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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: The Crying Wolf of Wall Street

Feb 19, 2014|

Kirk Minihane brings us the news from around the globe. Today's news includes one of the inspirations behind Wolf of Wall Street coming out against the popular film.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've done it before Saint Louis like let's show you headlines it brought to you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible. Am by precision fitness equipment shop where the pros do. Precision fitness equipment like a bad news for -- wolf of Wall Street is not playing at the movie theater alone no cross street it is that I was Padilla gets no attention ago now you told me yesterday you -- a much -- When he says he wants six you said it was too long. You know -- -- -- is it bell tower it is too long I don't know. I can check built up -- be adult about the side -- business partner of the real wolf of Wall Street is suing Martin Scorsese Paramount for 25 million because he claims -- made him like a hooker banging toupee wearing party animal. Which he partly to us which is partly that it. Just. The way -- intimately and -- -- -- of course everybody look like party it has got the bad quit. -- bring the former second Stratton Oakmont filed a federal lawsuit which claims he Oscar nominated flick the -- the hell out of him by trying -- criminal. And drug -- perhaps source the ball. It marked as premature hair loss in the soup green says relied coworkers including. By the -- character Jordan Belfour given the nickname -- do the rug you -- in the movie -- portrayed through the character -- rug rat. Cost scoffed at by PG Byrne justice green groups in the soup co workers marked the guy's hair pretty relentlessly court in the -- Critics armor to the movie's portrayal of him doing. Yep that Bob you're going to dissent can keep doing illegal and have unethical activities such as screwing hookers -- particle that's true they do show that. Struggled with three kinds of -- the blue chips top of the line model material. They cost between three -- 500 he had to Wear a condom unless you gave them a hefty tip. Which of course I always. Then came the nasdaq's. Look pretty not great they cost between 2300 bucks. Finally it with a pink cheeks getting us that costs about a hundred Lance could compete in word condom you have to get it penicillin shot the next day and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and believe me we did. The big sheets. That's that's a classification that it's now the question on any age for the next 24 I was. Is does he go with the blue chip let's run the NASDAQ. Does -- go with. What was on the NASDAQ NASDAQ that's green building do you think -- that's Brandon Bass -- the -- -- the best right is that under bill is that if the -- look at appreciates or he was selling at the start of the moved right depiction -- I got you -- study. If this guy wants our knowledge of what 25 million damages from. Paramount is Christie's production company wants them hand over all copies of the film in yanked it out of theaters and never be released on dvd while it doesn't begin. -- -- -- that you're safe. But John Henry along like he profile Boston magazine yesterday -- -- -- state date rape Deval straw they looked into. So caught fawning. Profile Boston magazine and it was Jason Schwarz who wrote mentions that John Henry is going to sell. The land of the globe -- yeah received bullet yeah. To a smaller facility. What's the price who's gonna sell for 67 no wait wait seventy that's what he pay. -- -- He paid seven for the whips that the land in the newspaper right so we -- the lip seven that these newspapers worthless. Correct but I guess by that definition yeah yeah yeah yeah. He talks about a couple places -- demerger would in -- might go to the studio while literature doesn't lead to share space for developments all the globe guys in that bill yes. Is that Obama's got. Market broke all of that -- -- -- only be like seven -- right right I mean it's still doubts. That's that Henry's probably and a coach that yet for bigots -- -- -- building that way MS and oh yeah I guess that's both the global pretty big operations dog it's part of it that's the boys. Right it's not going to be. They they've paid one point one billion for the paper bristled at -- Let's go the wrong way because well that's a Smart move now are supposed to buy low and sell high. I thinks he'll get it out of business made yeah it sounds about right are they setting -- office for a lot of assets so they think they can get 45 cents repeated him. They don't they they're confident the open market that's that auction bigger -- a pilot did an -- you to adapt. To deliver them. Barack Obama -- say you know since were telling tales -- school yes that enhances its gonna go right after those the words used. I've got to get in his face. Yet -- branch on the debt and a hybrid and I said. -- -- -- -- -- on the air you know there's just calm the rough the and on the -- you he has you guy fighting his battles for him Wilson. The battle. To owe it to everybody else shot you in the Twitter here's what happened he took a -- So I don't I don't fall about a -- says quote. Is certain. It was after establishment to get something to eat is the very bad at all so well either so well I did that is -- -- -- on purpose I'll tell you right now I'll say this I've said this before. You guys are my -- If you knock my family I go left there you go especially if you're you know not physically and figured we'd like Pete -- hit the yeah so how will this play out what you see Abraham Scott's out and ask him about the Damascus that was the point that Sweden if he doesn't have an answer button is and it's a great tournament I'd like to have the conversation with a others that white -- the obvious dark and quiet and you'll get elected to elect the president of the Boston baseball is all of -- they'll they'll never