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Fantasy Football Offseason Podcast 1

Feb 19, 2014|

The NFL Offseason is underway with the Combine starting this week. As we take a first look at the Rookies who will hit the NFL and your Fantasy Football leagues in 2014, WEEI has you covered. Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson of Rotobahn.com take a deeper look at the active Scouting Reports for the QB Position and Wide Receiver Position that are live on Rotobahn.com right now. Featuring top end talent like Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater and Sammy Watkins. Pete also offers a look at some deep sleepers for your Dynasty and Redraft leagues like West Texas A&M QB Dustin Vaughan.

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Welcome fantasy football fans to the first ever WEEI. Offseason Tennessee football podcast. I'm here with Pete Davidson of -- a bond dot com the WEEI dot com Tennessee football. Contact writer as well Emma kicking off our first podcasts of the Tennessee football offseason great week to start -- As the come -- and is in front of us and guess is gonna be there. You'll still be -- dad -- always try. And I don't to the airport cents. Ice ice its first welcome you back it's great to you know beyond lime with you and in doing the Tennessee football stuff here in February. And after an amazing season so while welcome back good to have -- on the -- Yet thanks it's. This you know I -- mentioned it during solve our podcasts during the regular season but yet it's just I really love this study which followed you know -- -- all the new players and you know finding out who a lot of our recommendations are going to be for next year and -- I needed to work journal -- you know you don't have a bunch of people just sit there. Chomping at the bit for you to the rankings done. You know on on Thursday afternoon and yet it's it's nice it's it's all football which is nice. That's great it's a Christmas time if you can just kind of tight and and that's in part because of our good friends of Mohegan Sun of -- that's always throw and are enabling us to make the journey. And go -- some of the talent that Pete has been. Writing about in great depth at -- dot com where were really looking forward to kicking off this offseason Tennessee football contents. Great stuff that Peter is writing about and WEEI. And Mohegan Sun really really giving us great -- reduce those thank you very much our friends on Connecticut. Yes thanks thanks thanks to the folks at Mohegan Sun for sure. And yet we're we're definitely enjoying the sort of broadening the format if you will you know we as you know Jim we used to basically do most of our. -- In July and August 1 started we approached our dependency footballer would approach it you know it's still got to get ready before it's time to draft and we had to requests to do more with -- rookie reports. -- -- To expound and that we tried to you have last year we we didn't we did scouting reports really for the first time you know -- individuals scout reports and there will receive so we're gonna doubled over the that's. Really do more than this year not just though underrated in you know -- we -- a lot of Serb obscure stuff last year but we're gonna we're gonna hit the that part of the curve. We've already done -- -- deal in Bridgewater and Sammy Watkins in the you know some here more exciting players and an over the next couple months I think the -- Obama regulars will be happy to know that. You know we're gonna hit just as many of those obscure guys as we did last year one you know one of the guys that we really like last year -- of them actually -- -- who we didn't -- -- individual scouting report -- -- -- one of -- -- LE three I -- -- on -- dubbed patriot and so is our -- -- -- -- -- that's right that's -- what was he tailback at Michigan back in the day and he transferred to rice and turned into a running back slot receiver hybrid. On drastic IT did that both -- -- dollars and a drastic I'm all right. But Oakland draft ended and although both both were signed Reggie Beltran between a couple teams he was in Pittsburgh. And you know it was easily the best kick return they had but I think keeping for a guy like -- done this finding a way to make yourself more than just to kick returner -- I mean that could change and you and I've spoken a couple times about the possibility of NFL expanding their rosters I think it's better when I think that the at that point guys secretly done I think. Will be more employable but you know he's the guy if you know -- there's a team that can do something with dispersants the patriots again proven that before. And I don't sooners. Now let's set up the Smart that. If he does stuff. Without the without the -- these. Really annoying voice that's he took it as rejected any more like part of miss. -- that stupid cat. Willis yes sir -- -- and done it yet already done -- I'm I'm I'm is just an interest to see what what the patriots seven point you know and you know in store for him but to me we've -- he's a little more interest in just because he's already a guy that we've seen so much from scrimmage yeah. You know -- done in college just didn't really get a lot of love from scrimmage use from a little bit of a backwards offense but. McCarthy as a kid who's played multiple positions before even getting to the NFL and to me I know a lot of people you know are unfamiliar with Seneca people like -- -- -- where you know if -- dole is hurt again. Yeah and -- elevated. Back you know now that -- go on I could see him if he can stay healthy he does have a little bit of a concussion history although it you know it's most of it's like 20092010. You know he's a guy -- really I've ever could have predicted but if if things sort of break his way. He could be huge but did any would that kind of player patriots and I'll go one step further he's probably mortality -- let -- Well what else does not use his assets right in -- He gets really low. -- he is due -- bad double what he's standing straight up so that's -- But yes it. Just think about my gut feel that I like is that he has the ability I think over time. Two to potentially to -- receiver you know where he can be that you know that that -- that -- -- doing to put out on the field and priests snap they can put him they can move around and do different things and set the defense. I I think -- back a long range potential but he needs to get in a place -- final. Let's go to pats fans here is that if you follow the scuttlebutt in the offseason in an immediate aftermath of losing the AFC championship game it's 88 in it's it's a -- position for fans talk about the media. Pundits stick to hang on as the receiver position and you and I knocked. And debated you know some. But the end of last year about the patriots and where they need to go I've got my own opinions and I'll I'll lay those out but you know receivers one that people are antsy about and I know you really like Dobson I like until. Voice as you know the based on the pedigree seem that we haven't seen it on the field. You know so if it's this I can find a home -- and in new ease into England's sites and on their turf the position availability might be their form. I mean I think that's the thing with regard he is a lot of it will have to do with how the patriots roster shakes out obviously how they choose to draft but if we just project a little bit like we did last year we did a lot of projections guys who should get hurt -- bottled -- and did you know assuming settlement doesn't resigning which I think the big assumption I sort of think you will but it doesn't yeah. -- you know gronkowski we don't know about -- going to be we don't know exactly how all the younger receivers are -- you know move forward and certainly haven't dole is not a guy you can count on physically. I I just think I did to me it's not. Coincidental. That I like the cup he was brought in I think that's when I look at McGuckin the patriots I -- yup perfect perfect fit. Out just a question of you know how long it takes and remember not that I need to explain this to patriot fans but. For -- -- patriot fans were -- think it's not like Julian Edelman you know they opened the box into the all star this is the guy who really made his bones by learning the patriots system and you know. You know immediate ironically enough I think until last -- pastor was rookie year. -- -- it is a fifth wide out for the last year it and and answer as an auction at least if you factor in you know in 2012. With Crockett Hernandez and he was spent almost an afterthought. Absolutely I mean this is the guy who I think most people thought I was -- it is the guy who probably be whether he ward three wasn't. He was perceived to be on the roster bubble every year was -- right you know -- and we've been throughout the -- and I have we like him as a player in Los. Yeah it well the cute you know because you play that hard and anywhere that's Smart and got 2%. Root for these guys I don't feel like the -- patriots but I would. That he's really happen. And you know what else to. And it's such as critical moment but it could settlement is yet everything that is true but these -- -- -- he's not -- good is -- -- -- -- to forget is that big guy comply. He runs great with the ball in his hands and is I'm actions. -- -- -- catches and NS you know image dull when you look at the at the patriots receiver at our on