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Dan Wetzel, Yahoo Sports, checks in from Sochi after a big weekend for USA Hockey

Feb 17, 2014|

Wetzel chats with Dale Arnold and Mike Reiss about the historic win over the Russians and the heroics of TJ Oshie.

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Let's go to Scioscia right now and joining us as as Mike said and as I said earlier one of the super sports columnists in this country he was my go to guy. During the entire Penn State's -- Dan Wetzel joins us on the AT&T hotline -- and it's dale and Mike here in Boston thanks for being with us. Thank -- oh -- I -- great thank you. Idea I I already did my may have -- earlier you know I -- I I didn't wanna see NHL players back in the Olympics I didn't want -- shut the league down for seventeen days I didn't think the NHL would get a bump from Olympic play and based on Saturday I think I was wrong on everything. Well you know the NHL's puncture -- ball. And I think that's what they're they're saying what if you look at a guy like Joshi -- Overnight -- -- being fairly anonymous. Member of the tape was -- to. I don't want their national hero but you know certainly a guy everybody talking about. While there's definitely a benefit that I don't know it helped -- in some ways that. When you watch Olympic hockey but skill level so -- And the size of a link. Create you know certain -- -- -- would -- An -- you're gonna go back and committed to a regular seat in NHL game where. Skill level is lower although still tremendous. -- there's more clutch and -- thing is you know it's different styles lag. I wonder where that really carries over what are some people who really -- watching. Olympic hockey. Kind of feel like they get it there watching from now when it when it comes back in the NHL. -- you've been around today you know great sporting events over the last you know decade plus sound just sort of curious that moment you know the shoot -- -- The -- did that scene that the teams involved it just sort of was this. -- an unbelievable confluence of things coming together. Give me some other events that you've been -- that that may be you'd compare it to end and where we just sort of put it. In terms of of drama and that end result. I figured -- it I don't know where we're worrying particular direct think about it it's it would really unique. -- Because. Is it meant so much in -- -- And both he wanted it so bad I think what I would pay tribute still fighting are so dramatic. Like I looked up in the bay in the idol and liked it people who work the contractions. Like that the Russian did go to work in the Albany -- in their clothes. Carter obviously don't buy hot dog in the middle of the -- problem he's got a lot of upward but they also wanted to I'll watch. And then the shoot out at that it would mark -- -- saying it all right hockey but it is dramatic and if people like they're one of the few people on earth as it is. With these these very valuable -- And you watched him in the stands and covering their life is that if they're watched. And like that was how dramatic -- -- pressurized -- a lot. And how exciting and now that that's that's that's that's pretty hard this week when you get country. Yeah a lot of great moments exports. Are -- in college sports your icicles or let -- be able -- pew -- countries carrying at that level. Solve an and the level plays so extraordinary. Hi it's it's it's a really really unique in and I mean -- -- -- to be able to be there. I had a a Twitter follower ask me that the the quality of play that we're seeing in the Olympics what percentage what I put on the larger ice surface. What percentage what I put on the caliber of the players involved and I said it was probably 2080. Ice surface being quantity quality of players being eighty maybe even more than that how do you come down on. The outcry goes something like that America the ice makes it really unique. Changes the way out of pocket in two different things you can try to -- but at the end of the day you're watching guys. Think big they almost never doubles past. You know this -- just that -- they're they're almost always in the right spot. It just it's an -- player on the it to me than an average player -- And so when you're watching these guys go -- to. It's it's pretty amazing to me that they're Russian power play. When they're basically a what you apple -- it and you don't even need to do anything. But basic standard one place and this wind up until someone acts that -- And just unleash these how would aftershock it's just it's starting we can do that on another team that you need to do -- now. A level play early early yet. But the -- circuses pretty you know I really Jewish get a jump on the -- right there music and I think it's a better game on there to float a lot better and it may be. Would develop ever award scale a little bit more problems as someone who loved hockey loves you NHL -- -- it's pretty cool to watch this -- Deanna I read your piece on Yahoo! about that this really one thing left for this US men's hockey team to do and that's basically to go out and win the gold than that they've shown that there. Capable of doing that I guess -- you look ahead. What weakness or what challenge do you see is greatest. For them to overcome here. He I mean it that's what they say you mean these guys. I think back in the state if there were people aren't hockey fans is still the concept like -- an underdog. In the immediate currently -- that are you know I don't know what it is but. When you talk and the -- that no wonder doctor here to win it -- it once over to a the last story. Olympics and they were obviously so close the goals last time there over time against candidate Canada. So yeah there's no. You know Patrick Kane and Parise in the fact that they're here to win it. -- you know I -- think they'd. It's such art form and you're gonna end up haven't played Canadians brought -- for the Russians to get just a matter extra -- I don't know that travel -- -- -- -- with the goaltending. -- to have great. I think one of their players it is they have -- -- play the role players. I'll -- like oh she only played nine minutes of that game he's he's willing to beat -- flying fire. We Canadians have more -- -- all