say this publicly but they all hate and it was still I've talked to a couple guys -- most hated guy down there yes they just everything about that it is low. But he also. Is gonna get. He's gutsy little books so this could be interesting week for me and him. -- I get much they give you one -- one get -- -- -- what about you that bill -- a touch of the brits to watch while I've heard that I Natalee had a media. Talked out coming up here this morning really I heard really weren't words her -- I couldn't get it let's talk back into someone just. Kind of mentioned to me. Some real text message that -- He found out that we're up here wanna open square -- -- also my conversation a bad -- so I don't think he had a conversation and we are working on that yeah oh yeah killer our audience those working on getting middle Brooks a pair them together men and many and is responsible. For a halt to any bill to any other thing is -- into it now -- we -- remote abducted June 23 of Obama. Ought to have quote I don't ask don't really. -- It was a rib injury that sent him redshirt yeah of course you cartilage all the way to mystery or or you know Portland's lovely it's like I'll be up there at a bit there -- President Barack Obama Jerry and John is a huge fan of the NC. Well that's true -- -- -- that guy was -- from now right yeah the it's it's a true detective. The house of cards and whatnot that was the that was a state that was a -- Twitter -- lesser of two now. -- the head of HBO was and they had dinner the other White House and prison Obama pulled him over and said. You have to send me copies of the final four episodes of true detect a -- I think it's a sickness that the president's and the watch us and say I have trouble you're in trouble yeah you know some -- -- game on due to the things -- -- The president time -- -- the plate. Five rounds of golf every week it's like Jerry you're all looking at Tony Robles they don't get why your minus two right -- must -- You know it's forty minutes 45 minutes now but the your money on Air Force One mind is on of the think -- -- gonna get away at a whether bush to reach that don't move. We did last year brush just to get just to -- -- -- -- at Texas it's the critters might. If Obama wants to -- well I'll let you know with Aaron Hernandez who moved -- what -- -- have so it was bush -- -- bush Clinton -- he was totally focused on the job. Yeah yeah. John appears to -- -- right there. Deter detect -- so good. Now -- watched politic but it's going to be overseas you know three more so it's the opposite wolf Wall Street and he is the emirates Saudi -- saving it for that at a party. And rockets -- -- hotel room to eighteen yeah. Of an average protective party are you want to retain sentiments that we don't know what I would do seventy. -- -- -- I get it next deal a little uncomfortable about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It will boost your already commitment on it Karen yeah but it's so good -- watchdogs -- and the couple weeks and never come back all mean woody with the handcuffs. Their figure what a get -- It would girl for the government. You man. Eleven point three million by the way final eleven point three million for felons first. Tonight she'll which has a much bigger rating than Conan O'Brien got to get a real good number that first night -- get a chance to watch last night -- -- -- at midnight. It was not up there that's after the Atlanta Olympic which I loved last night I've got about a year ago all day with us that would we. Yesterday yeah -- it was a month later today. Yesterday get back to the room after we went all go and that snowboard cross is -- -- school yes yes yes that is it rates sports six wild -- to fly it out about race he met yesterday so the -- they -- about knocked in the of the guy off the sport they generally don't go and -- I don't even know what the rule to just parched guy if you wanted to know I think just like honor among thieves but the rules that just. Level itself loses just one -- -- with six guys race. Four of them white button. So to get in the finals you have the finished third -- two guys two French guys gonna get they would hold a tidbit that there is no one at third place to support people without. So the battle is who can get up faster write it down the hill finished third and that guy bit downhill was the worst skiers that we're -- that. Zimbabwe yeah. But I think it was from Belize. It just finished third -- -- because he's in the files via the guys like that you know trying to get up pushing each that down. I know it's contrived that kind of ridiculous but -- interest it was fun out to interest bearing that in and of the women's. Slow was slow. Just column wasn't it. -- it's too much stick to the tickets years in analysts -- that you beat curb and everything that. It's snowboard cross is just what did you see all did you see the one woman I think from Austria that I. Who ran into the whatever you call it the she got it stuck there and in the -- out the gate. Dick -- -- -- first place it was over her face of the putter head over to Iraq -- saw the first few minutes but actually cops Boston hotel room next a look at their no one -- I didn't I was going on -- -- -- my -- is that they do women's snowboard cross -- I think so cap lights went -- now. -- actually. Bet that be cool but the problem is the on the people. Which predicts that a sixth at like 1206 is just about right about like twenty for the get a little wider court. Well that's like the past too much thought -- -- select when he got decisions controllable elbow yeah. Athletes to draw them into bits yeah yeah number -- I want a seat. That's the cops right -- as the ski like we like ball on that episode on his -- like yes the and the bad guys in this. That's headlines brought you by AT&T -- 61777937. Dennis Kelly and broadcasting live from Red Sox spring training at Fort Myers, Florida. Their phone calls -- DNC.

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