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Shane Victorino, Sox OF with Lou Merloni from Fort Myers

Feb 18, 2014|

Mut, Merloni and Christian Fauria kick off the show down in Fort Myers where Lou is there and does a one on one interview with Sox OF Shane Victorino. The Sox right fielder discusses the departure of Ellsbury.

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Let's check the forecast to start the show shall we here for Boston Christian you okay without a real quick. Yeah brother out respecting three to six inches for eight inches of snow here -- the next a couple of hours if you commuting home today. Well any time after 2 o'clock is going to. -- -- -- -- I visually know or else to know or how else to put your commute home today. Expected double it'll be coming down heavy at times between three and five which is about the time most people. Commute home so 15. Lol great host of the theory although although -- -- to me it's going to be tough. A lot of people's commutes can beat top -- I don't actually edit because they drop like a guy escape -- effort downtown Fort Myers boy for a second here I didn't hit a hit by Israeli she offered to open the windows. Myself yeah it's it's doubly tough for you those of us or your boss it's going to be tough for you today. I'm just wondering you compare or contrast the Fort Myers whether what we're getting near Boston three to six inches and John Jerry Kirk and Curtis stuck at an airport. It's medical or Fort Myers to this now. All that feel for them there is stuck in the airport they kick it down here but I am not you know. What do utility. -- -- only -- one -- week of this you know the rest of this week in the -- home. Yeah I you know I decided not to hate to anymore. Well thank you yeah I've I've decided not to begrudge you for your for your fortunate ability to have be out down there in the sun and us doctor with another load of snow. Because if you CC Lou audio Comcast -- seem like you know just cylinder and -- to sunset goat now optional every day it's a hallmark. Like Kodak moment this beautiful picture in the background sun setting David moon in the distance you are so soft. They have not done well on my behalf. I'll tell it like marries in baseball where it's at hallmark hallmark won't let you cover all of our poll out. What the cover of football the middle of August when it's sweaty it's a Q -- they last for ever. We got -- floor. The middle of winner that's what you need to do. And literally -- opening the year you now we're starting -- and I need to repeat that -- -- I don't. Today updated today at Fort Myers they seeded David Ortiz is there he will speak tomorrow John Gomes is gonna speak a couple hours from now chain victory know. I spoke to the media earlier today -- just moments ago you had an opportunity. To talk to Shane Victorino yourself sitting here now with -- victory just first off. You you won the World Series with Philadelphia it was a similar offseason for you this year. Dom yeah I mean you know so. You know those great you know -- -- and when -- no matter what you know uniforms maybe you know as soon. -- you know and on her you know again to be known as the grocers template. You know more important I think you know the magnitude of what happened last year you know I think that's -- made this a little bit more you know you know ahead of the curve. You know when I say you know -- grocers have been in Boston you know understanding what happened in the city and -- -- the first team to two when it's I don't think that's what makes this -- -- You know -- and that moment you know that night when we wanted to Fenway Park you know that most memorable and a much greater. There you one of the few guys actually won a World Series and come back get an answer the need to repeat questions -- -- have an idea how that goes the following season is that -- that. The did you who may be David and Dustin Pedroia maybe vocalize to the players not legal Obama -- They going to -- and -- not -- -- mean in 2000 they would want 2000 night we went back you know of course the real losses the team -- we never really want to talk about you know but. You know I think that's you know it's it's it's never easy you know want to get there but to do you know -- You know win a title and to try to defendant I mean it's never easy you know it's one of those things that you sit there and you understand that. You know what I think most -- -- -- -- in Iraq and a resident come after you but you can't worry about that just got they're going to im talking you know we're much -- a number about a real. Speaking of the team that nobody wants talk about it and we got to play to your right for the most part you Jacoby Ellsbury what's going to be like. The only one year with them but playing without him this year and you know he was a big part. You know ousted by you know and there you know -- it's gonna go out there enough. You know focus on on you know going out there and understanding that you know he's no longer tomorrow right. You know -- -- -- -- a -- with you know on more respect and honor -- -- on there and I hope you cut that out -- You know I think