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No Surprise: David Ortiz is still talking about his contract

Feb 19, 2014|

D&C have arrived in Fort Myers and it didn't take long for the conversation to turn to David Ortiz.

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Well well well greetings from jetBlue park Fort Myers, Florida Red Sox bring trading yes we made it and by the way I'm going to set an official world record as the quickest gloat. In the history of the Dennis and Callahan program breaking his mark by about three or four minutes Jerry was wrong. I was right we made it out of Boston in spite of the snow and a budget cancellation. That was an upset I have to say I've never taken off in the blizzard before yeah that was a first the last time I think anyone took off and it was the minimum movie about a it was called alive got to go -- it went down in the Andes and hate each other. I thought we're gonna end up having to do that but it if you ever in your life. Seen such knowledge to a call -- an airplane could it looked like it look like I was watching Fargo. It's true we looked out with Fargo at my high school with snow like that they delayed or canceled flights that really did it. And I am looking -- go really taken off and we did eventually was took awhile. And I guess it wasn't a big deal because we've made it the pilot actually asked me said the odds are. But 73. You wanna go aboard a set or we got a pilot before the flight start the pilot of the plane walked down the -- Pope is held the windows acidic ash in the ice on the. Actually happy he's he's not getting -- it -- under god. We get back to anybody turning it back goddess wanna go to our well I got a little word recent you -- finish that -- appear at a bigger. If I. Thought they deicing status we we stay at about Howard five minutes extra on the tarmac which wasn't horrible but it was what it needed to be -- ADI status. And the pilot comes walking out of the cockpit to -- -- back to wrote what -- want we're at exit -- yeah and it looks out of the wing and he says that Jerry. It's probably an idiot and an assist to cap the -- who sit on this side. It does look into it I saw those wake -- I -- I said the fine go go. I pickets were -- well here they told you they don't -- of 1% chance crash which Mexico. 1% want to know -- dollars and 99%. Now that you're gonna make 1% now the alternative state of atomic elect Rea yeah. Or take a chance and take it should be. And that -- and it's -- like beat the hell hell water when you're stuck on the tarmac and the plane goes down means what he's dead which is not the worst thing well probably I probably shot I hit it two observations we we had a big bag of peanut Eminem's and so we're passing of the unit -- as to other critics complain that replace. It's the pretzel. And pencils he but president Eminem -- -- -- -- the but the actual. I would put -- Eminem's the bottom moment -- them list I would put plane pretzel peanut program and then. We want to show them this film is important about it that Israel and place them in -- opinion one that number one asks you on to appeal. The -- -- a master it or not we're past that that's beyond the Cleveland. Backing up that have occurred is that you beat the kid behind us a subpoena that would -- a certificate that was -- to pop -- that if that's true. That's a pretty good guys did die to get it -- -- -- ignited it. What would you put at number one minute let me explain the no I like the direct peanut -- ones but the broad subpoena them that -- like a ball like every -- what is great for it might choose between the 405. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That we -- first. But afraid of they're X they -- -- yet. And yet know very good though you know what what confirming what the other crispy that's all right dog thought about it I checked out your idea next time you by what what final. I thought the take -- itself was gonna be you know bought it was -- yeah. Opposed going to be one of these what what you're skiing down seven inches of fresh powder it's just got so worried -- that that's so -- government. Playing along. Came to not getting out somebody sent me a column from Boston is Boston business journal. Headline airlines led by jetBlue canceling -- flights yesterday due to -- here's the -- JetBlue Airways canceled more than a dozen flights scheduled out of Logan international as snow begin to fall in Boston among the departure jetBlue canceled. 11:30 AM. 253 couldn't work. -- at -- Washington 430 to Richmond for 46 to Pittsburgh 533. To Fort Myers, Florida and up your flights coming in from door. Fort Myers brought the Dallas and other places so jetBlue led the way with cancellations we -- blew -- we. Got out we -- on to -- double or triple what AirTran yes all if you're terribly would have that little TV outlets right -- -- that area that -- dilemma. Yeah right disappearance -- but the talent is still around us. It's Iran after -- and they got us here yes we did we commend them have you ever seen this place so these so that airport was so well. I guess every DeWitt three days I didn't follow right -- on Sunday that it's less flights Monday it mildly you know a lot of people got out and -- got here. It was just it was like walking the inept people died. Fight for those -- arts. Use carts and yet wallets and a weakness that sent use. But to that that luggage cart thing Arianna what yeah that is your pay like a quarter from five bucks. No way. But she's a lot bottom line users into that