WEEI>On Demand>>Former NFL Coach Herm Edwards: Never witnessed anything like what I read in the Bell report in an NFL Lockerroom

Former NFL Coach Herm Edwards: Never witnessed anything like what I read in the Bell report in an NFL Lockerroom

Feb 14, 2014|

We check in with ESPN's Herm Edwards for his take on what was revealed in the Bell investigation of the Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin incident.

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Talked -- and WEEI in some really good calls on the whale grabbed just about ten minutes 61777979837. But. Happy to have Herm Edwards with us today joins -- -- the AT&T hotline and you know harm as you go through these 144 pages or so of this report. You know would take calls all day -- spoke to somebody few minutes ago says very specifically. This -- -- just stood up for himself this happens in every workplace across America he says and -- just stood up for himself I'm not commit that happens across America. I didn't commit -- happens all the way across the NFL what you make of. Well you struggle like part -- all amendment that it might be good is not normal walk. I've been involved with the thirty year not to know I don't purely but there's not one but not so what brought it. Operable much like. I think that. It is the report where the relationship. Obviously this -- but he -- that echo -- life. Players who are culpable if you feel like there's a -- yet to send some longer. And they didn't all the guys in the locker. -- -- -- -- -- The closes. The closest. To build your partners are the trainer and the be put. Because they're in there all day we hear the conversation recruit local organ. When guy communal Saturdays at parties. They -- all the commentary. There's the red flag certain things happen and at the factory vehicle to vehicle called port aggressive in the -- the -- -- Epic battle that it happened -- that I like it. Getting 300 pound guy being bullied. -- Are probably not technically you're with all that we didn't fight -- -- that. I don't know that you don't -- despite all the way animal but are. That way that he's been saying the government should be tolerated in what -- workplaces place where. You can count on. -- got outlook outlook as we know obviously -- goal on our. It was probably -- and everyone kind of let it play out. Not to embarrass. Well out there that -- -- you watch what you are -- burger -- And stop like that happens with guys -- pretty picnic or if it never let it become clear that you're not been involved. You used the phrase workplace I think one of the questions a lot of people have is whether or not the NFL and NFL locker is it. The quote unquote workplace the way we usually think of -- you know the term. Well. And your partner there. They're here they're so there's there's a lot on the -- lot of talk around. Back then how do you set the whole network like the Politico several Nicole Lee. One I would give me your coat gripped football either of the cup finger. I made a note it was part being. The patent because it is. If it was boulder I would hear a lot. In word not of the you've got a lot. -- bolder in their tackle players they'll act that can be. You're you're not going to be part of a lot -- skirt and -- that now we can help aren't. But he didn't have a gold to the point -- -- field a -- while walking. If you got if you can't beat me. I heard how would you handle we were talking about this earlier the the dolphins clearly had a problem with somebody. That was different. -- them or different than what they expected we know the story of Jonathan Martin. His parents -- Harvard educated he went to Stanford. He had interest in things that maybe they didn't think he should have been -- today and for for whatever reason. Sensitive guy thoughtful guy. How would you how do you handle those type of players in the the rough -- world of the NFL. Well -- -- about the locker oval is all we've been comprised of it would be. You know diplomat here that couldn't. I mean you know that locker room -- That's kind of what -- who -- -- in the Arctic and apple platform. They -- -- -- day but never. It is and where where he'll look culpable because -- Republican or Democrat you'd like rock music and the other guy like rap music it. Whatever they've -- religion it doesn't matter. And that's always good crop of -- who might call it. We respect the job that we got the lead with a what would've gotten it but we gotta respect each other teammate. And at all in the locker room in my opinion that agrees with the Ottawa. Fact that you appreciate dot com the work you don't routinely Turkey day and we got hooked up if they have in life. There's a common bond and has -- patent even talking on the matter. Looks like. That it had been doing. Obviously you -- -- regret a great description and I think I agree with you and I think ousting -- earlier to sell term that. By the definition of the word team. The Miami Dolphins record aside the Miami Dolphins are a bad team they were just united did not look out for each other they went after one of their own had -- I think that that's what we're talking about your bad day. Well you know I can think you will repeat they're really when you look at. A lot of guys were. Lighten the role for the roll call it a lot of it and do with the pressure of carbon beyond the key battle that had. You'll have that would or couple guy. That could understand. The dynamic in the locker room go hey look this is what the result we all happened. Common goal was to -- But there who got orders do if we wind we don't get a piece that we all feel satisfied that we get a bullet -- but. This was more problem it was no outlook in the comparable club like you like in the all the locker room than I've ever been involved -- -- -- -- -- didn't win. The spot in the air that you never really a reporter position where he felt a culpable -- coming here. You know based on your description of what a team should be hermit sounds like you believe the NFL is ready for Michael Sam. I would hope so I mean that -- what everyone in the locker won't be comfortable with it. Would you say yes but that would be good group. But like I can remember that double date myself. I can remember. When Whitman for -- out walk. Lead with 1978. -- second your little. And god like look at what -- with the governor -- -- is that there are carpet when it comes to the locker room. And I can remember they like it we've recovered a lot hello we're coming out and -- and -- with. You've got to get what I want locked -- -- that you're okay. And I think the situation. -- it -- to take some aren't but forgot to look comfortable. With the situation. But for the most part. Got a good football player if he can win city park he did it hit it in the academic that edit OK let let go got to go apply. An -- what do you think the commissioners gonna do based on this report. Cool well obviously he's -- -- a memo -- all teams in is to make sure that -- this -- it appears that our. They're really. Quick. I didn't. And that could have covered -- -- the legal limit her became. But the important that well it gave up all look at each other gold -- how does this happen all the ridiculous graphic art unicorn. Who -- the property. It would don't mind boggling the improbable work. There's too many state golf partners to be in place where you look at it waive it we're there. And lo -- Obama and at least to the next question your children what happens to Joseph Philbin he's going to be the coach. Well I. Mean right now you let you know what -- -- I don't know obviously got -- sport I mean between their equipment Aaron. In the corner. And they. -- know everything in the -- If -- at all. We're here every. Single portal and what what what are -- act like they are not born they come to -- Gallup poll that you probably -- you when you do something. And it is not normal that you can't seem to have gotten to know. Now why that didn't happen I -- like yeah. I don't I'm not one -- -- -- -- -- -- it's been that kind of support call what was global. If they -- garden you don't play that the national football here. I'm that little thing ever but what right now I agree with what's going on. It is history. Of being in the it is pushing the envelope. Oddly the top physical. But now it into the port where all the that you Google audio clarity. And it didn't work is work bringing in the locker busy work when -- on the field. -- told mr. returns in -- you know called pit. You're gonna happen Q what did you sort of beer on me it would go -- would you want. And what. That -- the hardest thing about leadership. It's one thing going there but nothing got a follow. It got while. You don't want anybody follow in the. And it sounds -- people wore it and sounds like a whole bunch of people will default public Jonathan Martin -- plague or. I think you'll get up to. At the -- would you give me an opportunity and your team. You know it isn't good enough player now -- you -- the deal -- got the part I mean. That you don't like football. That the court order there. Really likable. Because. You put up and all -- and becomes a locker room and player development look at all of the different. Could look at it you'll like it -- you know. Some guys will agree that you're bully -- -- they should've done this so you've got to have that same person. Are also all that. