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Salk and Holley's Boston Blitz

Feb 17, 2014|

Salk and Holley's Boston Blitz included; Steve Buckley, Fluto and Chris Foresburg

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Boston let's always brought you by AT&T and today we start off. In Fort -- Steve Buckley the Boston Herald on Twitter at -- in Boston the big news came out yesterday. The Ryan Dempster was saying no thank you to thirteen and a half million dollars for this year -- I know that I couldn't walk away from a year paycheck especially if I was making that kind of cash but it sure helps the Red Sox what do they do with thirteen and a half million. Wolf first of all that's three years paper -- That's a lot of hours away from right there are awesome Harrelson plays to -- there that. I think they put it in the back pocket and wait until they needed you've also got the Specter of the looming Specter of Stephen Drew. Although Ferrell the other day seemed to indicate that they were moving on and that they keep talking about -- -- -- -- shortstop but. Again I I'd stick in the pocket and wait until they they find -- need that needs filling. You look at it this way if you look at Dempster walking away does not put the importance of the a -- Lacey is Jake Peavy trade back in the forefront because they'll count out one day I don't think so no clear miss might I got her we talk about -- talking to hear you hated that trade you still do race. All look very straight out loud that I loved it I I'm a big fan of it at the -- If you can trade a piece of tomorrow to win today you do it. And you can't go back after the season is over and revisit the day that trade -- made it all they didn't need PV. They didn't win 2011 because they didn't make that kind of trade they didn't strut their pitching and Francona couldn't find it got to go six innings in September. Because Beckett got fat no one no one else would go six -- seven innings so in order to make sure that didn't happen again they went out and I PV could move well. You know it but I'm sitting here looking at talks talks look at me and I think I'd -- -- don't remember a blow in Detroit -- -- -- talked about you about this -- did you know you hate the you hit the tree on don't know. Are you saying this takes about a place if -- he's gonna be aka the world's great are stopped and I. Not loving places I thank you can see you got it half right I think -- always going to be a great service but it's going to be great short that is no doubt in my mind. And the clear miss in this department as you might thought you did accurately gauge how -- this kid's going to be. I don't know Woolsey well I guess who got anywhere again I'll make that big. But that aside no I think Iglesias is going to be a solid big league shortstop. All that does is blowing my overall point that -- in which is why in in in. In philosophically speaking I had no problems with that -- for Anderson is amnesty and was trying to do. Might have been better between its -- pardons that have been a while but that's different story. I think you're trying to have Kiki needed to but I don't know what Joseph -- down four miners are here. We're gonna find a file odd article notified if content between Q buck and vodka every Ian if you wanna get back. I'm -- I block a solid start with that Chris Forsberg for ESP and ESPN Boston Bynum on Twitter. At ESP and Forsberg. NBA all star game last night carrier -- The star of the story by now it's back to Cleveland than Apple's great players anymore but. Let's forget about the Celtics forget but the the all star game MVP let's focus on the Celtics haven't won in the all star game but. He had to give a state of the team at the break what would be Forsberg. That moment in the right direction I don't know maybe it helps that director expectations this year but. I feel like -- accomplished what they want they're developing young player you're seeing it with -- -- injured -- Bradlee leaving Kelly elect a lot accordions. You're on clogging your capita Cuba they've made so by the epidemic once again later this week in order it back our side. You know. -- -- eighteen because you're not having each major operation that it is sort of easy to hit. What they were looking for they shut that they're doing a good job -- -- move in the right direction and -- accelerate the. -- reports came out this morning Chris that gained just looking for two number one picks in exchange for rush on Rondo -- that he could get that be would you make that deal. Can I get it but it I would it'd be like you know this summit at the end of the draft like that you. Thirtieth overall pick from the EU and employee conduct over. It would -- that I've always been in the lottery Charlotte comes call in or look like that -- -- -- a little bit more. And I don't think they're they're but it really hard you'll it has changed just sort overvalued at first round