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Russia loses to Finland; misses medal game for third straight Olympics

Feb 19, 2014|

Andy Brickley joins the guys in studio to discuss Russia falling flat on their face in the Olympics once again and what it means for the USA Men's hockey team.

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But this was not about money JR this was not this is a testament this has nothing about a source but it just was representing their country -- there. -- and their backyards with the president of the country sitting around waiting for them to do something special. And they laid a big fanning. I wish Mike Milbury would just be more honest guys -- I wish Milbury would take a muzzle law sometimes on filter of self. My -- ID 37 WEEI Christian for a case here any Berkeley joins us every single Wednesday he's nice enough. Are on a big date today with the quarterfinals of the Olympic tournament to join us here at studio brick and it was. It was Milbury a lot of people get after a veteran of the Russians I don't this is not a huge upset -- pretty damn good they got a goaltender we're familiar with the boy. The way it happened today 31 your final. Sort of a whimper for the host team to go home here this quarterfinal round Russia -- And the Russians are coming into the turn -- I don't know who had them as a favorite or co favorites I thought the pressure was gonna be way too much for these guys out. I don't see anything on any of their resume is any of those plays may be outside Datsyuk they could handle what they were walking into what they -- gonna face the pressures that -- going to be on them. They're top end talent guys are as good as there are in the world but as a team did you ever seen it. In this tournament I didn't see it as a team maybe against the US they played pretty good against the United States. No doubt that this is a team that really relies on. The ability to create offense not so much -- play making but being able to beat people one on one of the big sheet and when you play too much one on one you'll looms to quality team to not to -- Do you think. The last two games exclusively in currency like pages. Not disinterested but just -- didn't have as much energy the close game with USA. Located in a loser in the shootout and end up and ended -- playing out Slovakia and another shoot out one that one. You think that those games put a little too much pressure on not pressure I guess it just kind of took it out of a little they have anything left in the tank. I I don't think so I don't think so I think in a short turn him in any time we have to play back to back games whether it's three of four nights or whatever might be that can't take its hole. But I just think it's the pressure of being. The favorite. You know of the era good team when they get the lead -- good front runners but I don't think they're a good team that comes from behind can handle the pressure. And the pressure playing on home soil and the fact that they haven't won the you know anything really to speak of in terms of medals. Our significant medals since the NHL went to the Olympics and and I didn't think they could handle it. And I'm not surprised to see them not -- Let me use an -- -- phrase talking about this game you always talk about will to win okay. You heard Milbury there. Ed so during the broadcast the and really got to Ovechkin and they felt like there was an. A will to win from Russia in that game today more a frustration right -- dumb penalties -- when -- -- a couple of goals you see the same thing now lack of will to win from Russian a big game. No doubt and I think -- brought his a game to the NBC a production I've enjoyed his commentary you know it's been it's been the content has been great deliveries been real good and anytime that you're not married to a team let's say you're just they watch the tournament trigger pain and that's that's a nice freedom to have. That being said though -- -- I I didn't see that will to win you know there was some good moments for some great players but guys like old vets can let them down guys like -- can did not have a real good turn -- they have their moments. But -- chuck played to what he is which is a pretty good sniper and in a good player. But he's almost secondary on that team when he talked about those top two guys -- but Datsyuk even less than a 100% was very effective and productive. I think they lack leadership but that's not an -- on debt on knock on Datsyuk but I don't think to have that leadership when he talked about that will to win. -- you know and I don't think they had it on the back in when you take a look at that group of defensemen. Did they really have what it takes and that will to win in that leadership been I guess urgency is another word that the the broadcast is used to come to this Russian team but. You know there are some unbelievable teams this tournament -- They're their goaltender with two grass gonna wanna get into -- but our circle back to Saturday you're grammys pebbles the tree came all of us from all reports -- On an awesome crowd -- sat -- to know what to expect but but I would agree crowd we had one game they got to witness them all to -- -- I think ally felt about the game see you guys felt -- going in I felt like the US team. Had a chance to -- they were -- medal contender