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Mike Eruzione joins the show to talk Olympic Hockey

Feb 14, 2014|

John Ryder and Bill Fairweather talk with Captain of the 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team, Mike Eruzione about his experience in the Miracle on Ice game, the 2014 winter olympics and the USA vs Russia game tomorrow.

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Factor on the planet Mikey showed John rider in for Mikey to -- back and sure enough Monday we're here at the greatest for a dirty water Fridays -- the planet Mikey show on WEI. Bill fair -- owner of this worth its. For four establishment. As witnesses violence or be handling the tax and text message that 37937. And coming up -- just a couple of minutes will be talking to. Mike -- -- election himself from. The 1980 miracle on ice team the US and -- team that defeated the Russians which are tracked all the pros don't see that anymore bill. -- that Hannity USC playing Russian tomorrow right and I think there's some question from non. I'm mistaken to. Whether or -- The Ulysses and continue with the pro plays after -- Olympics would be it seemed as Michael gathered there haven't of vote on that but you know -- that. That won't ever happen it will be temperatures for -- which would that be because it is it's a vote Pernod NHL players and there's for the Russian. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll let you know on the Russian team in you know concede -- -- it took -- -- -- a melting -- of the world could you please so while these teams. Have to go back to its stance that the and I'm hoping they stick with the pros I know that. In many years split on this but I'd rather see Christmas because people make Leo argument they say well. You know. Wanna see duplicate of what happened in 1980 but that won't ever happening right because that was images -- the -- -- yet. And I'm -- Michael make it clear that. It'll never happen again. The uniqueness of that situation knowing even news that is and that's what a lot of people want to see again but edges won't be able happening and it's dimensional that -- -- -- -- all in so many other players -- they would. You know Sweden in. You know Lundqvist and all the players. That are in the NHL right now joining us on the AT&T. Hotline is Mike ruse Sione from the 1980 Olympic dream team you might consider a job right here in -- -- whether -- do what. Mike. We were just discussing there's the talk that's going around. What do you think about the Olympic hockey returning temperatures. Oh yeah they've like a year us. At sorry that's fine it's not John Ryder bill fair weather are you doing. We were just discussing the return of the potential return of amateurs playing in this Olympic hockey what are your thoughts do you think they should just stick with the -- -- to -- overtures. Well. Whether sticker don't stick I think that that -- -- back either tonight I think you're probably right I think this might be the last Olympics that they do it. Especially little -- the next leader in Korea. I'm not sure you won't it won't help that he's down. And healthy -- -- -- -- -- -- I think you're rather see Richard after Zetterberg went out. So they hit it's interesting situation. I've gone back and forth -- it. I'm clearly the best players in the world and anybody that watches the Olympic Games. The skill level absolutely incredible city. The fourth line center in particular stock. I'm but I still don't think it's conducive to that the best team and I knew I. And they don't practice together I don't spend one day in an eagle flight. And they're trying to get adjusted to the detection device from time to get to it may take -- I would like to see in -- the World Cup for the candidate -- We think -- inappropriately for weeks. I'm gonna compete against each other -- And he'll be back in the world that enemies out again in Sweden against Switzerland with a one upping it. Why I think because Switzerland for the last three months have been practicing together as a team. Thought and it plugged in the NHL guys. Well don't be surprised at the upset somebody didn't think great. Well again I think about it I think they're probably gonna go back to the old days. And -- -- and I'm not sure what that will be able in Portugal -- professionals who play over in your. It'll be interesting looking exactly like I have a feeling like last time. Mike what do you think about the chances of this USA hockey team. Well I think Iraqi -- that I think going into the game. Aren't we got that attitude down -- -- -- players -- players back in the team that competed in vehicle with a lot of overtime. To Canada. Arm and looked awfully good the other night but you really can't judge I want him. On that particular vehicle hitting it solid. It's going to be Arctic it aren't turning -- low income. There are a lot of great teams that compete. Will have a better -- -- what happened shortly after beginning tomorrow that. You know art is an important game but it's not that you -- -- You know again and then duck and it -- to -- it into. So it would be nice if you want to bracket because that you -- any drop it. But the big games just don't count right now the US and after their first become pretty excited people look at. Mike have you have you talked to any of the US plays recently -- mean you know they're obviously going through. To some extent what you went through. Back in nineteen -- they're about to play the Russians have you talked to to -- -- guys it. You're not I I think I'm old hat trick in the 1 o'clock -- You know these guys have been through this Florida's -- that it completed late in beginning a professional player ha. The total totally different atmosphere now than it was in 1980. You know they're playing the Russian tomorrow we played Soviet. They were professionals we were you pictures. Our average age was 21. I don't think I think the average he didn't Hewitt he's probably twenty actually expect or explore. So -- yeah can you compare the two and -- -- for me to talk to them. I don't know