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Jeff Howe with Salk and Holley: Not sure franchise tag makes sense for either Talib or Edelman for the Patriots in 2014

Feb 18, 2014|

We talk about the off-season markets for the Patriots and how things might play out with Boston Herald beat writer Jeff Howe.

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I don't know why this is for Jeff how. You suggesting something about -- -- Andy says just thoughts on rotation aren't just a song it just popped up for Jeff now in knots and that he's. Last chance last last canceled Mary Jane type that broke what you are seeing the songs about drugs. I'm saying that you think Jeff has had a drug. No but he did grow at a small Indian town with mom. And for the whole who hung him a lot of -- neo Jeff work out what's going on man. Oh wait. I don't know it'll do well. I never talked to most authentic. It better we're -- an earlier that this this really have a name -- -- -- start tagging franchise players franchised area is known name for it but. You see that the patriots getting involved in any way trying to element that maybe would -- in terms of the protest that. I really don't and to leave entitlement are the only two possible candidate for the patriots and I and I just don't be making any sense for either one up on. Especially the lead I think he got able people are really looking app but when you're looking at quarterback. Franchise -- number somewhere between eleven and twelve million dollar. That's way too much money for the patriots. In -- in a sleeper right now because I strongly believe that -- was attacked. He would be very happy to play up the heat and -- cap number. And the big reason why you want Aggie -- It is you want federal that money into long term deal but again it's your leave. QQ you're you're more than happy that -- a bit on that well. Or twelve X million dollars this -- -- the patriots on the other hand are gonna try to get something closer to. I don't know maybe -- read it for years or about six to seven million dollars a year Soviet backed -- maxim that you're looking at. What forty years 28 million dollars -- already at -- -- key right off the bat in difficult to make that work where you can make all. Team and the player happy and I think again -- would have. So much leverage in those negotiations. But I just don't they can make -- product spent. For the patriots beat up or. That market now that quarterback market is gonna explode we all expected to last year are really strength. With both got in 12 year deals including believe and I think similar things are gonna happen -- -- Well that's I was gonna ask you about because if you franchise and you're pretty much locked into conversation just with him -- seems -- give you don't have to start negotiating with them -- some other quarterbacks on the market that are. Pretty reasonable facsimile is of of him himself right. Yeah you're right there and a lot of a lot of guys out there who work coming off those. Prove it feels I -- Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie as well I'm not being a tree and the there and there are eight. 588. Guys to go in and be starting quarterback then I don't think -- it's gonna get that. Guarantee on the money that the upbeat and because of the way -- -- -- on the -- yet again that the big knock again and and I pick whoever gets into an app that bloody entry. Protection into the deal sorties and -- played ball like that on the the contracts and -- Dolan Olmert got I think it's gonna be competitively reasonable for the patriots beat going to create the in hopes retain the lead even if at all -- to work three year deal. They know Jeff during Super Bowl week Richard Sherman was naming his top quarterbacks in the league and he mentioned to leave. In the same breath with himself of course and Patrick Peterson and Joseph Haden. Is that Richard -- being nice a rare example of him being very gracious. Or or do you think that Talib is in that rare air he had deliberately break him down today this is who this guy is. Is -- one of the top five top eight quarterbacks in football. Well I think top eight it's probably reasonable top ten. It Enid is definitely. I think that but you can make. Strong hatred that greens. Big issue with him again and he's got to finish it ain't it and it beat beat. Its biggest moment I mean. At -- for all please shut down Jimmy Graham anything remotely cute straight day of the championship when he came out late. You went down in the big match up in its first he's a creep in under a TARP though the garden get on sixteen with. Quite possibly that the defensive player of the leak at the -- player a year in the week. But that injury really just he -- -- -- and missed three games and then walk and they'll they'll really ended December going into January so. The injuries are what it's separated him from the Patrick Peterson Joseph Haden. And Richard chairman of the world but I think you could put him into that second here -- that even label sixteen game perfectly healthy. I don't think anybody would have a problem putting -- into -- top here he just outlawed group. Jeff how the Boston Herald with a -- on Twitter Jeff. The other side of it is is Julian Edelman and we had a number thrown out here by Ian -- a couple of weeks goes it's seven million dollars could be the market for him in free agency that another team will probably be willing. To give up seven million dollars a year for Andelman if you're the patriots how far he will only go. Not absolutely not seven and the public patriots I probably start at what I finished the Welker negotiation where. Two years ten million dollars and a Welker had a chance to get it up to sixteen -- -- really unreasonable. Incentives. But I think the patriots have to look at about five million dollars a year as a man. And I think a lot more that a lot more complicated now because you have to look at. Oh wait -- waters be reserved built you want to guide similar who're making -- a type of money. And dole you can't cut him and all you got it right now cost 225000. Dollars to get to cap the eagle on your roster for at least another year. You are too you -- me to 25. 2.2 Jessica. Note 225000. Dollars should not you don't -- into the world okay. How to dialect -- -- guy -- absolutely. Legitimately look like a 100 catch receiver -- target before he got hurt. And I just don't get it separate the 225000 dollars is nothing right isn't 225 I mean. In less than a quarter million dollars is nothing. -- -- -- pocket change when you got a guy out potential so upbeat and number one receiver now he can't -- portable moving it and getting her feet and help the that's in indoors because -- you know -- Well it again I think if you wanna think. Five million dollars six million dollars average annual value for all in the Dolan cattlemen. And that restricts what else you can do and you really banking on general topic and Aaron Dobson. Emerging in their second year not a horrible possibility. But I think each on the running of Christine -- or are other guys like that so. It's it's -- -- internal debate that I can you -- having with the settlement go. I guess I guess I'm confused Michael and I kind of looking at each other 'cause -- -- -- the start to a -- that's yeah it's really any patriots beat the patriots cut Danny Amendola what will it cost them against the. 225000. Dollars against the cap so they don't need any month. Okay -- what cost him 225 and then they would still be on the books for. That will they be in the book for the five million he's owed. O'Donnell ad agency Kuna. It in terms of the caps averse to cap and all that -- it going to wait to call -- an important thing for -- -- -- is if the patriots wanted to cut him. Cost them 225000. Dollars against cap. So -- go into next year you start saving upwards of -- and it's like three or five million dollars in terms of capped the look you know right now you wanted to cut and well for you would -- eight million dollars in cash -- if you cut in and dole it would cost you. 225000. Dollar -- They don't you save nothing ended accelerates by a little I got that's okay so you're still -- your cap hit is is at that point. Five million plus that to 25. For him yeah yeah it did it not exactly. Well it does I got -- we don't have guys by the way is describing it. What -- point five -- -- -- -- yesterday -- yesterday right but now -- make sense right let's just let's go outside the patriots hear me everybody. Has their own list. We were talking with Andy heart earlier -- Hart said am I guy I want is the live is Julius Peppers at the bears released have. OK Julius Peppers you have a guy like that. Or a couple of guys are you looking at in free agency assuming that the patriots do some. Some creative accounting get their cap number down -- -- creates more cap space. Or are you looking at and other teams that you think would be good fit here. Chief concern of -- who were not scheduled to be free agents. Part for me to forget that I mean I haven't gotten that far into -- mean termed actual create and got to make sense for them and keep nick in the outsiders beaver like it's the getting paid well three million dollars a year -- wonder Max -- two year T -- two year deal. Are you look at Bernard Pollard to safety who can give you a little more imposing -- -- -- a little bit and he. Not tonight he'll -- -- but it you can create an intimidation. There are no one big cap. Casualties is likely get audience on -- Cromartie and patriots -- Do not re sign a key to leave I think -- would be an excellent replacement form. But it I mean it's it's part I don't know the full list of god or around legal going to be cap casualty like pro market. Makes as a -- we appreciate taken a few minutes with -- you can find Jeff on Twitter Jeff. Are taught at our cafeteria Catholic all of our guest appears the the AT&T hotline. Let's see if we can -- work out the same mental thing together here in a moment and also he he mentions the name there and then number that have to intrigue. When you hear this name in this number together there's no way you can say no thanks non interest that's axle canal WB.

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