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Steve Levy talks Olympic Hockey and USA vs Russia

Feb 14, 2014|

Ryder and Bill Fairweather are broadcasting from the Greatest Bar and are joined by ESPN's Steve Levy, who gives us his insight into Olympic hockey and how that can affect players in the second half of the season, as well as some of the inner workings of ESPN.

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We can see -- debate we air a New York Yankees fault if you know -- me. But maybe we can use as -- guy from New York. At that we really do we never really value their opinion their -- on the agility and we have that right actually quite as an action that it could have -- it's good -- sailor great friend of mine and but it made most of what's generally the way back into my my your partners is yeah. At the -- to the Saturn -- is -- Jack of all that stuff and and -- it -- walking out and you tab here it is I mean that's Vietnamese -- -- -- ship we don't have ten. Okay. I'd -- so it in the in the pantheon of great Yankee you know this has been discussed that last 36 I was but what you places. Terms Derek Jeter's. Yeah you know we didn't such courses that I could he came up with LeBron the mount -- right we've had discounted what I even invoked the that Ronald game on sports editor. Next trigger whatever the whenever there's a -- all the conversation. Those aren't about Rushmore of whatever. And so he always goes to mount -- New York. You think about all the great New York teams players choose to keep for every sport rare you don't like Los Angeles some respects. And he has all four yankees. On board -- quite a statement. I don't know how you do not with Derek Jeter on. And you know we we remember most of what we remember of course -- modern times was -- a lot from the show who worked harder for people -- And -- to those things but pat had he not have Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera. On at least two before of the mount Rushmore. -- as blasphemy if that puck and you put those guys when you have the CD and it be bruised right heel Neiman. Joseph DiMaggio. Mickey -- It immediately it was up somebody's gotta -- you that you looked up at the start -- -- again marsteller Myers daily on them. It's going to be he's not Billy Graham Taylor's not in my really beautiful outside of four yankees. Number five past the -- but I love it terms accident maybe been a trademark it and they didn't expect some sense revolutionize his vision. The you have four great -- athletes to go on the you know the mountain Rushmore -- Johnson -- -- It'll become Clark did they feel in the Hudson River -- And you get a would Mars the other in the U older Babe Ruth. You name it. Mickey Mantle of his -- you know like him. Right well there're four out today utility of the bargain not and I am listed as though those I am but. With publicly. The only team -- still care about to win or lose every game that you purchase something from me. And I -- joining with the jets but wasn't around for them -- hasn't ruined that with -- united because spirit this -- his words but it if you look back. Sure -- it's Super Bowl would guarantee. I'm not -- threw a touchdown pass of the game. Imagine that day that is second half he -- completed four passes but they won the game they shocked the world. He guarantees it guaranteed -- key in the to incorporate the American football. We weren't enough so that -- -- -- and we haven't even talked about it exploits on something that we yes well those could stack up or call him. My point is to aim at his long that they think -- the beyond it would break down. Probably not. But it doesn't make that promise right. And like the city that facilitated the game. Seat but -- went out right -- okay with that that was pretty good defense through it. What we've talked about him in the same way we could become the legend who went out the promise that you know within what was the promise that it. The is that the guarantee guarantee yeah. But the religion don't I don't win -- -- the damage to get away and I guarantee guaranteeing that they have a -- didn't say we're gonna win I promise to be around let me let us on the I promise I'm going to be on Bartlett does seem that my opponent he has who was tremendous for. Don't open it Broadway Joseph Joseph cool the lives -- his brother's -- right that's what it's you know got but it is a great career. You know I don't the great I don't know his won loss record. Happy you look at its past probably not as they now that that's that tablet and -- the guys that weakens it a great quarterbacks last Friday night that you guys to the wins and losses matter. Again I don't yet. She's not famous. Well it how to donate it wasn't until after I made moves. I can take those guys but I would put him on the Internet I got out otherwise. Teachers matter. -- with -- larger than life neo Nazis and rightly so well that that's any. Good rival. Taking off that's the question I've taken up Lawrence Taylor I think a lot built to have him on as if -- seven spots really. Then we -- you know. Let's go and nobody not even me in mind. What will he be remembered for different -- report. Oh let's not came on here commitments on the radio and way over to talk about the need to. Plans for the upcoming draft so. But it definitely. Wanted to let us. -- itself that's you actually asked the and I wanted to argue we're up against the break but and excitement among inaugural on giant. I don't blame him at a budget advisory panel Billy. There three minutes has agreements -- -- contacted -- about the you're not the the rosary temperatures in the Olympic hockey and your big hockey you know. -- -- 7:30 AM greatest moral or simply ESPN they really network. -- of course world and yet but he's open to so we'll still be here. -- -- -- I'd we will we could take