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Dale and Fauria on the Fallout from the Ted Wells Report and why Richie Incognito is Done in the NFL In Their Minds

Feb 16, 2014|

Ted Wells' report on the locker room culture in Miami was a brutal, offensive display of what was going on in Miami and the ringleader was clearly Incognito. Fauria, a former NFL player obviously, was disgusted and appalled from what he read in the report. While he does think Jonathan Martin could have done things a little differently, he thinks Incognito does not deserve to play ever again. Dale agrees and thinks the behavior of the other players with Incognito, the coaches et al is ridiculous. The scary thing is that the whole organization allowed this to happen.

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Up to the point again for Carlson. Now put -- on the right wrist -- say. They and that sounded confident there mule festival. God that's -- periods so CNN US. -- did not think. Former number one current Toronto maple leaf -- castle with a hat trick against Slovenia Italy the US to a 51 win today. They will be able get a bye into the quarterfinals. Which I -- begin Wednesday. On this question of whether they will be the second seed in the third seed but that's the way things stand. Ted Wells dropped a Valentine a National Football League on Friday if you ever when he released his 144. Page report. In titled report to the National Football League concerning issues workplace conduct at the Miami Dolphins. Com. Let me just say this if you know if you haven't done so make sure that. Your kids at home might be football fans -- a certain age before you let them read -- Not I don't know I didn't like how did I know consider this. Consider this. And C seventeen mountain that that it's it's it's not PG thirteen. It's not know this is incidents seventy on just the bubble are now seventy I talk in full frontal nudity penetration now. It would. I have heard all a lot over the last couple of days but I haven't heard from Christian. On and before -- Christian take off like up like -- -- cannon -- -- across the -- let me just say this. In my opinion all I have to offer here Richie -- need -- will never play another game in the National Football League again for any one ever. Jim Turner the offensive line coach for the Miami Dolphins. May have already been fired if he hasn't been he will be fired within the next couple of negotiating the terms. Jerry the offensive lineman who's a free agent will not be re signed by the dolphins. They probably can't cut policy. But -- depend on how mad Stephen Ross's. Because he might even consider that. Ted Wells dropped a bomb. -- certainly no -- our success because. Really had no intentions of Reading the entire thing. It is it reads like a legal document -- time at times at times and assembled for the most part you read the first on some pages you can get the gist of what's going on the -- repeating similar text messages on the information. And later pages so. I was reading I've read this thing sitting right next to my girlfriend hours as we're both working in the office and I was might. -- -- Nothing really. Upsets me I'm not -- about it thank you really can't shocked me most of the time. You know I grew my my dad worked homicide and LA. Okay worked in the -- of LA county. So I've heard everything I've seen everything I've heard stories that would make your eyes bolts out of out of your head in your ears just compressed because it's an island. And I played in the NFL thirteen years so if you'll locker I was at a few locker took him. How shocked. Of of what this guy because you said I was in shock. It was it was still beyond. What I've seen and what I'm used to seeing. Yes it -- boulder. Yes speaking it's extremely. It's about locker rooms in general at an eight hit it right can give very boulder I can't at times but it's really not the norm. It's it's it's. It's just it's not that often even music in the locker room does. Most locker room -- -- -- to have bowl all the language although all the N word in all the other crap you hear music today is it is -- muscles into it. OK so but -- It's shock -- what he said he he's the biggest A hole I think guy and I don't norm at all but I know guys like him and guys like him. OK if he starts doing -- -- little song and dance. Your first -- got to ignore atletico because that's who use OK and he's just a jerk and is bipolar and -- up and down and you never know what you're gonna get. -- if he continues to do it. You really need to make a personal decision. Of how you want and -- this be in a -- -- this is not what this how how would approach it okay I'm Jonathan Martin. I think he's a -- also. Okay you have to make a decision could if you decide if item. And to challenge him you got to be ready for what comes with that. OK that is completely just shoveling and the integrity of the locker -- ruining any relation that you might have a look at -- work with them. Okay do you really want a deal that but at some point you're gonna check yet you did check yourself and check him. He ever did that. And he goes and to tell why he was bullied as a kid he went to school called harbor Wesley. In California which is down the streets. That downstream from where I went to school -- all what Catholic high school called Christian high school and it's in California. He went to -- Wesley -- down the -- okay. Extremely expensive private school lots of money -- the player and I want to private school over the middle class. You know private school kids so we'd love -- -- beat up on them okay that's economy