coming out of the -- against Russia. I thought they were -- gold medal contender I thought what they showed -- -- you look bad maybe I over rush a little bit Joey before the show said while Russia about the -- brought against Finland but. Going into the game -- on home ice they're they're one of the more skilled teams like he talked about a body you can play like that and win that sort of game. Not only can be one of the top three -- got a real good chance -- a gold medal did you feel differently about their chances after what you saw it in the effort against Russia. I was surprised at how well they played in game one noble one to be talking about teen USA thirty able to come and play as a team and and that really was what it was all about it will be all about the teen USA yet they're highly skilled they're all NHL players. They have a number of ways that they can beat you with a team that they've put together. Other question marks on that team maybe maybe a little bit coverage in their own zone especially on the back in but that's more x.s and those were talking about. What it takes to win a gold medal shortly to be on the podium at the end of the tournament and when I saw the plagued team won as a team and it and it'll have one another's backs kind of attitude right out of the gate that said okay this -- little different there you know if you saw other teams struggle in the prelim round you know trying to fight team chemistry try to find that unity try to find some kind of team game and -- east that get no more individualistic because these guys all high skill world's you know world class talent players. But the US did not have that and when I saw them compete against the Russians he knew that was gonna be huge game. US Russia in Russia is still a big deal it all I know Canada is kind of maybe. -- its way in this -- creating those rivalries with both the countries -- you know Russian US but. Russia US in Russia in the Olympics that is a huge deal and in what competitive game. When he saw the way the the the Americans competed in a prelim round. Because she knew those games had -- because. It was going to be a team that was gonna have to play a qualifying round game in the top four seeds so you -- -- assume when you look at the pool Sweden's gonna win their pool in it is gonna win their pool. Now Russia US Finland somebody's gonna have to play qualifying game -- that was a huge game. And the way the way the Americans played together and as a team even they had some special somebody give the credit to for for that team -- -- I guess -- so quickly. Well I think it's it's a number of things I don't know why would put at the top of the priority list but I just think it goes to. What the US has done what -- national program and and then make it into the individual players and then the leaders that you try to bring in there and and who has say in that locker room and you know. You go down a list of maybe six or seven guys -- have probably pretty strong voice in that room but you know whether it's the coaching staff for the GM or USA hockey. But just the the ability to put a team together with a clear message from the start that this is all the boat team we want team attitude first players. That's our best chance to win and I think that's -- that's the origin. Just to jump back to Russia how bad do you think the backlash is going to be towards that he's I mean it's it's early game -- -- -- -- maybe an hour or so ago. There's already you know tons of articles to its call for vice -- witty things can happen well -- a -- -- but -- -- -- -- that is rush I wanna say not. Not literally -- figured it was their calling for the head held firing squad as far as I know but -- you know get them back together right -- -- we did that we did an episode is that it is on -- -- -- the Olympics it was Olympic team and of course jacket woods no shortage of opinion nears. He said I have one word to describe the pressure it's on the Russian Siberia is what he said. And I try to tell that you know those days are behind us now that doesn't exist any -- but I'll tell you these guys there. Were under scrutiny under the microscope and I think the fallout will be pretty negative especially on the top. Is there. -- in the way that the US team has made up they didn't just goal. To that that the twelve top scores the NHL taking -- -- twelve are you twelve Americans are going to be our. I like that about the scheme that the fourth line year old out they were backs catcher that's like a legit. Rick fourth line I feel like in the past when I was younger what I read about these US AQ is -- bill was all the skill players I'll really go but there were some guys that. It wanna do that stuff on the fourth line that it wanna get down literally grime and I. Actually this is more of eighteen but I feel like the way to put it together is is a foundation for our team should look going forward. It's Dustin Brown one of those guys is right talent in one of those guys is gonna put 110 points up at a National Hockey League season absolutely not but the glue guys the physical guys the leaders. You know they put a guy like Stastny is the fourth line center he's the only senator that they have it's left handed that comes into play when you start to put teams together. On the -- -- serious consideration to bring payers of defensemen that play together what they've played together in a tournament. At times you know you you'll see the broken up but you know police to -- Angelo when that top about Canadian teams -- Is that what they wanna do you know -- -- or pick that they played again that they played together a lot back and in that kind of considerations so. I think it was that kind of Mateen building spot process and and you hope that the chemistry comes together quickly which is why we're back to that that team won. The woody came out of the gate the way they played it's a team in the way they would balanced and in deep. Especially down the -- you know -- take a look at the guys in the and how physical and play making ability to go along with -- and we talk about again like Kessler Backus had been. Put Belsky seven of Phnom internment for mom Malia to this strong down the middle to get speed on the outside. On the -- guys to can finish we -- -- at brown guys like that that will play physical block shots they. McDonna you know the shot blocking those of the one time is -- -- and rushing game was sick the way they would lay -- -- You know it and I saw a -- and is -- true reality hand and and then you know. Tape up the gloves together seek -- finished the game and still win faceoff and all that kind of stuff speaks to the to the character in what they have put together -- quick -- amounts of nuts again got got ready Bruins fan he and -- somebody Placer Vancouver but I felt this way. The last time around 2010. Right Kessler I love watching knack I've played that the the testicular fortitude -- that what -- what he's able to do one ball ends. I love back I gotta if you put if you look at that he would take into the guys that could be Bruins. Cali -- Kessler and and maybe more so Kessler. He would look awesome -- blocking -- off no doubt no doubt and you know people see Los -- -- worth X amount of dollars he's up for contract the Rangers have to deal him -- before the deadline he's a name that's been out the theory is playing in the Olympics just sacrificing. The way he does for the rain to study put money value at all value one that. But when it comes to the Olympics I mean that's that does not go -- -- the same way it. And again go back to the voices in the room when players like that say something in the wrong it carries it has meaning it resonates. And it challenges you as a teammate to do the right things and get the job done and sacrifice and understand your role relish rule and be real good natural all that stuff stems from. The the character in the quality of players that they put together. -- talked to John general while gonna -- your calls with any brick -- studio -- -- when US will take on the Czech Republic he wants talk Olympic hockey John how are you. Am good I'm in today so. We could pop up that -- never ambulance to Russia again please. Do that the worst time will be keeping you updated -- -- against South Korea the end. -- like your take on -- has -- at the Olympics this kind of. The same thing happened in the -- -- you don't -- you look at the back end of the Russian. Mock auction to impunity. And all these guys -- -- -- mobile guy you know the. -- good players mineral rights -- Pitches solar mobile action and -- -- -- trooped out your Eric cults and a guy little jumper in the lane make something happen I mean. There was so much pressure on those top two lines of Russia. That if you shut them down EU basically that he. I actually can -- chocolates and that's all the time you know -- in the rattle -- was pretty it to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pretty much altered our first game and I'm. And you know it's. Would sprinkle those guys in nine NHL roster with the proper role players they can be extremely active but when you put them together. And they all have such. Unique -- -- -- play well together. You may get a good point and and and I'm right with the inspires -- analysis of that Russian team and you think about the National Hockey League in goal around the NHL it. And not pick out a player from Russia that -- role playing penalty killing shot blocking glue guy in -- you know it's a pretty short list that there's a list at all really not thinking about it. And they have those plays the will help make eighteen team first attitude concept. When you get into a tournament. Like the Olympics and I will add to the guys on the back yet knives Amylin -- how what you -- pronounced that these days -- -- day have you know these guys. Eagle out of their way and out of position and sometimes look at for a big hitter or are trying to make a big play and instead of playing that real rigid structured. Team concept defense on the big sheet they try to -- too many times. Would either stretch pastoral one on one play -- isolate one on one. And an even though they can make some great place they have the skill to make real good 234 passes and sometimes you see the main advantage. They don't have enough team concept guys in order to be the best team -- a -- like that. Absolutely and I thought that you don't play not the Olympic break I thought they might be able to get get by a little bit better this time around they didn't gain -- but I mean it was the same old story just. Yeah they pulled that they folded under the pressured to you know they they just couldn't as a group and as individuals in the