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USA Hockey defeats Russia in Sochi

Feb 17, 2014|

Team USA won an early morning thriller on Saturday. TJ Oshie's heroic's in the shootout capped an amazing win, helping the U.S. team on the path to a Gold Medal.

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We shot them now. Out because we can't. -- she stands in his own blue line and wait for the signal here we go TJ oceans himself upon. Very slowly walks over the Blue Line from the right side comes out in front OC -- I was five -- stores in the shootout. -- -- again along the floorboards back is definitely an outstanding night with the to the point pursue. Now that's what the faceoff dots you say -- and. -- -- -- Aides and they tied the game at 326. Left in the second period. That's what you earned your tight and DJ university comes over the bench again. To try to -- this gave russians' switching back and forth mobile job in dot -- The US is going would -- every time. Fifth straight shot or coaching in the shoot out. His sixth overall he scored three times. And CJ -- fields Rodham. Moving in the offensive zone on. For the first time in Olympic history of the United States. Beats Russia on Barnes still don't always see you and you see. Eight -- -- out and see. -- -- Wins it for the United States. The reader to the final score. What a game here in Sochi Russia. What what an excellent. Excellent. Montage do we sauce or you heard on this radio station Saturday morning not -- 937 WEEI. Can apple went after Lou you realize that -- -- all those rocky references when I go out -- and take -- -- -- joins us up for Fort Myers later -- got the re -- that. He you know you might have -- all personal holiday. But himself when he hears that all the rocky cuts in there. Where you Saturday morning Fauria you betterment funny -- TV for this thing. I watched most of it. But if you were able to see the entire thing. You can watch it on YouTube. Are they also played yesterday last night it was on aid to replace right Saturday night they -- played third period -- overtime last night they play the game in its entirety. It chance to watch that game yet know is. I was Allison struggling for something. For these Olympics it's just there's really nothing there I was really interested in the guy can stop her there too because of the events or because of the tape delayed. I double I think if you if you look carted up you know the results unfortunately. By the time the air in prime time 8 o'clock -- N and NBC they're just didn't seem like there was committees stars are there in the -- I was interested in any of these stories are made its. -- -- -- -- -- is really wasn't -- into these Olympics for whatever reason. USA Russia brought right back -- right back in. Inches and all of it. More a more. Willing to buy some time and watch it. You know armed for whatever occasion and -- that woods. Goose bumps chicken skin care of the back of my neck standing out. You saw star in the making you -- -- marketers dream he -- you just saw so many things and that game. If you don't like hockey you've never watched hockey you have to be able to respected honored just. The stage. In the event. And -- how these guys just took -- took it over ocean itself that was most impressive especially. He's grinning. -- you -- he's grinning before he she's going to shoot me before -- can set up you can almost see him foreshadowing what he's going to do. And eighty it's almost like he sees the putt going in the net. And he's gritty he's smiling about it. It was an amazing morning and based on the TV ratings here locally where Boston Providence were two of the top five markets for that game. A lot of you folks watch it's a one -- chance to react to what you saw over the weekend it's 61777979837. AT&T Tex lines 37. 937 and you're right it was. This stage it was big the way it went down was big and just that the recognition for me I -- in these Olympics knowing Christian that. Teen USA had eight had a chance to medal that there were any group of fourteen probably right Russia Canada. Palin the US and maybe Sweden. As the teams are most likely to be in the metal that a -- -- great chance at that three metal teams can out of that group of five teams in the turned. It was Saturday morning recognize that not only a metal candidate third gold medal candidate. They have good goaltending. Of the offense -- question going in is certainly not an -- in the issue and will get to focus Lear's second but. It was an exciting game it was a recognition for me they were really good chance you're playing Sunday morning necks on this Sunday morning. For gold medal after still bring in Vancouver against Vancouver. They're that good of a team and the way it went down like you said. In a shoot out with TJ -- she scored four of six. Saturday it's arbiter remembering more drama filled single serving about like that. On a Saturday morning and hopefully we'll get things that they are the underdog in this mean this is this could not have laid out worse for Russia. With everything that via the Olympics have been known for so far as far as their hotels not being ready man held manhole covers not be in place -- People walking falling at a manhole covers -- facing each other -- of not attached to the wall are people being stuck in the elevator but a joke. OK so but this is Russia -- this -- -- they wanna win this they want this want to they got big and they wanna beat. The US forget about in a cold war's