our roster level he's -- guy with a big contract and elements guy with a big production -- contract does not talk to thank. And -- kind of a mirror image of each other terms of their physical stature and but there supposed to believe old as on the field to what you think. That bosses have that reverse that Adam was the guy they had shored up and -- dole as the got to think about its -- It it's all very good if you look at the Welker to have mental that settlement the whole thing it's it is very -- -- just the whole soap opera of -- sort of love football love triangle of sorts. I'm sure the patriots could go back. They would undo -- -- and no -- -- -- -- Over reaction to Welker overreaction to appear. Well I don't know I I think it. It's just you never know how things are gonna shake out and it turns out over in -- I think how the patriots didn't know that elements finally gonna take it's all -- stay healthy they don't know that. You know to do well. I it's it's. I'll just say that they could reverse time I think they would probably just pay settlement and don't forget the Amendola thanks but -- -- but it appears to me here's the track because. Just as easily be the case this year and here's what I think all the people are missing the boat on the Patriots offense in the -- could easily be the best -- here this year is it. And I appreciate that he'll stay healthy availability kept under all of them any touchdown that everybody could be in love with this guy -- so -- now. Back to England you don't know where they're coming from sometimes you know yeah and -- one -- off. He'd go crazy that the best thing you can do with Belichick's guys that if they have talent just assumed it -- conflict. You -- but don't ever assume it's going to be this week you know. -- -- I I actually agree that the general premise where where it gets tricky for me where it gets tricky for me is is the redundancy with it because you can't -- -- they need some some -- and some size and speed on the outside you don't need I don't know about -- an -- and we'll tell me what you think I just -- I thought I'd ever done. I -- look conventional wisdom in the NFL right now is that yes -- need as much as possible and you those those weapons on the outside the Julio -- -- of the world those talks. Guys you can run and jump and yeah we all know we we know we all of the names with the variances in the mega trounced in the bottle -- but I. And I hate to. To -- you know this is not my style arguing but let's face -- the team or the super -- and at any of those guys you know Sarah these childish little football like a hot knife through butter they're both their best why that was Golden -- you know nothing against Goldman -- I think he's an excellent player but used golden -- like a patriot receiver. They don't feature in -- it is not a teacher part of Iraq. And as much as they feature receiver but yeah I mean that added that this Seattle offense doesn't feature anything except for Marshall -- night you know it's it's. And hey then they're they're hold all the rings so. The point of trying to make -- and by the way you look at DiFrancesco they don't really have -- -- receivers they got some big tough guys who are good receivers but you know you're -- 6162. Right. We're talking about AJ green mosque yet so he clearly it's been shown that. You can do this with more than what kind of player I think clearly New England has. I mean -- a perfect world sure I mean if they have a chance to grab. A bit wrong receiver who can really play I'm sure they'll do exploit it it seems to me that they've really shown that they don't need that player you know. They can I don't think we -- we were lost in the playoffs and had anything to do without having like the receiver I think I think it had to do without being able to stop. You know Manning and I think brilliant and you know -- early played a settlement the Brady missed I mean that's dot you know could throw short receiver. Yeah -- Yeah I hear area that I do I do think that wanted it hasn't been said with with -- in relevant it ethic everything you said is right on the money but with the patriots though. I think they had to do with smoke and mirrors a lot -- -- they more like five times and -- it became it became a seventies running team with 12 at the end I think when he gets that every game they realized. I think. The holes and there are in there in their roster essentially with Crocker and an all that's not. Started to show and and I think you know they went heavy on play action they were trying to go deep I just didn't think they had the right tools great. Upbeat torpedo and a football game right don't -- Brady comes out and his lights out and -- Manning is missing boroughs they were gonna win that yes you know. I think this -- -- predictability that worries me to it having kind of redundant physical people that I I think with the patriots specifically I hear you and -- the analogy with Seattle's a really go one and how successful the patriots war and candy but I I genuinely think that Brady needs that other that other weapon now at this point it because I think it's becoming easier to defense. Look at it depends what I mean yeah I -- look again like I said all things equal I mean other pages and it turned out of bigtime receiver now I don't think it's the biggest need though. But that that's what data actually let's say you know and it seems to me. That the patriots needs on defense are bigger than anything on offense and in in this you know this goes to and you know the way I think when it comes to receivers so this is gonna surprise you. But everybody has already defined the last years patriot rookies they all what they are well that's a big mistake I couldn't -- visited. Dobson and not going to be in 2014 would do -- in 2013 he's going to be better protect. What you brought up we believe in Saudi down -- who and why should we have yet to many people ahead of -- these these Iraqi. But you know these players you're gonna see more than next year you know Tompkins Yankee petered out -- about halfway through the season but he -- to disappear pretty amazing things for rookie all these players get. Full offseason now -- pitcher rookie last year. They got you know little dusting and mini camp and then you know the Big -- whole kitchen sink thrown out of an August until they were probably dizzy and also their play and NFL games well now they know that they know the surroundings they know that the facility they know -- quarterback. They know the system. And New England you know it was a mistake. It's got probably some of the best coaching on the planet if you are betting man I'm betting that all of the patriots rookie class being better this year than they were lashed out. And they're gonna need it and getting to make that jump but I do agree with you I think it's it's -- it's -- a reasonable. Jump that they can make given that Canada and offered some -- at. It's a lot of the patriots are timing offense and it's you don't need to be this huge receiver to do what you know to to function in the patriots system now the other thing. I think you know adoption is not exactly a little receiver. So it's a 6162. Yes he's a a good 626 birdies and anything get up and edit and get serving -- for pants so you know he's the guy who can play above the rim if you will. He's definitely -- you can use in the red zone. Try to set some bigger stuff and obviously gronkowski you know should come back you know whether it's in the first six weeks we don't know but. You know with the -- -- dating last year exit and you know really at the picture to proven -- over the last decade it's that they went regular season games as well as anybody. Data consoles and they can they can grind game plan their way and depth there way to victories is no doubt about it. -- the funny thing you know what am I know we have that we have to do so would get up. Thought it's it's it's good to touch on the what what -- Where they are where they need to go. That tidbit that we put up by the robot today is a guy I think would actually really work well with the pitchers refrigerant drugs out there and cooks and it's. Yeah it doesn't stop Brandon or cook writes such parents have come to the it's brand being in the -- and -- I've I've already messed -- up like five times but he's got a kid who could just really really can't -- -- back -- with Brady is escorted him. That would -- might be a little bit so he didn't exactly fit to -- continues to redundancy yeah but in a certain sense maybe that's exactly with the patriots need don't. Don't go bringing in big groups from the outside just. Get more of these guys that work well with Brady my biggest concern the patriots -- injuries is that an endorser again that element is not around the current -- she comes back slowly and you're. In your -- searching for an identity but back to the heart of the problem and I I was working under article last week I arranged I -- policy yet and still working on it but it's about why I think -- election beside settlements and the basic reason is that if if we look back at the patriots over the last ten years how many players have come in at receiver and just been like a seamless. Plug and play 18 plus players do it well loss. Yeah it was on the same year. And -- they move the furniture around a little bit so I'm not sure a 100% if you cannot point being you can go into the free agent market but. How do you know that there's