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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 2/19/14

Feb 19, 2014|

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It's time for answers the question -- answer the question which -- -- -- this is the big question. So -- -- be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question what. The Mikey adams' here today hi Mikey. It was good to have you well how are you we're going to Mike and I can wait where you had now Michael Holley my car. Z. JetBlue -- -- -- -- -- -- that he VP of the call the name exposed the PBJ was that myself. Well I've never been able. As the formal let's fortunately I have not -- a new stadium yet but I won't come down in March check it out maturity so tournament electability inspect us. Ellis is you know when you four. Yeah it's like oh yeah. -- that little bit different neighborhoods through you know. It's it's the question has brought -- -- restoration specialists at your property facility manager -- -- -- a cold weather disaster plan in place be prepared contact Aaron at 774611111. Or go to areas served. Warm weather disaster plans yet but we go next. With more -- to -- -- flooding becomes that to start talking about that. Marketing this first question is for you look how many times did you see Benny Goodman first. -- well of course you know for was personal friends toys from more than most people but in concert. Only eleventh only eleven. At a record was passed because today -- you'll really think definitely -- -- all like was there any doubt about that who is that challenger for the around Jeremy. -- -- or another year to different flute. Yeah and other heroes so what so it's now clay it's as old as me -- scrap -- You know use of thanks for the cards and letters like. That my wife made -- -- -- -- -- don't care which my favorite dessert that's your favorite dessert apple ought to settle but Israel about the people whipped -- if you want to -- wine but I don't -- cool whip -- -- after she should -- -- deserve all the chocolate desserts and yeah. -- she it's fair rowdy past and it's got caught -- -- jagged -- while -- of books and books. And right straight up. You know I don't flip I would note that you know that's true that's a good dessert. My wife maybe one thank you for. Us. Yes they holly how exactly did your wife -- Prius. -- -- I. I did you rocket back and forth -- rocket. The Prius that's great news. You know this isn't great -- that's the lake effect -- anybody any anybody driving. Get a little trouble. -- stuff you have seven inch wheels at two out of what you gotta gotta fight -- Stay with it don't give up the good news is drive when you -- the Tariq disgruntled after we do but I. Michael when you get back on one race is it is. -- staters around here you be saved. To the Prius is like a car slower. -- powerful. Performance. You ever doubt you ever doubt the duty of heaters work and those things because everything. Everything more OK everything works everything works so use your four and five -- to and please. I I use. My oldest rule in my old active in the freeze out. The -- by truck. And also you're one shot. What you think you know -- in Cleveland they have a lot of snow. It does -- the snow that I have got cars and hopes. Have you ever. And in this you know involved for longer than five minutes ago. We've never gotten so popular global wouldn't I -- -- I -- I just don't go like you know socially. Never had a vehicles -- about five minutes the rules and them off well. Ever since front wheel drive very few people get stuck in -- with the rear wheel drive cars were notorious night you were all we stock. But when you know since front -- -- the engines right over that front wheel base you've got. Traction maybe I've noticed that happens -- Lap earlier -- it takes myself. Well it's going to be great just like -- okay -- question speaking of which should I invest in a snowblower or a ride on one. The tandem with the have a huge your right out of area the -- you know there's a basket that you're just bigger yard or your. Or drive and is pretty stupid looking at a guy with a tiny yard and a sit down mower right. But if you get a -- -- pride won't give up. So really after a few question this winter winter asking if it's a snowblower yet. If that's but yes the answer is yes there are still seem like they take a fair amount of effort or do you know it kicks ass in that department heated driveways. Avenue to drive an old friend of mine as it works and he just turns it on and -- everything melts when it hits it forever ever ever personal honest. Hospital I'd like that pretty recently and for that. Next question. Paula you and I share a common interest. Or the flip flops in Florida if you don't talk. Issue thing. Michael -- -- -- Ideas right that's a stupid question I don't think it is about. -- -- all the hoopla that there Michael. Archer. Florida just trash trashing the thrashers in the -- that their trashy -- strategy. Him. Can't really can't imagine -- in Florida you know I Hillary Rodham nail clippers here there was. Don't be afraid to use it. Does care. -- and you take you back and -- use it after someone else used about a pedicure. When your foot that is. Hey I don't look at people talk about their dreams for what he wants to give like a weird dream I give you one sentence then after that it gets annoying yeah we -- that there's anything -- the fact that a dream last night. That my daughter my two year old daughter Avery who did then pop them. Well -- -- -- strange remembered the dream that -- because I don't remember vagaries of dreams but not specifically I was having a whole bunch of -- I would never before somebody with a whole list of -- -- is -- your child to -- -- -- I was -- myself -- I'd be -- if you had a -- so I was so -- you have to like jewelry in the whole thing and I felt so -- -- songs -- about. I'm sorry that my daughter in my dream ultimate mystery later in mind that this is that certain the punch bowl victory that it -- -- -- hot out that's that great love for hours -- those kind of jokes Mike Adams will be up next will be back -- you guys tomorrow Michael course. Still spring training we'll talk him and did not. Are there.

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