went to three in the they skipped right over for what I'm surprised you vote in the -- man's man coach try to drag at all it's very possible that somebody else's bill read her stuff to at least expensive trip for -- -- -- The -- -- get it we'll get into that it's 26 degrees in Boston 57 here headed for we probably should develop. Why shouldn't that tell eight before today 88 tomorrow to warm tomorrow via a molecular illusions -- like the your eye opening a random observation. About what you get arrested. Yeah a lot of time to -- to this kind of sit in in in and consider it and pontificate and -- think about things and I thought about call me crazy if you will. The theme the -- if you will. This year it's spring training believe it or not. It's exactly the same as the -- last year the difference is the starting points are. Diametrically opposed you if you haven't heard yet you'll hear all week -- the what they're talking about down here is to turn. The page turn the page from duck boats turned the page from the Beers turned a page from the party's turn the page from the hang over turn the page from. Are putting to Boston strong. Thing down at the finish line turn the page from all of that and try to be the problem become the first team has repeated since 2000. Essentially was not a year ago. On the heels of the remarkable. Demise of this team. Sixty knot winds Bobby -- but what they tried to turn the page a year ago and get away from that that that toxicity -- -- update -- it -- -- They didn't like no team has ever yeah it was just a remarkable turnaround we were retired but it's just that what was the big story this time last year. The book -- The book right right about -- area. President came Elton January that order him early February down the other you know real dead shot -- real tension in the air because it's just wrote this book keynote it'll press yet briefing -- yet look at it still hates them. Which so he has come with Dino and and Henry was upset and we knew that that would create real friction and it didn't. And we were talking about this it's amazing thing to me as we sit here on February of ninety know. Books coming out but I know. Yeah how big books they won the World Series the -- World Series after. The marathon was all they -- the World Series with the most colorful collection the characters the Red Sox have ever had. And so far I mean there might be one common I don't know but not that we don't know but he big. -- on it because they come out -- -- for opening day. It might itself could come degree every bit anxious to suffering at all that from a year ago sells more than hey we had a well. Nothing sells like you know and a -- school I mean that was the whole -- yeah. That that Shaughnessy got Francona and he -- state which -- made such good read. But -- when the but when the jackets on the Super Bowl X accidentally elect and -- -- books right clunky leverage on the court code you -- right moment. He's older and by whoever he -- -- that we wouldn't Olympia and that is it Gypsy and every us where that way. But we'll. Just that general thing mean even have -- they even had. You know things. That in -- would Garnett when they did when the when the NBA champ to anything else possible that the name blue book currently Peter made. That the theme of this team would have been you know -- Boston straw right. Would have been. Just Boston's strong first or last to first -- the suburbs yeah okay. And yet the fables and not just your bills public good to -- you don't want book to your manager your general manager don't want books that's invariably something in there that -- some on the runway but. But just find it strange that -- -- here. Which someone promoting a book about last season credible story because it was. It's it's even harder to turn the page issue because every person can ski every person. Who it comes down here -- these and lasting memories of what happened last year in the wanna -- -- wanna -- Victor Reno and the -- these folk heroes from last year to make a bad thing but you can't just turn the page last -- store. But would you not agree that the easier task is this year trying to turn the page away from winning two going back to work as opposed to kind of turn the page from Bobby -- sixty -- -- it was I -- that like an impossible -- right it was apparent the other thing last year beyond the book was. Good guys -- good guys in the clubhouse and the civic line all the time with well how does a good guy help you -- -- that plus our network yeah you were saying right. Your savior we are also in the -- year we went in here and said -- anybody was here. So that this team you know kept their nose clean and 181 who three game just a complete success I didn't like any sightings not. Dempster Victor Reno Gomes apple added like any of the sent to -- and I understood them -- overpay to get some good guys here the repair the damage. But there's no way you thought that was a one year rebuild what you thought it was not just let's just get. Passed right get that that just -- state got to the moment this place get these guys and put a smile on this team. And make it a little more like just say 838485. People come back gradually. At all happened in one year and not only was. Were some of the every single -- He made no mistakes last year right. And this offseason and it's it's always just as good as plaster by doing nothing. By staying out of the way well spending money you get that got rid of cancer. They side presents -- -- nobody Ellsbury left that was the