going to be a good fit for doing -- offense to be clearly seen some guys who. Play well elsewhere in the coming here in the you know they're not love the -- in the footwork at all but it's. -- Chevy Chase it back in the seventies it was a lot of massive. -- exercised -- -- of the -- and I all of celebrity and success that exactly felt. I -- it seems to me that for the patriots Julie that was 27 years old he's been raised in their system yet in -- he is. You know command so exorbitant number I just find it hard to believe that they can do better than just bring element back. And I think I think it's a good point -- all things I think -- -- yes I think it a perfect world that that's exactly what happens in naked right somehow absolve themselves of him until those contract which they can't but it. They can absorb and use -- I don't but the absolve themselves of some money you know if if your bird with some restructures are. But he people go in and working within that patriots depth area. Having said that there there are some areas of need now I've earmark you know upfront. -- really think that. I think in the modern NFL you can't rush the passer but with with great force it just it's a domino effect that's always -- defense that's number one and a number. It was -- -- -- yes yes I I agree I think if there's an offensive position the patriots again after the first from my guess is tight end lawsuits flying to get. Maybe. I think -- you know it's a really deep draft I'm sure New England that did get -- do pretty well in terms of what they're going after I think there needs are fairly well defined I think you're right pass rush maybe another player in the secondary. Yeah that -- can have enough AEA is Seattle. Has given us a new roadmap in terms of what to look for in the secondary in its copycat league and Belichick is not a copycat but. I think where I think he would have been compelled to see what they were able to achieve side be at the ideal black hat. I think Belichick would be fine with Seattle's corners if you could give them their front seven yeah I think -- you know that's how it all works out if it's Seattle's corners of the play behind. Indianapolis is front seven Colombia's cut right. Yeah development. Those guys get to play top down needed to beat on people -- they'll have to cover for a couple seconds right for the most part -- you know back in the entire defense the whole thing works together in you know it is. And at one table while last poke at Seattle there have been some nice to them I mean they were they were lucky to even be in the super. I think I'd I tweeted today Africa since Brenda the superimpose barely two weeks ago books I mean. And let's face it yeah. Yes so it means to Frisco really. I I I think a lot of you'll like -- sergeant tar ball which is fine but boy you actually -- -- but you know it's funny for years in a row they've gone out I'm a freak play. And now I'll tell -- the Super Bowl could have been a flag would find it wanted to fly but it could -- either way that that's freaky -- again against the giants back what was it 2000 roll call let's let this. I mean after being hit Kyle Williams in the -- they needed like that Michael OK and become contact on that. And then this year mean that play on the goal line with -- and indeed he -- up his knee and he gets the ball and it won't refute this it's that. That's harsh. Yeah I did this they've really they've dealt they've been snake bitten. He's a young hardly -- Yeah dates and yet you hope it's here and I understand our boss and a both. If that's not the case but it's certainly this certainly enough drama evidence around that around. Their lack of you know getting to that final goal the last three years to me to think that is something there but I cannot in the glucose gobbles anymore once the Red Sox broke through the patriots broke through those and that's a. Actor reality it'll get there -- that didn't. That's -- -- there's definitely a feeling for Frisco I think now it's like well we better win one release and horrendous things can snowball. That's Apple's windows to write this when does opportunistic. That's -- just -- just to look at that well last time that's a patriots fans get a little -- Nancy as they see the Brady window maybe you know four years here you know it's here. It's just like Parsons intricate Carmelo Anthony ruined yeah. Underway it is not it doesn't take a little closer but you know Santa gets little worried about it David Wright windows now. I pretty much -- too close to bulk up to a guy that some whatever it definitely is expected. So and so we've got is this a little bit yeah I've got a good little -- kind of like understanding of where. The patriots are where they need to maybe push forward -- I think some good collective dialogue around that. But what we haven't really touched on is what we -- but at the very outset. Is how active you have been in rural -- has been. In terms of its offseason scouting and right now to general -- dot com. There are twelve count them twelve here we are February 19 twelve rookie scouting reports you get three quarterback -- -- yeah. Three quarterbacks six receivers three running backs all exciting and you know -- -- -- the glory position if you wanna start at quarterback anymore. After -- we can do that just for what it's worth anybody's head over to the -- -- who has been on the site there's not a whole lot of primary -- -- what order we're choosing to review these players sense it really quite frankly is coming out. Once we have enough film. Once we've watched and -- Thelma good player we tend to try to get the report -- and so it is just -- working through our lists. It's not like to -- we're -- we're not putting about in the order they're going to be ranked. Or ID you got a lot of good film on the on the top two names. In the draft to Teddy Bridgewater and John -- Elin had done it I can't think of a better place to start. Before Ike icon ever -- Q a little bit in terms of getting a little bit deeper analysis on those two players I just wanna say for the record I don't I do not see Johnny -- on getting past -- O'Brien in the Houston Texans. Apparently -- wanna vote of a very few of the minority of the pundits I'm hearing people talking about. Them going for that cloudy the pass rusher or are you looking at you know like portals I. O'Brien to be from what I was it politically when he was here in New England. And yet the guts to take over that Penn State program at what a lot of people -- -- is the worst time. And this is adds up every. I endorsed by the -- did excel apply. Yet he was right. But -- and me to meet Johnny football going to the Texans it was doing a prime expert accents -- to think about that. I did what I mean about the Texans I've taken got a football was quiet. I mean I'm not dissidents say that -- be stupid to take Bridgewater you know it's it's pusher and I have been you know. Whacking the ball back and forth for over a year now Bridgewater and in men's field. And I think we're both sort of hesitant to choose because as I said to him it's like it's like telling me to choose one of my children. For the office could see that. You -- you have twins so you know just. It's actually really what is that based on last night I would choose one but I'll -- -- -- -- I think is the biggest by tomorrow it could put absolutely -- and -- And -- just alone right now here that you haven't asked general. So yeah I mean he didn't do what I would sort of break -- Zealand and Bridgewater would do this I. Me and feel I would say it's probably my guy but I also think that for -- if you're talking about a team that is more conventional their thinking. That's looking for a little bit more of the traditional drop back passer. Then the -- sort of makes sense yeah and they're both tremendous you know -- it's. You know that Bridgewater is not as electrifying as -- obviously he's not as exciting because he's he's doing everything by the book kids. It is but there is value -- that enemy you know it I think right now people. Really over the last couple months have seen you know people just taking -- apart just horrible. Looking for the Foster asked and I think that's where players -- true value starts to get law. When I watch this video we saw it and so we thought Paterson last year but with the same kind of thing where it's like our active. We gotta gotta start chipping away at discussing -- on top ten -- I. I think now we know he should have been a cup effect -- yet and we said that last year you know don't don't get caught up -- a player can't do yet. Didn't do athletes because what you can do it could be doing it the other team. And I'll I'll I'll I'll give one who we were right on the same page is I I I've done this a couple times purposely. As I know how you write in and -- in in. And indeed a subscriber and and and reader a broad outline and in your work on WEEI dot com. And read at grade level you have -- that -- -- sometimes I'll watch the video before read the article so I can't so I can get a little bit. Because then you don't let my opinion color your team. Bingo so I got -- yes I can kind of you know digest it. And and then as I watched his video into what the first thing that bottomless. Here I would you rate in order to -- water to terrorize give Brady and the reasoning this is that. He does so many of the same things right on number of times. -- his pocket presence to bring economic