over. Is that the match he's hired by the guys he wants to win this OK so there's a questionable call. And in the third period okay that goes the US way keeps the course -- the score tied to go on OT Eagles into a shoot out. Okay. This team. -- -- -- international rules it's not as physical you know he can't buy -- it's it's it's a different brand hockey. -- but this USA team they're big they're physical and they keep score OK so they can compete. With any country. And they can shift gears enough young guys who are stepping up defensively. To help them win I mean the power plays for Russia. The date they were great the US the great at the power play. Great it's a good it's a really good power play for Russia necessary -- -- and the Internet to get some -- have a shootout opportunity. And I guess if you're not a hockey -- watch in this guy. And you're you your transfixed. On it because there's a time to go back and forth it was tied up in ocean was going last. And you just knew he had a couple but he admits he lost the puck one time. But he wasn't like. Flat out missing it was like something -- could've went either way it was a little more of both of those he could escort could six for six and little got a puck luck you know and a little more and more what to -- -- makes you more confident about what they're able to do. And they go off and you're a little worried they had what's so locked yeah both of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania also play on Sunday. And you're you're worried that there might be a let down there might be okay who. We got to breathe easy we should pretty much beat him up pretty well and and they -- big and they didn't allow elected to affect them. So if that's the other test with a young team you know is still OK oddly enough kind of sleeps through the next game and they did. They went out there the Ryan Miller at the Helm kept -- Earl Ryan Miller in net and he played well and it was interesting to watch the reaction over the weekend reaction from fans that. -- on the fence about the NHL players being -- Saturday it was a couple things it was the wrecking it -- was an unbelievable. Coming out party for TJ -- it was a recognition this is a gold medal contending peanuts that medal contending team and what it should be today at the NHL until the owners. Is the reason why the NHL players are over there I understand Arab -- talked about this and I've heard other people the the owner specifically come out and say we don't like our players there would elect a league shutting down for a couple weeks worried about the injury risk of our players. Saturday morning is why the NHL players are there yeah that's it's a crazy bunch of college kids amateurs. You don't get that same sort of feeling that does not known commodity there is the I don't know superstars of the NHL playing against each other and it ratchets up what already is. C a rivalry that is skulls back to 1980 we -- US and Russia brought us back even much further than that the Olympics in basketball forty everything else. The NHL players made that a better game. Saturday when I don't know in the say that with the college players there would I dealt with with a gain weight and it with Russia course. Do like I don't know TJ or she is I -- -- deal -- this guy a lot -- in 76000 Twitter followers now he got a quarter of a million. What -- follow Arizona okay so it. You know he's a professional hockey player okay so tell me if you have some some 21 year old kid from BC. In that spot. You're not justice transfixed in May be even more if you have a professional hockey Packers. You expect the professional hockey player to be able to handle that that moment you would expected. That's what he's paid to do another big game is played at that level. If you don't have the NHL players symbol lobby our litigation if spelled out its own and got beat you got pros play for the Russians and you have college kids playing -- -- the United States -- no. It's probably not. But. -- the game is equal and it comes down that moment I don't think it matters. Who's playing in the game it's United States against Russia it's it's a shoot out it's it's a final minutes it's it's. It's still considered good vs -- you know it -- nothing really changed its food in the stands. It's. So it pros are not pros. I think the event is still the event. I mean we give us about the ratings you know you could say -- our eyes. To give you those right now because the IA DN HL star of being part of that is why. USA it was USA Russia was able to draw a 3.3 rating on NBC sports network when I -- with six million viewers total and I believe. It was the highest rated game for them ever most viewers they ever got on NBC sports -- for hockey game. Compared to say game three of the Stanley Cup finals in prime time that it 2.3. Saturday morning get a three point theory. I DN HL players being a part of that was the reason why they did so well on Saturday not just with US Russia but it was names in global side old batch can and Balkan. Castle and double penalties NHL players including DG oh shoot nobody knew about and now. They'll be -- jerseys out the laws -- bought there at Saint Louis in the next couple weeks you have it don't you think that's. Because the whole goal. And correct me if I'm wrong okay. The goal for putting the NHL players. In the Olympics. Okay is it too if -- NHL okay how do we gain more viewership how -- we gain more fans. How do we gain how do we how we have 3.3. In the