right move for the Red Sox right -- -- doing wrong -- -- here's -- quick as he is -- a rule here's our quiz who's -- And whose New York got two Dempster and Ellsbury one other guy left key -- key guy. What team Lester left the team but there was here last year but here this year guzzle -- Dempster -- very and this guy. -- that's one. But the review -- -- was -- middle name he toasting each that was interrupted the wind with that they'd have to get so yeah -- yeah that's true certainly a big role by the way. I definitely could be sure what if you have another. -- element Hanrahan and Bailey and your third guy is Koji. Who's to say coaches -- break -- need to get a beer. Is your -- to make at least an hour -- predictable if it. Wait wait for Bradley Kevin Grady Sizemore the Grady Sizemore. And what more not a big -- Jonathan a rare. Mitt it's yeah Cabrera called the rhetoric ever but the idea that -- -- -- -- -- close about our economic airline air war in Iraq -- -- Yes that's that turning the page but I like the fact that they're given new guys young guys chants and I think this is also -- that that you think the -- Wouldn't start the season with three. Young guys up the essentially the in vital roles in middle Brooks Boca to Bradley got a bit somebody professional builder. That trade yet but there really aren't you heard it was somehow he would have overpaid. Or. Got a little star. Created a bad contracts are struck by some yet it would be it's amazing what you could look back at the a team by an -- but doesn't that contract. Venture that is. His predecessor I mean his successor and we. Like him talk like him walk like them. Just the opposite has got no bad contracts that we know he's about to sign when he gets David Ortiz an extension catch that thought at. Better to pitch shot. Second of these that these that'll -- on Gomes or Napoli who -- teachers that we Gomes. -- beloved teacher fired -- ditch weed you're up please teacher -- -- the -- pap -- wolf yeah yeah wolf for the sparkle but it will that's cool like that yet -- but on the back it said. -- -- -- Yeah that's good iron hit it sure is quote and nobody has this as sound John Tomas he had just taking notes he chased him to the park corrected it and it was after in the general public schools this car. If if if if if -- built into it and if you can I ask a question before many had just jumps all over two months as the best or the biggest story of the day right. Do you understand that this price to pay for a little you know a secret -- the traditional and that's why you never criticize Bradford ever for pro player. They're made from -- and always if it was a bus furious right Bret Bret Trevor I I get I get it there I am a loyal the BE I got to. But if tomorrow the president has the scoop I give credit due to my secret I've ever look at a much you know Michelle -- washed -- -- -- blushed. Saw -- he washed his cut and got the big scoop for the day would you say it's a good trade -- yes okay oh that we pitcher Omar eighty guys. Dutch all right don't go but not a decade they have the scoop but don't don't ever -- massive deficits and Gerri what some on the day they have the scoop you've got to cubs and slap. This goes a little over but he is it establish the -- that he loves Ortiz. Like everyone else in the press -- -- know a comic you thought you didn't close I have to sleep usually until we've put a little. Too much beloved dateline Fort Myers John Tomas in Boston Herald. David Ortiz has earned the right to -- he's everything we want our superstars. To be a I that's pretty bizarre -- charity and you or your keys everything we want our superstars to be there who's our. Exactly what position what I feel sorry -- -- degrade in the fabric of the community but as soon as you mentioned the -- contract air raid sirens sound and the blitz you know you get a read the whole. Hypocritical and just -- -- various parts Jerry. Ortiz is tired of it and I don't blame him -- -- -- Hamas at a certain point it says he's been grossly underpaid. Viewed objectively Ortiz has been grossly underpaid by baseball standards. And it was his money is all star teams in losses MVP -- voting which is absurd to -- -- but anyway don't lay off. -- he -- by saying and we'll get to your -- quote in the middle which is great. Considering everything Ortiz has met the Red Sox over the years old and by the way continues to mean as the best hitter on the team. That should -- David to some leeway when he speaks his mind. It also doesn't hurt in this case that he's right gonna -- you I apologize and did note. He's everything just hours before I had last night last night that a new story. Low post you read a story that while people pastel and -- he had quotes that apply quote went viral there. And that's where his quote quote obviously the -- from the -- But the idea of first hours superstar. The billions for that -- -- -- -- superstar secondly he has not out Norton never has been overpaid. I mean on the -- under today. You get overpaid is this a way to get over it's to become a -- and become a free agent at the right to seek to -- C Robertson ago. But that's how it works if -- or thirty years old and he were a free agent right now. He would get -- -- -- -- doesn't like to get appropriate he does like insecurity and understand that some guys don't Pedroia does -- to -- they don't want that. Unknowns and uncertainties and guys like. -- apple one -- loved and embraced. If it's Ortiz was like those guys one of those union guys who wanted to get re and to