environment -- nothing to take away from just kind of hate the picture okay. Event I imagine he's been sheltered OK because of this guy he already has issues with. You know stick yup from south. You can't do it people under the pressure so not condone anything that income -- did. I think Gates's it is about as this mutt and his low class and low class and yet. But everybody involved in my opinion is that is is at fault in this everybody brawl -- oldest optional family. That is the Miami Dolphins locker room. The the one thing and I heard some people on Friday when the report came out and and I read some things from some people who were still trying. To defend not defending -- you know but try to defend the culture. Come on you know man up its you know boys will be boys now and as I tweeted out on Friday. If you read nothing else out of a 144 pages. Just read. What in can't be a big knowledge by the witnesses and rumor in -- -- acknowledged that I said this stuff. Read what in -- need to set about Jonathan Martin's sister. Just that -- nothing else. How how to tell only his boys will be boys this is a c'mon man up. I mean if if Jonathan Martin had taken a gun to Richie and -- -- at a had a hard time. -- -- yeah I missed the funny thing is. You read you joke about guys going to pull the talk you joke about guys to snapping and losing it. An average guy would -- in a lawsuit on hand and beat the living crap out of payment for god not try to at least try to see might lose he can he can pick a new anymore. That's the first thing he's not gonna he's -- no I'm off limits. But I will be okay with you during the game and it practice but other that. Don't sit by the don't talk to me we have nothing comic you're a hole. And you said it. The fact that he's just talking about a sister healthy talk about assistant helps the little leave him out of this for right now. But it's not like he's had the highest moral character it's they've got Florida -- think three Aaron Hernandez. Really it's -- -- the bottom of the barrel far scum on she'll give me a break. It's it's. So are no -- I think about these guys are all screwed all of them all of I don't want doc -- my team I don't want a -- needle in in my zip code. -- can't beat it will never play another game and we should play and and it was kind of it was almost comical because midweek last week in cog need to suddenly. Reappeared on Twitter. Current point he was trying to take on anything and every gallon and it and it looks fairly obvious he was trying to get him. Shocked symbol for the report came out but -- hundred forties but these shots. Were almost foreshadowing that everybody was wrong. Right -- shots like Aussie did all this for nothing that's go to shot what he shot over the bow. Of of doctor Martin was. -- man I can't wait see you do all the how would you Fran you're gonna get it okay silence. Because the report. What do you think now. -- and -- NATO has now deleted his Twitter ego it's gone and this was after what he did. Yesterday. Was he re tweeted a whole bunch of really vial tweets that he got. That that people were sending to him. Any re tweeted a bunch of them almost as if to say see what these people are saying about me and and it's fairly obvious. Somebody some one point by the way he tweeted out of -- number of his attorney. I that is attorney love back -- and then that got deleted and at some point. An attorney a father. An advisor and uncle somebody said to Richie. -- Just shut up you're not make it better you'll make it worse and all of a sudden the Twitter account got delete. Do you know who we know this relation reminds -- of reminds -- be bad. Hallmark. You know. Lifestyle channel movie the abusive husband is he called meego. The abused wife who stays with the abusive husband always how -- -- went -- and why do you say they are there days they go hand in hand so. You know. Because he keeps you literally him. Demoralizing him insulting him and Jonathan Martin -- Hello how you look at the text what you think the world. Texting back -- well they're talking about strip club to talk about fight to talk about it -- to talk to rugs. This is north Dallas for. I mean there's nurses there are some comical things in there OK at the five book is comical to would agree. Yeah right up until the point where he's begging his teammates to get rid of it. Because it's gonna show some things to the investigator that's gonna prove a lot of this stuff and guess what they didn't get rid of it okay. And the other things that he still thinks he's in the he did nothing wrong. That's the point where you scratch your head he's called -- Hedo -- believe I think in his heart that he still did nothing wrong. That he thinks he's -- don't you think the tweets that -- he thinks he's being persecuted. Okay he can't understand why what mr. -- know -- thirteen years. Can't. Border for teams. Never. Ever ever have I ever heard or seen anything like this there's always been a couple eight holes in the group. Okay there's a big guys like him. Not not like it was similar to him OK as far as their behavior what they say biggest biggest cross the line constantly sometimes it's funny. You look at the State's camp or it's -- my game if he breaks up the tension but he's a mental case that he'll no he'll disappear. You know. But for him to have that you know the support of health. You know another leader on the team the sender of that team guy -- it is close contact with with the quarterback if anybody who really is a leader of the team that's crazy. Analyst for the sake of this discussion let's eliminate all of the stuff