regular season -- Saturday afternoon game. -- -- we it and how can we keep bar what 2.3 game three -- that you. -- point three it bruins' Stanley Cup finals against the Blackhawks game three did a 2.3 rating in prime time. Saturday morning getting three point a year hope when you gain fans you're hoping that somebody who watches the Olympics says hey I like the sport like this kid. -- follow him now. That's what you're hoping for you'll foursome -- over so your ratings go up so you could beat basketball you can beat. A college hoops he can be at least try to compete with college football. The NBA for viewership because that's the dollars are in their business so that's what they want. The reason you don't want them there is obviously don't want your stars that -- -- sure. You don't wanna -- -- which is now you got a big two weeks stoppage today got a reboot all over again. Maybe maybe the story lines that were there when you left are quite as interesting. As they were when you come back. Well that's that's my take on I don't I don't know. The fans that we're there anyway are -- where there but yeah not that I understand it's not affecting your diehard fans at all by sending the players over the your diehard fans. And a hockey fans are maybe the most diehard the fan base is because they elected the smallest. They elected most passionate okay the numbers -- bore out of their ratings don't match up but the national hockey fans. I would say is -- across any of the four both fans are going anywhere. Is there a chance now that you brought in a more a fan base not just for TJ -- before the NH a product helping get hurt at all the product coming out of the break is that the die hard. An alternate way to quantify that you know hot -- -- -- any children know that there they are -- value out of senator guys. The value is for the for the players I wanna get is that my -- it might not sure all of us it is not TJ she'd be NHL so guys so our American way you play in the NHL. We're not taking a break you guys tickle play for your Olympic team whether a match and for Russia whether TJ ocean. Who has the biggest name at the Olympics -- I'd argue it's TJ Joshi ya back my place in the NHL but but you got there there there were problems that could possibly be another easy Yoshi. Who -- playing for. Minnesota Michigan for BC it would happen it would matter. You would find a hit in a spot okay and it would be that moment with that it has the step up and the drop would be the same. You've still be transfixed and you'd still be watching the replay a replay last that wells while the eating Saturday night I doubt it Kenya like watching Titanic Christmas I still know what's gonna think. OK but watching it anyways. James Cameron's awesome. Gravely ill say the data -- -- bald guy. -- so but I really think the appeal. Of the Olympics not get a beat him even better now if if if we can if you were -- and did not medal around. Okay and by some chance OK I have a rematch against Russia is that the only way to gonna have to have a rematch of the play and in the around. But I think in the end. I'm watching if I am not a huh. Out a card carrying flag waving hockey fan I don't live in one of these these cities word Pittsburgh Boston. Okay. I'm watching because of the Olympics. If there's not a good story if they're not playing Russia. And I mayor Michael and a men's figure skating on they watched ice into what we more -- it curling. Okay our slopes style. But there really there's. But but it's the Olympics so I Turkey audits of its it's TV roulette like whatever comes solve everything -- that's kind of what I'm gonna watch -- watch cross country -- game. You don't just because it's the Olympics. This I mean to hockey pencils passionate they're also the most anger like when you when you try to go into their world. Texas says not what he's talking about everyone knows who TJ oh she is if you didn't know him you don't know anything about hockey. Remind her Mike Kris talking about -- today micro is made a great point he spends twelve months you're covered football he sums that are were too young kids he watches the Olympics. He hears about to -- she goes in Google's learns about -- he wasn't really repeat Yoshi. For that event Mike -- wolf knowledgeable sports -- in a follow one of the best guys on the patriots beat. He's not a household name ansari is an NHL -- Byron NHL fan at the broad -- yourself she beach a couple weeks ago so guess you know we -- That's not everybody -- I think it's good to have that type of player exposed and that situation believed an eighteen exposed to a national audience were normally. You might not get them. OK so and that's and that's it thinks so so now -- insisted of what's going on with TJ ocean and maybe -- -- need to be interested in somebody else. So the key is. How many fans can you carry over from the -- -- watching the Olympics regardless of its pro players are not. I'm watching the NBA in the Summer Olympics won an NBA players of their or not. Admiral watch it. It's on point for hours today in five different channels like I'll find it okay and in this Tommy usually nothing good on TV anyways at a -- over okay -- A majority had a pro oil and miserable it's dark so I and I think that's. Me so. So is the NHL. -- is it -- -- value sending their guys there. I don't know they just got a player who was not a household name become a household name in a matter of three hours. And -- -- height one off and you're right out of a lot