bureau. You did answer when I was watching domino watch him make. Every many of the same throws over and over and over with like with with good accuracy in the same place. And how he was able to use stepped away subtly from pressure times when he's got it looks like Brady and and I read the article -- and. Really athletic part. Yes yep Brady's I was athletic design yeah but now accept the sights on -- -- it exactly that would we'll leave my athletic prowess on this but it's. But I was -- I was happy to I was happy to see that during our adult they'll. It's expert guy kind of agrees but. It and it's your point about not looking at the things that people don't do look what they do to. You know -- he's been very successful on the NFL for a really long time doing a lot of the things. Really well that people can't stop you know it whether it's those. Throws out into the flats or the screen or reasonably accurate you know underneath whatever it might be immediate I can do anything real. But I saw of those trends in Bridgewater and that is something that I think. A scout or team at that there with a top pick of the draft can feel good out -- Slaughter I don't that I put in a camera and put it more into the interpret quarter but the thing is if you go. OK if you go through his whole catalog of games they all look the same. That's the thing about birth to a point. Yet it's you know it's not one of these things we want to highlight really looks good -- collects individual games go watch got to watch his worst game you know. He's still on time he's still technically very good there's just it's it's it's really hard to find things on film that you don't like about the he's just you know it's it's it's. It's just one of those things. I mean it's a you can sit there look all day type in fact I think getting back to the original point I think people get to a point -- -- -- blog to be the person to find a flaw and I think at that point you're you're. You've already lost -- You know and so right now adjust to that blue beating of the justice to try to wrap up Bridgewater. That this thing that you're hearing now it's it's society's saying well what we're going to come by we're gonna point out but I mean election comes in and measures 511 which is happening right. I don't see it. You know I really don't see it -- they don't get skinny -- okay well you know. There's there you know Joseph Flacco is getting -- Bring that radiates skinny legs and you get everything. Skinny legs I mean you know it's it's once once -- once once somebody is criticizing the quarterback on his lower legs. I think you have a guy -- pretty goods. Fight it gets pretty Turks Ferguson like that scale acts. Perhaps that's funny it's getting like I think it -- Eat it that's the thing with -- for the and that's one of the reasons we did the first because we're reading all this slightly negative stuff. It was in another sort of telltale sign for me and it just might. People can reject this but. When you start hearing the negative stuff late January and February right vs during the season I think -- the person who's pushing an agenda. Hunting for a ride yeah exactly -- now than -- sitting there looking at film and look at for the flaws and it's what we can find out yet. Whoever you think the greatest quarterback of all time than I can tell misinformed about that guys are you know -- other people play Brett favre's greatest quarterback ever thought. Shoot anybody can -- its flaws you know Brady is not perfect athlete big men not perfect now. You know Joseph they've it was imperfect it is it's it's it's. It's it's a position where you -- you really are ultimately defined by the things that make you successful or unsuccessful. And you know Bridgewater in the -- well you can pick apart but here's the thing you better be right and eventually they're gonna get on the field yeah and it -- they do they're gonna make it -- still. Ticket I I agree so so when you come out of us for any are you an agreement those guys are 12 I mean even I know the NFL has ever seen yet. They've had a tendency the last couple years to you've seen a migration to its drafting towards need. And but. I put it aside it's it's the Texans and down the browns a third is that the second. First pick is Houston's second pick as the rams yeah. They're picked Jackson -- picked brown. All right so not and other items it if they decorators -- if the raiders think they've got their guy in Bradford. You know and and hit -- -- seal or Bridgewater salt content. I'm Bradford and X rays are the -- analyses can you. It's typical what -- Exactly about this at opposite if you it if if the if the non Pete Davidson and Jim Hackett pundits are right. And that you know maybe Houston's getting a cloud because it's so attractive to have JJ watt. And cloudy or if the rams think they've got their guy and Bradford if Jacksonville. With that talent that they have on offense. Picks up Bridgewater war or Vince -- they're the ones -- -- -- I think. Yeah I -- objectionable or offensive talent is it's still developing. I'm unsure. -- could make it work I think Cleveland would be consider. -- was -- sure you have Bridgewater -- deal went to Cleveland. With you know it couldn't even moves up to two or naturally -- -- it's one of those two quarterbacks of four who were outside what they got to bring in Kyle Shanahan which. Quite frankly given what they did it. They got lucky because it was Shanahan and Mike -- quite frankly -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So yeah I -- a couple of -- what Cleveland did and clearly there's a bunch internal stuff there we don't know about the right. It and it's it's it's it's really really Cleveland really and we wrote the article before last year about how automatically will look at probably got -- but you're having their as the world turns that's what they are but if you look at that if today managed to move up to two or to order the court -- for you put a quarterback on that he would like Lisa Desjardins scored thirty Jordan Cameron now are coming back with a 26 pick in the point six pick the first round yet they could pick up Carlos -- and not only are they can pick up the receiver play opposite judge Gordon you can bring him. Brittany cook again we're just talking about oh don't Beckham junior grab another big -- I mean the rams are going to be in position where it is not going to be any excuses excuse me the browns they're going to be of system there's absolutely no excuse. I mean you've got a chance to fix the offense really a couple -- If we restart their center Mac and they bring in one free agent offensive lineman who could help and -- little on the offensive line. And they get a quarterback up the topic drafted another skill player 26 that's a team that can just about score. Much point yet no doubt I -- all point -- that one addition on either front yup. That that one additional offensive line that 20% edition. Make to make all the difference I mean a lying takes time to be cohesive but if you get -- sat in training camps there -- they'll be -- other. Not -- because -- -- but it's important to not -- yeah denials that it Cleveland loses Mac I mean right now they've got to step -- step an airline if you can just. Still in the rest definitely wouldn't back and then. In -- -- now you're looking at a central problem in Cleveland it's -- -- Cleveland is Smart if they draft so that not. I think we're gonna find out in it but if they draft well and it has to evacuate as it all laid out front of them they can be good. This year they draft well and you'll sit Ellis and -- that's what it basically would Brodeur just to sort of put a cap on it I mean obviously anybody can check out the article but. We just think he's he's he just does everything well yeah. It's -- have a I don't remember who wrote this article but somebody somebody sent to me and the basic. Knock on Bridgewater was that if he doesn't have a wow factor the first about that don't but. Yet it puts a -- order -- on someone's -- in law when it. Talk to -- it's just not true it would order has a wow factor at the -- every time he steps up in total laser while. You know. I mean he might not be jutting into -- jumping over people forwards backwards and you know. -- a -- 'cause this stuff but he did it if you like quarterback play watching Ted Teddy Bridgewater to me there's quality awhile facts. So it did to me he's the total package you know it's -- I think you -- to being roughly the same size as Aaron Rodgers maybe a little bigger use it I don't think it's going to be a problem is so let's get under the pint sized guy -- talk about it. I yeah let's do it so Jeremy yeah how -- it. I'm Molly and like -- yeah I cookies and uncle had signed pays. Another reason -- You might just be really -- -- package when he -- it. That's -- it that's that's an agreement that. And I say -- -- enough public affectionately and optic and I'm just I'm not buying it yet it and and likewise the I'm not I'm not I'm not buying all this like negative media jackal created -- I think -- Article -- officially brush that off to the side probably even more than I should have but I. I -- it but well you're going right now it's just it's people having so much fun blowing it out of proportion I sort of felt like going the other way. Yeah and -- you get to the NFL and shell that's gonna Wear a mallet them. And I think it is weird to hear people who are supposedly professional