concerning Jonathan Martin let's pretend none of it took so okay. The stuff that took place about player a about his alleged homosexuality. And the Asian American trainer. That's stuff alone would ensure that that Richie and company don't ever plays a game again and his life. It's it's just listen this is not 1960. You just can't act like that anymore you can't. When I got the league are still -- spoken in the locker room -- couple guys we hang our owners are OK they're like 37 there were smoke in the locker room. Don't smoke in the locker room anymore. OK you don't and you get light up to keep it you don't you don't use you don't use the word we don't use -- gay anymore to to describe. Somebody being soft OK I have a hard time -- and I want Christmas song OK because I'm and I'm nervous I would offend somebody. Okay -- kids like all gaming tablet like well not really. It doesn't he did depending how you use it okay so. Prohibit assume that this is okay Brit two analysts and traders here's a here's what happens. The trainers. The strength staff. Aunts and to a degree the equipment staff. Upon the closest. Two of the players and by the way. The hardest working most underpaid people in an organ on -- appreciate -- hours they put together and you wanna talk about it brawl on soured you putter and hourly wages it's like you know below minimum wage. Based on what they -- and and generally speaking -- -- locker room it's just the opposite. You make like top of that war guy over there I'm gonna climb right down your throat yeah usually it's just the opposite it's guys. Protect trainers and -- there -- also -- usually in on the they're usually part of the camaraderie they're usually -- re having with thumb. They're -- your ankles of a long line is like sitting around a lot of weight the weight of a lot of back and look at. We we just the kind of disputed -- a different picture okay how. Normally it's okay when when it comes to trash talk when it comes to ribbing each other. Mattel wanted to take a break -- aren't going to -- -- or so think about if you watch the NBA all star game on TNT. They had Charles Barkley on there Shaq they had. Kenny Anderson was -- no you already know more than nine and -- to host with. That was the best part of all NBA show because those guys were were making fun of each other. Joking back and forth ribbing each other but that was a layer -- and they were laughing. Back and forth like I'm bagging on you for something that you did maybe some insecurity happen it's not malicious. Okay. That's normally how it is. You can't there's a line you cross we just it just it's not the way the -- don't want to here it's especially about my family and my mother. By the way when you're twelve you know you don't talk about a man's mother or aura guys says but it did -- an end of bile reprehensible. Things that they said. And this includes bouncy. And this includes Jerry. The things that were said gold sold far beyond this is not boys will be boys this is not oh c'mon it's only words what their. This is this reminds me this is like OK what's -- Episode do you degrading profession. I -- professional I think OK where like the scum of the earth live it's like the guys hang around. Who really you know troll like the streets in the strip clubs and they're -- you're with like you know drug dealers are not saying that's all like that it. I've seen it because my -- he also private investigator he was also worked vice. So he worked in the streets of LA and Hollywood a sensible part -- can tell me about this like this is what -- dealt with. You guys like this to use that language so what hotel most Ehrlich this -- like he's not affected by buddies like he see people like it. And there's only one way to handle people like that. And that's why -- he's never going to be wearing a suit and tie. He's never gonna -- we view trying to sell you something you're not gonna he's not gonna be your bank teller -- he has one option and once deal that's being physical. Using his hands on the football field but it. An aggregate Chattanooga -- and that's the worst thing about it I don't want Obama team. Talk about. Michael -- all that's going to be distraction now guys what he's pleasant -- to help your team -- got veto. Talk about a scar you just can't get rid of. 6177797937. As the telephone number. I you can Texas -- every like at 37937. Many of you -- have you can reach out to me by way of Twitter at dale. It's Dale Arnold Christian foray it will get right to the -- -- you coming up next Sports Radio WE yeah. And what I think one of the problems was in that locker room Richie in cock you know was the alphabet. He was the leader he was the one calling the shots and he was the one that could act. Anyway that he wanted to act around that locker room without anyone. Players coaches management anyone challenging him and this from a guy that I believe management knew what type of personality you were bringing in when you bring enriching -- -- -- as volatile a guy that is is highly emotional that challenges teammates to what point you don't know but I what think you would eventually learned so he won because. The leader of that locker room and then it sound like there was some other teammates that fell into line that was a line that he set himself. Tedy Bruschi on ESPN talking about Richey and -- need help. I I was just mocking the fact that no news is ever made out of the first couple of days at Fort Myers and then they middle liar out of me. I will tell you though one bit of news that's come out of today are Ken Rosenthal. Initially reported at a whole bunch of