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Gordon Edes, ESPN Boston, helps us clarify Ryan Dempster's choice to sit out the season

Feb 17, 2014|

Edes checks in from Fort Myers with Dale Arnold and Mike Reiss on Dennis and Callahan. Gordon examines the reasoning behind Dempster's choice to sit out the 2014 season.

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Fourth and final hour DNC Sports Radio WEEI John Jerry and Kirk are off today they will be back tomorrow. And then they are headed for Fort Myers after the show tomorrow they will begin their series of broadcasts there on Wednesday. I'm Gordon needs ESPN boston.com and Mike Reese is colleague is down their already in joins us on the AT&T. Hotline. -- -- -- You know what I've heard that it's a holiday bad here today -- presents -- different all eight year. In and coach he announced that when your side you know New Year's Day -- That's at. I I assume you're as surprised as everybody else with Ryan Dempster -- announcement yesterday he didn't use the but he sure sound like a guy who's retiring. Yeah and it. The current -- that it looked it's -- they're too much finality for -- -- user. Use the word retirement idea I think salt. Because every other indication lies. That this is probably going to be you know I mean. You don't sit out a year 37 -- -- saying that. In the Red Sox have a guy now in San Francisco Cordero it's been a year out it's 37 in the back. Trying to make a comeback this year but I would be. Very very surprised that if parents are elects to are compact I I think you know he. We're talking about a guy. Thrown almost 40000 pitches in his big league career. That's a lot of Wear and here in. He knew he wasn't gonna make this rotation. Come not a campaign and I don't think you are comfortable with which what he was going to be able to bring it ain't so so heat are about. I think if you you reading must stop today here in some of the other -- You realize you how universally. Admired light respected he was in this about kind of start it seemed well. Eric Gordon that's something we've been talking about this morning just like that he's been that that the right take a guy you know for this team my. Went when they signed him last year I was curious just given the timing of it. If if this -- some in the Red Sox knew about let's say a couple months ago that they could plan may be a little bit better for. What what could they have done if if anything. Well in in in I think we have to realize that. Eat it -- and -- in at least a couple of weeks had dropped so they've been aware of this maybe it was in any real finality. -- Earlier right here this week and by. The money that it right dancers -- and on the sales thirteen point two. -- certainly precepts of flexibility. Under the luxury tax. Ceiling. A direct talks to make inaudible I mean they wanted to bring Stephen Drew back. Certainly produce sell and and stay under -- under that ceiling. They could possibly. In it wouldn't shock -- they viewed -- Is institute some audit meeting in and look for on some organizational depth that the back into the rotation starter. There's camcorders and dying out here they're not critical after the all those remittances and -- and they like what they. If anything they need media bettering prior -- action. With all these young guys -- mean it's in here. Of young guys that they haven't you know you've been doing this for a long car. You -- -- recall ever seeing this many good young arms back up. This close to the big leagues. Nine and you you kind of saw this this log jam looming. You know Brandon Workman. You know Alan Webster you kind of saw these guys percolating through the system and knowing that they're all going to be bang in the door down here. Yeah exactly in the end as as on -- that -- you know. All of these guys in our view are are long on talent. The one thing they're short on is experiencing in big league exposure now Workman. Look pretty darn good last year in in its. Big league debut. Webster I struggled big time on the big league level but if you look just strictly. And his performance and -- for it last year you'd be saying itself and the -- is common write -- -- you know and you know I think here recently -- kind of considered. There -- feeling any pressure. Michael to do anything like that that -- that they have right now. Pitching lights -- that's not a bad little Latin aspect you have come to lot. When -- the trading deadline is approaching it and maybe you needed to make of people -- where children are. Gordon I wanted to ask you just from an economic standpoint you know in football we we often look at these deals that the patriots Simon you know and let's say yeah. A veteran comes in on short money and they -- great. Great value out of them you know we say great value signing you know Dempster. At two years I think it was what 26 million right around there aren't looking back on that. You would be say that that was a good value signing how would you rate that did the move based on the economics and what they got out of. You know obviously. -- it up in what's been pretty. When Ryan Dempster pitched last year but if you looked at this point nine starts. The Red Sox won seventeen of those game. On that's -- who should the return in and it clearly you know he was the beneficiary. Maybe. You know a lot of runs up on the -- whatever some good work by the bullpen but nonetheless. You know seventeen times and -- for the ball on the Red Sox ended up with a with a W at the end of -- -- And when you consider that Clay Buchholz was locked for three months and they think it strictly be until look at the end of July. I think bit what would Demps who brought them last year. What sense that value particularly. In its assisting we can't measure are out on the outside. But. You saw from from sharing and on down to -- Everybody that you talked to in the clubhouse that bit dancer in the top these guys how to have fun again or Jonny Lester told me. This winner he said I never realized. You could have aren't playing baseball in Boston until last year and it was guys like -- certain problems of course and auction Napoli that process the. Are there any expectations at least in your own mind about Francisco Cordero 'cause I have none. It. It's it's what -- what I'm laughing. Italy is -- Cordero was a guy who had. I'm straight seasons of thirty saves are more right so on barreled in Toronto they need. Another bullpen arm and an event up Cordero warrants are closing when when they had a Santos went down with a -- entry. They bringing Cordero and would he get for them to say it's -- -- deep blue tree they infiltrate into the Astros the Astros were at least -- in Wichita last. You know I think. My sense of it is it is it's one of these things where. Cordero or agent reached out that someone he knew in this case barrel -- you know we gently humorous about you know let let me come into camp and -- see what I got in and and you're talking about a part of the team that is really. Our strengths this club -- -- there's there's no shortage. A arm just as the back into that rotation when you think it's -- our new eight figure. Bring an end I'm -- from from the yeah. Cardinals. I mean it was like god as the closer for five months last year. I think it's hurt in replaced by Trevor Rosenthal and trying to shut it off the side. He's gonna make a difference and in in the back end of apple and I think court Darrell -- it's it's is is going to be short story here. Gordon -- what what do you see happening with Stephen -- You know they are great question and in the what is notable I suppose -- -- if you're trying the parts that he leads to suspect that. They haven't given up -- you know they have given away Steven Bruce locker they have given away his number down here. He got horses still -- into the Red Sox. My sense of it is guys that that the Red -- sector expectation is that ultimately. True look at. A better financial package from somebody. That he will get from the Red Sox they have not made another -- for him. Since he turned down the fourteen million -- -- back in November. So they're just sitting back in and seen what happens. 82 straight shot from Georgia 97. Bird -- through to get here and get your back up. Although I guess he's going to be working out in and North Miami which is even closer. But it is -- had to get out and I I I still think he's gonna end up with one of the New York. -- Grady Sizemore have a role on this team. I think it's a real long -- I don't know if you read my peace with them last week -- -- idea that you would. -- was very candid about. His own uncertainty about what he can bring to the table. I mean the last time he -- big league camp was in 2012 when when you need creative five million compact. And he broke ground basically doing very routine stop in spring training. You know the bat -- not on them in the bill what sort of right. You know southern surgeries. Since the end of the 2009. Season. You know to me it's it's. It's like Roy -- coming back after it shot you know. Final -- going in the natural you know fifteen years later. It because it's a phenomenal story by. It I can -- the probability. Is is very law. So so as you look at this team now Gordon -- what are the areas or maybe one area if you had to choose one. That might concern you the most in terms of them putting together that the right team for the long haul here to to win another World Series. Yeah well I mean any time. Your year. Turning over jobs in the middle of the diamond two rookies. As direct talks are with Bradley Center field in in bolt action shorts are. There's a risk factor involved are the Red Sox like Iraq is in terms of that risk factor of all -- showed uncommon poise. In October. Bradley. This is it struggled on the big league level last year I think there's an expectation that they eat sensibly -- more than hold his own. From day one and he'll contribute enough. Offensively -- -- a Red Sox and live with him effort here it's only gonna get better. For me because that was such. A critical component of success. Last year I would I would still be a little bit concerned about the left -- there didn't he. Obviously -- I think all arts he could be -- all stars mean I think. It there's no putting that's the bar too high for him this year but. I mean is if somebody gets hurt its middle Brooks also on its face whatever. Are you really don't have too much behind those guys I mean you've got to Jonathan perera who can. Certainly fill in on an infrequent basis occasional basis or repaired. You wouldn't wanna go with -- are playing every -- for 23 months now having said that. They pieced it together last year. At third base with the Buchholz of the world and in the Brandon -- to the world that still won 900 -- so so maybe. That's not his because there's concern in their minds is as I might suggest. Go ahead telling the temperatures -- up up up up. Well you know it hasn't. While this guy. You know -- in the morning and still be a little cool it's probably only six the slump right now you know -- get up to eighty ports. And we have more Al snow coming into. My condolences. Element. Gordon we appreciate it time is always enjoy yourself down there are there are part of my thanks Gordon take care about a scored needs from ESPN boston.com. -- to reopen the lines and get back to the call to review and take your call the rest of the way. 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T text line is 37937. We will take quick break we'll get right back to those calls with the on the other side it's Dale Arnold Mike recent for John Jerry and Kirk Sports Radio WEEI.

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