your phone calls works as well -- 617 jobs that are identical 7937. At -- that it's it's not Ryder. Aligned with the boys Steve Levy do here whether wedding day bill as you know we got my name it shows that you again it's an excellent. Nuclear weapons that's. Personal. That dirty water Fridays here at greatest par. Prince street Boston right now -- -- they competition. Tons of the as always these four levels self that's next ability. It. Get a -- -- more romantic -- that to Northrop. With a Lenny -- it is Calabar that's exactly what does this year's worlds -- -- get any better. Yeah. I will be back more after this. Back here dirty water Friday -- WEI job writer for Mikey planet Mikey showed joined by bill -- whether the greatest course Steve Levy of the greatest Corbett. Also known for his work of course and a sports that are obvious yet in many make relatives were just you know -- The young man about town. -- Getting into it so much stuff going on here at the greatest or those -- that -- Steve we were talking earlier about the though it picks in this in the hockey -- the united you wanna see returning temperatures stick with the NHL guys but. All I get. The whole. A romantic in 1983 was. That was significant that that that that -- never be captured and and now I look at evidence but -- -- hockey pool of the wide open surfaces lets you great hockey. -- it -- in 1980 now obviously you know. We do that team what would it became. I'm not sure how Abby who would've gotten up to see the greatest Russian small time to get -- our our college kids at 730 aboard and holidays right. And it is borrowed now how I bet I -- some meetings with them 7:30 AM. But we've been spectacular. And that we can get you the USA can nickel metal gate -- do. It's a big win for the NHL in every way except injuries you could make the argument now the Detroit Red Wings will not make the playoffs right now. -- Zetterberg who Zetterberg. Runs it already not column. It was one of the critical for redwood. What what was injured was on the way couldn't cobble Berkeley. Not for no different. Differences I think it's really split their whole their whole team stocked with sweet -- was to that looked at the outside right. All these general medical executives they want promote the sport the united will sport great hockey Olympic hockey great hockey. That being said. Tampa Bay Lightning for example okay. You know publicly hey there upsets these vehicles would be great reports that a team privately they are ecstatic yet I -- -- jumping up and down. They don't wanna burn him out for -- three weeks of high intensity hockey. And anything they could make a run. Instantly I admit -- of the similarly Steve this is about to I mean especially if you're contender at Nokia nearly against the right now but especially if you're particulate Brooks some of these teams. We don't want your guys going over there to -- were too much else. -- be happy to see of Zdeno Chara Slovakia bow out early so he doesn't have to make the long run in this put up with -- suggested that earlier in terms of but I'd still like to see the roots once every four years right but the duplicate the you can -- -- -- against. Right -- I hadn't heard that when it but I am assuming you right now with him nearly not against it because he doesn't think it's not that he doesn't want to watch it I don't know that I didn't vote for early he's against it because. His business. Is the Boston broke right right -- the Olympics is not his business. And so you know if if my business is gonna be time by the fact that my bike -- is that it goes to. You know so she. For the Olympics why what I before that I mean for the accommodation might feel different than -- Welcome back with my -- And it made it into voting to be promoting the bar but that that's a different grade your in your analogy wouldn't -- -- anybody and so she coming here to the greatest -- Say problem yes that probably would -- -- But that's that's the that's the task rights and wanted to promote hockey. The greatness of hockey game was great but on the local side you have to protect your own. The idea here is Winston -- and -- teams like Saint Louis. Detroit and Chicago like because that region Egypt and Olympia and right now those three -- that it. Or not had an especially Saint Louis I've never want it and I think this idea yeah this could be the year for I was surprised to -- the Detroit I was really concerned -- -- -- over the Eastern Conference right I'm like -- this you know this again that means they're gonna review the middle of the heat. The -- the toughest team that the most talented team he would keep his team. They've obviously struggled the but now that they -- it in the Olympics is well you know. But the -- -- they struggled in the east the west jobs -- much tougher right so. -- they're ready to close to a playoff team in the west right so in the east they're fighting may not even make the right after the eighth spot right to a particular spot away. From somebody else and here's your other big picture small picture. While you walk the red wings -- He could take your playoff spot. Ownership that -- dollars red wings were automatic sell out but what do they go to that hobbled Dotson who's one of the best option that took him back doubles and not you know and there's no way I mean right now Pittsburgh once seeded heat. -- -- he wants to Detroit in the first round action no one needle right YouTube now that's a media conference finals to -- not a warning you know like the NBA the these -- -- -- in the -- it's not just like -- -- -- -- -- the NBA -- never -- one. Yeah UBS value -- -- happen so -- over questions. But another thing -- 1980 Steve is that. It you know -- you that the team Richards again you know I can see that anyway because it won't be -- from Russia may be some guys from the cage delegates