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Dale and Fauria Discuss Michael Sam, His Decision to "Come Out" and Why they Think it is a Non-Issue

Feb 16, 2014|

Sports Sunday rolls on as the boys talk Michael Sam and decision to come out as the first active NFL player, or soon-to-be NFL player anyway, that is gay. The guys don't think it is an issue at all and SHOULDN'T hurt his value although they realize it could. Fauria thinks it shows toughness and courage more than anything else.

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Number two Dale Arnold Christian Fauria on a Sunday morning Sports Radio WEEI. Got a whole bunch of stuff we're talking about Ryan Dempster is as we speak. I'm sitting at the the picnic table their talking to the assembled media. And I'm Alex beer who was down their for WEEI dot com rights and this is quoting Dempster. On the past few years. Have been tougher and tougher quote on quote he Alec says he cited issues with his neck. That have become tougher quote it's prevented me from doing the job by need to do. So evidently there are some it's you know real. Real life physical issues his neck in in particular. I will also say this and he has at least up to this point not brought this up he did say the Ken Rosenthal that you know. There was a physical issue nobody else wanted to spend more time with the spam. In June of 2009. His daughter Reilly. You know that -- his daughter Reilly what was was diagnosed with the with what's called did George sim syndrome. And there's a whole bunch of long words here about one baby and 18100 is born with the genetic deletion. Which affects swallowing breathing in speech. When Dempster announced about his daughter he said he did it to help raise awareness of this genetic disease. When he was asked if she would lead a normal life he said yes she will there can be problems but so far all the signs are good there's a lot of work to do. There a 186 symptoms you can have you just check off the ones as you go along. She spent two months and I was able to go home. In June of 2009. Phillies had a child with some serious medical issues he said in this was you know -- number of years ago he said then that she was going to be fine. I hope that nothing has degenerated in that. In that I I hope she's gotten worse I hope that their art. Other physical issues that have come up by hoped or everybody sick and especially for -- that that's not involved here he hasn't talked about that so far today. He talked about physical issues of his own not necessarily of his daughter. Which is which is fine I don't I don't -- me to know what it's. Wanna think about the reasons for retiring. I'm just gonna call what is it seems like it is it -- without saying the word that's exactly what it's OK but I guess you don't you always leave the door open maybe what he just said if this is the end this is the senate he never pitches again. You'll always remember that his last pitch game in the world's. What's hard to top. Which is really went out our business top -- you see the interviews of him. After the World Series of injuries just you know have the best of time and really when you're that'll be fun to do that it's phenomenal so. What do you say to that. Congratulations. Good luck well end and he won a CS several people of tweeted out photos. Why it looks as though his entire team is out watching this. All the starters are out there IC Pedroia standing on a table -- watching it. It looks as though the entire team has come out you know to be to support the support him which is why it kind of backed a piano without saying the word retirement that's what it. Feels like everybody yeah. You know it's funny. I can only try to figure to myself like one and I knew. Like 36 stories Erica that's when I retire around like 36 so at that point. I -- football baseball a little different as far as how much where repairs on your body. But got stood -- on jeopardy of a season. And and including spring training. I guess it can be a little daunting and being in the position that the PS cures like I had a lot of money on the table. Last year response. I mean do you. Give credit where credit is due he's walking away now a lot of folks would say hey I'll show up and and and take the paycheck a very big paycheck. He said and I'm quoting now. He said he has quote too much respect for the game and teammates to go out there and half -- I got news -- a lot of folks who would for thirteen point five million dollars sake it there's not a lot of folks who would. And -- and good for him. That you know he has the respect for the game and his teammates -- not go while they're all -- -- an act he did say he's not closing the door 2015. And I think that's important because. Okay you talk about our depth they have a pitcher okay Eden in the bullpen even the young guys in the prosperous that are coming up trying to find those guys work okay. They can have some injuries. And he can be a guy that management says listen and we love you. Okay maybe this is the minute discussion they had we don't know about debate today listened there's really not a Spock who really want Ortiz got double we love you. Did you go hide out for a couple months. Okay 'cause we still think it's gonna work but for her to put a way to not give up that money that is it that's -- -- happen now that it happened now. This that basically walking away does all this is having respect yeah himself now for his teammates and for the game. And so trying to spin it I'll -- -- public -- -- you want -- for the money but -- give the money. So it means that the opposite is okay great as the guys aren't so open jam called me up I'm going to be throwing a sort of keep myself in shape. If -- easier to fight the -- better about leaving the family. Economic comeback if the opportunity arises. And that's the composition that that they have. Not not you know he's like get his money. And good for him you know what if it it ought to get a deal this is yet if he has done and he said he's not closing the door. On 2015 that's why he's not using the word retirement I -- that's sort of sounds like it is I it's