what what do I have to say that that it already know I've ever over the years -- -- into the Olympic team in the past there. A few years ago Jack county and the night went to Chicago may have your team bonding and the kind of spoke to them about -- -- -- I've been in the locker room and I think it was a Indy Vancouver. And just kind of spoke to a vote in every article in the yeah I kind of look at it only really restless in the 1980s at the I really don't have anything to say I act and that there and -- -- -- out of the hotel and knowing very loud just wishing him luck and I've always told everybody a -- moment. Most don't ask overlook. It and are correct -- all -- the world how powerful would become an Iraqi and. We have come that way you are in 1980 legible on the door with today's -- knock that door down and you know I think at the beginning where I want to say that's great city. The what Mike. One of the certainly if they do are return to. Or it stick with the NHL players 1980 will never happen again but you can make the case and it'll never happen again anyway if they richer and amateurs because they won't be facing Russian pro players or pro players from any other country because they'll be over here in the -- Pat anger and I don't think that the Paris -- back because what we did little electric bitterly over and I'm independent but our situation is different dumb. Political climate difference I think a lot of people in 1980. I'll look at that it was more than a hockey game it was. You know us against them that they want freedom vs communism. The hostages had been taking it as a country we can't get it very difficult I think. To watch just players -- the political game but to the United States -- -- And hockey draws so much since then but -- community of people from Florida and Texas and Arizona couple under Arkansas. They blocked it -- like they couldn't believe what was happening it it wasn't about hockey help. I think that's what might separate any other. Olympic hockey game like this particular game. Retired with -- grew Sunni part of the 1980 US gold medal winning team. That knocked out the powerful Russians back then in this year's tournament like young. Would you consider the favorably -- it is great to Sweden Finland is solid the Russians as well and of course the US. You've got a couple goals -- the -- the -- in any reliable metal vehicle there. Are you look at the lineup hit it solid solid big apostle in their -- and technical and this is the strongest in the tournament on the clearly their depth is awfully good in the candidate defending champions. I -- you -- Russian a lot pressure Russian. How accurate trip she -- they've promised that every game they play in -- turned the gold medal game. -- you know that he can't be able to handle the home crowd and that little pressure. Popular again awfully -- -- it popular and probably didn't give me a bit better than -- 200 adjournment. I'm actually record book I can match up with -- United States. We didn't. They finally get themselves in the final curtain around I think leaving Eugene. And losing on that aren't. I actually rely on Lundqvist played well and he really played well today and it can always have. Find a way to get it you crawl a little lit up and went and they've got the best goaltending tournament and we hear often -- wrapped up the good. And it just elegant. I just don't know Finland has the firepower on this court -- both. It like having said that I think they'll go to the fourteen. You watch Clark and down. Strap it if anybody other than those poor people want to look pretty. -- and is clearly just mention all the names who's on all these teams has plenty of interest in Olympic hockey do you think that would Wayne. They do or or lessen if it went back to amateurs. Attitude question. I I don't know that that that got -- pretty interesting I think -- I think we still like our athletes perform. As a country we we -- speed -- that -- that the -- letters that. I think we'll watch hockey and what it would be an awful well -- our athletes competed when it. -- you're looking at the same way I don't know that they'll look pretty hard hit the world juniors and it looked pretty hard look at the world championship. In the Olympics are every four years whatever it is the real world junior contributed to a championship so. There were some excitement in Europe when it went international -- explain. And I would like to think that America would -- support our athletes. Whoever that might because they represent the record. Mike it's almost 35 years since you guys went up in and took -- -- by storm. When the Olympics come rolling around. Every four years to the memories come back to me what is it like to you know I you know I hate to be -- the other guy who's -- -- The ten million time to recall those minerals is on as many people what is it like -- especially during the Olympic. Well -- from you know I noticed all the time I think it'd travel like a lot of you know speaking on all around the country yeah. The last 3040 years. You know what I do a great job of our university it it is freedom to travel and and and do things that I do like -- quite yet. Every four years -- requests for interviews I think it. Pick a seventh person I talked to today and I probably good idea that they and I can I not get some. And see it tomorrow morning and and that in DC tomorrow afternoon so I get a lot of requests that bond it's formed so. I'd get a chance to talk about a moment that was clearly there that are really not only special to me and my teammate especially to a -- and I'm the only people helping him out there remember where it was when we want. And I'll go look familiar from the pain. But yet is uncertain they're kind of relive those stories only people that it means a lot woman. I can I can tell you that -- act until 34 years people come up you know I remember exactly where they weren't what they were doing and I've had people start crying when you're talking to me because that might have been the last you know it that would get out of their mom and