depression that the handed. Coming in this tournament it's ocean and we bearing a lead here brick that they didn't start a brawl -- today I was there what a mistake eight in monument date David alternating goalies right they have two goaltenders that are bowl you know good goaltenders -- Borowski is the -- Who has been historically the better goaltender last year obviously. And in the C. Valmont in -- today it was it was shocking and it's I understand you wanna stick to a program but it's point. You -- audible out think outside the box they who gets a better chance to win a and it becomes a bit about it was three -- -- three -- whatever. Yeah I -- -- -- -- have a great year he's good players good goalie no doubt but Bobrovsky was the guy -- -- the more meaningful games in the tournament and and played really well I was real surprised upon rusty didn't get the start the one thing you can't tell on TV but I can tell you from being in the buildings when you go back to 2011 let's say for example. You know what when -- -- look at their bitch they would look down and -- -- a little one when there in the way things were going for him in that final. It was a little lack of believability. And then you look at the bruins' bench and they'd look down at their goaltender Tim Thomas and it was like. We got a really good yes when asked at every time we lace them up and and that's a difference in I don't know if that was -- don't know what team Russia today but I -- -- -- -- gets -- The other thing we except look Ford had now I did not get a chance to watch a lot of the Czech Republic team obviously offensively they're a bunch of names from -- and at that those first two lines the sport the top six. Our guys you know. What should people know about -- Czech Republic team in time for today's game -- -- while their team it's kind of came in with the attitude that regardless of what we do the -- includes all twelve teams will be seated you know he'd like to get one of those top four get a by getting the -- to get into the quarterfinal. Round but if you gonna have to play qualifying game that's when you wanna start deplete your best hockey and that's what scares me about this team. Yeah you watch him play yesterday there little porous at times the way they defend but this is a really good team only seventeen and guys -- think on their roster somewhere -- enablement. They're not as individualistic as say the Russians. They have the ability to create two on ones. In an offensive rush whether it's through the new controller definitely in the offensive zone they're more of a five teen five million unit as -- their play. And they're looking at being the underdog in an opportunity do some special they've they've battled they've won a gold medals as the NHL players and look at. This is a really good team -- really good players -- a guy like David -- the bigger the game to begin to -- the battery gets in. Team USA will be trail. Yet there's some issues you know oxy USA as -- -- and Sunday at a Texas coming up big game. In Syria they are older team but they -- got some Hobbs a lot of experience and international play if they expect quick turn around wolf talked about all. It may I think that we this is again and -- giddy about the USA these are about the US as far as they've been hanging out watching hockey right now so I mean how long are vigorously. Walk through the first and I don't think so you know me. Again I'll go back to that first game became a play like a team that's my expectations this afternoon but to finish that thought of the Czech Republic I don't think of that struggle on the Blue Line to be honest with -- mean. In a Thomas Campbell he can still play you know in if you give him time and space and you know he can make plays and an NB a pretty good first pass out of his own kind of guy. Kenny handled the intensity before check for team USA I don't think so not the Americans play the way they can't. Is it like he beat up pretty good guy you give a chance the operatives only gonna bomb we can -- on the power play but this is a guy that hasn't had an NHL career because he's real good in his own zone. College a pretty good defenseman back there but overall and I'm just pick it out three. Overall bears six the French for seven defensemen however that many they -- this afternoon they will be seriously challenged if team USA plays that fore checking puck control -- the outside used their points at will be difficult for them to contain. 6177797937. As the photo beacon text this AT&T text line. 379837. Christian -- -- debate this earlier in the week I want to come back and talked about a brick and that is. The NHL players in this turn of long term you know I thought going in no it -- go to South Korea the Philadelphia -- spoke up and said he likened. After what I saw Saturday they have a hard time taking the players out and I'm curious. What kind of impact do you think these guys have on the tournament Christian -- like gave its college guys all watch and to me. I'm with them but the NHL players. It hits my interest but is there an impact on the game is that as the game get help out as the NHL help buddies players being of all. A lot talk about that and a -- talks -- bruins' post Olympics later on this hour with Danny brick -- studio Sports Radio WE yeah.

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