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Will Rajon Rondo be traded? And how will; C's fans react to it if he is?

Feb 19, 2014|

We discuss the ever-present Rondo trade rumors, and how fans would react to a trade if one actually were to go down.

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I saw how people here I saw and heard how they respond when Kendrick Perkins history. Kendrick Perkins. It's like 888 national week of mourning. Went went perk illustrated Jeff Green. Are people got to lose their. Stops. If Rondo was treated me typical flip out. The tough comparison you make the answer might be yes that they will flip out of any threat. How do you compiled Kendrick Perkins a totally different situation that's my point like hinder Perkins doesn't you belong in the same sentence with Eduardo Perkins was trading in the middle of a run to a championship. Rondo would be traded as you're going in the other direction and that's a huge huge difference yeah it's a difference but it's still a bit player. A bit player on a very good team as opposed to -- your beat the best player on a bad thing. And not only the best parent of that team. But one of the hold overs you would think you're thinking about the Celtics three years from now four years from now when they are contenders again. In the Miami Heat are in their position. And if they switch places with the Miami Heat that you envision. Rondo. As as a member of the next great championship game. You I I don't know alcohol. I don't know that I feel uncomfortable can that no I don't know you know move maybe a bit and maybe I don't know but I don't think I am confident that Michael buck if they had another way of getting a franchise player. And they wanted to could find a way to parent with Rondo yes I can envision that working but I can also envision them being each contender again about Rondo I'd do pretty easily. I look I understand you're trying to say because I agree with you -- is much better player -- -- and -- people lost their mind when he was traded. But perk was built at a time where it seemed like he was the last. Peace that they needed -- one of the big pieces they needed in order to go win another championship. And and and run it was not. It's not like they're about to win a championship in Rondo. If he believes is going to prevent them from doing that they are so far. From being even in the conversation of the contender right now. That any trade you make is built with a long term in mind not the short term. And I think it was really difficult to accept dealing away a seven foot center when that's really what that team needed at that time. Well except they had. They had yet. At Sacramento exactly. Well -- I mean he was playing he was playing good basketball they felt like they could have. They make it have Shaq come back in and give them something. What Annapolis and traded away Perkins -- Jack. And the evidence but that's still I mean think about what you're banking on in your -- economic guy -- -- to that stage of his career that's the problem I mean I mean again it could have worked but it didn't and it was a an unnecessary risk that they didn't really need to take at that time they could have another championship right now for work -- -- -- -- I could I must say they would but they could get get called me and they definitely could -- again I don't know what would have happened but they could get. They were a better team with -- on it at that point the trade was made with the long term in mind not the short term and in this case the same would be true except short term stinks and if anything trading around -- would help you short term right how well help. Hopes to have the short term by making it worse this year and I think the Sacramento trade -- -- sacrament that's just not the what's been reported. Just cannot be true. They can't be true because of that we're sure. You'll be done. Like any gentleman of somewhat to any any general manager basketball. You go to that guys today are. Here's I think it was good player then Mac or more got a bigger player to first are exposed to the players lottery picks. From the Sacramento okay. For Rondo. Yes you have to you can be the biggest Rondo for man. So Ronald mama make that trade like I love this -- you know that I could just get a IT -- -- -- -- -- new bike. You can't get their free a different things -- two new shoes but rated. Because this does help. But I don't think that's possible penalty that that is realistic. Let you know maybe Sacramento comes back -- -- Isiah Thomas and a first round pick for Rondo that's. And I got a lot more to think about. -- which you do what you do a deal like that. Maybe. I think it's hard to it. It's it's hard to replace a guy like Rondo even if you don't think he's an idol 120 million dollar player but doesn't mean that he's just so dispensable and just move on. About only -- -- -- that's the problem is to -- just because I don't think -- on Rondo. Just because I would trade it doesn't mean I think he's dispensable. And extends a -- sometimes it -- just get rid of this guy just go trade and get rid of them you don't need him. I don't think he's dispensable I don't not like -- on -- I don't love home. I agree I don't think he's twenty million dollar your franchise player I don't think he's the best player on the team that wins championship. It's not that I'm anxious to trade him because I wanna get rid of them make just see what's out there because I think you might be able to help yourself win in a different way. You're right Michael -- he's not a franchise guy but that doesn't mean I'm trying to cast them aside because I think poorly of them. I just wanna get more value and I wanna get myself back to being championship contender as quickly as possible I think the best way to do it. May be -- top draft pick or something else that I can get Toronto. You know people who who he'd be really get where they don't have the access to make the deal