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Christian Fauria's WEEK IN REVIEW

Feb 16, 2014|

The week in review according to Fauria ... with that Fauria style that no one can duplicate. Dale and Christian discuss a variety of topics that have surfaced over the last week.

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-- final hour Dale Arnold Christian Fauria here on -- Sunday morning. Sports Radio WEEI. -- got fared a little bit late because so we brought to the United States Olympic hockey win over Slovenia. And and I will say this in just a couple of minutes. It is Canada against Finland so you're close Julian. You're the head coach of the Boston -- You're the assistant coach of team Canada. You're gonna stand behind your bench. And root for Carey Price to -- to grasp today. I just don't think I can wrap my mind around that whole thing but that's another topic for another day BI's. As we promise. It's time. -- my. If -- I ever bump. Cover up because you picked that song you know I did not pick that song. And it's kind of game that you won't -- -- I think it's. Just the intro. We're working on it remember. The main intent -- just thought it. No it's Robert Gates so this little walk down memory lane has been a long week right yeah I haven't talked -- you all we haven't seen you always beat -- since last week when I was over shoveling year you'll walkways but that would be nice user don't live that far away from me. So listen there's a lot of things that happened I get to talk about -- nobody's heard what we have to think about that certain topic we have we touched on film already someone care act this is this -- -- and so also fairly goes to number one bucket. Just in case you're wondering this is my take on the use these topics so Derek Jeter. -- Jeter retired says there is going to be his last year yes and your thoughts on that my friend I. He has he has one of their there -- a couple of yankees for whom I can say this one is Mariano Rivera won -- Derek Jeter Red Sox fans don't have much bad to say about. They have such respect for who they are as people. His his. Last game here at Fenway park at its September 28 to get a rousing Obey. I agree with yours -- mine mine goes. Well yes I -- know also you are -- well -- So he went five World Series driver that's great the great accomplishments and this guy was a they -- Lauren you're the roller thought well I knew we were gonna. Always for him to deploy its -- -- when it currently fifth pick out what was the so. But she's -- loans loans and that's your job. I say here's a list of some groceries data tell me who you like the most of it Mariah Carrey. And it's OK Laura got a chance to miss universe a thousand did you ever I've heard of her -- is our state right everywhere of this army opt for -- fresh as a daisy. Eight John Lima Victoria's Secret model and a and her Bryant yeah I know. But NASA -- and I just point out none of them work not in the proper item listed so -- -- someone -- my point is. He got there first. -- Jessica Alba. -- a big thing I'd let her yeah okay -- Scarlett Johansson. Jessica Biel okay. Did who were mine when I say this name who does it remind you Rachel you could tell. Who who usually glacial Haaretz theory national who was who you connect with -- Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods being being -- he was that's scary when who is OK there was Tiger Woods is girl out there for a while and and handed Davis who's the most recent one but I of those. Nine. We got -- -- -- Jessica Biel yeah. I got a thing for Jessica Alba operator error -- -- in a movie honey she's like a featured -- about how to dance but she's like basketball stuff Agricole. Recognize my right the only person on the planet who's seen them I just like Alex or my horse I don't know Albert they're experts here. The west -- the Westminster kennel dog show. It's. -- Wire Fox Terrier is the winner here. And a security. Westminster Kennel Club dog show from Madison Square Garden was up against a standard Poodle. Also a Bloodhound Portuguese Water Dog an Irish Water Spaniel the winner again this year the Wire Fox -- -- guy. The strangest looking dogs on the planet are in that there are some guys don't look like dogs -- dogs you play within your backyard. They know full well the white dress it up the porcelain bowl on the top shelf of your grandmother's China cabinet but it can't. Don't got -- -- so here's here's an update to the wire fox stairs of that -- -- -- -- -- long weird thing yes thirteen times and they've done this a 13838. Edition okay superiors. Have won this 46 times. Tell me the one dog that has never won. The -- more but the one dog you speak of that has now won the cement pit bull. The -- The Bloodhound has -- you don't even know farm right or not you not lock to get a lot of what did you get up more stuff seems like a dog that you know would be pretty you know what have a shot because not. -- actually elegant dog. A couple of pounds. Now you don't like about Iowa I came this -- always want I'd next like. LeBron James. All said and done are you there. Just. -- Columbia one of the top four -- where his dad was so. And -- there won't be that when those tough forced by the group on notice boat bed not just up there what are we got a bump somebody somebody got to -- -- We -- on the out of the commute. I that's negative that's an architect to -- -- there's no doubt about it yeah. -- two -- for the first 11 I initial questioned her cell -- when you know first initial thought we heard that what was your feeling for LeBron James I don't blame them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- More from now when I pretty rare I think he wimp out here as we -- and take off. And all eyes out for you say you she instantly so more importantly about we've got to take off but dale. Who're -- gonna put on or your four guys bill Russell's number one okay Michael Jordan's number two okay. Larry -- number three magic Johnson's number four okay. All right so mine is in no particular order but I got Michael Jordan first Magic Johnson. Number two Larry Bird directory and I have doctor. I head out on and on and I got it all right you just did they went. I'd like -- day I'm gonna have a thing let's Kareem Abdul Jabbar OK you know what score more points and amp why -- -- No there I like doctor Janet I don't -- -- today wanna like you now right here right now would be a dual role in the dirt here all right so some bad news dale. The bad news on all the liberal