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Salk and Holley's Boston Blitz - 2/19/14

Feb 19, 2014|

We set the table for the day in Boston sports and focus on three of the hottest topics. Today featuring Tom E Curran of CSNNE, Tim Britton of the Projo and Paul Flannery of SB Nation

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A look at all the big stories in Boston sports -- those on the inside. How these -- -- Los Angeles. On Sports Radio W. Boston what -- -- you by AT&T you go right down to Fort Myers Tim -- the Providence journal wrote today about Jonny Gomes I wanna ask about David Ortiz though. Of course he's the big topic of conversation everybody's choosing sides but meanwhile his agent is there presumably have a conversation with the Red Sox. What are the chances he gets this extension everyone's so worried about. -- you know on and -- populated that it considerable sum it received a resolution didn't sooner rather than later. I'd have ordered to down here -- down here and orders the -- will be -- are. For resort it and keeping it down here. It's been that's been hammered out pretty much it would have been speakers. Which in Lebanon could be Richard know by then what are you spent the last year -- another what -- -- -- my right you're a great job reporting that. The news and it being objective and all of that good stuff into it he director -- let. I have to to step outside of that force that can you tell. What is fair for David Ortiz view if you wanted to if you were inclined -- my contract extension. What would you. I think. We're cute hat in order to. What the expressed and accurate which is. If we get it undertake or you don't -- -- -- -- opted against that appear to you know in -- I think that predict there you look at it. In war overlap last year it was -- Fortunately it's printed in dollar that is when it was worth making it on the field not at a -- -- document to work you can still. One of the big leaders in a while out. -- -- guys -- attributes -- you -- an advantage over a river rats and in the what are you hit it three years this year yet another good year that they you money. Right stuff Tim Britton on Twitter at Tim Britton -- well. -- are talking Celtics have Paul Flannery of SB nation of what is the latest on the trade front as were coming down the final stretch here. Yeah the latest is that I think it can be a lot of thought and I don't think there's going to be a lot actually. -- -- -- And the Celtics have anything working anything MER for take Rondo off the table for a moment today and anything else that you think makes sense. Oh yeah I mean they're what they're -- everybody. It did spirit there they have a lot of guys they like trade get a lot of guys they would like he had it on I just don't think it's gonna happen I think this summer you're gonna see a lot more movement especially when the draft lottery -- -- -- decided. Then you have a better idea okay what -- this first round pick actually need where it. And as a reason to I think that's in the. You know well one of the funniest and smartest things about -- today was before the distances to work for LeBron James the teams were. Getting themselves that position as the clear some cap space for LeBron. And he said at the time if it while it's going to be a steal a championship this year because so many teams are focused on. Getting ready for the summer that they are not really focused on here now a look at that now there was nobody taking teams. Looking to either acquire draft picks or won't want for some players who were if it. I'm wondering if Paul if you look at the contending teams Oklahoma City Miami. Indiana. The clippers. You think any of those teams will be able bit. Hit a good player at 65 cents on the dollar because of some of these teams are eager to make a move. You would think so -- but know what these teams that are looking to trade players they're looking to get a hundred they're looking to get under chip out there looking to get a 150 cents. And it's just it's it's it's very tough to meet these kind of moved -- The clippers. Need help don't have anything to trade Houston. Into the wild card of the I'll go to their Houston depth and allowed her to get some young guys security all the traffic. -- -- commute probably the wild -- Paul flattery can find him on Twitter at peat lands we appreciate it we'll talk again soon. There are parents of football talk now Tom currency as in and his draft preview is up with his reading through it I'll just ask you the title of your headline there Tom. Who makes sense for the patriots. In terms of draft -- Boy I think it you have to look consistently right now Mike in terms of what I think -- the biggest areas -- needs it and that to me. It moved tight end. Our defensive tackle over the biggest areas of need I -- that haven't been addressed in order they have anybody coming back was injured. Who makes me say I think if you plan for the next few years. -- I give it to defensive tackle job and and I wonder if there's a precedent. At that position or for that will force -- he's got the he's got the injury he's a big man we'd always north of thirty heard all the comments before about why it's -- risk. Did you think of anybody. In the NFL. Like that with come back from this injury. And who has that success. And Vinny Testaverde. But I haven't had an Achilles injuries. Where can if you could give me a couple of guys or defense of -- who suffered Achille. One way or the other I think it just can't. Cobble together right off the top how many there were. But I will say there's not knowing exactly -- the medical will go in 2012 -- with their best defensive player and I felt that he was the one that's up. 1015 players in the NFL in terms of the impact on a deep and it was by far their best defender. -- played with something early in the season before the -- went out he was pretty average. Really average for the first -- those days I think coming back the Achilles. And happy whatever. Situation heal up over the course of his time off is gonna make a big difference now I know that people say no vegetarian and -- -- dollar -- -- but just him. It's between gronkowski Mayo pretty -- Euros fifty million dollars against the cap between. Those four -- five ways it Mankins as well -- to Portland. So there are decisions to remain but I still think it's going to be one of the very best defensive lineman of the week and I get my appeal to -- -- -- top -- away from the table. Gregory Tom currency as in any dot com on Twitter Tommy current backstop. -- that's the blitz today brought you by AT&T AT&T covers more than 99%. Of all Americans to rethink possible. Come back to a timber and says there. Editor David Ortiz nineteen million dollars last year what he would have been -- he made fifty. So even though -- hasn't used the phrase hometown discount. Is he saying right now signed me to a hometown signed me to a deal. It'll be a hometown discount that's from offering does he just need to use those that phrase or if he did what people jump bottom and start screaming out you're not allowed to use the phrase hometown discount because -- deals not up yet because I would bet. That they would do exactly that 6177797937. Of the you know that next rockaholic WE yeah.

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