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Jason Cole, National Football Post, breaks down the Wells Report with Dennis and Callahan

Feb 17, 2014|

Dale Arnold and Mike Reiss are joined by Jason Cole to take a closer look at the situation in Miami after the release of the Wells Report.

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Jason Cole is a long time veteran NFL reporter you have probably read his stuff on on a variety of platforms in the past. Any joins us right now on the AT&T hotline Jason it's dale and Mike in Boston thanks for taken a few minutes Oreo. I'm great with all of our have them read it to you try to apply the coach from. From Stanford loses mentally tough. Jason great to talk with yet. How are you are absolutely not implying that. But I have been put to work correct -- mark without -- Of. I had the opportunity to work with Christian Fauria yesterday we talked about this and Christians said. He was kind of all along the lines of you know come on what's the big deal here and Jonathan Martin should have tough it out he said in and then he read the report. And when he read the report it changed everything for him one of the things Christians said that in his thirteen years in the National Football League. On a number of teams and on a variety of locker rooms. He had never heard anything of the caliber of what was being said between players -- that dolphins' locker -- do you agree with that. I don't -- Occasions. But never on a continuing basis -- you know all of -- respect you a few hours a week. In -- locker room. During these. We want at all while you are an insult what men. I think it -- Could put to rest and focus that's about I think works for a government problem. Forget you have that -- -- -- for much sense but in the Christian or if I think -- Our continuing basis day in day out month that month. Over you know almost two years. Stuff that you read the report in the world were reprehensible the coast and there's basically. Further. Pro government tell the frat house on mentality. What check. In part because. Christian terror allotted to go on. Mantra was oblivious to our mark to stand -- favorite things along the way. And that's what -- penalties and rich and certainly there will put level leadership council with the golfer so. It's what we have made it file. Jason will what do you think happens next now who who who takes the fall off from the dolphins -- how does the NFL reacted -- What they've done the world for a picture of terrorism certainly there are a lot of trouble because. -- for people with Google for. Believe. In turn reply. A number of occasions and participated. By mail or call acute in the -- Certainly. Disgusting -- and sending them messages to -- the mark reluctance to exonerate region currently ago. That's flawed as well. Sergeant shorter so more trouble. You know maybe some fine. Horror and John Kerry. Or expansion for Mike penalty but I don't think there's going to be a lot more full Richard art meego. I don't think the president have to deal with the fact that. If there was probably an incredibly divert five for two games spent for half of these sort of know what else he's here to work. I suspect there's going to be a lot of talk poorly about the look into -- first theaters that are open. What were actually poll and vote for additional rule or is such as you know a user's current rules. And tolerance for language which was that part -- you know coaches. Probably. One of the questions I asked Fauria yesterday I said could you imagine anything of this nature. Happening in -- patriots locker room and Bill Belichick not knowing about it. And he acknowledged that it would probably be hard to imagine Belichick wouldn't have some idea. Should Joseph Philbin have known more about what was going on in his own locker room. Well yeah absolutely should know more about that but without having on the -- on the field during practice there. And that's long since the world -- are reported slow. -- which turned. During practice. But it was sort of oracle or if -- coached and know what's going on with the players. That's. Certainly if -- were. -- you know patriots right now. They felt what happened last policy is certain -- a lot of things that everything goes through. -- vehicle it's not aware of and argue should have been aware. Of in this specific community be argued that open. Should go more about separate sport especially when -- walked out of in May of 2013. And should -- -- keep better track. Decent you know for those who don't know used to cover the dolphins and and you've obviously now covering the league had seen a lot of -- different locker -- been exposed to a lot of different things. The part to meet that I'm having trouble understanding is how does a player. Like Richie and content you don't end up on a leadership council can you shed any. Light as to how that can happen and what that says about whatever process they have in place that that could happen. Well it's again through loud areas human being and those. And they get attention. Especially we don't and but he also and you don't hear the one management doesn't put other people in charge. And make sure that you put out a strong presence of the really good lawyer there was but built without it earlier in in the in the NFL. Everybody looks sort of the best player on the pain -- the best player position groups so with the patriots. Logo and make it. Is appointed people leader of that group where there is allowed cougars guard. In the -- Advocates of the dolphins. When Jake Long left. After 2012 season. That what this sport goes OK they're covered truly great player. On that -- log their numbers will look up to. And -- essentially it becomes. Which in drug meego. And right now the third set because of his default within partner ago. And again ultimately. You know we commitment -- running the asylum. And players are. Respect aggression. So one of the things articulate -- report it is palpable Miami Herald today. You ever heard a lot of complaints from -- -- -- about inside NATO is. What. They appreciate toughness and -- all along with that even if they don't really understand that that toughness. Not mark. So you know it will -- its okay. Test the limits. And -- language social behavior. Because they think about responsible along with the yet it's out of control frat house -- visit the take over -- and other out of control. And the mix the -- talked that you have a delicate and certainly don't you know don't work. This who's the worst possible Mexico being approximately how important it. The extremes of via the spectrum. We're talking with veteran NFL reporter Jayson Cole. I'm curious to get your take on the NFL futures are Richie in cog need to when Jonathan Martin is there one for either. Both of -- typical athletic and -- ago. A good football player. You know from apple with all due to current that you want and that's the other. Were -- -- them -- darker numbers. Is that what. You don't want -- are -- leader. They were like why the dolphins equipment that would work. But Richard can't look good football what are you kept people from on top. -- -- but more. He's got a little harder time because people -- not necessarily trust the right way. America truck into whether you want to continue to play football -- -- our quick one. When he quit football. That really hard to overcome. So if you salute what people just about business but there's a trust issue of OK president -- -- And talked locker room. But. He's six foot 510. Pounds and he -- and it's we're human factor. He's gonna get another ship the public is just aren't that B. Who employs offensive tackle either left or right tackle. And even if they're not good that they're not that. -- -- America. How much -- think this sets the dolphins back Jason and I asked more from a patriots perspective you know they pretty much dominated. This division over the last decade plus. Now a lot of people summit dolphins as sort of rising up in May be challenged them at this time last year Hamachi think this sets the Mac. Well we're gonna lose at least four out of five starters off of one. The only one who art project we come back -- -- LP. And you'd have to deal with -- -- issues out of the struck. So we've got some issues that maybe it was brought a white approach. And all of that while trying to develop a quarterback. We do. State -- shoes. On the hot seat this is not really the kind of -- which one of all that's. They were better last season. There -- a lot of whereas actual final two games without it cart ego and more they immediately went and won five out of six games. After those two what the -- wrote to me. If they can get together. And you know -- Warburg development often -- with those -- last year. -- can make -- a whole lot worse. It. Maybe there are always have all the other pieces fall apart. They kept it together maybe you can get worse but I don't think that they do substantially worse the war effort -- -- specialist -- to -- but while these. Terrorized. Off without much. There's little doubt in my mind that the dolphins will not re signed Richie and -- -- for the obvious reasons. I think -- about and there's more. And and I and I don't know whether they'll re signed John Jerry you're not. And I do think Mike -- -- Is probably gonna face a suspension from the commissioner. As much to do with player a quote on quote in the in the peace and the assistant trainer as for the Jonathan Martin's stuff. You're probably right I. I just don't know. I don't know how to build. From government work and maybe Syria and prosecute suspected. And maybe it is what we're stricter standards for. I'm. Yeah I thought that there. I just thought -- really curious about to build an approach. Because. There are a lot of people to place -- Commitment pushed off on -- more. Attention to -- water trouble because. He was he would consider. The it was not cooperating with the investigation and that -- -- What is what happened in new in the New Orleans case. All -- -- with with body -- data like the fact that they didn't think people were being truthful with them as much as anything else. It eventually did they eventually were unable to order. So ultimately. About it because most -- -- back into management. Well and didn't hurt the there -- you serious consequences for -- four. -- open might take something here -- are eligible to be wrong. But I. Julio what were you look to. Suspect at that point. Jason and I just wanted to shift gears briefly here I was curious what you see from the patriots out right now in terms of the this opportunity they have with Tom Brady. What you think they need. To get back to the Super Bowl and and win the -- herbal. All of -- out of what -- me governor outsiders to lose. As a commitment for what three years a -- -- -- -- -- -- They have an America that toppled before that until -- having -- -- -- out. -- do a lot of things. But I still think that this. You know what whatever receivers right now that they -- other element ever dole. Almost. That -- people who trust who -- trust while the other yet. The weather's supposed to be tropical little. But they don't have one guy who. Vehemently opposing defense what -- of artwork to. The other open adoption becomes. It cost -- the ball well open about. But while those that have to be to become. Code base. In the playoff -- an issue. Especially -- cut out there. Defense is to suppress that -- do is go to Africa. -- what was it. 55 certain times. And that's just not acceptable. You can't you can't help -- off the football in the NFL today. We a vote -- Five and was the who's who's been drug you have to be -- lost. To be effective offer and that's where they were were -- -- laws Welker almost. And aerobic and go out -- -- -- -- factor. They happened in the food that was for two years. Veteran NFL reporter Jayson Cole has been our guest we appreciate stake in the time to be with us and talk and some football with us today. Air -- picker thanks Jason and his Jason Cole joining us.

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