prognosticators. Saying you know but this can never gonna make it because of what he did -- Manning football. It's crazy I mean. I a year ago. At 1 o'clock one year from that. People were jumping out of their seats that a professional is gonna win the Heisman Trophy joke this can't they couldn't wait -- -- yeah they couldn't wait to give it to own and then. Fast -- a couple things happen. And now he's a plus -- now. The engagement he'll play better football this year than the year he won the Heisman right it's just you know it is and it's not as many highlight real pleased but all the things that people said he couldn't do. And by the way we said he could yeah. He did you know he stayed in the pocket he continued to develop this drops improved although he's got instant that some things to do. And -- I don't and that brings us to the other thing which we're talking about before people can couple players we need -- soon up. It's unbelievable. It didn't want me and -- -- it's his first year and half solid might not be a good -- for this purpose is already starting to get the bill forward but. He didn't they can get paid Manning got a rookie year restarts every game and peaceful Olympics here in there and you know he ends up twenty employer something and it is to. There's always evolutionary process for all players that you -- you have to be able to project a little bit and and he didn't do you know what it's it's funny we're having this discussion -- yeah I in this probably to a country don't need attitude -- -- New England fans probably more than any other fans and football that the media Green Bay fans understand the development process. Because the patriots develop football player. Yeah on Apple's all sides of the publicity absolutely absolutely worried about it and so. And I can just keep doing it yeah I know -- two and but but in my team keeps making free agent splashes just. But the fact of the back to John -- season. But at that but that's a giant football real quick with you know. So the difference between you and your right is going to be a learning curve you might even have -- a mystery that's right there might yet but the thing as when Manning came. Yeah he was on a really bad team -- around tonight I was. At Foxboro watching him on Indianapolis back them calling the adults. You could -- they -- -- -- corner but there was still the -- now Houston is not the. Jane you -- Anderson there's some stuff there there's stuff that they were at the offense or a little shake and defense is week. And -- Jim Mora that -- -- yeah exactly and in the slow the little dots thing immediate dealers. I tell you I've had this discussion he can handle all Manning Brady saying that the inevitable argument it's around Clark's. Yeah I think it is the one thing that people have to give Manning is that the guys with the exception -- -- never played for agricultural in his life. -- mean -- the great coach on Manning's. Yeah and I think dot -- limited -- a little Benedict the argument I was make the is that you know meeting at about a weapons around them on offense forever more consistent weapons. You -- into an art. Here now I don't. Reggie Reggie -- I graduated in place for tenure as a statement. But Harrison was there are these people. Reggie -- was sort of a head case when he came into the league he landed the right spot. It is really graduated. About his great veterans you could ever have now yeah. But I think you -- -- a lot of that and the thing about Peyton Manning is under evaluation thing attracts human right on this podcast we talk a good twenty minutes on Brady last August yeah. About what we felt his ability to bring these receivers all they -- it. Maybe the same way he will take a -- and that's our position in which -- by the way yeah just that the people I don't charge to go really far but Brett favre's tremendous young receivers. And if you don't believe me go watch pursue -- trickier and part was what 39. At that point eight and I it was a weird and it is. Out of retirement now playing for his arch rival and knows a lot they're still kind of its. And I remember if you if you go back in August some people say well you know we're not sure how much but we're gonna get -- in the game I think Forbes spoke up in the meetings that -- of we're gonna. -- -- -- Particular -- -- and he was amazing but some quarterbacks have that ability. To do a little bit coaching along the way. And then take some of it is just acting in your own best interest -- you know I'm sure Favre looked around that receiver room and said. Yeah we're gonna get this can actually. Because I -- from a thirty touchdowns this year. -- -- -- coaches on the field I think -- -- And their coaches that have bigger ones than others and I I just from what I was able to watch here in new England and keep an eye on I think Helio brides and those guys and I I think that's where John Paul's plan. You know you can go either way -- would O'Brien I mean a lot of people say he likes the big body quarterbacks and that's what a lot of people have portals going there. You know I don't see it personally but that's the rationale and that would be irrational prepared to our government -- well. It's just. Pat I mean you know there's people in Texas who once in he'll leave the state because they're Texas man fanatic in fanatic he's been thrown -- -- -- -- -- so I mean I'm not an expert on access. Some prominent stay out of that hole. That's not strong -- an element of -- at -- -- I'm gonna try to look at thoughtful just. I don't think I this is the Internet but a little -- -- road bonds featured on ESP and the coach all the time so that's an excellent area. -- Augusta movie is that you can't talk that movie. Everything offensive. Attacks active in the Big -- even the big bear they have up across that the court it's completely offensive. I'm shocked. So anyway listen would would then deal since we're supposed to be doing reviews year olds that. And that we cover in the article but the thing with me and -- -- He's just from the neck up he's incredible he's got incredible eyes she's got incredible instinct. He's got -- he's got a great will to compete which I think coaches like ballot check in Harbaugh they look for that stuff -- that's one of the things that they got Tom Brady and the patriots to begin with right. Which is competitiveness. And I think a lot of people you know. Had other you know -- call people out but I'm gonna Mark -- in the -- I'm not -- extensions don't wanna win but he doesn't have -- will win that -- mean the debris. And -- and -- Russell Wilson Drew -- and you know Aaron -- these guys are cold -- on the football field. Eight eats it Brady when they hated to see it -- can hear what was it just kills some. Usually at the receiver you guys were up like three touchdowns -- -- the wrong route yeah screaming at people at that that's that's that's that's why he wins protectionism and -- you know it's it's. It's something that the great players happened and in another -- just don't. And there's another thing I see Indians -- the other thing is not nice to say this about Tedy Bruschi on the other side of the ball as it went when he was -- Parcells Parcells of really labeled him wrongly. As a third down linebacker elect every time the ball is loose disguised. On the ball at the ball. Yeah I gotta be honest first used to drive me I didn't compliment he used to drive me crazy confusion he got a that got a nose for the full. -- Beckett that's but that's exactly I was going I. Catching the student -- Just couldn't walk Bruschi for crush. This does is that this is the this is the point I'm making is that it's always covered -- for the football on defense but there's also something about just having a nose for the game. And Tom Brady always to me from day one looked like. You don't have now restarted -- Yankee fan talking about Jeter. Oh god don't let it. Let me this looks like he belongs on the football field and when I I feel that same way about Johnny football guess what -- -- -- My post season -- yeah I think this. Does this noted that joke now on just like us on the legal blows it up on -- and I don't think -- but. I didn't take the picture but he -- we needed and which is ultimately the picture sure but anyway -- -- He's belongs on the football field to join him -- belongs in a football field whoever gets some. Whether it's the first pick the second pick the fourth pick whatever it is they've got the right guy that's. Yeah I did one thing about Ngo and this is you know and that's the kind of thing where it I think it all hopefully it doesn't end up applying to him. Only thing that really worries me about in the -- goes to the wrong thing right I mean I hate to see the infield playing for Tom Coughlin snow or John Fox -- right you know the wrong -- coach but Cuban thing is. I I don't think those teams made the move through the first which are demanding but -- if you follow my respect I'm not only was it. I don't think I kinda coach signed -- -- getting it in the first place yeah so I think that that's an aerial avoids itself. Likely Joseph your goal -- just after -- giant. It's -- -- but I just I don't wanna coached it is very. Between about mentally you have to have an open mind to get the most out of you have to which I needed -- to some extent -- -- real middle level you know the way Hogan -- -- Brett -- a little bit right. That you're won this title you wanted to. You wanna help them