you know more importantly for media understanding that you know. It's a business I've been here before you know when a big piece -- -- teams on you know as a sit meaning 2000. You know nine you know in offseason work when he went to you know Washington and understanding it you know. Was -- 910 whatever was what earlier there was some retirement years but you know losing a guy has a say there was you know every -- clergy got -- outside -- was being part insult stuff but. You know an opportunist having -- -- I agree or Jackie Bradley you know play alongside me you know I'm excited and you know again I just focus on when I got to do a ticker what I gotta do and hopefully make -- you know wherever -- better and he made me better. When you see it he's been kind of money they didn't -- arrival does it -- She also illegal to -- like data does it motivate you even more. And of course it motivates me you know I don't reward of one other business is going on running game and we've all been there and we all understand that and you know it's all part of the game and I've always said that you know it's always hard by -- You know and I think that you know when he's when I say that they were -- more respect there you know not you just because they did -- any team you know you about going out there and stuff put together. You stuff that -- missing game one day at a time you know and everybody wants to be the best self. You know if you consider the best in the game -- -- -- -- you where -- defending champ or mussina goes on spends the most my analyses made their team better you know you're still a target. You know and I think -- city you know focus on us and we're about us and now we're about whatever else going on. So there's there's a void that leadoff spot and he probably is too early to talk to John at all but. The what you did do you enjoy it leading officer chance you could do would you like the one spot the Jewish but is it is a lefty ready situation. Hey I'll mortar hunting whatever town as you know is presented you know star wants to lay off everyday on the office he wants -- -- -- the fifth sixth. You don't second whatever you know most of that about -- you know. I worry about you know denounce and put money for going there and -- game. If you listen to fiddle with survived through a -- benefited doesn't matter me you know I want is going to help the team be better and you know that's what focus on. But it's a good beaten in the last year -- radio ready -- you -- use which is understood Natalie then -- duo everybody's CBS about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know I think -- -- -- -- I think sometimes you take one little thing and somebody gets -- -- in Liberia what is and you know I've known as arrogant enemy fighter or did you see -- -- and -- And I've Vick appreciated look back do you drop and -- sponsored sprinter and I think it. Got to love that answer victory in an Alley circle back to lose some of -- the baseball cliches that you hear -- spring training and -- we respect a guy ain't gonna while their take one at a time. But in the middle of that that natural answer of it would bottles for not be in there -- and I don't care I mean that that. That answer right there is the way this whole team should feel about I would hope Jacoby Ellsbury Levy and not cry over spilled milk and recognize he got paid. We can't worry about that we got to find a way to once again be the number one offense in baseball about a leadoff hitter I love that it's a victory. Yet he was actually paid by Jonny Gomes who by the way if you saw you when he reckons mean I. I'd look twice and even recognize that -- the little brother. No I don't diary recognizable when asked that question Combs is right next in the locker -- in his locker -- yet she said who gives a bleep you know. And with that Victor Victor Reno sort of Fisichella I after the interviews that my days I ever go to sick all fired up just dropped it on sorry I don't worry about it. What you write I mean it's. -- -- But you know little those guys have got to be sick of hearing about the loss of cold -- -- just finalized in the -- us as much as I advocates back does that. He's gone. And it's it's one of those things where it's -- hoosiers -- -- love us for who we are not who for who we are not go to -- it would not come through that or at least not -- -- isn't so -- so we have to you don't. Move the drill. -- bigger out what you what you do and everybody else is gonna adjust accordingly what was actually to meet. And ask you about this -- achievements in the whole switch hitter part of case that's something. That theory is that a focus for him listen he's gonna lead off likely to stay in there and ride EC if he's going to rip the writing Google lefty lefty righty is that an option for him. Well I think it's still will be -- -- last year he went he went solely right handed because from the left side there is more an injury concern nearly wasn't able to swing the bat. The way he wanted to so reduce its growing up in this. He he actually was just take it right handed hitter. Utilities bought 20/20 one or silicon a minor leagues and decide to switch hits