of leaf fans -- -- how many fans will now watching saint Louis blues game or I can fight -- out a -- if you -- -- You know Florida. We beat Georgia -- it's. It's it's it's it's I think all I got your you know they ripping the NBC sports network for -- -- -- -- -- find the ABC sports network I started 900 to start arm backwards odd Jolie's color from Maine today and NHL players in the Olympics a joke. Oh god what's up man. I know that it wouldn't say that I am my opinion -- feel like the Eric Elwood blues. Out rating if they took the NHL player out of the Olympics -- idle and let die hard early spent. But if I go out and we watch the Bruins are Olympic hockey come out on court ordered a little like Olympic hockey. That is that without the NHL players any of the state senator -- will be a player and college players. What are your are where you know you're. I wonder if that's part of why they are allowing players their look at and a break up not allowing players there because of the Pittsburgh the Pittsburgh to Philadelphia. Flyers owner amounts channel like -- -- -- world cup of hockey wants to do with soccer as they want a World Cup that happens during the hockey off him like I was was it August. We're July they wanna do that. I think the Olympics is such a special man and a I was fearful going in the they would take the NHL players out of a national at what happened Saturday in a 3.3 rating and of the five major markets mentioned it's. -- top five. Who watched that game Saturday morning in the respective ratings Pittsburg nine point eight. Boston nine point two buffalo eight point five Providence seven Minnesota six point nine it's a pretty major markets you local policy. And mark provident hockey Martin makes up two of the top four markets watch American hockey market so. So these are people were I -- gonna watch it anyways they're hockey fans. OK it's like. The -- World Cup soccer on the Texas talk about World Cup soccer -- I will watch World Cup soccer just because it's World Cup soccer -- but I'm not gonna watch. The New England Revolution. I'm not gonna search for -- support -- but I'm just not as much of -- hockey I mean soccer fan but if you go to Oregon OK if you go to Seattle for the sound as you go down to LA. -- even some of these other areas were where soccer is a bigger draw. It's still. In a microcosm of that city it it doesn't raw anywhere else. So. Is is it -- watching World Cup soccer and we have somebody does a great job -- like like the woman soccer team. But it played in the -- boy what year was that. 2002 who -- a year or -- more on their and as a -- year 2002. Out huge attention lots of interest. Lots of -- Brady's chest pain yet taken up the shirt you know sports brought love and it. -- but Jim Graham. I accepted I mean I'd go back to it was it is at night fortify the rod double check but -- -- Wallace and teen USA. Eric won all of these and is that I haven't thought about years. Ever coming up that World Cup I cared more about you know what what was the MLS gonna come at a place without. As -- it was in my teens. I cared more but as for a couple of months of you know I just sort of moved on -- was interest that after the World Cup where these guys gonna play afterwards here's the MLS here they call where they get a play. All right now I've lost interest but for a couple of months actually it was on my radar. Is that happened for an NHL fan does that happen for a guy with not a hockey fan going in or NHL fan -- all -- of follow the sport more closely quantifying as a possible. But there's no way you can. He can't. Shy away from the exposure. That one player one moment just got that lead and you're right does that translate out at all but it's better to have those players there that would not have that moment. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I know because of the game itself it was it was the superstars of Russia play in the NHL. I get indoors and under NHL players but if they know NHL players are playing no NHL's. Players play for any Kutcher you're an and the games artist go they're not as high level as they were you -- -- -- it was a great. Game in general in net off the more rings -- that call what was being so it's great again only saw a college the. All game is is less appealing. Because they're younger athlete I pro game they play -- into Labor Day -- still entertaining. That used to be used to be younger guys in and and difficult situation as opposed to grown men. Or just is appealing to me -- just maybe you don't have to BA if you're a hockey fan your hockey fan you like you light. Doesn't matter Olympic hockey. NHL should matter -- hockey -- and more poorly you're you're American so your affiliation for that team is gonna be greater than any other time in your life. Because you're not proceeding effort four years yeah. I think the NHL players and make it for me and I'm curious you're watching Nike obviously felt differently when a lot to the US Russia college players -- my enjoyment was better. -- because of the high level play you don't get out with the college players 617779. 7937. Is your phone number text the show right now it's the AT&T text -- -- 37. 937 wanna get your thoughts about what you saw this week what the hockey and I wanted to Christians take. On the Ted Wells reports came out on Friday I exposing us to a lot of what went on behind the scenes in Miami we'll talk about that with your phone calls next.

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