but you don't wanna try to castrate the kid and make him play like eight traditional quarterback because you take away half of what he does well. Right at the park I think part of what makes your articles he's got a report some sort -- on so so on point if -- day is that. You giving avert the in depth analysis on these players. And he's got reports and then at the end it's always liked but from face groups active you know stay tuned because we'll update this afternoon it felt trapped because they do it in the wrong place it it has an impact. Yeah and an -- and by the same token if they if they land in the perfect place -- you know sort we're you know we're open minded maybe Mansfield you know really catches a break can. You know well he's got to let the states there'll ever recorded a quarterback but there are certain coordinators and coaches that -- would be great. If we keep it -- football there I mean if Chip Kelly got a chance to exact you know but anyway let's. Master question though -- -- So moving off the Bridgewater -- -- let's I wanna you know wrote upon has made a living. In his throughout throughout its existence on finding those diamonds in the rough and really -- -- done a great job on this. And as quarterback I'd like to ask you a little bit about with that I hadn't seen. In tilt your eyesight scouting report which is that dust and -- he's. I was a little at a -- The only other quarterback -- gotten and so. -- it's it's giving a little bit some insights on him and why you picked up then and how you see him as a potential. Sleeper Werth bombed -- -- I mean a guy like Dustin or and it's hard to that you don't trust to -- any accuracy is going to be tough to do it is. We don't know how much other people like him yeah you know I mean I can tell you if if if coach turner and I were running an NFL team I don't think dust of one gets out of the draft. I think we we make sure that he you know we use -- if he's barely in the even if we have a quarterback -- -- -- in the draft we're looking to get our hands on active. That's a terrible but. He you know he's he's accurate count us we really liked it you know his ability in terms of his size and ability to really throw the football he throws. He's a beautiful throwing motion. And my team -- west Texas. -- and Texas a and coaches don't even ask me why there's two hands and texts but. Curmudgeon that old joke. I think it was it was like this that the Michigan State basketball coach but you're talking about the Michigan basketball gymnastics. How do you know there's no northern Michigan it's because an out of Michigan's schedule. I could drive it in southern Michigan. But because -- it had no idea what it is eastern Michigan western Michigan right in the anyway this is I think Texas is just there's so many quarterbacks and Texas all these -- places but yeah it's. If you watch Lawrence film and I think I've mentioned it in the in the review. In fact I know I've mentioned it that I sort of I tried to soften it a bit but. Here's a nice calm presence in the pocket he's exported a reminder full open Russell Wilson which is ironic controllable in this tiny in this guys future. But it being caught in the pocket really it's it's not just the fact that the guy is poised to hit it. It showed you a little bit about everything which usually not giving an awful. You know. And this -- and and the thing about what it's even when there's pressure. His reaction to the street column. You know. Pro for a small school quarterback that's something like the state one thing we wish we could've had more with Ford Escape. You know it's not easy to get west Texas a and -- footage it's what we're lucky you know could come coach turner happened to catch one of their games. You know he watches football like you know Saturday -- in the morning. When you get west -- -- you know the Ochoa. -- -- you know this could cause I we've found some footage for me you know check about -- -- -- and I think that the point the point we make with a guy -- more than the reason we put them up early this concede the whole world is -- going god god over Blake portals right and -- Is it a little bit more an athlete than all of the -- probable batter he throws the ball. -- is some sort some portals. I you know morals to me is a really nice prospect until people started talking about him at one overall use. I don't know how to how we ever got one overall that's the part I don't get I get what people are saying. Because he's heady kid he's a big body -- we can take the pounding he's very Agile which you don't usually see it guys that are that side -- but -- -- -- The ball placement is inconsistent his mechanics themselves are fairly inconsistent. Are because a lot of wobbly passes which have a bit and that's not a it will fly it -- itself. But it's certainly not something you want to see exactly so you know. He can compare the Roethlisberger. But he's not Roethlisberger. He gets compared Philip Rivers but he not to Philip Rivers Philip Rivers is very consistent with this release. Troopers as herky jerky yeah please herky -- this -- way every time. -- accelerators rivers is also like he's got a closes mentality like he wanted to get the -- and come back. And I've always been impressed with rivers in fact it goes back to back playoff game we've played in the bad you feel against the pitcher actually items that that was the day I think I was sort of one over. But Philip Rivers if you will. That was a problem like -- I -- Yeah that was as close -- you're like -- act act differently. But you know I think college I mean I remember rivers coming out I thought well that's an odd delivery order love with the he's one of those guys where to watch what Kate's got a below if you watched -- and you're that you buy it. You know because you see the repetition you see that he would you can replicated over and over bachelor portals to -- comes up short. And I am not content and I think people correctly they say yeah now that we can -- we can make it better. Yeah but do I wanna number one overall pick last defection want to stop now. That the -- -- number one -- so. The board of saying you know we're we're definitely have a scouting report on morals I have another couple games all the watcher and a one last hole Penn State game which I haven't done I know that was really is coming out party. Robert you want them and we won't get. It is it is just we just some guys we think it's funny I think. A month ago we -- rate decision really get things about him and then it was like but -- gonna have him as a guy maybe you could speak into the first forum. Yankees if it's you know it's coming to mind as -- piece beat him and the and the times I've watched him. I think of the movie beautiful girls Wear around. Listening and uninteresting yeah loosening guys there will be about a budget -- Pennsylvania professor. Do not like football field activity not Timothy Hutton Matt Dillon. Yeah activity outside O'Donnell hit to the Obama. Timothy Hutton is talking about his girlfriend back in new York and and they're asking like you know the go through all the body parts and all the attributes is that good solid seven and a half. Good solid seven and a half -- a good solid seven and a half fitted to nine -- Particular item movie who only want to do it supermodel. Exactly as good solid seven and a half and it's like what I and I think about that we're picked to make your point. You know you want that kind of total package appeal to meet morals is a good solid seven and a -- not saying you'll be. A good NFL quarterback in an aunt and a and a -- Tennessee football that you can lean on at some point but. Is -- good solid seven and a half and in those guys should not. Like I mean when I saw that's put it this way the first summit so better opera spurred her on film before the draft I do I mean -- was an eye popping experience. Michael who is backed -- look at this guy I mean. It was all there everything you saw from Ben Roethlisberger is a rookie in the NFL. You saw his college game to you -- on -- number and tell you. And then you know reverse same kind of thing at first and but the more you watch the more you were like OK yeah maybe maybe this guy is good. Portables I see elements of each guy and maybe even some other quarterbacks I just don't see all working EU. As you know I do it seems like he still has -- you know you can to do it -- put it back in the oven for another twenty minutes you know. They -- so let's let's let's move on from world I think Mordechai were very excited about in terms of its good to come by for -- is about guys -- on. Which you can't make you know you really can't use much of that you want to and are gonna get a chance to look at them up close and really lodge and -- -- watches movement. Find out how athletic he is and it'll. You know what are his odds on making it. Tell tell us a little bit about what the what you're expecting you know with the -- by an upcoming gig you're going to be there this weekend I assume. And. Yeah will be there. Friday Saturday Sunday. On excellence a -- going to be there. It's gonna be there you know lives scouting and again. I'm trying to with. Chris price were looking forward to it. WEEI -- comes on Chris price and -- Davidson is sitting there coached. Is he's he's become by veterans -- -- that can help me find a way around that's great and I hope so Larry's got an opportunity to go on the doors and go left don't