Sparky. And you have guys that. You know maybe or showing a little -- not getting the -- that they normally get I mean obviously I want a ticket -- -- But I think that's one of these the American extracted. Would you agree to join his team you're told what your role was going to be -- you don't -- Buick dot com like everyone thinks they're going to be the first flight center. -- and so they're expecting -- You don't make pretty pretty generic answer but I think it's -- executing and winning that it -- the literally get hockey team. Everybody looks out of France's most impressive and so far. I think blew out two other teams and indeed beat Russia that dramatic game so I'll. Bet they they certainly have everything it takes to win it. And -- you're not any election goals will be to orbit the crew guys. If things go the way we expect them to it will be the United States against Canada. For gold medal in women's hockey on Thursday and it will be the United States against Canada. In men's hockey in the semifinals on Friday. And the most perplexing question for me watching the men's tournament is why is that so hard to find people to play with Sidney Crosby would. I would think I could play with Sidney Crosby trying to out lot. And read a story about that I don't know they are talking about Alex. So back. I don't know open remain that way and not actually they I guess. I don't know it is indicative -- big question mark -- a lot of Canadians are export more. Are more port could not have a lot of power play is different than what it a lot of -- -- the Canadian TV while obvious they're playing very well. One -- one thing about this tournament out. You know Torrey or even against I country and they can win. And he's watching the media reaction and action. Each spot opt in policy again when things are going well. Yeah I'll be teaching -- -- solid -- But the pressure on the -- shanties. It so dramatic and again this is like -- question that you like it cost -- or more. You know if you didn't get it to regain it is trying to get their act together. About the only downside -- -- -- -- -- It's like you dropped in and he got out. I'll and I think that's probably something it will look a big time it will run and never went on line now and great like the Canadians. One of the things we were talking about them before -- speaking -- -- with the idea of the NHL sort of shutting down. And having its players -- play. Olympic hockey being there are out talking to players experiencing it yourself where do you sort of stand on that issue. A lot you know on the paper this is -- hockey fan because it's such an inter they. Of that I mean I understand the idea why NHL owners don't want a director begins quietly. Two and a half weeks is the risk of injury they don't think they get all but I think your sports fans. You know why wouldn't you want -- every four years here this credible bad that you cannot duplicate. -- Bedard in midseason form you have them completely motivated to win any cap rate purity. In the -- you know on number of nations can win. And and I don't see the downside if you're just probably banned its war. I'd get with the NHL owners say. Bought I'd rather see -- -- The players overwhelmingly want to keep it a lot play in this -- it's a huge honor to be on the team. They can get incredibly seriously. And -- opportunities dramatic sell our eye on the whole favour of keeping it bought. You know I get I get -- rituals or it just kind of seems like a little bit down it would certainly be. -- fought about it but he would not be -- -- yes it is this is no published work never really economic nature. North American sport can duplicate this. The way the Olympic hockey check in on the in the NBA. If -- planned make or text. Good and that we're liked what he -- -- and instilled in close. You know it's and this -- you've gotten in. I mean look we're talking hockey right now. International hockey. And I think the rating in the excitement on this -- that it only has like six more days -- is really dramatic all over the world. As a sports -- is really not that concerned understandably about the NHL bottom line an idea what she's been negative here. Final question before we -- ago there was a lot written and said prior to the start of the Olympics about. Russian not being ready for this in the inadequacies of the accommodations most of those stories. Have sort of fallen by the wayside with stories about real athletic competition overall what's your experience and so she been life. I mean I think everybody knew once the games started -- -- -- really care about -- construction and things like that so. That wasn't surprising and they -- as the as the week's gone on they've gotten. Mort Mort gone if it is definitely an odd. -- place. It everyday you know I'm sure. Sure not many listeners are familiar with the a lay out of Sochi Russia but we should basically took this swampland. And feel that and then got -- 2000 basic plot the Olympics down in the middle of nowhere. And built all of these facilities and everything from scratch. And you know because of the enormous construction project you just out. All of that is done well all of it he can he has really poorly constructed. What is up right now you have these weird. Contract. You know they're rushing craftsmanship I don't think it's a big word you're gonna hear too much. -- are you know Gilbert a movie set -- -- greet you almost feel like you're seeing the building. The production no buildings there. There's there's your chocolate hotels that are completely empty it has -- Fellow ever feel commercial like that so a really really odd place to be like. He's always gonna be our facilities in the Internet TV she basically is not that many people here Sochi. On the stadium the biggest stadium asked what about the well it's that well against huge crowd in any of these events so the biggest thing was. Can they compete you know applaud that I just fine in the -- decline at all that the most part that's the case it's if it's going on five. -- we appreciate taken its time to join us enjoy the rest of the hockey tournament will be reading your stuff thanks for being -- -- And -- -- is that Dan Wetzel Yahoo! Sports covering hockey over there.

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