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Brian Kenny gets us ready for Spring Training

Feb 14, 2014|

Ryder and Bill Fairweather talk about baseball with Brian Kenny, conveniently enough, of the MLB network. Brian talks about whether the Red Sox will still be as strong of a team this season as they were in 2013, and who some of their competition in the league will be.

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Iran -- dirty water Friday's. And it WEEI at the greatest forum -- industry right. Right near you know within. Walking distance of the TD garden. Here for dirty water Friday's planet Mikey show John -- in for Mikey we're up until 10 o'clock -- clear whether holder of the greatest far. In attendance here at the table let me make -- doing what baseball journalism that you its daily news. And now we're happy to be joined now by Brian Kenny the MLB network. Brian how's it going it's John and bill fair weather in the Winnebago you know. Excellent happy ballot and it felt as seem to you as well now. Govern. Baseball MLB network. What do you think the -- -- chances or it's a tough thing to do in Major League Baseball things one of the toughest leagues do repeated has to happen what's its 2000. How do you stack up the Red Sox this year in the American League and across Major League Baseball. Well I think there's still very powerful obviously there I think there I would -- -- -- around. -- theme. That -- they had last year around 92 win I think there's still going to be quite strong. Like to keep in the -- the Ellsbury in center field that within the guy who could be who would player right away in Jackie Bradley junior. Com and no face no competition I think the complete pushed. And raised being right there I think they're going to be right on the red hot fuel. You know leading -- around you know eighty and 92 -- so I think it's going to be a real fight. Brain -- you amongst the folks violate thanks for coming on body. The Liu -- amongst the the folks who. Thought that the Red Sox went in that World Series was was an upset or. We -- amongst the included cut you know they were a great team and they go with the -- No I think. You know Billy there was a real had been -- this season but by a you know I'm recalling correctly by -- interfaith. I was called of that team the Major League. You don't have to look back a little bit but then by the end of the year it got kind of copied it would cut about. It was a kind of upper division of these ball. It was an elite you know hadn't seen that the top and then it was a real life after that I think the -- but basically every -- It was it was very strong and then there was or real division the next you know level of -- you don't Memorial Day. -- -- below that in the the elite in any one of those teams. -- want you all going all the way down to read the -- A little more unlikely. But we got the super teams that the pop and look I think the -- and between the tigers in the Red Sox. It is big poppy doesn't affect -- whenever I ripped it out of editing the -- -- the people here you know what back quote. Fought back to -- with -- the strongest team in tournament play and where they won the top five teams in the regular season absolutely was well -- Bryant you said that in May. You brought them to be the best team in baseball that does and made that that's necessarily mean you thought they were you know World Series -- -- contender or maybe it did. Well but did you think at that time when it was kind of look like you know real deal it may it's kind of early you know you know being from Boston. Took a little longer -- John Henry said that would make him trophies that I didn't believe too that 97 win. But what was that in -- that you know the whole transformation is Steve from the grateful -- -- -- What did you see about that he'd been made it's that. It could go all the way. Always simple they're run differential there were crushing pain -- a lot of I don't have -- caught in the act think look the fan but I'm but I always followed these and as in terms of run differential. How many runs you score in coming and -- are you allowing and they were one of the best scene at the very historical and it -- their rotation solidified and healthy and and with all the players that they ended up in an extra seven players. And it was a beautiful strategy they think at the money and the money that they gave up in the singles these in salary fifteen million dollars. They added right back in I think grit it out and you have exit seven players. -- -- all you view you know and use the you know we talk replacement language or call them the green when players. And they pulled the liver and I think everybody did deliver the exception of Ryan Dempster and authority terrible. He just did have a good season for them. You don't think you could be quite powerful. So I I don't look at it but I remembered you know do my own radio show by the end debate. You know I was talking it over with -- -- we studied the game with. Back in order win third order wins. And that does mean the things that go into the run scoring your basic offense they run prevention strikeout to walk. They were about that they all are really thought it was the red -- -- and -- Most of these. Right now that's so interesting for the meeting here you saved because. If I was gonna kind of break down the 2013 Red Sox and the reason for success in the -- there -- in the World Series. I'd say it's as much about chemistry. And karma. As it is about ability statistics in -- you as you look at them and break them down statistically. You put them a cut above everybody else I think what happened. You know after a Marathon Monday that -- team came together with the city. Guys like Gomes in Napoli and you know the theater Brothers. And they just seem to be so much calmer on that team that you only get Shane Victorino