happen for the Celtics. -- -- -- -- -- that he's one of those guys that would take control the office and you'll get Carmelo easier shots. Who -- Carmelo great shots -- his field goal percentage. Will it is not that is bad right now Carmelo but this field goal percentage to go up. If he's playing with a -- like -- yeah he's got run -- play defense next I agree that they would be good combination together. I'm not sure the criminals ever gonna win the championship but I think that would be a good combination a team like that would certainly be a contender. You can build a contender based on those two guys -- yeah but can you go get Carmelo. Hello to me for not talking about Rondo to the knicks knicks -- interest it right. Rondo they are not Carmelo Rondo here that's that. I wouldn't but. Maybe not this year now wouldn't happen not picky. I think he he wants to he would tell what hometown discounts and salaried. You know salary disputes. Carmelo was -- we came out there but everybody want to hear -- New York to now pick out pick but hometown discount. If if it means build of something great here so that he wants to be there. He's got to kind of embarrassed at this point right. -- -- -- -- Embarrassed I mean he comes there a great fanfare they haven't really done anything since he's been there in the meantime his best friend -- couple championships. The only there's a little bit of embarrassment which is why he's saying OK go put a team around me because clearly -- can't do by myself. But at Britain's got an okay maybe Sam -- that's happened to be embarrassed about. Eat eat even LeBron James is considered the best player in the world we can win it by himself in the. So what. Why would he be expected to do something that LeBron even LeBron couldn't -- just maybe the way he seems to go about it the shoot first mentality that the trying to. Basically carry a team and you score all the time the way he does not play in the rest of the game those are the reasons that I would I would guess that he may be little embarrassment twice in -- -- LeBron. LeBron I'll just a little differently -- looked -- by the way I thought he should little embarrassed the way he handled the -- I hated the decision hated the way it was done I hated what they are called each other on the phone -- conference call together. I was gross. They have a comfort but -- conference call I think was done well so here's to enter call that thing that thing was done two years think -- got a conference call together or like it what time -- conference at 9 o'clock. Okay they are dialed in they got that woman with a knowing voice battalion entering your code. Your room numbers the can all meet the same place you gotta wait for the -- called -- think -- -- cult leader was. -- -- -- No was with the boss notes to a real Pat Riley could -- or unions -- Is the call leadership punches in the bonds warmth and dug up the Jessica where we -- Miami OK cool down it will meet there sees itself. You don't think they got a conference call -- -- they have faced at the Olympics then. There were all set that was all done. Done deal like about six but this is this is there there's a lot of there's a lot of chatter here and thank. We have heard Rondo trade rumors before. It -- Pretty much it's his second year in in the Boston's second or third year we've been hearing about trade rumors -- -- -- But these are little more intense and it just keeps. You don't gains keeps saying not gonna trade him he's not going anywhere yet people call put up things happening. He keeps saying that these rumors since he hopping around. Makes you wonder. They do deal do you think there's a -- to bring back Marcus Banks. Andre is in Hartford -- under. I'd actually I'd definitely caught well I'd be solved yet next rabid jet -- are drastic toll 2000 and I think according old direction. Well Brian I mean. Did get out dueling can't right now every aspect of great things and -- taking Carmelo -- probably -- starting lineup the Olympics coming up I -- -- erratic old salt you don't know where unfortunately. -- Carmela and a -- Our banks under he salty. I don't he's embarrassed but he definitely Salt -- I -- -- almost friends are better than him now going to be sad. Well it was well who -- who wasn't who's better than him out let's before. I think you -- had a chance to be better -- them for better LeBron. You don't think Carmelo thinks that you think cardiologist says the bronze -- -- yeah. Hope he doesn't. Let you know what. You don't want any player to admit the obvious now when your -- If you're Chris Paul Crist all think he's got a better and then brought to eat these is a different player in the schism in the Bronx yeah but he -- Point guard he's not let. Who's the best player game. Kevin Durant expenses. Art he's better right now but I want what he had. And he's trying to and he's trying to get that. Too if it doesn't mean you're not a competitor. Make it any it in the in any field any industry sports whatever if you look at tycoon who's the best they are they're the best right now. But up but I'm getting there -- take what they had so Kevin Durant Ehrlich says about half of what -- court titles. LeBron doesn't care about scoring titles anymore he wants he wants MVP he -- championships. I don't have an MVP yet. I'll have a championship yet finals MVP I want to -- so he's the man right now. Charlie's and -- -- If I don't -- Charlie. It likely to vote -- -- -- changes that mall in terms would be in terms of what he did before we brought. Brought Allen and -- here. I think he's trying to get the situation or he's gonna bring in veterans and you get that and get to that rebuilding stage a lot quicker. And they're bringing in young players so I ever heard a lot of rumors and Arnold is anything out there by. I wanna -- your guys' thoughts and neither is there a way that he contracted these guys to bring an established -- -- established to. You know who superstar -- -- superstar or two to you know