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Dale and Fauria on Ryan Dempster Taking a Year Off and what the Sox Should Do with the Extra Cash

Feb 16, 2014|

The guys get back into the breaking news of the morning - Ryan Dempster will not pitch this year and the Sox will not have to pay him either leaving about 13.25 million dollars for the Sox to play with. Should they go get Drew? The guys discuss.

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Speaking of more cow bell to. Mountain -- west Mississippi queen. Just helping out Matthew. Publisher we have some black metal. I don't stay away from that I know what it found. -- like. Remain united the community you're gonna need to play you know that. I think I got UV. Did so he's got this great little -- -- believe in the opposite -- -- able to clear that we can't see him for cry but I bet it all they look at their songs they get -- they can be easily correct me if I'm wrong Matt. You'd type in whatever you want and and a plethora of songs that if you typed in black metal. -- come up. I don't know got to -- a check it out for I don't. The Red Sox have announced by the way that they have added another pitcher. Not surprisingly quick well this is it I don't want to overstate this up Francisco Cordero. World being in Red Sox big league camp tomorrow. John Farrell says they've not guaranteed anything for him but he got a chance to commit and demonstrate what he has left. So Francisco Cordero will apparently to in the Red Sox tomorrow this is not. And Ryan Dempster replacement for one thing in Iraq and starting pitcher in relief pitcher and all that stuff. That the Red Sox take a lot of these medical chances. You know nothing ventured nothing gained beacons in performs well you know we haven't lost anything he doesn't perform well it doesn't cost -- a a -- -- guaranteed money or anything. So Francisco Cordero will join the Red Sox. In there Major League camp tomorrow. And now. In a chance he can do and go from there. -- the same Francisco Cordero who's thirty years old. That's the -- -- in the bunker right well and again I am I don't want that's why set I don't want to over state the the addition to the roster here. But you know that get an opportunity to bring an NC -- got. As as Ferrell said they haven't promised him any thing they haven't. They haven't -- okay were standing in a way yeah. -- guaranteed contract or anything like that. Bring him in -- try they'll see what happens. -- -- when the last time he pitched. He was released. You'll love this Red Sox fans he was released by the Houston Astros last September 10 after posting a nineteen point eight ERA. And blowing all three of his save opportunities. Okay. Well -- You have Grady Sizemore cruise. Coming up injury hasn't played in forever and by land talk about 2012. Well -- -- my points or you have another. This is this. This is the media we know what to me like you just need a body. I didn't you know what it's not even that in this is simply lets see what he's got your right he's 38 years old. You know let's just -- hasn't pitched since since September of 2012. Didn't pitch at all last year had medical issues. Let's say you know let's bring him in let him throw Joseph he's got anything left in the tank. Yeah okay at a bar under oath that it's not lifted its spring training. Right so many bodies as possible and we'll see who made CU in this is that policies or you bring a man. You like a man and doesn't really work out you know you send a message stay in shape. This all the moves import moves don't happen -- a week before the first game. It's like. All the guys that the patriots tried in on two out during the course of the season now -- that -- comes like why are they doing desert they're curious. -- there's a guy house planes name's dean wells. -- I plea would be 1000 Seattle and they brought this. They brought the union on or work out in -- sign him and dean blasted. Two days well two days because they put him in this -- and -- -- -- -- -- That helpful for you at a time and it's -- look -- -- things were it was like it was week fourteen and he's doing it tackling drill is like a tenure that have a guy. And he ended he had a property is bomb -- and drink. And heard you told us all on the same day. I ever bought that trailer while in Arabic Playhouse is too -- to -- won the suitable and and Hillary's white came to Islamic Playhouse and he did it he was Dominique -- He went to bill to listen I'm done. And -- courses a year at most when you never hear about they bring a parade of guys him on Tuesday yeah. Work him out its players' day off you out so they make bring a minute take them -- to the bubble -- work him out the position coaches or whether moment. And the nickel back to bill or that or the coordinators and I sent the -- is dale. -- football's one -- okay and you you can see you can put a guy out there on the field how to run around. Which really need to put him in game type experience to really know what he has you can't hit a bag and open guy. Can block and seven technique. But -- pitcher. Don't you just cannot form all the mom monies and wherever he lives say April 30 pitches forming. To throw throw forty -- kind of stamina have isn't it you know -- -- it. Now it's easier just bring him down where you market's got to get the physical anyway. You know you got to see all of you know we don't already know what he had his social thought is there something there -- -- -- his calm about the blue. Okay adhesive -- do whatever he's doing and you know any justice out of a chance that he's working now he's ready they're gonna bring him. And like I said -- got nothing to lose and bring him and take a look. Hey you know what -- so there war. Now on ourselves drunk at Atlanta and my guess is they have Lehman had a -- look at him yet this is more of a phone call. From an agent. A app Francisco's the -- -- make our tolerance that you know that meant that -- -- -- And maybe it's an agent -- at all all with -- other guys show healing way there's an answer. And -- after guiding that's more up and and you got nothing to lose you bring him and put many uniform. -- -- -- and it but it broke that down just like that I figured out and he answered people's question we've got a lot of these on text to -- Now that the Red Sox don't have to pay is thirteen point 25 million dollar salary does his salary no longer count towards the