coming up lake east you know in moments like these Mickey Mantle and you know big -- obviously doing what he'd done for forever but then be able to do it again guys like. Lackey pitching game two you'd never expected him in winning games against the tigers that you never think it is out that seemed destined. -- But DEC statistically. That you thought that they were clearly a cut above. And talent lies he's just brilliant scene. Yeah well at the same thing as. You know that the Red Sox when they won the World Series and would build seems to -- You know you've been warned there was -- -- good team event. They allowed they get -- -- advocate Kevin -- Lawrence film Miller. That was would build teams arrived in yet from the last. Window of shopping with other teams weren't as more you know as the eighties and in the Red Sox were suddenly -- -- what he obviously think part of that. And -- -- -- good guy but good guys we're good now maybe I'm in the good clubhouse. Maximize your performance everybody's performing well. I'm an unhappy that he targeted with the law are full -- like it got there we all got along with awful flight that Kevin. You improve your name oh yeah like in war area is quite like a hundred point you know when you -- that it will -- start you can you couldn't get much better. And last year. I know they all got along better and they were happier and there was nobody balance on the bottom line is that -- can you scored runs. It because you've got twelve players. We're both league average offensively. Nobody came close to that in the major -- only the pirates came close. They had eight odd couple African offensively and you with the pirates did he broke out in what ninety complete game. That's what you want to act no weaknesses and you were incredibly. We need them and -- could we say it's both the combination of both really mean everything fallen into place with the other thing is that. -- just looking forward and it -- built into moves for this season one team that it was talking about now. Last year was the blue jays they've made all these moves and it was -- him -- the year where was the Red Sox -- feel like there's a trend here. Where it's either between red sex if the day but it roads tonight about the Yankees what are your thoughts on all the moves the Yankees made the substance. It who could be a break up -- -- -- enough which -- basically. Bottom line is what what do you think of all the Yankees moves -- made -- -- All the Yankees who have been here I think the Yankees Arafat meeting they look they they law. That we player in wins above replacement that's probably -- -- -- they've walked in and VP level player that's a big hit. Opposite being -- I always liked getting opted into that position. So to get grinding and technical field -- on the plate and center field. That has -- a lot of added value. They lost a lot but I think getting those two getting Carlos felt strong which makes them pretty deep. -- org PH -- outfield. And adding to knock of what it could be good keeping a rookie Kuroda I think they're going to be good. Like 8090 -- good so -- and they're not going away. And and they get better and Ed pieces gap -- Derek Jeter out -- -- where he played the whole season. You know that the big question but it didn't happen. They'll have a -- short -- and then they're gonna be a very dangerous. What. Ryan looking at the American League in total. -- what you see is maybe a climber. Surprise team in Hulu might we look to to for some slippage here. Well I think it CNET dot Federer are -- the royals and I know everybody was content. On them last year saying well they're a good team and they need to trade for James Shields and certainly -- -- I think that was a big mistake. But -- you're adding to -- good eating your rotation with which she'll. I like to move that they need -- Little moves that are reminiscent of what -- the red boxes last year in getting -- I don't see it right field and Omar Infante at second. Now those guys are you know use you don't speak the language of wins above replacement or fewer delegates. That's what I wanted and I know loved it and I paid attention to it. I'm new school in a local school when is the one I had no idea of the attack -- I adrenaline I don't as. They're at don't you and I have I hit it pretty straight is that it will hurt all that stuff today. But I we both had aspirin but he is that if the credit back at that they're at it. You've got it through another area if it they have guys that up or wind player that -- -- fortified -- player is at all parking -- Won't mean better and. A bench player a guy come -- right out of the away. That you can add war if the economic model really wins above replacement a guy that comes out of the minor league can -- in the league minimum. Arm on that in -- players Robinson -- no. Opinion wind player it is Mike Trout what Barry Bonds and it's fun it's a great player no one players to -- -- Because we played defense -- five win player of war wind player -- profit is still good. Well I think by a we player meaning he's just a little bit better than African particles are. -- -- -- Nor your ideal he would Omar Infante are player like that and I think by adding those two players that the royals in the spot right field and that debate. You're like big -- to. Wind above replacement mean they were below replacement level they have guys will like we don't know Jeff -- were ad and guy kind of a minor leak. That was -- terrible that we need and it's a good player there -- -- better in both spots but feet we better you know but like any big article. The part time player Daniel Nava has -- Who would year. You know -- Mike Napoli will lead player suddenly you know he's just getting value everywhere you're getting better and that's how you win. By not having one spot that straightened out. Friendly and would it surprise you that