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Red Sox Catcher David Ross with Mut and Lou

Feb 17, 2014|

David Ross talks about his relationship with AJ Pierzynski, the loss of veteran pitcher Ryan Dempster, and Jon Lester's turnaround.

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Where here in Boston liberal audience. Gets to do this time Mir -- way to Fort Myers snowstorm shows up. That and lose -- fourth -- area and he's alongside our Red Sox catcher David Ross there with one Cowboys. I was gone -- guys are too. Which just -- a -- whether you're down there's not short out there trying to present their case you're talking about time I didn't take me through rusty above your off season World Series champion. The final few got a constant role of top of the seventh first section. You with the play and always will delightfully. Alicia did -- -- put that in my car have been a good about it I have got to Tony you're the big -- swollen head now -- -- offseason was busy I mean just. You know as a backup catcher never did and that kind of attention and I got this off season and and just you know going here and there are doing a couple of talks and signed some autographs and here -- there and I was. It was different for me so maybe it became really busy but fine. Actually lost to all the time not doing a stability like it did happen to me you know I mean like. I don't know when that offset end or two women is rein them in fortieth marrying me home but. Yeah this is one of those things a monster on to this year and and -- -- and you know I'll be 37 in a month and just trying to get myself in the best shape I -- to compete the young. -- -- there is a lot of talk about turn the page already here right with the -- you guys and I think that. What they -- impressed me was you know there was a lot of noise coming years and you sort of put that out and -- there was so much urgency on a day to day basis to win that night. That helped to take away that other noise you dealt with last year did. The re peat stuff is the noisy here in this year does that same approach help you deal with can you repeat question. I think the personality of our group you know the personality of like you said last year our our Biggest -- streak was was no more three in a row so when you got guys that come in each day worked their tails off. Lay it out on line every night. Go to home that nine to come back and do the same thing that's a personality than last year of as a group I think will be the same personality wise that group so should. They should I was out really well you know how baseball is yet turn the page really fast on everything on a loss on a win. You know there should be no carry over so hopefully. That's what we did really well last year and him with this what you said this is this can be the same kind of got things can be a different positive spin on. Say David so a Saltalamacchia heads down and stat heads down south also. And so -- bring AJ Pierzynski is is this -- they ask your input or you know if this is a good fit for the locker room and -- teacher input at all. On what is the guy they should bring in an -- it if they do. Is this a got to -- play with a. I I haven't wall for so I had -- -- that play with AJ before -- displayed -- steam I knowing his resume is really really well I know I know he's you know got some some stuff that. The people say about him but I've got -- -- for a couple days down here NEC they're a great guy I know he wants to win his resume speaks for himself. A -- did call me then call me on on a few guys say they had guys in. You know the there's a lot more goes into it than just David Ross is a pinch hit balls for another catcher and then there's you know money and all that stuff but. I I I get in my opinion are the guys just his as a competitor I knew any guys again in my opinion and I think he does that with with a big group and and then kind of -- some feedback so. You know you know about AJ but. When I started doing -- research has some guys that play within the guidance of different. To different things and then actually you know you don't really like you when you play against him but. David -- was a teammate of mine and I hated playing against him when I played against entering college so. He you know it is kind of weather -- soared to -- you see a different side of guys from the other dugout that you do when within your teammate. Yet how much you guys -- a what does that release of have to be a resident calico. A quarterback center exchange you guys really need to be worked together a lot or is it you guys kind of go and do your own thing. Yeah mom I don't know that's a great question as far as I don't know that the quarterbacks that are. Analogy I don't know if that I can't relate to that but the hump. The -- baseball -- I like to be friends with the other catcher we talk so much and I guess you're you're right the quarterbacks and got to hang out together on the roads and in and do their thing. That's kind of how it is at the other catcher we were in the same drills were working only. There's only a few guys on the field that know what is coming that we got one exception Napoli but. No -- how hard the -- have to work in the actual work we have to put in an article we take a lot of protect our own little fraternity we -- a lot of pride in that. Select offensive linemen you know it's all about all the all the blame when things go bad a -- on the glory with things have been good so. We like we like that role and and so I get to know him in and we do need to work together to some extent but he's gonna play his game Romo learn from him. And hopefully you are maybe a little I think it's good for me. Hey David it's like I'm curious when you found out that Ryan Dempster were gonna step away. From baseball and we weren't heard stories now the last couple days of what he meant to the team I'm looking for your best. You're able to tell on the air story of what Ryan Dempster a Mets in that clubhouse next last year. Man I'm gonna miss that guy is -- but I mean what a great. Teammate and he made everybody better the best a pain in his. We guy we landed -- -- I can't tell you all the jokes that we landed and we landed in Toronto and he's from Canada so he walks are firm buses -- talk on the Mike. And he had that whole bust he was talking as Harry -- voice. And he was talking and given us like a tour of Toronto as we drove into like a thirty minute tour as we drove into the city from the airport. And I literally I had never I mean saw sing in. To to ask him questions to interview on being two different people -- -- he was just Clinton. A show on is the first time he just kind of you know let -- -- personality -- -- -- I've never witnessed anything better than that we're always going to be greatly missed as far as up a competitor teammate. A person on and off the field just a quality quality human being. Every calorie I'm not mine it's Chicago -- through -- -- loses -- Borough low