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David Ortiz sick of media talking trash about him

Feb 19, 2014|

David Ortiz is tired of members of the media ripping him about his comments on his contract. Mut, Merloni, and Christian Fauria react.

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I always like when. The guys is I'm not gonna talk to immediate and imminent talks immediate tomorrow is good to let people -- okay. Read more on the track him down a plan for tomorrow get there early set up shop have a recorder ready to go out my camera good spot. And they talks through the media. All the way out. And it all looks at that one guy and -- -- on the mossy with two double bird split -- John why did I get that story Ortiz said he was gonna talk. And he goes and talks. Butler and 937 WEEI her Christian -- I can hear a rustling liberal audience. It's whatever you whatever you say recorder didn't recorder -- -- -- chuckle fly through its -- had his issues yesterday Iraq. I don't I -- Now here's here's the thing now now I got figured it out get to have. A little -- though a lot of headphones are set ahead votes elect while you're doing it's what you're the first thirty seconds back -- its work it out tickets on. Is that guy -- -- votes on the -- that huge record my hand this huge break in might get my hand -- like. I just don't look like me. So I so what I see the that the clips from TV from guys being interviewed out of Fort Myers I see the big WEEI. Foam head it yeah you hold -- the foam had. Right now it is I think under the by the couple fault -- go around I -- we -- foaming at what we call them except it's good to me like flag on Mike flag that sounds good to me I think that was. Like the bigger the most ago the FBI have a big flag a lot of what I mean you know years. The that is opens well. Is that did it. They had their media draining. Meetings -- -- -- -- had yesterday. That this Boise wanted to allow that locker room so get out of here. Yeah the fields these guys let's they talked to BM media trading this for the president elect is some woman from Cleveland comes in India plays these guys how to deal with the media and apparently that's your -- -- Cleveland is just don't know reject this Bill Belichick -- -- that would last maybe. Ten minutes. It would goes on like this notes created they don't talk -- variety if you don't know the answer. Just walk away for a record high into what they really need is no wonder if this includes social. Training. Cultural media days yeah I've what do you say don't don't don't don't speak with your motion you say all Richie got beat yourself on Twitter page that you put up so we are -- but the last week that's the worst case scenario review if you go down that road you really had issues by. Yes obviously. Wiley College town they had a I. It wasn't it was a media train it was etiquette training base they've wanted to teach you how to. That's how to behave at -- table looked at ballot odd because city got to know those rules. By ten. There were different people some people know I'm all -- that sells cable news though most of us out of four believe it was comical or -- a hundred and something. You know eighteen to 23 year old in a big ball -- with one lady with a nice that -- trying to with a southern accent trying to explain to us. How we should take a piece of food out that we didn't like what the correct way to take it out you don't like it. No sir you should just spit it out take your -- put it up to you about slowly put it doesn't go these are maybe -- -- and captives. That was the role of -- -- It was a first draft -- college. -- of the dollar that's what -- felt that every the Nevada but using the -- Sheila Welch was there. Those guys -- that way. Odd they are David Ortiz doesn't profit -- isn't need that -- get a say what he wants when he wants do we want to in this case. I he's -- speak later on today we'll bring it app but he gets beat that John Tomas yesterday. And really -- He basically ripped it right of how much are you guys read this but I took this as sort of a rant with a Monty about the sick of people talking about him. When he talks about his contract. That that's how I took it and at least talked about it a couple times right that the process that this was golf tournament -- the off season. Press conference for the golf tournament. Associated Press reports that David Ortiz there's no. Back and forth about what the Dave Ortiz says he wasn't -- the year on -- deal. Golf tournament set it to people bolt on and off the record where there. He wants Watson weathered the Euro does deal goes on the old satellite phone -- Paul Steve Burton gets him -- and there's not much of -- You heard the Arctic Ali that I. It accurately he got out of it's that they're -- that their will is right exactly that's a great way of putting. Not -- yesterday with the -- you know and basically it is I've been doing my thing getting prepared for the season bleak and animal living the dream. And a couple of -- a rate of four L react to this -- he was asked about. Did hit he took over the winter for -- once a year added to his contract and said. What do you -- it was stopped talking to me about that. When you put up numbers like I'm putting up who's thinking about retiring -- -- say. People keep on