the Red Sox we built from World Series champion to finishing fourth in the American League east. It is important -- -- yeah Yang which I don't need to you know Batman. I don't I don't think I mean look this is it possible that -- -- in his third. On the rays and yankees yet I think he or real -- back I think that these -- decent. Thought. The bloom is kind of walk that road was we tried to do with their pitching last year did not work. And I think they're going to be good at it he could have a lot of talking to over 500. But it yeah it would surprise me a lot to the red -- with spot on what meetings in -- Stephen Drew. I don't know it's because he's the one guy you know people that -- So I think maybe see and got -- have to come to terms with the reality -- And knowing that one can go back to date bait and make a large sum of money for one year is is the red. And I think the Red Sox and why take it back to life in wherever yet he wants Bogart -- is played here. But you'll find the places her work Stephen Drew get it back. And see you again. -- -- one of these guys who did we win player he's not at all or put off load that area and he has very good opted out. They Brian I feel like the Yankees could use Stephen Drew more than the Red Sox considering. Jeter's agent. It's short interest really there infield defense. Yeah they could use them look at them absolutely spot now what they -- didn't get -- around they have -- Jeter who works. They have limited space at the age because they gonna about Soriano there with an -- each -- there. They've got the quality they'll probably have they've got war -- outfield for grease spot. So they over -- yeah. But it cedar. He's -- -- limping around and actually hurt they got heater and rented line playing source. So yeah almost -- thinking that Stevens who placed third. And sort. Arm that might not awkward about that yet you're right -- I'd like that idea connecting nine you don't get re wind player. That all right here and -- keep you can do it I don't know -- like second and third I think that remains to be seen. They Bryant I have a question. For -- television wise and I think you're one of the guys and Xena and a perfect -- answered because we're tedious if there's so many years and I'd been such an important part of MLB network. But you know everybody -- says that you ESPN is the 101000 pound ruler in the room. And they appear unbeatable. From an audience the game linked in and network standpoint and all that that this stuff. But yet niceties regional you know UC NBC sports and fox sports come and come about to be local we do with what. Networks getting stronger but you'll also see. -- MLB network. NFL network NHL network and B network. In you've seen their audience is growing and you see the impact that that guys that you are having. They couldn't move -- from ESPN over MLB. It is my contention. That five years from now you want baseball you're gonna get from MLB network if you want -- -- you gonna get it from any John network and on down the line. -- so everybody's seen what ESPN is ultimately unbeatable. I really don't see that be in the case of that couple from your perspective. Yeah I I think that that's certainly a threat and and I think -- in -- Smart enough to know that that is Brett. Yet they've always competed. Very well at apple competitors. Regional sports networks included. And even now they go -- war he audience of -- work. And I think. What they are realizing what everybody's seeing it that yet MLB network is going to be a place where. People they build that -- or more hardcore fan. I guess they're faithful and we we just have a better product we have. We have access to the line being dropped in the way we do and it's on network they can spend you know hours. On you know -- -- football copy of your heart or you might go there until the audiences wintering. And yet. They're probably -- going to deeply for one dominate. Sports network cable network and they put themselves in that position for the branding it's hard to overcome so. While the public have their audience should. Chip away at -- in the air. It could be an awful long time. You know that while there's still enough for every you know if at any time build. I thought that we've reached a saturation point with anything you know televised. War war radio work. I've been wrong. And Pak -- back to. You know -- between. The movie anchorman. You know. Will Ferrell character Ron Burgundy look at a television network with nothing but sports quite opt -- -- you know. That was that was not a -- -- albeit yet you know for years on the tonight -- with the joke. And I remember people in New York telling me that if you're pretty and all Sports Radio -- -- -- -- -- talk about all day all noted what a joke. When he probably think that. Audience has reached saturation point no. Were wrong there's always an appetite for more and what that's what we found the last few years. In this kind of -- your era is more and more appetite -- but it is more than enough that we didn't you know. For people you can the next generation or route. Well look at Brian if you know ESPN and obviously it's had a great success but. You know in my mind the reason says the success -- -- -- Because the guys like you in the MLB network is going to be strong movement avenue as well and and I'm not achieved simply one of the great guys and you know just as a human being that haven't worked in the business. And please to call you a friend and great to have you on the show. Well thank you thought built that way about you congratulations on your show you pick that up there and it's great always to. The talk baseball with you thank you bill -- dates mind you rank and we appreciated thanks in -- the baseball season. I think you guys would do to get all right Brian -- of the MLB network.

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