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Salk and Holley's Four @ Four

Feb 17, 2014|

Salk and Holley's installment of 4 @ 4 was related to early retirements

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Our -- -- is brought to you by see beyond. New technology ally you got a business to manage one -- see beyond manager technology also by integrity windows and doors band. In today on President's Day unlike Andy slash new York and -- shipped him. There -- a couple of days like chicken wings and he's a -- he's -- he's got a bird -- let's -- -- medicines and this -- -- company holiday. It is it's a company how and why we are. You noticed no one's around. I did but I'm talking earlier anyway it's very dark in here because nobody at the front I do I noticed that today was the best day I've had here in market. -- Beth -- is the best and general I didn't see anybody. I did talk to anybody I didn't see anybody nobody tried to talk to me the best -- WEEI can imagine had. Since last year. What Andy did any of the day and off we didn't he did. Spend what we got -- what's what's the name. But as for senator went on before -- cut short par freaky any Donald got one now but you're going out and claim that we do have a team. We don't -- doesn't include music governor Victoria. Instant and attendees aren't forgotten so they don't go pick up the slack for ending next guy up no. Some non non -- now yeah. With the news that -- is not retiring he's simply stepping away this addition of four for a -- strange retirement and we start with the worst player ever retiring. Brett Favre. It's -- destroying his legacy by retiring and coming back year after year after year after year easy answer yes. Yes Brett Favre. Absolutely tarnished his legacy the way he handled the end of his career he went from being a guy that. It was a great player that was mostly well like a miniature their pockets of people -- they didn't like Yemen and I'm writing -- -- myself in the category certainly if you know there's a rivalry. We talked with a 96 Super Bowl -- and Favre beat the patriots I'm sure a lot of people around here myself included always didn't like Favre but. He was generally pretty widely light. He handled the end of his career so obnoxious lately and he came across. Not just that he was indecisive he was selfish. He was telling the Packers now I'll tell you what's going on our state of you telling me and I don't care it's hurting your ability to make the team better I don't care it's. All about mean mean mean mean me. And -- culminated with -- Ed werder saying on TV. Brett -- excuse me sources told me we just like a couple of our art how much but what are you doing here Brett Favre yes. Absolutely is is legacies. You know what it is saw it wasn't just. Retiring and then coming back it was the way he played two in -- so. Now you think about Brett Favre off the field instead of thinking about the guy in and this is hard it's hard to remember this and it's a shame. Brett -- -- -- three time MVP in this league every straight MVPs he was a great. Quarterback. And if you if you think Barbara far. Now in some of these mount Rushmore conversations not mine -- sound John Elway. Is up there. Favre was a better quarterback. In my opinion then John Elway is better now. Don't know what thinks about that anymore -- they think about is this pathetic character at the end not all good things come to an -- -- have been trying to -- thing tending at all of -- still texting his junk scandal and all that. Just -- some bad decisions his. That the whole gunslinger mentality worked against them and in the NFC championship game when he throws that despite the national academy. Change -- yeah. I mean -- was the perfect player when he first came into the league and by the time he exhibited was our goal changes the way -- what the hell happened at their lives just like cool way yeah. So yeah I think I think his retirement really changed the perception of. Yes we are Michael Jordan probably had a strained his retirement in sports history. He retired at the peak of his game to play a sport that he proved to be no good that they're Sanders retired and just disappeared it is. So whose retirement at their peak was more disappointing as a fan. At that time. I got -- Jordan you know say Jordan because. -- if you're here the next. You say good. Because we're not gonna get this guys -- Now we we we've had -- against the wall a couple of times but until Jordan goes away. We have no chance but for basketball. You've got 83 time champion. So -- they they at three pleaded. He's the MVP of the league finals MVP. He's only thirty years old at the top of his game when he walks away Tuesday at his words. Just to watch the grass grow. That was shocking what a loss for basketball. Do you believe I don't know David Stern thank you don't believe that now do you believe he just wanted to walk away I think he was I think he was grieving. I think the loss of his father. -- is really very close to his dad. To throw him off. And I think you want to do something else I don't think that he was banished by David Stern for eighteen months or whatever -- Accountable you do I likens. Here's the theories for the most part saw I want to believe -- even if it's not true. Your answer is probably the right one just because Jordan meant so much more -- sport -- -- Anders did. Right if even if you like Barry Sanders who's a running back an ever won anything with a nominee he's a great player. Who I think I really miss seeing the way to