asking me how long you want to play what are you gonna retire dude look at my numbers I am planning on retiring right now when I slowed down. Then I'll retire. -- went on to talk about after that people attacking you. It's always like that there are always people like that they never agree with things doesn't matter how good you -- how much you get done. It's hard for them to agree to no reality to know the truth -- know what a true player. The bottom line is people like that you just don't pay attention to them it's a small group Ortiz admits and yeah it was like to bring negativity talked trash. But nobody knows what it takes for a guy like me to do with -- view. The problem is they attack with the seasons arts students over it'll say anything in my favor below date the trash they were talking this offseason. Why did they say it all the season was going and then finally most importantly in addressing the haters. I don't even know why they're bitching about me talking about contracts guys putting up my numbers they're making 25000000030. Million. I'm not asking for that and asking for half of that and there are still bitching about it. Expletive them. If we don't Ortiz said there for expletive is the kind -- weren't there. I'm tired -- hearing them talk expletive up help me when I talk about my contract hey -- I talk about my contract I our. Pitch that that was the and the first report with irony bitch so -- -- -- expletive. On its adult giving me that don't expletive. A vintage David Ortiz grant -- -- no holds barred. War Tebow yesterday what that lets you you call rant but that's just David Ortiz speaking. It -- it and then the people that do it dual listed here every David democracy. -- commodity lastly Comcast is it that's just how he talks all the time you have the problem with David. Is that he is he's hearing it minority voice. You know whether it's a reporter or to writing articles. Whether it's water do you guys on the radio any hears it. Eighty communities basically talking to them. The minority prepare us well whatever it is that we just like the strong this strong voices in the city that that right either right or speak. And that's exactly who he's addressing. And it comes off like you know it's. I saw the same thing with Omar would start believing that the minority voice. Is the majority it starts to eject you. Plea -- I think that you know there are a lot of people that -- at the end of the year there are a decent early year all these critics have always weakness is this you know. You'll stop played way out the level outplayed -- that's a it's a minority voice. It he's acting like it's the majority of it just irritates get it. Religion politics you don't talk about a exports -- talk about the work place when it comes David Ortiz his contract that's pretty as he gets emotional expression about. Also but it is now you know security is him getting irritated -- people questioning urges critiquing him. So -- dole added right if you're gonna talk the talk you're gonna put something out there. Mean it's right our job right to comment about it on it and give our our own opinion because if you don't want they want the same thing. They just don't say can I guess my biggest issue is not -- and I did as much money you can't for as long as you can't David Ortiz and that's my thing going get as much as you can't. But I feel like. It is at double the -- position that he's taking based on how we may or may not be trying to get leverage in this deal is -- Using the media using fans support. -- got the -- I've done I've earned it they should they give me more money should they give me another year bull maybe. But it's really up to them -- could you just cannot. Do it without saying it I guess it's just that's what I kind of irritated about. You talk about it we could teach you over and you get mad about it so really have no right to say anything. That's at the luckiest. He's tired -- not like it to him vomit the cut but. Today it decided it up at Yahoo! you know hill. -- comment on it again. And you don't have that that's the that's the only thing it won't go to bed right because of Kamal you know as well as outside the -- that story get the fans just sort of all right happily do this behind because supporters and it was just just get this done behind closed doors that do that you will if you strip down the hole. Ortiz and take away for you to put expletives and take away if you bitches. Would -- down to is -- Wanting. Is his last year of his deal. You know he'd like to have one more year and he'd like to have an extension for wall all year at 5060 million to -- price range. He's not threatening -- the play he is going to play out his contract regardless. It's gonna play at a high level that he thinks he's worth it -- the -- play for two more years. All the other stuff is just. You know David's emotions coming up stripped down last year of his deal wants to the year extended for the same amount that it I guess the humidity goes back to what you said that. This is kind of what Nomar did taken that vocal minority he has to know. That in in recent Red Sox polls double -- by ESP embossed into the Boston Globe. Upwards of 86% of the people. Agree with Ortiz I mean that the fan base agrees with him. He's reacting to like you said as a text