but it but it wouldn't be. And that won't ever happen again no matter even if they returning temperatures because as Russians over the NHL. Well -- look -- want balance it's like the it's like with the the basketball -- -- was well everybody else and their best OK we'll shook our best abandon the dream team now. You know and hockey was it when we were the only ones really are real sitting. Savvy professionals through their national team. And we sent our can't -- ninety was a memory bit to the world forget. We have Mike who was the only on the -- batters earlier tonight. Who I talked to yesterday was hoping to be would you like to use it -- -- -- it. But he reaches steels tool that should. That. At Aaron I said that you know Mike what you remember so. You see the news tonight with the Russian team. And you wonder what all these guys thinking even though they're pros but it -- memories mean. About that night we played the Russians -- I remember him with that and I needed all -- -- was what he'd he'd lose with what the night was like. It was just kind of Nazis we -- at the moment with him and that it's obviously. Obviously that I let it well enough to school of the game when and one at what they lose the in the exhibition that is -- it's a little longer. Arabic yet so eleventh -- confidence could not have been behind yet. Again he talked about third fortunately stats with that. Attractive guy that's that people forget that exhibition game and if they'd say well I'm not even gonna watch that what's really you know through even watch that right. And it was just what we were talking about it will always talk about that right. And -- accept it will be tough fights with rounds. Me and now we have an excellent. -- definitely tune out there but the idea that the and he did -- many column ideas. The fact that in the united getting ready to judge the and -- cremated yet he's the Russian judge tonight. In the miss Valentine's Day and let it yes they have yeah -- -- it -- you got to join me I'm good but. It looks like you have it covered that you had that. Minutes ago we can't have a one person that I didn't really say -- -- -- -- but I'm happy to come up I'm happy committed. I'm happy to come on there's a lot of -- yeah -- read. You don't make me get this -- mean and that's. It's just wishing they could realize what's at his top ten plays -- any -- constantly judging sports you can count. I'm afraid -- -- have a public that I deposit you on the other guy by the way. That's that's ethnic and I've been pleasantly. You know Ryan and -- It's their kids have recently looked every every night. You can do that to be -- games. I'll always -- -- -- one of the gates right that's what we'll end and they never seems to be a lol I started W affiliate many years ago fuels we're reviewing New York the first one. And my dad was like what took talk about it. But let's talk about twenty it and you know every state has -- portrays the Phoenix they have those sports teams or you know coupled they've reached portrait that's incredible -- And out alias the heaviest -- 23 years is it Steve you know what I want as he it's just it's. To to -- as -- get jealous of the guys apparently there's a little bit of difference it feels a few more -- to an -- -- numbers. Those that we -- about the I tapped that in -- couple more. You should see these guys take weather make cuts and fighting to get out there it's alive yet 26 -- they -- have a good. It's the ambulances you asked him by the -- of the world made him -- that instruments on my right. Regrets not yet it sends the players know if and today if I can tell by the look at -- -- -- as a -- that yes -- -- -- -- -- says that while he's playing in the all star celebrity. And I in New Orleans or -- -- very aggressive illegal yes the yes. I see your line and -- I am. Yes I am I need not a -- that's you that's the most overrated person ESPN right did it while he should get out of the shot the trust bills images the most overrated -- is obviously a classic and most overrated yeah. Don't have to acknowledge bill ability not -- -- -- us militarily because there's only room for one bill in Boston is not -- send -- black. He should be out of Bristol Connecticut. -- guys get about as much right and -- in each knows one. -- was racist like you wrote that he does a good job. I like that -- Steve yes that's right it's it's dirty water Friday night when I was. We're totally mountains and on and others which are pretty radio the radio -- are you blocking -- on the street was that I -- idea. I will will roll on the street the study bill the charity tax. Aaron. -- -- to the format we. Well -- -- can't exclude her Valentine's Day -- courts. Doctors now what's different usually there's like human shield I don't blame. That's -- -- -- -- Billy I know these things. We're getting more attacks about horrible. Valentine's Day stories. The person that we asked to Colin they had to hang up and go to the bathroom so I hope -- done well. Sure they call in after the break we're about to break any so we call -- Steve cutlass you know. I see guys happy go outside and get people back in next segment you have to make up for the last August really -- -- -- this and that it was with us on the emir of that's right except right well we'll find out hey that's -- -- it was going to be on what's going on map we have to have no one of Steve's great friends. Who worked with you know at he has the end of that. Right can. The like any news what are your favorite blocks in baseball nobody. Now working for the MLB network will be talking -- him the community to. There you -- not to run without an eclectic and actually in any. Yes why let it -- -- -- -- that especially in this business that's pressure regularly -- right will be will be back after -- for.

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