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John Tomase, Boston Herald, talks David Ortiz and his contract demands

Feb 19, 2014|

John Tomase explains his perspective on the David Ortiz contract saga. He helps the guys examine if an extension would simply be paying him for past performance.

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What Dennis and Callahan. Wrapping up day and number one. Fourth and final -- DNC 66 degrees here in Fort Myers sorry about that we evident that make it oral the first day we already have in the lineup. Yeah rotation yet. The expectations. I think he he you know we were wrong obviously he's got Pedroia hit third -- -- Pedroia hit second he all exit third that there was some. Acrimony last year that was dealt with behind the scenes all clear that nobody heard about mobius about the dealt with -- in -- house always interesting to guy we keep talking about the men that we -- -- now we could lead off. It's really talked about how Gomes could do it to how important he's going to be an advantage I think I think Gomes as. That was a little weird I think report about that Colmes isn't leadoff hitter but he's still quickly he went to mention -- without you being asked -- that we went through it's creepy -- -- -- -- and he hit two. The year before last -- if you've been listening at the doesn't tell him since about 6 o'clock this morning one of the yeah big stories the big story big story to us so far this morning shows up in the Boston Herald. A friend John -- she wrote at the headline reads poppy lashes out at critics John joins us on the yet AT&T hotline good morning. On the hotline why isn't he here I think we see him right now he's on I don't know where -- on the phone is not sitting here without you got that in my seat. Well let's. To be honest guys today as they know early access staying in spring training -- there's a precious heard mostly so I was sitting here. Ready to drive into the park and I throughout the NC wants me so it shouldn't -- realize you guys there. Got I'm awake I'm not in -- as usual activities. -- -- -- on his pack your imaginary Utah I'm awake. All right you're you're have lotteries poppy -- two part question poppy lashes out at critics in your estimation John Tomas he has David I deed. These critics specifically by name or to this kind of nebulous group of people who criticize him for wanting to extend his contract. A little both but I would disagree because there's a minute nebulous I mean I think it's pretty clear. It's certainly a talk radio driven thing it's certainly a columnist driven thing and I think he's aware of potential -- and Steve -- -- -- And other people are vast community you know who who is this group this -- group like to -- -- -- or something night. I mean I think it's pretty clear like every time you open mouthed about it contractors people lining up to take shots -- -- so I don't think this is some good humanities and then. Well I think we're probably about the in the fraternity as well now here's the other thing I need to know about the article. Unfortunately it was not recorded his his conversation as you walked out of the parking lot. So I was not able to discern the tone and the tenor of what it is he said was it angry was it cocky was it played full was it just. Flat line. I definitely wasn't flat iMac I try to address this in the story a bit you know -- -- is the very positive outgoing guy and I I would hope that at this point we would understand sort of how he works. He's an emotional speak from my heart kind of guy so yesterday he was in a very good mood you know you -- joking around and once he gets going on that topic like he wasn't you know filled with rage. But there is definitely adds to what he was saying absolutely and you know another thing people need to realize she's a very colorful speaker and maybe some other reporters -- is not. -- quote every expletives but in this case that sort of felt like it. It's. Painted a picture. You know how animated he was which is why they're all O'Meara and they read really badly in the paper it sounds like -- you know. Swearing in stopping -- beat but I mean by the end of it -- kind of laughing you know it's funny he's gone on this ramp. So. You know this idea that he. They still angry about it means greater people kept -- that's not really accurate. However. He meant what he said that it slug him like I just joke like he meant that this is something that really bothers. Right away there -- a lot of you know fan boys in the press box a lot of homers these days to -- you -- not one of them we are on the record on the shows and is the best read in Boston right now. What. I don't get where you're coming from on this why does make any sense to pay him the fifteen million. Why do you get why -- so in love -- David Ortiz Mike can you not look at this objectively. I guess this and shots that you I think people are slightly misunderstanding my position on that first thought if the Red Sox pay him fifteen million today for next year. I'm not gonna have a problem with that whatsoever because. I believe that you're not paying for past performance. You're paying for what is gonna do in the future I just think he's acted recital last year I don't see him slowing down you know. Edgar Martinez 7900 -- yesterday was forty like I think -- is going to be one of those guys so. At the most basic level I just believe he's going to be that he's gonna continue to be big -- But that's not what it does not they should pay him as adults I'm mystified at people like yourselves who. Go. Insane every time he even mentioned the contract I think. Given his body of work I think he's earned their right to simply say I would like to play another year and to me that should be cause for joy among -- the experience because. This is the guy who said. When this contract's up I'm done and now he's saying you know what I'm not done it so that's something that tank this should be good news and now we understand why people. You know lose their you know why every time the subject comes up. I guess my -- for -- I don't know about John during these other guys Ortiz stuff I didn't -- day and I don't care I'm amused by it. My question is venture to not dummies you know. Why what why should he -- -- keys right now we -- they have all the leverage in the world or isn't the word that. Absolutely and and you can make an argument and I'm not. Necessarily in his -- the case. You know he's not leaving. You know he's gonna resign at the end of the year if it comes to that. He's probably guy who'll play OK with that chip on your shoulders you know to worry about. But I had to take a -- view of that I view Ortiz it's like this franchise Derek Jeter and I say why and that's what the guys you don't have to do and if you believe. That he is gonna continue to put up numbers for at least another year. And I understand you can argue maybe those -- -- whatever. I just I just think that he's earned that spot in the stretch that I think the rules a slightly different for him and and that's how I look at