or put it. What he's talking directly to you because I'm the guy Ortiz is talking to. In the media all the guy who says the Red Sox shouldn't given the year that they have under contract for this season -- from a business standpoint. A year ago we -- -- he's gonna be on the field we don't know what he was going to be on the field because you know we of people spring training saying he had the achilles' gonna slow him out of the gate. Achilles for player of that age and at times of that -- not fat but he's a bigger I. -- OK get through these three years of -- contracts keep it last year unbelievable he had an awesome year any any apron a lot of people would be wrong. But the Red Sox given him two years. But is he looking immediate saying because grow a business standpoint. -- the Red Sox should extend him another year right now I don't like the way he's handled it vs say Jon Lester. I'm heating on David Ortiz. Is that is that the point here that a vital wanted to get exactly what he wants. I mean David Ortiz hater that we are David Ortiz haters. Like take out what he said. -- You know I think show. Yeah I think he -- individuals that's where the talk whether you whether it's Jerry whether it's anybody -- -- station whatever it -- Shaughnessy Buckley. You know he sees things. I think he's talking. Basically two individuals. That have voices in this city. Any doesn't doesn't understand you know doesn't understand why there is so much negativity so much emotion. Puts him wanting one more year in his final year of his deal. And you could say well the Red Sox are good spot that could do whatever they want to an extent that I would've said yesterday I think if we get to that point -- -- -- What they're gonna do is have probably have to -- two years -- just want. A bigger cost of two more years so you know. David Ortiz is unique you know we always say don't pay for past performance he is a unique player in this city for this organization to where -- It may be you do pay for past because you paid for president that you paid for the future -- kind of fits all three. I guess my point -- -- let's say goes up thirty backs up the -- just that he does and again they get they get an extension. Right before opening day for a big press conference several tapping. He has the year he just had. Is there a chance Ortiz doesn't do this again next year like this is not to -- it's not gonna stop he will do the same thing and say you know I don't ought to retire played well. Giving it up the year again so -- it's it's not it feels like -- A yearly thing with him and I don't think giving him a contract now is gonna change that they'll be in the same situation next year if begin that one year -- It's a BS question and answer. Bits that's the realities good answers he's gonna tell you how he feels emotionally it's as you know I've. A back that up again and it -- 300 with 3800. You know that -- the -- -- one year left the ideal. -- of the debate of the year I'd like to give me one. -- really it's it. If you're if you're good player that you don't want you -- did you deal. You don't you would like for -- just sit back it's gonna work out would do quietly. But if you that would -- it is always -- the -- they say you know what you have to deal what you want while it's -- the top of it I don't put it last year does that one more year. -- it litigated that always talking about it again sure. You know and then it's that it's candidates it becomes out but he's -- defensive again where are they ask you guys do you. Believe the team is in the wrong here is ready get some calls I RTC called aboard our producer Joes are bottle help the summer before the show we -- that I put a lot of I've played the team for this and my reaction was what what is the -- done wrong on the team. -- make sure your deal they gave David Ortiz two years last year at the age of thirty sevens they're paying them at 37 of 38 they bought their contract. And I just don't see where the team should take any blame because David Ortiz -- and other years at least at this point. They didn't get to you guys -- -- who this Hussein it seems ball. I got a call the board blaming management for tees I got a producer who knows the sport to keep that in the first thing he said -- -- was. I blame the team for a lot of this and I'm curious do you guys put the blame. On a team front -- so busy I said -- it's becoming a distraction and the team has to step in here and sit down David Ortiz and communique was handled it better. Fly -- actually. It's like that should the team be able to assure the Red Sox be able to foreshadow. That he's going to do basic kind of be proactive about it did 21 before he says some Taylor is just so you know we don't want this to come out publicly we don't want to make a big deal out of it. And -- golf term -- we really wanna put on an arguable more year extension district got a lot yup again. But don't tell anybody about it we're gonna -- a so that's what you're thinking they should do joke. Yes on the issue and -- proactive because it's happened before well apparently don't they don't know if Ortiz acts. There -- no win situation. Greta probably all of them for not doing that they could do that though you know on the right dates but what's the result -- the right it and there enough -- in