print. And watch this game. I think my teammates and I appreciate that things like that and and realizing it so what we did was special and relive it even itself even if it's every four years although it -- -- I'd probably do it more. We we -- Mike is as the USA gets prepared to play Russia tomorrow morning. Do you remember what you are doing the night before the game with the Soviets mean. Aren't we still don't act and remember exactly what I did -- we get down. Again as the football coach Mike hadn't. A couple of -- got a little bagel. About thirty minutes outside the Lake Placid. Yeah I at a state police blocked the drive me. Choose the Winnebago that they were staying in the shadow under a little fire. And that had a few dared to have some hot dog in Hamburg has been down. This state trooper and waiting and brought it back I actually think I missed curfew by about twenty minutes. Pop -- went back. Szczerbiak. When you trailer. And my streak like I would in the trailer looked incredibly bickered silver color that was just -- -- -- you know well absolutely you end up -- like it and you know hit it I don't know what happened in the most yeah look at liquid again tomorrow and that it up for pregame skate in the end that was about it it was. It was kind of funny because it wasn't hit. Ritual whatever I guess I'm being nice to spend some time with my data my cousin and coaching them up. Have a few -- and black it was not a you know because it. If he sees sit in the trailer would would QB Craig and and some of the other guys. Were you. How cognizant of where you. What you guys who on the precipice what could potentially happen -- you optimistic. To beat the Russians for the Soviets. The next day -- Act I think legally we're cognizant of -- being big game we were cognizant of what was going on around us up. We were added doctor immediately -- other -- blocking the way -- -- where the united might feel different and -- and we -- watching. Because I get ample cause for some of the guys in the -- -- Stockholm. But. Last it was a hockey game and with -- big hockey game and I think that team we just felt we had prepared the way for them as we look for anybody it. This situation we can expect to try and hit it slowly just -- it. Follow the path of what we don't -- you know it can prepare the -- like it was any other game. What do you think you're absolutely and knew that but he still can't do anything differently anticipated court. Mike what was the feeling in that game for you or was it and until the finish when you when you were taken her. Where the US team was taken -- we have this we're gonna we're gonna beat the Russians. Yeah well -- until it came. And it on the export its political and it was long and lose your life. Because they could score a lot of build and short period of time. It was when the -- sounded autistic. People. Police beat the -- And went back in the locker room locker room perhaps some crazy -- got -- just cry and it was very emotional great place to be. Can't it was interesting because then regret it wrecked cricket cricket and we went. I'm not yet been in the studio and accurate weapons. I didn't -- went actor house for a -- distinct. I thought ironically we called -- -- -- thousand. Our parents stated in this one big ball and we'll watch the game at 8 o'clock because it was take a look at I -- anything to -- hill. Year later on the national -- it -- since nineteen began in 1988. -- -- can -- better sense of what took place. Then connect it practice. What -- you know I think the second target practice we have all year. And it was interesting because what you had to do was bring it back here. And gets ready to play again but a lot of people didn't know that we lost our I don't I don't date. We're gonna come for a place where this cricket and slowly in most similar game was that we never played. And he still let's go on when the and it that you trailed in their team is well and you Mike. Yes it would trigger adding little or I'm living in -- like -- literature oratory and both playing. And they always tell people I think that after my character that says that you eat it when you loop. See when you're on top you're behind eight ball. That that's when you -- -- that you are and I don't think that would let. -- forty minutes of hockey we played in the Olympic Games let. We scored three -- unfortunately on the but it. Like you know you notice to it in -- from Massachusetts whose other team and Jim Craig knows. You know as this year's version of the US Olympic team doesn't have any guys from Massachusetts what's going on with -- amateur hockey this thing. You know -- really disheartening big I think -- the first time and I'm not deal. -- -- -- I think -- the first time in Michigan in men's ice hockey that we had a lot somebody from Massachusetts on the scene and you know we get -- it's about a look at our developing players and you know we. Obviously got some guys in National Hockey League that's clear but yet -- -- it out. When he double play to not have enough to get on there. You know again I think we have to look at at what we're doing how we're developing -- How women are doing fine I think it eleven to ten -- on the -- -- -- -- But we don't have a -- that and that and that and that disappointing. From somebody from Massachusetts that we cannot pride ourselves on come on hockey players that we develop. You know you go back to she shook and the you know Tony amonte he says that players like that a year ago that we are great players and it in the NHL and that. They're not here so we get it usually get them back in the game. You know question. Well as always appreciate the time Mike you -- and enjoy the Olympic tournament. Thank you very much and that should be doing tomorrow it's also got out -- enough. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes no question about it all right -- thanks Mike Mike ruse Sione. Part of the 1980 US Olympic winning hockey team which will never be forgotten and never gets old that it doesn't.

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