so. You know you know why this is even more commendable if this is what it is because. The problem. That athletes have when you win a championship. At any level. The natural inclination is to try and win it again it's human nature it's built in -- injured DNA. And more poorly it's like a drug you're addicted. To that feeling that you have. But winning which every ship. Any NN you've heard you see the text you see the news that we were talking earlier. All the guys are doing these group messages about turning the page and moving forward to moving ahead or about last year and you know it's -- theory is so they've been talking about it. They've been expressing their feelings about we and other one he was part of that mix. My body Michael -- the actor and encourages Trotter -- -- aren't the only reason I bring up is asked. He was tweeting photos out at like 2 o'clock in the morning from Fenway after the Red Sox clinched. And they've won the World Series at Fenway in the party was going on. And O'Malley was out on the field like 2 o'clock in the morning and Dempster was throwing batting practice to Dempster just didn't wanna let go he just needs to know. Be there is there something there are myriad suits like the guy that sits on the bench after the game and everybody else is leaving you just want to take as much as just one possible mile and B article written. He he's such a feeling he's exceptionally well spoken my guess is if he wants a career and in sports media baseball sports media he's going to be able to get it he's really good while our -- -- Christian Fauria but he now you know he's not yet. But I'll tell you what I'll call BS on alcohol wanna say don't like his he goes into work to prevent for Major League Baseball or and the network to make a point urge your god just as much doing that job. Even more so. That you are actually playing. You know -- his father's business there's no easy road to that success either. Honestly put a little line in your house you do radio show -- her office for three hours would dive into had been trying to do for the longest time and I. I and -- is a funny guy he apparently when he told John Farrell. Is lined -- -- was sorry skip you're gonna have to find a new opening day starter. He's joking around and and told -- that he was -- but but -- -- each other on the back and hugs not upload a problem well being embraced it's it's pretty obvious to me was only here for a year. But it's pretty obvious to me how much respect and love his teammates have forum. Cause they're all out their right now yeah and they're all standing around listening and it usually works so. For retirement announcement press conferences that's exactly what. Well a -- one that's the way you want it to happen. You wanted to guys like you enough that -- -- out there for you and maybe you know what it's like because it's almost like high schooler collars -- you know. You have to leave you don't want you believe like they want you to stay. Okay they watch it they would they wish you could have another year of eligibility you wish you could have another Richard yeah come back former a year but the polls it's different they just kicked you out. You got coming back -- you hope you can have you can stick it on all he had to block the way you want now. Now it's rare I think it's more rare and it's the exception to the rule actually -- rule is that it is ugly. For most guys is not most guys -- Teddy Bruschi. And elevated don't -- the same team and it did this whole hullabaloo you know. But you want that. It's our view to -- weeks ago we are talking about Tom Brady he's he's gonna do that Joseph Montana's eager to do that -- the Brett Favre. Who was he going to be. You know Johnny -- you know -- of them these guys and with the teams. Bunny is now that works out aren't backed calls -- -- six I expect. Sports and sports -- and it's the one bit of news -- -- and that's more 6177797937. The attacks minus 3793 sonic -- it's not my fault. This is one of those cases where your old look a butterfly moment struck me in and then I and I plead not guilty. -- Paulson Westfield replied don't. Up when guys are -- or good morning good morning -- the lead among them. I get up report third of that first new a mute and OK gotcha. And doesn't want it to this year and instead of pontificating. On a list. I'll have a -- conversation about no Michael -- in this is where yeah. Here -- with -- isn't. As quick subject switched and it correlates directly from my point. Supreme Court and Eric all of that just that now given people who should see there and gave them fairly. Once it. Why. Yeah pirate. Millions actions on this couple. Whitney seemed normal I was women's sorry what that that is that you honesty. And in the -- -- -- -- -- weapons that would they put it from public work. Kidnapped or a private act and they agree to do it and you get that court. Yeah but I am I'm hoping -- surround the main point here. -- okay this is the -- oil Michael Evans. He's an outstanding achievement in a great player but what he says privately is private is not. In a public forum now appropriately -- these football action in. Most importantly that they know it felt when it was from and they do he had friends and hung out it was just came out publicly which Simpson the football for. A -- I would suggest that in most cases. Every single one of us know someone -- okay everyone of us know some. And most of us. No one loves someone who's gay member of your spam -- a great friend whatever it is you that you have someone in your life. Who who is important to you who's -- in most cases. You probably knew long before they were came out. Exactly who they were and what they were there remember your family into them if they were great friends you know them. And I would suggest that most of Michael. Sam's teammates. At Missouri new -- it'll sound shocked when he told them last thought yes so they told an -- yes some some players and of course it did. Of course did -- college and and you -- like I said if it if you're great friends with someone they fear -- if you got a family member. What generally happens is that when