that that there -- reforms are when you're asking the question what he wanted to do not answer. Talking all those David Ortiz in Fort Myers today Michael is down there you -- therefore teases media gathering I assume. -- -- A lot and he went for the tone of the whole thing to be some some of the. Perspective. Well you'll love this. During the during the interview session. Sitting to his right was -- in the video no I had heard on our. Sitting to Ortiz is right was. And -- Me right next to can't count like accurate right in the like you're on the key. It's about her that if we hear it so Dan Shaughnessy -- right in on his left. Was nick kfar -- so I think we're talking about I don't think of those guys in particular. -- really upset -- but. Could be one of those guys may be maybe what he just lashed out little quick elbow shot I talk and let these guys that next to -- went -- I know you guys have said some things written some things so that was that was during the press conference before it started. He must've been on the field you know he took some swings but it showed him batting practice. -- stayed on the field for about 3035. Minutes. Talking -- a group of reporters and broadcasters. About a number I -- just relax just being silly talking about. Dating dating talking about the difference between basketball players hockey players. Talking about now performing on the baseball field. Talking about the weather and it was just used to a lot of laughing a lot of talking he was. Was -- with does the star the crowd is holding court. -- -- allowed to talk about anything and people should should she should just be a great entertainer talk about anything he wants but the moment -- brings up the -- contract. He goes from -- in the world's greatest to be in this big jerk. But it's not just yeah. You know it's maybe it's not fair whatever it is you know have to like it -- war doesn't always make cents. I can't think of an athlete. Who who can talk about a contract people are happy to hear talk about it. I said yesterday -- in any sport people. For the most part. Just don't they don't like here. To do whether they were teaser. -- Jeter Rondo horror. Tom Brady out Tom Brady. When he talks about his contract and yeah that's what they wanna hear. Taking -- that's a good story either Ryan Dempster -- giving and giving it up. Okay here take a thirteen million dollars. Or. Everybody knows you are the best player in your sport one of the best players in the sport Tom Brady. If you take me that you signed he contract extension page nine million dollars a year. And we all know you better net tell us why you did that you know it's important by means of winning championships in. In May not going to be able to spend it all in this lifetime and it would do some great things from my family my friends I don't run away. Barack -- all that is such a line and I think that's what makes Ortiz so great and what sets him apart for so many other athletes is not doing that. He's gonna say look I'm honest I'm not take it and he's not being he's not been a pain. He's not being a jerk he's not saying I want out he's not saying pain near deal to me or or peavy or else. It's just I wanna be your long term and yes I'd like another year out onto my contract among comfortable going into a contract year. I just find it difficult to get upset that I know the people are. And I know that you know reading the text messages here in Summers and shut up Ortiz he talked about this every single year and others are saying I don't ever want David Ortiz to change who cares whether or not he tells people what they wanna -- as long as he's being honest that's -- -- yeah from our athletes yet. Anne and Mike on the how many times especially. Eagle little clubhouse or locker room and you just your line after line right. Look that person is giving me all of the same old cliches. Over and over and over again and eventually stopped talking and act one of the things that makes Ortiz different. The city really is honesty tells that he's emotionally tells you how we feels. Yeah that's true. It you know a lot of guys do to you know they're doing. I make. Since -- used to say habit that he was play. He says. If you get a little rhyme but cliches something. If you want a cliche the oh yeah if you -- cliche for show comes the fifty fellow at some point that I mean it just they understand. What you're looking for. If so they get it right and -- a lot of times it's easier for for you. The reports -- reporters were to put before you sound -- TV report forced -- -- -- boring so it they know what did they know what they that the reporters want the easy story. And the athlete in the aptly -- the easy way out and so what happens if this game yeah. That we all play -- a lot of times we except in its crazy how we accepted me. Not to go too far off the rails here but. Wonder what might take aways from. The Richard Sherman Erin Andrews interview. What might take -- beyond Richard Sherman and his you know lack of grace or her lack of sportsmanship whatever it is. There was a strong reaction there was a strong reaction. Because. He actually says something sweet sideline reporter -- a -- -- edit. It's not just your typical blonde babe but not all nonsense. Rebel. Oh really. Oh he actually he's actually saying something. He's not saying always what a blessing it is to go to the Super Bowl and Albert thank my family and friends he's actually he actually hurt -- real reaction and what happened. What happened he was real. And what do fox. Always that we expected to something stand -- We're -- -- away from that film so yeah you're right you're right we all we all are guilty of complaining when we don't get that entertaining colorful. Sound -- right. Then will we don't get it we complain about -- and then you get a text message like this when I love hearing about the underpaid cheater talking contract in the middle of a contract doesn't everyone. Here's the thing you know who else is willing to talk contract with David Ortiz. The -- The Red Sox are talking contract with Ortiz. The Red -- in his agent is there today. And the Red Sox have a conversation with his agent about a contract to the Red Sox don't think that this is an on reasonable time. The talk about an extension for David Ortiz made that and give it to a maybe not maybe they're able to reach deal maybe they are but the Red Sox don't think this is unreasonable. They don't they're not telling David Ortiz a ghost group play up last year -- deal out when you're on the ups and -- -- sure you won't talk on the culture and what it will do so the same way they won't talk about Jon Lester Jon -- by the way has answered all kinds of questions about this contract are before -- contract but I had said yeah BS instead yes -- me. He's now because what -- -- I'll take under market deal -- fine but there and answer questions about his contract and dot -- and use that I would go or didn't say in the same thing Michael let but he didn't say. The hold down discount magic where our blog are one of its okay give me another fifteen million for next you're about to hometown discount is -- -- make eighteen million somewhere else. OK so we use the word hometown discount to because that he's a jerk -- think it is in the same thing. David Ortiz goes on the open market anybody can -- him that you think it might be inclined to give them more than fifteen million for one year. I can't I can't see the AT&T -- planning and say it's broken up about it. Let let let me ask you what what's the what's the consensus of army if it is all over the place minority athletes can't talk about their contracts -- he's a good investment all of mine are. Yeah how much money as Ortiz made John Henry's using the media leverage Henry to give them a bonus it's called paying it forward I mean people all over the place -- I can't use the -- used the media leverage Henry. John Henry you're going to let you talk about mad if the publisher of the Boston Globe that the Boston Globe. -- got him. Eagles do it to Britain thinks he's the Providence journal one of our three guests in the blitz joining us next and -- call 617779. 7937 salt and -- at W media.

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