luxury tax it does not. They're off the hook completely either putting them on the restricted list now. Look you could say that if he were hurt like could be blocked his physical he showed up flunked the physical because the doctors is that you know what his neck his post. Denny can probably make you case and getting paid he's not even try to do that he's saying -- my neck was bothered me is I guy gets well and he's this he's -- A righteous guy about this. He's not try to hold them up for the money. He's not try to you know go into camp and say you know what I I tried I've I worked out part Allstate my neck is killing me I just can't do it then you got to pay them anyway. He's not even doing that he's walking away from thirteen point 25 million taking it off your luxury cap. Now and and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if they revisit the whole Stephen Drew thing which is gonna drive Red Sox fans crazy. But the Sox and we don't want -- -- relent and let. While I had this guy it's gonna happen and now they've got money to play with. Still below the the luxury tax threshold the 189 million they can afford to sign Stephen Drew if they want -- feeling on Ferrell wants. He likes him on the team John -- loves them. Is teammates by the -- eleven to and I know that he drove people crazy last year and this has happened with -- other guys in the past. Specially in in the World Series when he just he couldn't buy hit. He was really good all season long young people lose sight of how good he was defensively. And that's what. Barrel on the pitchers like the most is you could count economy was solid defensively he was above average defensively. Offensively during the regular season he was a top ten in the in the major leagues -- -- shortstop offensively now I don't Red Sox fans don't wanna hear that. Wallet and I wanna hear that because they've decided Zander Bogart's as the. Re already they are committed to that idea yes they already know that Bogart's is going to be a stop regardless of what happens what will moderate middle -- at third don't worry about it what that what that might happen what his deficiencies with his deficiencies are. And how how nice it would be to go ahead put Bogart's at third let him mature a little bit at thirteenth Stephen Drew for one now -- -- -- -- -- flip flop on. I I just I I I think quite honestly -- if they don't care that they want it they wanna see. Depth. They want they want guys in place who who they know they can rely on and in this case. They love what they get from Stephen Drew and. And this is -- spring training is great because. You have all these pieces and you want to -- look a certain way. Right and you're trying to visualize. You know what your team's gonna look like him who's gonna play what businesses and what. They're gonna bring to your team to make you better so right now you have much to pieces and in and -- -- that the subject comes out of spring training. Down to Florida and is better -- exclusively shortstop. -- on the disease can apply. Ball he can play there we know we can play -- -- -- not believe my lying eyes and think that that's what he's gonna stay. Okay we know the some -- the stuff going on a -- being gone now Vasco -- some more room for money they at least that's or. -- figure we're trying to break down. Now we I I I don't they have thirteen down to five million don't wanna portly needing to edit OK so now what now all rule I think I think you could get him for. 68 million. Somewhere in that ballpark probably a two year deal. After cooler parts first is in itself. -- my -- in the -- I think I think quite honestly. This paves the way for them to get something. Not sure that Stephen Drew has many other options out there now I I can hear the cynics now -- app be set at wire at their teams line and up to sign him. I don't understand why the Yankees didn't sign I really don't especially now with Jeter's farewell tour. He's not going to be able play shortstop all the time you know that you're gonna wanna DH him a fair amount to keep him as healthy as he can I don't understand why they didn't laughter. I thought they were going to -- thought it was a lock that they were going to. And by the way just because the Yankees didn't want him like I don't think sorry I am not -- this you know while the Yankees a lot of you throughout. -- the Yankees are chasing you not the other way around. Yes so. We'll see -- again it is what it is early. -- -- showed out. Lot about his -- for the record just like to -- back this but I just a butterfly in living color. The band in living color is not black metal now at the first call it a second ball that does not black -- at all and in living color with the TV show. -- but David Brothers -- -- just like this is black metal. Portal from Norway. And at some point the white -- I got a lot and I. I got. Mrs. moss written all over this -- Every man for himself bought it their bitter about that I have app catalog. Good for the physically you know hurry up very wide which is based data music and this is hello I've always listen. -- window right. Pop. Hit like correctly predict what the -- forgot that I. Bet. Can we slow it down to get under your babies talk about what may have realized is -- line. Norwegian. It just in Norway. It's Norwegian we get slowed down we want you wouldn't understand any up Arctic speaking and so I'm not sure you wanna know what he's saying. -- -- I bet you if you -- -- doubted translated it was probably about the disease lollipops moon -- stuff like that fairy dust -- -- -- all any say that that's ordered it produced hiding behind the metal guitar. And that and then that in the Darth Vader esque vocal. Actually pretty good deal the command that was actually pretty I I actually answer your magic dale I actually and I -- had a death marital. Have some stuff on my playlist that's not that far off from that tiger who and why seven people like not some stuff seventh hole like that stuff. -- removed from them fool. This night. And -- As a techsters says we've gone from Anna Nicole to black metal after our Sunday morning -- does have a at all was up next Matthew. Stearns a charity that like following this up -- I'm glad I'm not following it up to be honest with you which -- coming up next legacy and her brother. Yeah I hope I'll see you next week mostly I don't -- at all.

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