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Red Sox Pitcher Jake Peavy with Lou Merloni

Feb 17, 2014|

jake Peavy talks about losing Ryan Dempster and what that means to the clubhouse, and starting his first full year with the Red Sox.

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Lou is in Fort Myers as you mention we armed him with the out wireless microphone will be up and down the field. All week this week. Not great with technology and some a little excited to see how this thing turns out but he's in Fort Myers with Jake Peavy -- -- -- -- -- that's are holding a role that. First off about how surprised were you when you heard the usual run you know I think everybody was surprised and but the same time you know surprises. As we were. You gotta be supportive and -- and obviously he's the -- thought through what an impulse. And also decisions so. We're happy for -- if he's happy and but he certainly didn't miss them in more ways than one -- like the first was -- -- going up against him and you guys in the -- for such a long time but. Played for him the first time you met him when you were traded over here so like yeah you know I've known -- and some we've when he gets -- chilly rose in Chicago there for a good amount of time. And and that's a mutual friends along the way social I'd known. What he was about what he stood for but it goes to another level and spend every day somebody. When you watch the way -- is -- -- -- teammates and obviously the way is on the field. Just a great great teammate and in. We'll -- brother yesterday. In and says you know it's amazing that you could say the skies when you're you're top few teammates of all time. When you always confuse you -- -- three months with -- guy that certainly was the case Ryan I think anybody in here we'll tell you the same thing in. That we -- As we had dinner -- yesterday. We made sure he'll be around a bit this year because the vast offseason there was such a movement to not just bringing good guys to help the team but the guys that can help this locker room. And -- really a guy like Ryan Dempster now. What did you see from him -- it did maybe will will last that maybe you guys who still -- points this year we talked it over his name would come up right you know just always. Did he get things no matter. You know it down the stretch fuel -- look at us down the stretch for me now take that lead with Tampa you know when I first got over was a game or two there for a good while and -- -- a little rough stretch -- -- -- -- -- thing with -- -- of course I think everybody in the -- -- that. But I think you you see that the things we -- -- West Coast swing and didn't play that won't San Francisco when things went bad -- never gave into that panic mode and just always tried to do his part keeping things light and an understanding that. We can get time we we we had a great group we had a great ballclub we were prepared missiles we played nice and relaxed our talent come out. And we would end up where we want to be something that's the biggest thing -- -- -- down is just never. Always take things serious -- you you you need to take into it to do well. But at the same time -- press press -- because at the end of the day you view even with the best of yourself for your teammates you're doing that. And finally he talks about walking away in just having too much respect to mentally physically maybe not into a lot of people say there's got to be another reason the only thirteen point 25 but I think if you know Ryan Dempster. It does that she makes sense that's probably how we would go all right. Absolutely took to build -- go out on your terms of the news is. You know something that not many people get to do for him to let you said through his last pitch in the World Series and record a strikeout -- in game one. Nothing was special to name me he would -- as as I had so many guys in the schoolhouse chase that world title. The it was an integral part of it happening you know I think at the end of the day when you -- in his old it is is Ryan isn't in. The Wear and here. You know a lot of the same quote as. -- is a bunch of -- are. It's and you start contemplating you know if you can play at the level you -- you're used to playing that. That paired with kids didn't older you know once again I can relate to that and know that it was awfully hard to leave the home with a 129 year old. Five year old -- and for that he got -- -- that's that stuff I'm sure that clearly huge the actor and -- well with. Rim -- trying that's for sure we're certainly happy that's that he separate our people appreciated mimic you guys. Lou thanks a -- with Jake Peavy in for my house be without players drop of course the week.

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