argue for Barry Sanders is that he never came back in Jordan did -- mean part of the Jordan stories just sheer. Credible -- am. Returning and winning -- -- three -- more damage is so critical come out of it and I actually got it again we just went to -- more no big deal. -- I don't know how the only way to make the argument for Barry Sanders is either that you just think he's more on the watched as he was more unique and football. But I don't think he wants and there's nobody ever quite like Jordan we are still looking for the next Jordan -- Vince Carter -- and Colby in LeBron in what was the other guy typical baby Jordan -- I don't -- minor Harold Harold -- adamant about just the fact it ever was looking for the next Jordan. That we've been looking for -- for the next Barry Sanders the same way. What you don't bury you think about that aren't you shocked. That he never came bear. I mean it yeah he's just being -- -- -- it was frustration with the lions and just set up. Then OK after a year still kind of expect to give Barry Sanders is out there and can still play. Then two years you know -- hitters got that he can still play that he is still play now I know you sure yes. Have you seen him. Now -- it looked like he now I don't know it looks like he's enjoying really is a joint attack on -- all make sense then now it all comes together. The one day contracts or player can retire with a team he started as a yearly activity in sports. -- like -- a player -- of the team per day so we can retire with them outline Nomar Garciaparra yes absolutely. I do like it. There is a different here this is I know that we wanna compare things the way they were way back in the day but it's not like that anymore for the most part players don't play their whole careers of one team. Free agency trades it's better having guys. Often go to played a lot of other places but when they've been mostly associated with one city and it means something to them to go back at the end of their career. Pay their respect to that city and be honored by the people that city who really love them. I -- process that I -- and I think it's a nice thing that they do sports can you do that without -- in the contract. Now I'm under I'd like I liked -- they sign that it's my final count yeah I like that hey we know why I wanted to show you that this is the place that means the most to me. I wanna go out as a such and such. I guess you know I wouldn't that dislike it it's not something really. I can't I can't get fired up about it either way would you let I have to but only one game what I do like the hole and now I do it would -- the whole tribute. I got -- into the white -- I'm thinking of is Paul Pierce. I wish you retire right now -- Stop it with Brooklyn. Is not the same it probably feels like he's got something left but. -- just I hate to see him playing like this in Brooklyn and that crazy uniform. How would that team that is not gonna do much in the Eastern Conference at thought -- be pretty good but they're not. Would just like to see a state on done they come back to Boston there and hold a have a have a party at the garden have press conference. I guess you know that I think my feeling -- -- -- over the Celtics next year the bookkeeping out -- shore against. Could they should make them play for one game this one game -- -- -- you wanna come back finally gonna go play short for 11162. They should have a special spot a special designation our quarterback to some time to review. Adding I do I wonder the. It seems like the ninety's and 2000 Boston became an old folks home for some athletes who were trying to extend their career. Players like Andre Dawson Rickey Henderson to sectors linked Jack Clark there's a trend here. Dominique Wilkins Junior Seau Otis Smith and even Doug Flutie appeared in Boston well into their thirties and sometimes forties. Which player do you wish would have retired. Instead of showing up in Boston. Look at all those not a problem. I guess. What Jack Clark had a terrible time here but. He didn't show up here at the very enemy he was supposed to still be good when he got here right he did it Tony you know this first year press about it doesn't quite work. And Andre Dawson was pretty well done -- act had some -- contributed. Ricky Anderson definitely contributed if I'm mistaken Dominic averaged about seventeen for the Celtics but what plus I love Domonique among other shot in negative -- dominate but that wasn't Dominic melanoma problem that was Saddam did you tell -- the nominee could still jam right now. Authority. Yeah but that I think about it tablets that now fled their at all. I don't remember award in honor that Duncan last -- ever done at all he'd like to remember a thing about how long was a year. He's here for one season he played formal order seasons to move more in Europe ever seventy with a sell seventeen point. I mean think about it but does it just gets 1718 points as needed to his teammates before he came to the Celtics that they have the he was -- one of those dream when those pre dream team's world games as -- -- that this teammates were common antique. You know Lewis a tournament team moment Celtics seem -- day though it was probably. Either sir Herbert. -- -- -- Don't focus -- like you know the can suck it on oxygen and meanwhile the role as I could blow smoke and -- -- -- Yet make. Like I could jump into quarters off the top of the of the black or that backward did you know. Stoic. All or it'll perhaps typical frank give -- regular grade out. Great athlete but