suitable. He's a great resource and -- and -- quite certain our listeners are very familiar with itself. It'd be great answer for those who were coming to wrote a bond right now in the off season. You know and and getting all the depth of these scouting reports that -- providing its gonna be even greater for you you have live eyes on the. Yeah I mean you know it's funny guy who. As you said I mean -- I don't wanna like give ourselves -- -- credit but I think what we've had some success with the rookies but you know over the four years we've been doing this and I think one of the challenges for assisted dis -- silver on the Cumberland because. You know the first were being invited and you don't you don't wanna start putting too much importance you know we -- we wanna keep -- perspective so hopefully we're able to use the access to get more information that we had in the past without making it more important and should -- That that -- tickets it it's it's good it's you know good feather in the cap and just like another another way to kind of you know. Pump up the message that you have you know -- -- -- I mean it's it's I think we're very excited to go. I mean but from an evaluation standpoint. The challenge is going to be to get as much out of it as we can't just to make -- to make our valuations that are there and and that's to me that's going to be the challenge of it. Is to see you know how much extra information we can get I think it will be beneficial at some of these more obscure players. Maybe some players with track records don't look at the kid dies and you know sit and listen to predicted to be hit -- you know what words we didn't get that opportunity in the past so -- It may help us cross -- -- off here and there it may help us at a guy here and there. -- and an addict for certain players -- -- drop below. Is a good example you know I think it's. Drop was a kid -- we really like him on film. But the field we have is I mean it is okay but expected to equality and he played at eastern Illinois you don't -- and it's gonna get a Sunday night crew doing the typical. Yeah I didn't you know sought SEC level competition there. What would have you had a lot of -- level angle that kind of stuff so we've got a good feel for how athletic he is how well he moves but I'm really looking forward to seeing him for a to see him throw a -- and a person really the other states hear -- giving the ball. If you secure we really like and we want to we want give him a positive review but can help to -- up close sure he's big he's an example of -- -- I think where. Maybe last year are -- and it wouldn't have been as good as it might be this year. That's good now I think it's it's it can only be a valuable resource -- great experience and and something for our listeners to -- We've got some what time a little bit more time if you -- it's up on some of the economic we've scouted or maybe some other names that are are coming you know you you put out some great concert at the receiver position -- six and -- so obviously you're seeing something. At the receiver position that's worth you know. Putting are they just didn't do a lot more I mean it's -- and look this is. This is this is a very deep draft in general yeah I'm sure something most our listeners heard. It's also an extremely deep -- -- wide receiver again. Probably something you guys have heard. But it's true I mean there are. There at least six wide receivers that are worthy of taking in the first round. You know and end this thing is it's not like it goes off a cliff after that. Yet another group after that they're very strong Q yeah you guys having you can definitely feel like 1011 receivers in the first two rounds and then you're still gonna have guys on the board. Yeah I mean it's it's. It's a very good draft it really -- I mean these guys some of them can really really play. Let's take let's take it was -- got about ten minutes so let's let's take that time and and and and dive in on some of what you've seen on film about certain guys that -- like. Okay. Bully you wanna talk about some of the guys -- ordered review and borrowed about. Dell -- right well starting there may keep give you an upshot for the -- Here's -- so -- we start with Watkins down to mobile to open a quick duck -- -- I think everybody's. Most people most people were lifting the football podcasts right now have probably already done there's any locked into -- but. That we don't really have too much original to say on Sammy Watkins. You know most of the stuff I've read on and that's exactly where we are as fast kids he got a lot of really good time he's got good size. He's got a really good hands good burst could open field runner and we -- player which I think is something that. Some people may not realize just you know how physically tough he is. And so you know that in the -- factor on him. And it's really hard to see him being a -- I just I just don't see it it's going to be a good player so bad and that's why you'd probably be the first guy -- the board unless something really outside the box happen. Ellis was such receiver depth you know do you have any. Idea of like when the first receiver Michael art art article team's gonna aren't as acting. The earliest Watkins would go would be the -- to. Allow. I mean I don't I think the -- to be stupid to do that personally but there's rumors that they might itself. You know how you trade into the top ten for cable and often when you're an -- receivers dropped it again the next you when you -- -- the problems is beyond me especially with the rest of the receivers are actually pretty don't. -- expected that givens and that's another good. And again we're go brick -- -- that thing that you and I talked about a bunch -- people don't wait for players to develop but when Brian quick came out a couple of years ago -- -- a lot of talent. Big guy big receiver. But it could take some time to develop well he's entering his third year everybody was -- -- -- Sort of ironic. You know Mike Mike if -- the rams I'm continuing to develop quick. I'm gonna continue to develop table and Austin. And you know I'm I'm not looking to -- enemy to continue to develop Stedman Bailey and Chris givens. And you know I've got everything I need that there are other places to improve not to mention. All of those guys should be incredible just to put the quarterback position which you could do with two spots. You know -- know what -- closures. That like it was being worked out with the rams they can for external problems but. Well the raiders slot receivers and -- top of the -- to right. Think that's probably reluctant goes hitters at five I think that's the most likely spot on I think -- interest they would be if somehow he's on the board it's six EU. To -- not mistaken that's the falcons. And I don't see the falcons wanting to -- can be likened that would be overkill. Just don't put it mildly. So that become position saying I think if you spirits sex I would say. Really high probability that the falcons traded out. That could be interest into the community but he could wanna move -- -- -- sir sooner so reluctantly into the Pacific. If there's so many players to watch in this draft in terms slipping. And the falcons are and if anybody gets to six shouldn't be there the falcons are great position to trade out and they and they and and they lacked depth. So let it take that step which -- to watch on draft day. Once we get past why didn't you get into an area of he -- 5% to seven guys who can all make a claim. To be in the next guy. Which put -- like the same -- the public and O'Dell Beckham junior. The Kelvin Benjamin and Alan Robinson you put those guys in the same kind of class. You know obviously they're they're they're they're all worthy of being served at Baskin Robbins but they're different flavors I don't mean yeah. You know Alan Robinson is is so tall lanky kid who has definitely gotten aboard potential. I likeable lot Kelvin Benjamin. We called him mr. upside in our review up. Because his ceiling is slightly. You know better than Plaxico Burress but. You know he also has to drop seats so. I in in in our review we said you know this -- -- He can be the next great literally could be the next. They grumble but yeah it's it's really going to be about how well -- the ball and -- I think he's the guy that everybody wants to take. But a lot of people are gonna chickened out yet. So it's in addition to see which team bite the bullet and says you know typical for -- would discuss because if you hit he would stick. And if she falls to a team -- has the confederacy alike and Anquan Boldin or Larry FitzGerald those guys can help. You'd think. What what would be interest staying with Benjamin would. If he slipped to one of the teams it's already really -- it yeah yeah it is you know I mean if if some elderly the Seahawks sir you know the 49ers. -- You know or even Denver. Yelling yeah it's it was Decker you know I mean if one of those teams defense and this -- he could be something out anyway. Many a tournament the superstar as. How would -- be perfect for Manning because you know you can do a lot with them in the short immediately sure. Maybe that is obviously an interest in red zone target. So yeah we like Kelvin Benjamin. Cute risk well I actual policy -- think there's heightened risk. But -- -- yeah. And then. -- Beckham is a really complete player and this -- the thing about a -- Beckham is what don't you like. And