Leo. CNN and what do you do me any sort of your your come -- and do that was -- and then -- if -- about that yesterday we found out also find out. This twenty men texting and it went out we part of that group texting. A -- of the off season. Yeah we I started adding a -- one and let -- -- we started it. Agree I think we started with just like some some some different questions on like what. But things were going on the off season what guys are doing as far as commitments if we had any and stuff like that and it got into. I mean everything. Man and you know you guys know I always think. I was sent the link of the picture you probably shouldn't opener Friday are likely to -- -- -- anyway it's not there you really think that I mean I mean there's a lot of those guys -- but that is the -- I thought Tom and I was definitely a terribly setting up to himself walking into your list of the city of ball. We will we're we're Texan majesty of they get by it was a group takes a man how to start it is -- -- anybody seen Knapp is he alive in -- as COK. And then I just got into a lot of fun stuff man it was fine. From Johnny trying to think of T shirts today -- did this next year in shorts and American flag and Captain America and the hockey team I mean it's been always been all over manage just -- You know I'm trying to put my kids down a -- my phone just by Braden -- fallen off my nice to pitch I thought our kids Sicily -- -- in the group tech. Yeah but Jon Lester talked to the media earlier house asking about some of those mid season struggles you know what turnaround mechanics mental approach -- and to have mechanics he was just -- Screw radical back to -- makes me successful what. Take me through that moment -- -- sitting down with -- talk until about we try to him understand who -- -- would you understand that we were. We talked a lot me and him I said now I just said it man if it's 32 bases loaded in the World Series last pitcher to Europe for Obama ninth. He had a -- -- -- -- on the duties that fastball away. -- -- want to pitch like why why do you not what he go with 98 he says to me. He says because -- established and the whole game. And I do realize right -- like that's his mindset and he's never going away from that and that's where he's had success so the next time I caught a must like. All right this a pitcher you wanna be then you're gonna make that statement. Year ago. And he showed me what kind of heart he has I would say you don't mean -- -- -- gotta you gotta you gotta have some media have some GeMS. Some sacks to go on Marian on a mean and in the live in there and this league especially the short porch and he did it. And once he did that. It was over because he's he's -- 94 in 297 in the playoffs. On guys in east east challenge in the best hitters in the game and then we need to -- -- to cut it there's a Carter. Saint Louis the best thing -- we realized early on in saint louis' game one. Was they would they came in and Marty off the ditch they were just gonna take away in -- to a bar over so we started up backdoor cutter and they are sort of -- now and he deals you know. -- -- the next time they -- a little closer made him a little bit better maybe dale one run hit like three balls hard but. You know we we realize that once they once they commit to that once they hit a ball hard and now I know I know what their hitters mentality going to back away. The your first look at these guys are a lot of people Boston ticket here's what. What you think that we get a name a lot but how is difficult this due to talk them before and say who are you to tell me what you do. He went down I hope they show me that's what we've talked about earlier I just hope they showed what kind of pitcher they are what kind of command they have how they like to pitch. It are they are they you -- to the young Nash and it is hard to judge the young guys early on because they're trying to make an impression. You know -- as a coach is nerves. And and I I've been there done that so. And a lot of me you know -- -- was even just you know fractures of the match your first bullpen spring that we are we allow -- to go don't don't beat yourself up -- the bat you know witnesses get pressure and -- give back to what makes you tick. And that's what I try to pick up on it if that -- coach says a little something to on the all of a sudden they start that they start you know put the ball they want I try to pick up on that so. Com may or whatever it is not go out and there on the mound I got to go out there and say hey. You know. -- member of the members retrain them when you know you're. Parts I was fine out of them you know -- says stay back from a you know little things like that if you can follow there's little Nuggets and their information. It would go a long ways and told the young catchers that today look at what she bought always because he's in the in their -- sort of feels like he's on top of the class all his fastball is really -- -- Fluid and he's got a really good changeup really get -- if NF tie break -- ball so. I think fastball command going to be his key. Early on in -- thirty sky could control so many got a really good two seamer he can -- I think -- down he's got. He's probably. -- close as I've. To me he's pretty close to dish British he's refined his craft just -- it is stuff really good ball jumps out of his hand sneaky. -- -- Well David we appreciate the time today out -- out on this are. Is the play for you to manage someday we get all these -- every time become -- -- -- -- -- -- in the same thing all the Red Sox and David sounds a manager once again a manager gonna take you out of the game I don't know. -- -- what -- -- what you are when when you're done playing and if you don't show on that gray beard around and pinch it in Pittsburgh training. You -- -- that something you could see yourself doing down the road in baseball. I say I do get that question ally and have people asked that and I'd I'd love being around the game I love. You talk in the game and I don't feel like your mantra on the field he I'm game managing when I'm catching -- Big -- that's what I did best in the World Series honestly I just was managing the game and how are all played out that's one of my strengths. Do I want a man I don't know I love I love competing right now I love a team concept I don't wanna get out his game I love this game if some I would give me an opportunity to manage I'd jump at the chance to do it but. I don't know if there's anybody dumb enough to get him tougher -- Clinton managed. And Dionte Allen are tough abandoned some of these and my cadence and these guys -- going to get my foot in the door. They we appreciate the time -- thanks so much and enjoy the rest of the spring training six weeks until opening day. Any time guys appreciate you guys have me on that I enjoy -- son Red Sox catcher David Ross joining us is part of our coverage will be there all week -- is there.

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