other people have cents reported it as well. Ryan Dempster has told the Red Sox he will not pitch this year at all 2014. Due to both physical reasons and his desire to spend more time with -- -- He told Rosenthal quote I don't feel like I am capable of performing to the ability and standard that I am accustomed to. I feel it's in the best interest of both the club but most importantly myself to step away from playing baseball at this time. The time is right I'm not saying retirement but I definitely won't be -- -- won't be playing this season. On the Red Sox according Rosenthal will place Dempster on the restricted list. What it means is that he will not receive his thirteen million dollar salary for this year so suddenly there's some money to play with here and a spot now well I mean. They in effect we're going into spring training with six starting pitchers and you were trying to figure out how there gonna -- six bodies in the five spots. On other backed up by starting pitchers but Ryan Dempster. I think he's muddying the waters with the thing about it's his family and -- kids I'm not saying that he -- wanna spend time with them of course he -- But what are you saying here is. I'm not capable of performing to the ability and standard that I am accustomed to that's the primary reason he's not -- pitched this year because he can't do it physically. Would you think he's one of those ways was going to be 37 visitors are going to be at least third summer's going to be 37 either way. Are you kind of decision not to listen I kind of know what's gonna happen I don't wanna -- cut. So let me just kind of bow out now. I would and he cut but but they were uncomfortable and they were they were trying to figure out how they were -- utilized and -- and you know you weren't gonna go with a six man rotation. And it sounds to me as though physically he doesn't think like he can do this. And at his age that's not surprising it happens to all athletes -- it at some point -- mother nature catches up. It it almost sounds as though that the stuff put his kids and his family were just almost like a -- win here. Mean the big reason I'm not pitching obviously you don't as if you don't question it. But they'll put him on the restricted list they won't pay in the thirteen point 25 million dollars. So what does he do he's just hanging out at home and -- is going home. -- is is that he's retiring. And to that event without using the word yes to his entire he himself says I'm not using the word retirement but and a detector who said could they go after Bronson Roy don't know we just signed. -- it but resigned last week but also -- Arizona I forget and was terrorism analyst. The other thing is going so -- maybe it's maybe it's almost as precise and wonder spring training. Arsenal wanna out of me I don't give up that much time and all I don't know by now. There's there's the bit of news out of Red Sox unhappy is a good news -- Red Sox fan well no it's not it's not good news yup the more depth you have the better you lark. It's good news in terms of finances for the Red Sox and they've got the money to spend now if they choose to do so. But I always thought -- I thought there was what might I guess my point is a thought there was a time when. You're gonna have to make a decision you know one of these guys could have been treated Dempster could be traded yeah. Okay and you have younger pitchers we want to be silly to rotate in and you're trying to figure Heidi you need to get these guys work. -- all these veterans of all this experience and you really don't want to give those spots up but now you're kind of got to help shoe wow you don't have to make a tough decision because desert has made that decision or just made it easy for -- let's get to call 6177797937. Jim is in Medford -- I don't. Hi guys I don't -- while -- is on good morning lecture about the world people. And Hubert the mountain -- only show won't try to try to called and it wouldn't be able to. -- was right option of about. -- in the -- -- wells conclusions and those certainly Donovan in the locker. And and and Mike was what one. So he's done that lately skis on and look at what he's been only one -- -- in the patriot locker room to have a -- patriots hike. I may be right about that in -- may be different you -- know better than I acknowledge that they're both somewhat right. Okay because it not only is it different locker rooms but different coaches so you can be on the same team. I have three different coaches. And even have a different experience every single time and it's this is of this of this is not sports specific okay misses this is -- this is baseball. You name across it doesn't matter what it is. It is what it is the culture is what it is so. When housing and see -- out by the way. The hardest time I had a glad that the Pentagon. But we -- about well I mean definitely NFL. Multi billion dollar industry. Do think that Dell is gonna get an investigator. Who was a pure innocent to go to -- they -- -- is -- -- -- well -- what to expect. Adding that he didn't that they had associates to. Well I and I got to be honest with -- it you could you could be. You could never have stepped fort L locker room in your life and know that the stop was wrong you don't have to be a locker rooms to know that this goes way beyond the pale. I'm confused by Lou I mean and I you know of course we can't talk. -- now maybe tomorrow but election and then to pop up in an pressing on in and out it was a navy investigate. And really talk about the psychology of the bullying and everything he's done a lot of and the fact that