configured is there any is there any correlation then between this question here about the late nineties early two thousands and the -- decade we talked about last week. All these old guys like not to bring back Dominic it'll be fine but bring -- Andre Dawson and Jack Clark I'm sure that win all we got off some good ones who have -- line. Paul -- John Smoltz. -- -- -- -- Patent Gary Payton and Shaq. Shaq is present fact. She's even. I know with Shaq Texas is Dominic was always have been and what it strengthens our place. Restaurant bar both -- it. Entertainment right there bench since I don't own a lot of entertainment cut athletes. Out there and since. Among them Brian -- should be you know -- O'Brien -- Stamkos fell Detroit and it made a shot or two during the playoff for an. Was able to do is a big ball dance there's numbers for broadband is an X-Factor with. -- out of his humor factor yes it really says the way he looked everything about him sort of -- -- but I think Shaq. -- -- thought -- -- that he should them he should never been there but. Most of it -- just a shack on Saturday I heard about during the dunk contest big shamrock. Social Shaq. -- A double -- back more of the Sacramento Kings out for showmanship. They would of one it was just all about the show. So MacBook work of an old English guy comes out and he's got this -- -- -- -- -- -- today. That Sacramento Kings. And it was it -- been back towards shackle more the whole thing Jack is out there he's sitting on the throne. Back -- more comes out with a -- He dunks over Shaq who's sitting on the throne. Then he's down on one knee and -- with the crown on -- And he walks over and he does our cup waved to the adoring couple questions from John Wall had a -- right. Joseph. He had the mascot with a here's a couple of questions on the -- -- -- -- first of -- how much as Shaq loan being asking. Of course let me that just it just everything about that everything he loves the second Loftier than Matt -- And -- in -- about the jump over Shaq and ordered out. How much -- -- was worried that he's gonna stand up to decide this one. Know done a thorough there's no party it's like I know we're good article that is. I know we've gone over this but what are the chances Shaq to the -- stand -- man would and try to stand in my way and would. -- -- -- -- -- There would be death in the dunk -- He would -- I would just have that little bit of nervousness like I think this is gonna go right but that is part of me that's where this is not gonna work and -- Going to be okay and during the that you believe what the dunk and it was a better than jumping over Kia. It was pretty good down. -- -- a pivotal it was a good dot. -- I'm pretty down on the dunk contest when you've seen a mall before you've seen some great wins so. -- come on hard to impress at this point but. It. Anyway or you have to bomb -- and other when vin baker Steve Avery my camp by Cameron. Steve Avery -- -- go all the bat when no I don't want to great eighties and Steve Avery didn't realize he was at the end Steve Avery still thought he was gonna be a power pitcher throwing 95. Just didn't work anymore. Let the the commentators. Kenny Smith. And Charles Barkley -- to go in on every they were killing effort really -- -- -- a it was it was it was uncomfortable at times. Ray Charles Barkley or are unhappy American courts there -- Partners that. Hitting that green Greece in the groin up into that green Greece for the maps that depend have to know. About -- error. That what -- I hope nobody is talking at Barkley sing and we heard him right you see him wrap it must miss -- Jews I guess. -- Imus Imus last night tonight Paul it's sending it to the all star game idea and we -- -- -- -- real talk. Plus where you dysfunctional. Really remarkable he's so good green Greece could be put -- there -- about to -- work. Freed thank Charles if agreeing Greece and then the next line was. That somebody said that the plan. Northrop plane with a bad play. Maybe just everybody. Talk about -- dunks. -- every it. Do you name it for you what's holding it kept you entertained no I -- -- I had a little -- I just I went to it was. I went to it at some curiosity some boredom. On on Saturday night. So I just think. They can change the format all they want. And got doc and magic and dominate the -- to judges in Eastern Conference person to Western Conference all that. Disparage it should be the Olympics. Every four years have the dunk contest ever for years because every once in awhile it's good to Blake Griffin won a few years ago was good people got into it again that's Carter. Chris Carter S Carter had some don't -- that we have in the same conversation. I can dunk contest it's kind of tried warring. And then Vince Carter brought an app from the cynicism and an electricity to it in style to it that people were ready for. And then it's kind of tailed off again. Did you see this I'm hearing Karl Malone was there with the teacher. Karl Malone learn assured there was two guys on a scale and on the team when your child is -- yeah I think that they do you looked humongous. Humongous compared to assure. He -- arms are huge. Checks waste now. Earlier Leo there's a few minutes on the all star game -- Michael and I both spent more time. Thinking about the biggest subject of last week in upon further review. There's two points that need to be remade about Jonathan Martin Richie Incognito and the rest of that report that next rockaholic W media.

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