someone finally comes out to their family. The members the demonstrate. Yeah. Well funny it's it's funny because. Weighing. Okay. When you watch Michael -- play. OK for the University of Missouri. And you watch from Gordon's lord you watch from -- Auburn you watch him. To -- the sack leader in the SEC you watch his excitement that you. The last thing you're thinking of base hit probably gave football player ever enters your mind it never got. And Brothers and family knew -- it's even more. Impressive in my book. Okay that his entire team knew about this. In August and never set a -- they were in the received when they join the SEC after leaving the big twelve they were terrible they got beat by everybody. -- -- and then they go the SEC championship. And it is it MX certain things has -- guys together and they bring them closer together and this is one of those and -- was like yours is big. Big news -- issue if you guys I trust all you guys keep it close keep it secret I just wanna share with you. Okay and then of having your best year in the water out with a history of Missouri football warm very close to it. So I think it's interesting you know because that -- care factor. About -- customized care not as battered Euro -- don't care it doesn't affect me one way or the other he went semi shower keep together complement I don't know. I mean is that guys are worried about it's not really a big deal to me. And I think that this guy's gonna be a distraction. Amber reminiscing now what it does this -- earlier in the week. I haven't talked about it. So I know there was always discussion. Just okay is yet already well this guy came along he he has played twenty years -- this guy can constantly play the division three east western New Mexico State whatever it. Okay throws the first relevant player to come up before the biggest day. This life complex -- next week yes cornerbacks they start actually in the twentieth so. Was it looked at differently now he's not going to be looking at a bidding up they do. Got you -- set I mean because it takes it takes a big pair to. Know what you comedy and really that's the definition of Kyrgyz and is kind of knowing what is ahead have you been doing it anyways. That's -- Kyrgyz. And all the inside it'll probably have to -- advanced -- doing this test it's Kennedy it'll be the first set a bit. The all that's not easy heart parts going to be he's gonna meet with the media. With the heart that -- -- what do I want my guess is over there in China -- I do like our blog the Burnett's auto -- -- not not that that question would be asked my point is. The physical part of being -- football player I got involved and when this my whole life you know all lift I'll run I'll jump on all let's stop I'm okay win. If I got to sit in front of a roomful of people and answer questions. That's not that's not what I do with -- I am but it. OK if you're at its call it Super Bowl media day it would be which is the biggest circus of a -- OK one other -- like all the questions like how many different ways you ask guy about -- about being game played football. Okay how how the adjustment been like just a question going to be hard and bring it up. At at the Columbine and and the ultimate issue the only way the question will be asked the -- He is where you concerned about how this announcement was going will affect your draft status something like that okay that's one I mean when I'm not saying I can't come up with -- -- -- what's another question from acts up it's all going to be like it. Eighty -- type stuff like OK if you were dated I would take out to dinner okay up. So it wouldn't you know you were gay when did you win was for Tommy -- the man had a bill with a man I don't know have you ever been with a woman. You know all these -- stupid questions that a stupid reporter would ask. Think that it would have some sort of relevance with football it doesn't but under this. Being such a wild wild west -- -- Lewis and Clark -- expedition where we've never been there before. There there's going to be some curiosity guy's gonna wanna ask some questions but in the end it. I see it being. Just a non issue. By the way the defensive player of the year. In the SEC -- going to be able to play football in the NFL but here's the problem though he might -- -- he's not going to be a first round pick a second round pick he's undersized yeah you know he reminds me of when I when I look at. He he's an undersized. Defensive lineman. Who everybody knows is gonna become an outside linebacker in the NFL that's a lot like Bruschi all. Big big -- gates are all. -- glare five from there doesn't know what they said about Bruschi coming are so dead on dale military -- -- Bruschi played the exact same position. Bruschi was hand on the ground defense -- and undersized did after the quarterback AKA Michael sand. To Bruschi and he wasn't gonna play that position in the NFL I thought it. Bill Parcells brought him yet exactly talkative about that with is always to make it -- played. A gift petty as a deeper than in the pros. If not you're not gonna win it just you're rocket win just by by sheer size of the people around me. OK we -- game plan for you but you get a guy like -- to have some pass rushing ability. And here's the problem okay. If you don't know what he is you know we can't play defense -- -- the -- have a guy. Well that you got you don't know the -- linebacker either so you're not wasting a first round pick right there's nothing to do -- -- -- day. It's like why don't really know where he fits and when he Jamie -- -- -- like you know what he can play in the and now. Of course. The defensive player of the year in the SEC can play in the NFL this special teams to make a name from south on special teams make a name for himself on on third out if you -- cover I don't know I don't know we I have no clue he never he's not dropping coverage. 6177797937. Top the hour Christian is gonna take us through the week that was this makes -- I'm just. It makes me of Brady scared but we're gonna do it anyway that's got to the top of the hour.

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