raise the candidate -- it would have been over aid. And fifteen million years not underpaid. Or 38 he's made a 170 million since 2007 as the DH in his. Mid to late thirties and what's the total 130 it's opened and we say it was a -- a hundred very brilliant right. Ryan Dempster the anti Ortiz made ninety million walked away it's that I don't need more money David Ortiz does he need either or money either. There's no real need here. What he wants its insurance what he wants is a golden parachute case things just kind of all part that you could be an all part of it don't Ortiz rights says -- too -- -- the -- guys. And put up his numbers were -- 25. Thirty million baby a year and a -- don't can't find the prosecutor refute that he's probably you probably get on that it's tough but it didn't -- Rick Cummings about the -- -- copy of the inside Astoria that -- -- probably that time it could have I would ask Ortiz if you hear me you'll be here this week. Or was like -- thirty million. What -- they play him experimental everyday player no hitter -- 30 April no DH. I'm look at Iraq I mean it's a terrible caught up right educate its picnic in the co ops. When we did the Michael Sam's -- NFL teams are gonna show it from him but they -- drug addicts and -- right. They don't want to sign drug addicts workers and and and when they do they. Again the value you know like the government export -- Legal kill people and it's only of what Rania in this case David Ortiz is it 38 he can't deny this -- -- -- -- -- -- We -- it was 38. You -- a year ago could not get off the field and spring training ride this Achilles situation and he's afraid that won't happen again yes he doesn't want that to happen again when he's in the last year was conquered I understand that. But the idea that's absurd. That the Red Sox would balk at its. That we've really got on the then that's who reached the point -- David Ortiz. Gets what he wants because he's David Ortiz then I mean -- not to -- the agrees with that is the goes along with this. Pitcher that has lost his mind in the no longer do his job and by the way the fans are on two months so we give them a sports nation -- fellow fans -- mosques. You know should they get what he wants at the the it's at the one answer is no you know it's under contract play -- out. 24%. Fewer than wonderful think they should not give -- the money you. He's -- it he's our superstar jurors are that he's been our superstar. I only have two regrets about just Tomas a piece number one the reference to he's what our superstar wants to be. But I also ever regret the there was not a microphones like it kind of grass. But to coordinate better how David was saying this was the set with vaguely a gleam -- I would guess it is a cocky hip -- kind of cocky kind of way that was -- some anger and some edge in the deal -- at that well who knows where. It's about a Oscars. There's not that many -- I was tried to help them -- -- it's -- in my head to pretend. Maybe 1210 out of the six million members of Red Sox Nation guess we could talk to much at some point. It out. He's gonna Dave proceeds is gonna win this like he's gonna win ball if a question to get those agents here because right that's right -- agents here because of -- it happened. Don't mean who is a big. That you call accuse all the guys the press box beef imports who's a bigger than what the guys. In the owners nobody. They adore this right and it makes no sense at all and I think he'll do it. A with. And -- -- Disagree he'll. Do against his. Coach picked -- the gonna tell. You this fifteen million. -- will hold his nose and do the -- really really sense is that here's a quote from David Ortiz aside whatever kind of told antenna you want to this angry not angry kidding cocky whatever quote I don't even know wider bitching about -- talking about contracts. Guys putting up my numbers are making 25 and thirty million dollars I'm not asking for that I'm asking for half of that and they're still bitching about it. Believe them on the tired of hearing that -- a -- about me what I talk about my contract pay every time I talk about my contract. I earned it. The bit to right -- -- what it took it out to a suspect there yeah that was in the I hearted bitch so don't this is another expert don't give me that -- S yes. -- -- -- -- east peace. -- the Pedro that's inventing the bogey you know. Inventing those critics he doesn't have many critics who really does and we're not criticize -- -- player. -- make it fifteen million that's a lot of money he earned it because he's earned these are a 107 million I don't dispute that doesn't mean she getting another thirty. Because he's agency's thirty to find the end there's a reason the reason you keep the money -- won't leave it -- and ultimately the why would they have to get the money go -- itself -- you also performs when he -- I you know historically apple isn't exactly so they should say. You know go out -- -- 617 subsequent 797. As our number one David watt Red Sox spring training Dennis Callahan and the idol matter at hand here at jetBlue mark. We have yet to hear the story about the those arrests -- the eligible unless -- By a smokey yeah what does it -- well Affleck was like -- Jackie Gleason types. Seemed to us. 201. Dollars I -- indecent exposure was built at -- For 200 bucks for -- -- -- -- -- half hour after about a couple suffered a career ending Achilles injury is a tough day for me yesterday QB will be better we'll be right back.

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