stock Lucent -- -- -- in -- locker room. OK so let me just put it this way so I thought I would be more like Lou when I before I read the report okay. I completely. Flipped to the side of this is ridiculous it's just it's ridiculous and I don't know what do what else to say. To allow a guy like this to kind of have his way. With everything plate he's like take on alpha male like this is the guy that's running a yard a. Well and I was making the point you off the air it's why ultimately Joseph -- may have to take the fall. The report says that Joseph Philbin didn't know that he didn't have any idea. And in in Jonathan Martin's case he didn't wanna beat that guy and snitching to the head coach. And he did go to was offensive line coach which is why Jim Turner is about take the ball here. But I amid the point to Christian. Well let's it's hard even envision this but let's say something like this happened in the patriots locker room is -- anyway Bill Belichick wouldn't. Listen I'm sure he pretty much he might know a bit or hear about it. How deep into heat can enjoy it keep your -- -- -- you have to Null or not you don't go you don't have to do you want to. And you tried to but there's only it's so much you can do but he I could say a -- I've known. A play for he's always kind of had -- year to most everything even things you don't think he would know about. Okay if that's -- called economic ahead and I know other guys that I had to know that what you're going to deny it would where you had dinner just look at rock you know -- -- about crop for -- -- does it. So but I don't think. That. They had a lot of coaches -- this time. -- you might know -- that is the biggest issue I think here is that the dolphins. Biggest created a monster they wanted to get tougher they wanted to have an edge they bring this guy and -- one year deal. They'd be like Al there's like wood brings the sound a longer term deal. They skipped out of hand he has like now do whatever the heck I want to nobody's checked it -- mean nobody is telling me -- -- and you're you're -- you just created a monster. Here's the text and I've heard this before I've heard from other people while Jonathan Martin is a whiny baby. -- -- -- And and if this were your sister or your mother. -- you be OK with right I mean you're not a whiny baby sir but here's here's the other part of this dale. Okay this is why you see guys. The guys like Lou Chatham you know we've we've talked about his his view on this. I can see out of my son is going into locker room they -- he ready to fight. Like I'm sorry the coach -- pocketed savior but every time you're gonna be along with these guys they're gonna get on you about your head your hair your feet your sisters. Okay. They're gonna -- some stuff you okay you're gonna need to step up. And I'm sorry men not. Because at some point every man is going to be faced with that opportunity and what he decides to do is gonna dictate how it's perceived. And that's but promised. That's the reality so you could bring Ted Wells and there and he could scrub this locker room clean and we can look at it on paper Gulbis is disgusting. OK -- go wants so long after the fact but in the end. They're both wrong. To the techsters who were saying -- Belichick did know about Hernandez. Taking place in the patriots locker room. The -- and can't -- -- Jonathan Martin's stuff was taking place in the facilities in your locker room on your practice fields. None of the Aaron Hernandez -- was taking place anywhere close to the facility. It will made it worse dale. Is that it really needs to be handled from with and that's that's the hard part today it needs to be handled from -- so Jonathan Martin. It's it's he's walking a really tight -- OK a gray area okay he doesn't want -- today it's we want you to where he -- on out. Call audits and that says the report back he does audio audio can be that guy he wants to kind of keep it in house but doesn't know how to get that cool right. Eight and it's like I'm friends with a maybe he'll stop until it is now it's my second year OK I looked through my rookie year now I don't have to do this and you know mark. And guess what Richie says I don't care -- second yet and -- now -- getting sick of it now but he still doesn't know how to handle it yup so it just gets worse. Now he's in he Myers looks beholden in -- needles belt loop you don't like he would in the -- prison that's really what it turned out to be like those dogs in a new best friend a -- a new best friend I mean that's what it seems like. It's like if if I'm friends with -- You'll stop doing this stuff exactly -- he just he kind of pulls you closer into so now you're you're part of Richey Richey can't be a lot -- The jurors buddy -- the funny thing is they show this timeline of. Text messages. It's like you know one that 1233 want the top five in flight. It's something boulder I love you man and an -- hash tag bipolar relationship or some like eight -- -- its -- The definition of that and I so we eluded to earlier this is that this is that an abusive relationship. It was bound to end badly. 6177797937. -- telephone number a we've been talking about the Ted Wells report but the one bit of news from the Red Sox camp is that. Ryan Dempster has decided he will not play this year. He will be placed on the Red Sox restricted list he will not be paid his thirteen point 25 million dollar salary that comes off the Red Sox books as well. Will get -- some of that if you'd like added in as well -- Dale Arnold Christian Fauria Sports Radio WE yeah.

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