as the data has hit radio on radio early in his career. But I just think that for him at that time in the years it's -- you know I'm -- struggle left candidate makes things work right handed but to go through the entire season. Honestly I don't thinking also stuck at a cut Colbert as in Victor Rodriguez hitting coaches and they don't know you know they they like he's an acquittal she's gonna come in -- he's gonna. You only get ready and it's left New Hampshire is gonna work on left handed you know has left his swing here in spring training go on opening day comes we don't know what to expect from -- you know I just. I -- and it struck him about it and drove all the time you know protect in the outer half and be ready to used to seeing sliders from Brady's you know because. Or switch hitting never to see the ball really gold away from -- -- -- coming into view. And he was trying to protect -- effort didn't trail that you have to Wear some equipment if -- can do that this year but I don't think anybody really knows who's gonna switches. I did. It sounds like these two guys have not been victory at least early on they recognize that if you can replace Ellsberg there is no there's a prototypical leadoff hitter. And that bolt these guys have sort of mentioned you'll bowl the before this week and as they've gotten down there. That they'd be OK with splitting that leadoff spot do you believe them blue and how tough would that be. For those guys and you know sort of know we're splitting a certain spot in the order. -- -- it's gonna matter you know for those guys mentally I think both those guys did not you know high maintenance guys that feel like they need to hit a certain spot they can't reform -- we've seen that before. I don't think either one of their media not to me can lead off against -- He's not a part typical leadoff guy he's not very fast the -- the one concern be that he's kind of a nightmare and a base paths you know he's not the best base runner but every year dinner and have a comes in Indians want part of his game this week yet she improves our state. Wood -- we wanted to -- she better be -- so I just think it's about getting guys on base. -- exit before against nuggets -- second -- now the leading off in Victor Reno like one in -- within against lefties maybe. Now but doesn't play because right now he's not as strong maybe Jonny Gomes hits second with victory and a leading off so. In the have a can be a tool hitters well against right so I just think that you see those three guys mixing around in those top two spots until. Maybe one of the rookies you -- he knows me you know if if. Yet -- might -- so so. Who would be a possible on deck situation Zurich guy out of of a young guy out of the rookies back to possibly fill up boy that boy does it does it Bogart's. Yeah I think that early on -- can be it would be to put too much on them I think early on you want to protect those guys and be confident and comfortable to the seasoning move. Eventually -- Jackie Bradley sort of fits that mold you know he doesn't have the speed. The Jacoby Ellsbury -- has the -- is he flat out does not the -- think she's a burner he is now that he's Smart base runner great instincts great jokes and senator. Knows when to run when not to -- first and that's why she's installed base numbers. But the fact that he can get on base. I think he's he can beat that type of guy but I think early on a year you wanna keep. Everybody to -- the order you know him at 93 bogey hit seventh even eighth and that needs to get comfortable eventually. See how they're doing -- the other handling how comfortable they are and then -- on both the lineup at some point hopefully. It's interesting because I don't think and it they understand this they they know they can't replace the offense of -- the top of that order. I think the pressure's going to be on the entire lineup which went back that the double check is that led baseball by 57 runs -- a year ago and I think they have the the possibility. If Bogart's who we think years -- -- Brooks as the year these project Bill James projects and have. They'll be in that area -- you almost those two guys is being. The way they make up that often does not going to be not it's not be victory goes to be Jackie Bradley junior but he adds up leading off at some point it's going to be to me. The middle of that order is how. You'll you'll get close to or try to replicate the often you got a year ago 851. Run Gillette baseball I -- of I think eventually. Okay in this we think of which they of those three guys in new guys you know Bradley Bogart's in middle Brooks. Ideally and maybe this is your line up. Next year and hopefully everything goes well by at the end of the year if Jackie lead off the -- didn't second Bogart's in third Ortiz and -- You know and in bill Brooks is your fifth the sixth hole hitter I think eventually those that have the talent you're talking about. A leadoff hitter at three all bitter -- that -- and will that be the case you know I mean it's it's a lot to ask of these kids right now I think eventually you'll see that. But I think this year it's tough to ask but if everything goes