the World Series right before their game of the year but I don't I don't blame them for not doing that. The minute he pitched it down his golf tournament. At that point could desperately okay Paula it offered it opposes is Egypt's illicit. You know we've been here before David I don't want this to go public at all -- keep it in house let's keep it private will continue to talk which works out into the David about it they -- -- -- for not doing that but. The good the pro active in that. You know this is no doubt about it. Did you elect this enough -- Wall -- this thing out -- worry about it everybody's. Legend that is way view of the Pedro. April -- you know we heard from Pete do you forget believers say similar things but extensions and everything sales -- -- -- A majority residue on same -- addicted to hockey if Tommy of the Goodyear. It is the -- as he is his knee he's asked for a new contract resolution for the jets ship them off -- the Tampa. But I don't know I I think I don't have a problem with him my biggest issue with it. If TVs are dead. Divot -- that's not the issue at all I make as much money you can't Andris. I guess it's it's the way he does that he goes about it may were blowing it up a little bit more than it should be because now it's freight train the disputed state and getting underway. Here's some more news we have Ryan Dempster first they never got Ortiz. So what what do you expect to hear from him today when he does talk. We -- back drag him to backtrack no I don't. Because that's not him. But that's just that's not him he is go to talk about. How good he is how good he's been. You know those guys as -- -- earlier you know like which which what does -- yes -- -- -- as you want the next year because he thinks he's he's gonna be good for two years old because he takes. He's not gonna be good for two years I talked to yesterday before this article came out he actually think she's gonna be great for two years. But is -- yesterday with some guys Napoli you know I asked about bikini you know there's a lot of negativity about extending David one more time one more year. It he was just him go to the players Kaloko which -- sort of like chicken -- laughed. And he is our lineup. Even the even if he falls back. You know even if he's have a guy that hits -- fifty to sixty you know even if he puts up Mike Napoli numbers. The presence is still that middle lineup he's their lineup but David. Absolutely believe she's gonna do 3800 again. They stood at 3200. Next year. -- me is that all it and then it comes down to risk assessment right I mean isn't at all about a -- today do you believe on the candy stay healthy. When he starts going up there are days is there is a I don't we take a break some -- that there's a there's an article may herald. What's -- -- for things kind of went over. Past players at his age and how they did -- hopefully we'll get into maybe. I think I think we definitely look that's part of the conversation right this is how before going 40 but you don't burn real quick to step mind. Most of the players you -- mention. Were short stops outfielders catchers guys that played the position each and every day and bought it took a certain ground kitty -- field goal kicker Avalon occurred he would have felt that he linebacker. You know so here's a guide it that they it's 45 at Betsy gave the -- sits down you know it works out -- his diligent. And his body's not taken a pounding that he Vlad Guerrero didn't right field for all those years. And a -- is he what you said Lou does he backtracked today or not it that's all eyes and ears -- -- you're gonna hear that. When he speaks will connect with you later Lou what are you looking forward -- today usually what I already Luke -- -- he'll join us later on the show what what's the headline today was sought or is it Ortiz Ortiz talks is today's headline a training camp. It is going to be in that position players tomorrow will be their first team work out that's when it gets low mortgage or stick might just get to see the athletes have a field rather just the pitchers so I. This video that young kids throw bullpen maybe get a second look you know maybe look at the nerves are gone. So get to watch those guys but it really is all the guys who will seek the position players come out take BP occasion not. And I -- to go around just the last six questions and more these guys you know try to get some reaction. Some comments from them about devote all this talk about it David should you should not be extended I'll receipts. At a time nowhere probably the players are gonna go is a white guy and it's -- signal would neither register with -- totally you know it's they're still players. But it you all eyes will be on David what he talks. Iowa had to hear that led a little connected a little bit thanks our boys are elusive for -- you'll join us later in the show you'll hear from David Ortiz will talk to you 617. 77979370. Is your phone number 6177797937. To -- -- here. On the AT&T text line at 37937. Are you getting to a point where David Ortiz. As a Red Sox fan -- tired of Ortiz running his mouth. Or -- or that right as a guy who has been a huge member of championship teams here in Boston will get your reaction exports radio WE yeah.

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