he does everything well. The -- we were you glad of this sporting branding coats see you and I are speaking of earlier -- If he's just a -- every night in the yard but it's -- the closest -- I seem to Steve Smith since Steve Smith. -- is as the -- for awhile that -- he has been duplicated. You know -- this this kid has the same style play -- he just he just. Goes after the ball you know fights with people twice the -- -- comes down the football -- -- one of those -- he's got that my ball mentality. -- patriots fans this -- Smith yeah. Did that it achieved a -- is a very good cornerback. -- -- -- entire sixty minutes. Yeah and and it. This is -- -- -- that I tell you what I would go well for I would hate for. To see. Cooks in the Beijing uniform because I think to be amazing. It would not surprise me that -- -- expect -- wouldn't surprise me at all because I think going back to a point. I think the patriots. They can afford a ticket receiver that's gonna take you know two to three years sure -- they did that last year. You know I think to me the patriots need to make draft picks they're gonna work now. Witnessing -- what does that -- cooks go. Crux I think he's. I can -- or if I distorting. I concede here I think most likely be somewhere between 28 in thirty. So the people you've got 2836. Face summit that's where French and around one -- around so so the people you've written about and reported on and done had you still want to date. There's six receivers is so us what you're saying is -- any of these six Sammy Watkins O'Dell Beckham junior Kelvin Benjamin Alan Robinson. Creating cooks with -- Washington. Well look at any Russian going to be key source to pursue the couple rounds later. OK but the top five are all potential first round picks. Oh yeah and there's more we I mean there's some guys -- stolen -- and actually right so fast -- yeah you know I mean you know. It -- Landry and the other kids from LSU is he's. Really deploy heavily got a lot of TV time to. Yes and it just it's just he's going to community we're going to be doing receivers for the next two months were going to be at a new one every couple days it's it's there are so many of these guys. Chevy -- and running mate from Clemson. What is this birdie on this kid oh man I mean you can absolutely flying these huge and I'm sorry facilitators -- into running back for Lester it's it's much -- -- Bryant. From constant to another kid where you know. He may or may not hit but it doesn't install. And and and and the draft is just this draft is loaded with these types players and we've even got facilities are good guys would like three archer who did the review on. There was another guy like it to the patriots taking. It is all right is a running back the kid has some talent on them. It with his hands to. I think he's a guy who could you know go the way of Welker -- eventually becomes a receiver. And it is you know he's a tourniquet where they can teach him how to be an actual receiver. You know PlayStation quarterback and all that. He's got special ability with the ball and ended up doing what in this draft. This in fact we like this kid is not going to be a become by. The district -- -- from ground. We there's there's a nice leader we like yeah. He's another one and this -- the black Monday. From. From Oregon. He is just something special school. So. Yeah I mean it's going to be really -- draft. The -- byways D'Anthony Thomas. -- is. Similar to. Very similar archer. Some similarities to. Table and Austin but he's a running back. He claims he's gonna run sub four straight also. Now so the QQL listeners sense the so we're gonna you know this is this is the season right now in NFL offseason come by and is this weekend. Patriots offseason in terms of the WEEI dot com universe for the most part. So I think there's going to be a lot of people that are going to be elicit this podcast and trying to get some information as the pictures -- become more clear. Can you take a little bit of time as we can look to close things out and has got to give our listeners a sense of what they can expect in the offseason that wrote upon dot com. A lot of -- OK. It's going to be a lot like what we did last year except more and better now on. It blood issue but essentially were starting a lot earlier. You know last year we its requests -- people who do more scouting reports that we did. They were well received and not that. People care about our traffic but we are really. Thrilled with this and how many people read them so you know why not write more. I mean a thing is we -- the -- either way so. It's really -- question of just taking our notes and -- him in the article so why not. And they've been well received in it you know it's it's going to be nice when we get past the draft this year we're gonna have. You know a real -- Bench. Of a scouting reports. For our -- footballers to dig into. But I think he did the good news for wrote about readers is. Yeah we're doing this were doing long -- stuff which for those who've been with a long time that was sort of against our original idea right. We wanted to condense everything in making Smart in a matter of hours. But now we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna offer both you know we're still gonna -- information for our readers in August. You're still going to be able to go in there and in one article. Every rookie and be ready to draft -- did you have -- but but for the hardcore folks. We're gonna give it a long -- -- That's great not a great and this is the time that it Yasser. And I am sorry to hear your question we're still going to be doing the dynasty updates like we did last year we're still going to be doing all the offseason moves are gonna cover everything that happens in the NFL. It just right now we're heavy into getting that you know some of the college stuff done because of the come mine -- and. Yeah audio in the draft coming up the day and end. Also a draft is bizarre yet that that's going to be a little bit weird. This could be a very usually NFL season wanted to achieve this I think -- -- -- happened really fast yet. Now with free agents in the whole thing so yeah and from from the perspective of you know listening to this year at WB -- dot com. Not now we'll continue to do podcasts throughout the off season as it has bulk scouting reports come up and as I said. Earlier there are twelve live right now three quarterbacks we touched on the six receivers that we touched on is also three running backs -- to them in the next podcast. I'll let off by Carl's side from Iowa State -- love. So we can get into that yeah -- -- sites yet he's such complex I think maybe before we sign up to wanna hit a couple guys we will work come out. Sure yet where we -- the gets a little bit so -- -- second. There we go drop below we're also -- is -- Steve -- from Miami -- it was a tactical stuff is quarterback. But we really liked it overall skill. His abilities talents on the exact members from LSU is coming off an eight Seattle and rumors that he can try to grow that interest in which to defeat that. Artistic -- west 2000. He's he's a running back. You know 225. -- potential -- back. He's a guy we really wanna see him run and we when it's is agility drills if he's is actually looks on film. He could be a really serious sleeper. For the NFL matchup and if you put it he he could be in -- member Terence west -- thousand. George Atkinson for Notre Dame is definitely get a look at because we really like we saw on film but he doesn't have a lot of playing time because the buildings a lot of other backs. McKay it's Brian we spoke about. And the tight knit group which we haven't gotten to a brutal and yet they'll be coming up soon but jays tomorrow from Texas Tech -- got a page it's gonna end up yeah. And that would be well that would be a bad thing for patriots and and now that you brought from what Carolina were urged to be balanced. And I think gosh there's just there's a laundry list of players and when we come back we'll do oppose compound in. We'll tell you who you know who oppressed who dropped off the list. And whatever you're up. And -- -- because of value because they dropped off. That's -- that's a tennis football Lobo. While talking about are less but yes you're right there is that there's definitely a group of players were hoping they don't run too fast -- -- -- -- political -- options are sleeper don't it's. -- -- It as that happens every year will be like there will be a couple of guys we really like in the by the time you get to trapped on the whole world catches up. It's announced it will -- -- game yet so it's it's Christmas and in in late February. For for our WEEI dot comes -- as he thought it would be Indianapolis. -- exactly -- It can't be any worse and here. Of a face a couple of busiest Radovan dot com is got you covered now will be. Really popping -- a lot of these podcasts. To give you more depth analysis as we come up through -- -- -- and then headed into the draft and again. -- are friends again at Mohegan Sun for all the support all year long we turn the page 2014. And and here we are. Bigger and better as we kick off things for Tennessee football purposes. This year so close it out -- have a great trip to the come by and look at putting catching up -- view on Monday when you return. I -- -- we do this again next week excellent. Urgent need -- used to the back.

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