real good players that get to want to be like really quick. Sober about -- -- confused Charlie who's leaving eichel who do you want to. You're willing to trade anybody. Well I think likely if you. It's are leaving it's going to be -- to be yeah I mean that yeah I think Ronald. Yeah but you know they they also happen you know 99 graphics. So you think about all the but the assets that they have. What whether their players -- draft picks bring it and you can bring in a good player. That's and that's the issue the issue is. Really good player that you get him to sign a long term contract with. What equipment electric when they talk about why don't go portrait to fix I don't necessarily think that's that's what you're -- game I don't -- any equipment yet in the X. I think he's gonna wanna bring in established players. Well it. But I guess if you can get a player that you like and a pick it doesn't hurt especially if -- trade with the bad franchise. We're talking about this debate yesterday. Make deals make deals with bad franchises. And they've done that already would Brooklyn go Brooklyn. I thought would be much better than they are right now this year. But they they are bad franchise for making that deal in the first place those good words. The good idea for the short term long term got to be out of your mind. You're trading away you're trading away your your future in the you have an old team. Sort of feel to it that last round pick up. They're gonna have. It you're actually working for the going to be working for the Celtics. It's just -- -- -- -- -- They know that -- adjacent. What do I mean real quick looking at a lot of these rosters -- -- -- at -- Eastern Conference you know a lot of pictures. Horrible problem will be oil while. India is going to be your long term I guess is kind of lose. Yeah and get the general consensus but the other team. The -- quietly I was looking at a Chicago still. You know law published to come to what happened rose coming back to -- they can stockpile draft picks to kind of I almost forgot about this guy they got -- over Europe that post become an old or so. Artest are getting an idea regardless of what Celtics do you think the biggest threat to them are -- in Miami. Maybe up in the year -- happened in those guys opt outer don't opt out but Chicago and India are still be achieved got a look at matters for a. This Chicago as you as you pointed out it all depends on Derrick Rose can Derrick Rose come back can be. Even 80% of what he went up I can't yeah Chicago's the next couple of Philadelphia's trying to build in the topics and you know Philip Michael Carter was part of al-Qaeda Michael I Williams got their -- missiles can return. And then what you're able that one of the big guns in this year's draft may be underway. It was Philadelphia -- those three guys over the next seven or eight years yes and that's a stacked team -- get there you're bad for a few years in of the few of these great draft picks -- -- -- Yes he had a -- who thought they were being a position. It is Cleveland in and -- coach Mike Brown they -- -- -- their position. You know -- hi we Irving. A great a great young player. And they were trying to get themselves in position where they at least have a conversation. Again with LeBron. But it just evade state if that's preventing. I mean it's too is too dysfunctional for them to -- it. Her worst record in the league since LeBron left -- or struggle leagues since then. Our aggressive Morey calls on this excellent 77797937. Also get back to Vince Wilfork some of the some of the decisions that lie ahead. For the patriots at salt and -- and WE. It is in the war liquid subnet. The -- got topless on the so I'm saying again they should hold on Toronto through the rebuilding process. To make called the can come in it that much better -- I mean once he get through a a certain point you can give me -- come in and out much better what it's an indirect -- what. Other golf other traffic all the trappings of a young player all these like number sixteen and eighteen draft picks that are in what he's over -- -- -- going to be OK and that there. The top on traffic. Delicate coming in the Cilic he can make them that much better weather happening in -- he can get them to and you open up pretty much they want or make them comfortable and really -- they're competent authorities. And that it's if -- a good point and here's another reason to keep Rondo. As values lower values load has come off an injury and he didn't help himself that maybe this is he did this on purpose -- help and so I think the query. Is that appeared freeagent. That he that he -- reported that tree and think about it your team and I felt that you say when you theories on Rondo. Without an extension with -- So a bit unpleasant or so animated he entered into a good team he -- now expect it would have to be. Traders took a team that's what you're about Houston Arthur Wesley goes to Houston which is one of the rumors it was out today you can reclaim the Dwight Howard they get a chance to have our camera look at what he cited what he signed extensions there may be. May get to a different than we -- we will assign an extension of Boston -- are hoping they're gonna make a good draft next year I don't think it makes a difference because he wants to be. In franchise player he wants to be one Coca-Cola Procter and good luck but what you don't give I have to how that goes in my day. So it might happen there's some franchise that it might get the -- minutes. James Dolan -- is is that he is a portrait of financial discipline and restraint. -- okay so it takes is a dummy like that. Get to twenty million originals in the car project. -- there -- that you might get. I I actually I -- -- comment about Alex he is actually doubled -- and there's that really. -- they love them for the most part I love America. Well not I'm not all of them there are some that are very. I'm ignorant towards Americans. Go for the most part that