perfect. Ideal optical optimistic. Yet in August playoffs that that could be your lap I think it's up as this year. Page you know adopt changes topic but it chains the person speaking to you mentioned Wilma middle Brooks. How jacked up his -- since last year you know the word is that he you know spent a lot of time. Open -- we're working -- Mike Boyle yep Red Sox -- console and also we also worked for the USA women's hockey. So I mean see significantly bigger are we just talked to Jonas you know you have this -- awhile what's -- what's -- look like. I come I heard a lot of -- added muscle when I saw him I felt like he just didn't seem a while annoyed I didn't. I didn't see it didn't jump off and not physically nobody really jumps off the page you know it's almost as big discussed -- discuss smaller so I didn't really see judges are different. We talk and do you know Brian Butterfield a sudden they won -- mode here 8 the morning he's out there with Bowman books -- ground balls. And you know we just won't do too much all by himself just the tool collectors to three of us just kind of hang in -- We just huge -- grounder and you thought about 35 ground balls thrown across the diamond and you know how many we get a bucket -- -- -- 35 music artist there's more there's more to get to what 74 -- and you know bowl ought to feel like we're done. He's -- -- 26 more interview with Taiwan. And he just he took his time and he stayed out there and it just worked and worked and hitting coach and she's been in here pick the right Regis they a couple of weeks ago city get a call from will wanna get down years. It on and what time it was music you re doing when you meet the -- go hit. And -- like slowdown you know will get their little bit later on we'll do it its early camp local crazy so there's a there's a mentality that will. You know it's not his job anymore that he was last year when he came in the camp so it seems like he's he's got to motivate these great going turns things around so going to be you know interest in CO. Go to an avid athlete at some point you recognize not to be given to you and that reading middle Brooks today media -- around MB per the stories that just. It just seems like he'd beat the whatever edge he lost at some point whatever edge led him to walk into Gary geese are seeing -- officers say. Why I don't want to call back -- wire -- play and Gary be such fetuses to you don't play shortstop don't worry about we can't worry about -- focus on you. It seems like that edges back and but techs immediately says he's not a number five -- that are well the numbers that Bill James projects that debate. He would be the ultimate Bible that are for the steam and -- that six and happily spent fit to get Ortiz there you got a pretty dangerous -- the order. And our best and that's we can be having to talk about right Mike Napoli and and you're telling Mike -- not -- viable later. Because you know. When -- -- -- about what they could potentially be you don't have to be at 300 hitter coming up and go to two to 6265. With pop you know it kind of Omar potential behind David Ortiz -- -- will little Brooke she projected and then that same area right I mean. Would shock me one bit of -- to 65 I mean he can go anywhere that's the thing now that he's evidently at 30300 hitter. But I think you up to seventy type of guy projection down the road to 7030 home runs. You can hit it any day any team. Lou great insight what's on the schedule for you today and yesterday watched the young pitchers what are you watching for today before we connected -- Later on the show all the veterans are on the mound today Boehner opens you know collect the starting rotation guys but you know than to get everybody hitting -- fields more face this year. And hopefully -- get a chance to talk Jackie Bradley Grady Sizemore and or both of them and and know what some of the young kids to guarantee Keeney made that young catchers so insistent. Lot going on down there will check it out -- we talked a little later on SPF fifty we don't have to sunburn -- it -- that's that. We'll talk to Iran our -- are -- in Fort Myers is they're all week great insight I'll let some of the things that little Brooks is. What his teammates has seen the coaching staff received from these first couple weeks and he's the ultimate wildcard you're in command here he can he can change a look at this line apple talk more about that with Lou. Later on the show your phone calls all day 61777979837. AT&T decks on 37937. Four agents studio we're gonna fight the snow later we come back this is today really is the unofficial. Official that makes any sense start the NFL offseason yesterday it was the first week actually franchise tag people bought. Like many -- that the NFL offices were closed for President's Day yesterday so today is the first day. -- really the new calendar for that that we are patriots we've not asked his questions shall you be a couple did -- think about it. What are the biggest lead what is the biggest -- for the patriots crushed addressed that with you what can tell -- yet here on Sports Radio WEEI.

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