liberal today. -- Yeah. -- Like to thank you for not singing along you know that is of course like you who is Shirley Temple while. Technically when she passed away -- Shirley Temple Black but back then it was Shirley Temple the fashion icon you the most one of the most popular stars of all -- as a child star from 1935 and 1938. There was not a bigger box office draw out -- our demo okay so let's -- guys. I -- she should appreciate this you should still appreciate that well I don't want to talk about I -- course and a forty movies before she turned twelve. She starred in forty movies reported trouble. Nothing from that right you don't care for their -- UH rarely have cut. Output -- you know America ball. I don't he'll get up and here's some great news this is proof that there is a god. I that -- gonna say Mickey Kelly who he left off the -- colorless. I hate that sound but whatever we're working on it by so check this out you heard this Molson beer team Canada. Canada how -- that team Canada has a beer fridge. In Canada house now yes all of the all of the countries in the Olympics have a little gathering spot like there's US house there's a Canada -- And -- -- -- gathered there and get a may be relaxed maybe have some that the heat -- yet you just hang with your friends -- -- have some to drink all of these countries have how death. Canada house has looked at they have Canada house. Edited so Ernie Els of sodas to -- prices to what are Chirac definitely the greatest thing ever. And what's great is that only the Canadian athletes the Olympic athletes Kate drink to do get beer out of beer -- Because they use their passport you insert the Canadian passport. And the beer fridge and magically help but also and and the malts and as yourself elevators don't work to the bathroom state but the beer fridge. There's operational Canada wins ha -- plotted the great album one of those in my house. That defeat the purpose of actually -- my past right here's the next one this is the guy that I am slowly grown to hate. -- hero to knock. Just by watching. Over the television. Of the Yankees Red Sox came. You can see how intense. These games are. And I'm very much looking forward and playing in that environment. -- got a way to say it too much money this is why I say and I know you notice story it hasn't been talked about we're going to be discourse a little bit because of the members can put to rest. Respects it's reported a 195000. Dollars. On a jet flight he chartered from the plant from Japan to New York City OK a 787 dreamliner from Japan airlines which normally -- about 200 people. -- knuckle heads this this guy okay obstacle -- got for now. You'll you'll want it -- to knock his wife. They're -- toy Poodle which which part of the kind of club comparison -- what won him off at three of the people that's a little excessive. They don't all go wrong really. And it's the dreamliner God's way of saying you got too much disposable money seven years seven years over a 150 million go back to that thing you were talking about should happen often to last -- not if you're doing the -- our federated and our hurry -- and as if it's gonna take a big chunk of that also. And is really wanted to be fresh suit to meet the the New York media -- the gulf -- what Madonna whatever is Tina dreamliner for Japan there's like first class of their beds. When now when when the Red Sox went and played in in Tokyo. Well look at them as I was still in the games the joke mystic Leo. And they had it does the Red Sox had -- Japan airlines. 747. Chartered 747. -- we had a lot more than five people on the plane everybody had more than enough room thank you very much it was great. By -- at -- I just charter -- makes me makes me dreamliner. I mean I cannot it is what it is you got it is that it can't be mad -- you haven't she's -- while. Our -- go to a happy times you know Friday was. I oldies. He may not make music -- -- would your argument I am right there. But a lot of them. It is not a bit slow you hear us on the radio job back -- bad if -- I gotta put all the we're going to do you know and how long term pulled the goalie. Because he got a I don't like I mean I'm gonna come over here. Go ahead I'll be a valid I -- -- you do anything special for your lady no nothing. Now we -- In my defense. Don't you can't excuse our I've never mind. Okay never mind here's my thing on Valentine's Day I did give my my girls from flowers and you heard a story earlier. The guy did what I had that or like now I can get a -- relating -- -- -- I hate -- you don't shot -- and I hated. Valentine's day's biggest scam going to -- -- the average person they -- -- the hunt. Thirty dollars. For Valentine OK so but that the British -- back to December 15. Okay. Christmas is right around a corner were being inundated with ads. And marketing violated this fire some flowers buyers and diamond -- of talks by all sorts of so you. You manned up that you get her the gift for Christmas just what right around the corner it's Valentine's Day the pressure to do with 810. Really I just feel like it's a hallmark event. I don't feel like I need -- banks. Could raise by somebody else to let me know to tell my girl how much I appreciate her lover you don't I'm doing it on bill you don't -- -- on a random Tuesday. I'm bodies of flowers. I just I just wanna see you can show up some time. And starts singing this song it was and my dad and I didn't know -- thought -- better baby making song in the United States. Caught on video to watch the apple want that Google docs and -- -- help -- -- is that I don't know the words we just had a good run. Yeah. Get it on the up and let's -- -- -- -- you know. -- we read the courts. I mean it's great and there are those. Are walk down memory lane. For this week in sports history of beta test. In fact I'm friends -- phone. Was pretty good -- -- -- the NBA this zone. They feel you're going home tonight -- -- today words he knows from that you're going home and you're gonna be like hey we don't get me. -- -- -- I think that's what I'm doing to sending a message the Michael Frey she's listening to Ernie beyond what did the better early. Like 3 o'clock in the afternoon I would -- would elect the wrong. You know I RT weighs more than I don't know I don't know if I day thanks so much -- It's. It's like 777. -- 7937. This telephone number. Dale and Christian -- what -- maybe a little Barry White who we were -- in Iran Sports Radio W media.

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