they would say that. There's a lot of the -- probability that Americans that they were probably as a -- little -- -- forty. You like Canadian studies major misinformed. You know I informed about a probably noticed that they don't. Personal. Do we know where they are candidates like sounds. Simple classic right. Well yeah. I've lived here for three years I did you get. Some of the crazy because I -- question that Hillary -- all the stereotypes. -- -- -- Aren't -- -- -- parents they you know so it seems like you know people. Do what does that go over well well what sort of help me out there was of the stereotypes about. Americans can what -- what is the thing. What you know they think think that you know. And they have a conception. Canadians -- it was -- equity -- -- -- But they only illicitly and only half. I. Know what that article and all of them are the ones in northern Alberta and not the ones who were living Toronto writes. -- in Connecticut I'm like. They were up by eight. Hey listen you know. -- Monday that he Rajon Rondo bandwagon just because you have a point 70 point guard is entering his prime. -- coming off an injury. Some -- still -- Rajon Rondo on most point guard this is highly intelligent you are kind of the smartest guy in the room in her room poets used it. So it display wasn't completely based off all athleticism like rose and Westbrook where they lose their explosion. They're not going to be at with Rondo sure he's an athlete. But he's also very skilled very high IQ basketball player and he's the kind of data they can change and then you can see that he's jump shot. Clearly improved from what used to be I think you have to keep a guy like that you don't trade that that you know that we. -- of Mike and you got into the -- -- all those are valid points but in order route to back it up you gotta have one yet it's one other question. How are you getting your franchise player. Well the we're gonna have a decent enough traffic this year I don't doubt that we're gonna surpass Milwaukee Orlando to get a cup. You know to retake the Indian strapped even if we end up where -- six the ten pick. You still have a chance to potential. You know superstar coming out this -- Just like you get a franchise player that you're sick -- at 60 let's -- at six Julius Randall Julius Randall it will be different -- where don't you. Well also -- mean it. People talk about trying to get Kevin Love 2015. -- we have our own -- version of Kevin Love were taken a year to re going to be just as. I think on here a little high right now -- -- my. That is a big old man about it right. Kevin Love is clearly a little more athletic he's better than you do challenger -- clearly at their post player. Rebound I think it'll hurt very high heat let up at all of how. He. I think you're pregnant they got hurt there. Quote unquote superstar right now. Well what's gonna happen as we have all the cap space in 2013. Will be able trying don't get a market called reader Roy Hibbert will be -- in another pick sides. The tour with those guys and that we're gonna have lurking in your and he people look at -- -- -- You're not gonna see guys you know putting you know. Cheating against the players thinking together. And more you're you're gonna see guys like Rondo one if you want spot you know elect called either competitor -- -- -- August out of just the last ultimately I -- -- -- -- -- this is almost like the -- crazy things that hurt today to most provocative things Jack Edwards saying. Patrice Bergeron is going to all of fame like no doubt. And you say that you're Salinger. Is right Erik Kevin -- And -- to -- version of Kevin Love with the potential to become like -- As soon as. I. Never Roy Hibbert says that Salinger's. -- -- -- -- conference and you pain similarities in the game. I don't know. If it's easy. -- great basketball player here. What a great player I agree -- catalog like Connecticut are building is if you if you have -- that you build a team get regular manager. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Quickly. Yeah you are older and middle while. It. -- -- They what do you they might of the country's version of the guaranteed lock for the hall when are we fifth there and it's evident in the car quickly Sam very quickly. -- -- -- Step quickness and Rondo Rondo sitting at an injury and he did it because you know shooting and -- -- -- -- -- that notion you know historically to. -- quiet. -- more quickly report just 198 in good point that I. Barriers that you not want. Million dollars a year after the. Five million -- at least what what do these fat lever what a -- that means that one person entering fat lever. What is likely to be an active plan actors Berry -- where -- -- talking about on next here what happened next contract. Look at Iraq the IndyCar and ensure that looked like he really quiet on you need to create opportunity. Like a ride you wanna run don't. Run the political appointees Mickey's not to -- anybody's in a guy -- -- point guard can't shoot a eventually when your speed starts to go after the age of thirty in opposite employer quarter. Like a quarterback. Gets us either quarterback they bought itself and you're there what does he run as a quarter. Apparently articulate that's right how well -- I -- -- again -- -- who like. What the example -- might -- just at a store is an argument that a lot of historically one point guards can't shoot it over the age don't on this thing that is who historically Michael such as -- It's a historical that's the point of saying historical you have to give names with the historical. Sam Adams I don't know John Quincy Adams. Over the president's we're talking about the evidence of what's turned 29. If you can't shoot Michael. Historically. New York historically you're done. It's the question is equity questions 379370. TT tech line I think Mike Adams is here taxed as whatever you got 37. 937. It's -- of the --

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