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Feb 17, 2014|

Salk and Holley are joined by John Ryder in today's installment of, Answer the Question Jerk

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Answer the question brought to buy heiress restoration specialists your property your facility manager -- you don't have a cold weather disaster plan in place. This is a time to do and it's cold still in the snow every other day be prepared contact and arrest at 8774611111. Ordered heiress -- -- -- -- what you think mercy. -- new appointee just famers are connected surrender mercy uncle -- -- more demonic. Or tomorrow day I got harsher drive and run it's about forty minutes how far will -- or how Long Island taken tomorrow. Well it's I'm south of the city's hospitals be as bad but this'll take on time. I brought me over an hour today -- presidents' day who is your favorite and least favorite president at one. B Miller film it's a fairly new York and vote -- -- your favorite and least favorite absolutely I hate that I love them -- Particular shot -- like the new englanders. John Quincy John Adams let's get to go to we're gonna know something -- he would that would make him yeah Adams on HBO it's a great coach who ages -- in -- -- -- -- -- the president throughout the first. Pitch at a based alien first first -- -- -- Truman. Carlo. I -- before durables. -- -- is and I don't know that you know that story about who's your favorite stories he was a man of few words silent count. So yes they want from Vermont there was yet there was a bad. The reporter went up to America at a functions that you know I have a bet that I can get you to say more than three I can get you to say more in three words. His response was you loose. Great. -- the obvious answer for Iran's usually link it ranked. All of leaking gets a lot of press for good reason that not amazing things I'll tell you who don't wanna hang out with them I'm right I give you could give you more underrated president too soon. Kill vampires -- James -- incredibly under. Simply noted that -- guy. I can't I'm dying to most underrated presidents are. Ike and pulled at a highway systems to -- faulty but what poll you take a look at the map before poll after poll but the US doesn't exist with a -- going on a mission. It before forty or fight the whole like the whole west part of this country. Is not part of the country -- all of locals like locals like David there is a rocket but right now our way to prepare -- before -- why I don't have bad indict don't mess with -- I don't know if it was in April while it was six years Coolidge for. -- the get the short term ones like Tyler for one of the dark yet and we are giving you the benefit okay -- and she's. You can't Europe first this is an easy one to could have any president is doing and who to choose from -- chance of getting a little too quickly and we eclipse the -- -- at all on Clinton both those guys take the growth from. The -- -- ball and well we're getting a volley and I want to you sure you might want to -- it would. Any WB good when he would be yet I keep in did you party be great like that's kind of what does now which -- He's kind of like sneak guns and that and I don't think so what -- -- had at that you know account like you know I. Was going on panicking he would come up with something. He will be Richard Nixon. -- should be a terrible terrible when it originated in the worst wing man in history. To be profit -- -- and it's gone snapped mentally dropped the first. Rule it. Brought in extra remote. About fraud. -- violence. Right widget to. Intercourse reflection. It. If you for different words that -- really again it is very cordless whose record of arsenal open. If a little loafers. Their permanent. Always. You were only allowed the socialist island prince song for the rest your life would prints on beaches. -- man I might have to with him he caught in a bad time. I'm on a ballot that door keep Parker kick. It might be the ballot outdoor park. Dougherty was a waitress on the prominent. She worked the night shift dish water to hunt taller Vonage got a lot of it is well thought out one song. President of Liberia now that or department yet. Finally if it's only one album like an extended to one -- and sign of the times and now sign the time. Take that once saw. I'll roll with development with the proper adore -- partners really well written a music school. Now what is the most presidential name ever. What makes it will be my last name -- first I don't know are. We mentioned this -- the other day. Rutherford. B yeah hate him how when -- I think he can be beaten. You can be rough I think there is 11 guy that beats who Ulysses. As the ball -- US grant yet. That had to be the test US Brenda that he's US grant for God's sakes. You can't beat that back as president is the president -- even if it wanted to present it in there and have to be president I saw in the general. A and B press and it's like -- you wasn't tests right. Ulysses Ulysses S. Grant us -- US grant him the president. John -- going to be coming up next no Mike -- still sick he's out six army and he says he text me today says he'll be back tomorrow do you believe them. On I do I do know he sick because I witnessed today here easily back tomorrow. -- that I. About 80% -- a tough as Wednesday's paper I'd only be great he knows tons about president do you feel like we need maybe fumigate the rumors like there. People get sick -- -- -- Thursday night you guys both dropped out. No well idea I've dropped out -- left Euro early that Thursday or Friday Thursday -- I was in from Friday are. About a -- at Texas saying it better wing and our vice president -- or what they do -- and advice for Joseph Joseph Joseph Biden to greatly. But you don't allow that you're you're -- like having a relevant jokes but don't let them talk to hearts and talked. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Walter Mondale out of a good welcome they'll come -- man no way ninth hole. Record with with with bush. -- That wing man on new too much minorities in the as a CIA actions mark yet there's -- -- don't want nobody in nova Dan Quayle's Quayle. -- equipped vehicle for once -- -- when Amanda afterward I don't -- to visit him. Aren't we had a run John writers coming up -- in the -- -- the -- tomorrow at 2 -- field.

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