picks. Kind of wonder what the Celtics would view with 121 round picks over the next five years at that point. Somebody get back cash and and it -- it happened and then I get a package your source and I was on the I. But that's a lot of other assumptions here I still think. You know maybe that's just its own ring and and and and maybe that would consider it at that point but I don't know -- visited their little -- -- a lot of it is awfully. Appreciate -- thanks Chris. And as Chris Forsberg at ESPN Forsberg would oceans now joins us from the Boston Globe if the US does play Canada in a gold medal match once again a rematch of four years ago we got as of right now -- -- an unbelievable game I think that you can't help but like the way the US team is that team is planning. Eat you have -- a classic game against Russia a pretty professional win the next day. When you could let down against Slovenia he beat them pretty well. Very. -- beating of Slovakia who you could see again. In -- the medal round for them before you get to Canada. So many look at Canada yeah they've won. They won in overtime -- Simone but they still haven't figured out the lineup this'll kind of figure out who compiled Crosby. So they've got some questions are still trying to figure things out meanwhile the US I think he could make one lineup change in -- ago. You know Pluto we are talking about this about a half hour ago is there anything from Olympic hockey. That could be carried over to the NHL regular season that would spice up our regular season hockey. And as much as well I don't. Like the shoot out boy you know like -- she'll -- feel she. Maybe you don't have to go down the Benson and stop pulling out here. Your third line weighing in May be -- defensive when you get deep into the shootout. One when the goalie and you won't accept me around. Say well why not go with that would be that your -- over and over and over I like it. Think there's any chance that the NH you'll reconsider and actually send. Send its athletes South Korea and. For your I think you have to ask that the such a great pod. Mean -- January February these these with a dark days that you're talking about for the NHL. For the rest believe they're gonna have -- -- soft they're going to be refreshing your star players this is. This is a halo product but the generation that's coming up that the stake in such films. This is all they've known NHL participate in the Olympics they want to be there in 28 teams. As the kids are gonna come and the next is draft they wanna be there all they've known as financial extinction Olympics they've they've got to go back. You can find them on Twitter at globe flute thanks literally appreciate it guys aren't -- that's the blitz brought you by AT&T AT&T. Covering more than 99% of all Americans rethink. Possible now take this for what it's worth because earlier on the text line. Someone told me that the US -- not have any boycott the right -- when clearly the US and 65 other countries did okay. So -- -- are inaccurate. According to this Dextre the US and Canada cannot play for the Goldman report. I think it's true master in mr. -- because Sweden is number what is the number one seed. US is two candidates agree so they couldn't meet. Other McNamee you're here and could that they are the meter check you -- -- always -- -- right about now but sometimes meter -- are completely but I think they're wrong about this -- salt you're an idiot -- might be right you know nothing about soccer no where in the world -- we leagues where people play for like five teams that makes no sense to soccer. They play for at least five teams. -- -- guys name and although he plays for at least five teams preacher. -- -- and he plays for for Portugal. And he plays for AC Milan right. And he plays for Liverpool the key player for those three that pops up and argued that a public release those 300 and I think sometimes he plays in Brazil it Ortiz did that -- pop off. -- are you tell me that's not true. Maybe reliable place for birdies on teams that definitely I'm definitely sure but sometimes he goes by Ronald. I think you're making all this up piles of Ronald -- -- -- because there was another -- before him so you know method I think you're wrong there is a Brazilian -- -- -- laid -- please how many teams or 56 -- seven. If he doesn't get demoted next here what do they call it. We get contract obligation relegated he can be relegated. A lot of -- And top five next month -- -- things are headed over it -- This miserable and I mean that this is miserable. Before you guys start applauding Dempster -- -- for thirteen let's talk about how it's waiting until the start of spring training hurt if maybe this -- mentioned two months ago. The Sox can reduce their third team mate at the start picture I think of persons missing a very key part of the story we'll do that so well on WB yeah.

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