him and so you know. If you wanna hold the console over his head and make him earn it fine but that sort of just comes back to my original point of I don't know why. We feel like we're so striking about this kind of comes sorties and unnecessarily anybody else. We're -- -- -- -- for the Boston Herald John this is an either or question for you do you think David. Once that contract extension because he is sure. He's going to play two more effective seasons orbit because he's not sure he's going to be effective for two more seasons idol -- I think what you think you. -- sure he's absolutely sure thought he I mean he's been doing this for years you know so he always he always want that extra year you know but. Like you said yesterday in all people are actually -- you know what am I gonna retire look at my numbers like should I retire he's going strong he absolutely feel like. He's got more than just a little and the tax. Q do you think it happens John the next two weeks to that little press commerce with -- Werner Henry and David they'll hug it out and and agreed -- one more year at fifteen million. I actually do and I've gone back and forth on this one but I think it's just you know they showed -- a couple years ago when the in the two years and has. -- can explain the guitar and he's going to be franchise cornerstone kind of players. And you know we wanna lock them up because he means more to this game and -- doesn't -- this is obviously a life so the best hitter on the team. So I you know I I think they will and I wouldn't be brought up that happened to monitor company you guys you guys have an issue with Schilling and paid eight million bucks to do nothing now. The mistake -- turn out to be a mistake just like give they give David extra fifteen -- -- blows out of Achilles that would be a mistake. Eight but you know what I look back even with hindsight I looked back at that chilling thing and say so what he -- it back I earned it. And so -- threats like eight million bucks you know immigrants in the things. I think there were OK honestly I viewed a worse case scenario or she's. Suffers a career ending injury and and I don't know why -- -- I mean I I understand I understand life focused on it but. I don't think it's that likely. So it's worse case he gets paid for a year that he doesn't play he's already earned that money. So but you can't think that environment if your -- you can't think that way it's not by the as you see if you market back to a year ago from right now he could not get on the field my lasting image of David Ortiz and spring training last year. Was jogging up to a -- with Mike -- watching and walking back I don't think he played the first 25 -- thirty games he was struggling to get on the field. Number April in this part of April and then he came back and played the entire season injury free I'm not gonna sit here. And pretend that there's no chance that they've -- he gets hurt at his age and with the stuff that's happening him. Sure but the but also look at this guy -- -- at least a 13540. Games like the last ten years. He's he's proven himself pretty durable. So you got to factor that into the calculus but I just at the end of the day he's been so underpaid -- career and single. Has is that there was justice for girls it. Good color ballistics these guys all want -- -- and it's not me not at all clear I would clearly -- -- got that one and all of you vacuum and Ortiz is covered you washed it this morning just beat -- don't. I understand how this comes I get that feel strongly about this just because of it's it's just about what he does on the field but yet everyone who covers -- -- hard not to like -- But I'm not basing any of this some act of their regard to -- their -- But Ortiz I just think he's -- -- in them and like I said before and just kind of mystified. At this you know at. At the hostility I guess that's direct. It towards it's not just it just it doesn't the way it's coming finally you know world -- one of the most historic world leaders performances ever. The average otter know. Yes I cannot get my point like I go back to again it's not hostility toward Ortiz it is the fact that makes no sense. For the Red Sox right now to give this guy money winnings on the roster lecture. And he comes back after this your side and he's what you think David Ortiz going to be two years from now Boston. No I. Yeah. He's not going anywhere but but this idea that there's no hostility towards her -- -- not true like you for your seat because every time he opens his mouth. He on this subject and -- yesterday he wasn't complaining about the Red Sox. He wasn't demanding he wasn't you know threatening to hold out like this idea that he needs to quote honor his contract he's not saying he's not gonna honor his contract. He's going to play this year he would just like another year. But even everything you said today was just directed at his critics that that's all he would complaining about he wasn't complaining about not having to deal. He wasn't complaining about the -- such disrespecting him or anything like that it was just directed at this -- All right I would say what he did say guys who put up those numbers may 2530 million dollars a year mean you would agree that there is no. Nobody nobody that does the make. Thirty million a year -- -- he it was hyperbole but he is right that his numbers. I'm somebody else would earn the more money than he is made and you know illustrations of a free agency. Of course of course but I'm just saying like look at look at let's take a look at John Lester for instance we are all right -- praising him source saying that you'll take a hometown discount. And I don't doubt -- -- take a minute or I believe. You know that's the Red Sox make -- competitive offer he'll stay and it'll be less and it could've gotten on the open market but we're trading him up and down -- that. What did David Ortiz done for his entire career. He has consistently taken -- to stay here going back to this. Extension signed in 20074. Years 62 million who came in after him. On a series of five year -- J. D. Drew made more than and Beckett made more than Lackey made more and Carl Crawford Gonzales speech start going down left. -- David Ortiz ever demand. Have a contract renegotiated. Did you ever threatened to hold out. Did you ever whine and complain that. You know these guys are making more than him the Red Sox told him they wouldn't sign a five year deal so he took a four year deal and a seven and in his prime. And then watch them sign a bunch a guys the five plus year deal. He never complained about it so he would put his money where his mouth there's these other guys have talked about it he's actually done that but he still gets. You know well he's everything we want our superstars to -- Johnson -- thanks for taking the time and what he -- wanted to saying it. The my superstar better appreciate the time this morning jobs -- he would doesn't gallon on the AT&T hotline. For the Boston Herald. We'll be right back.

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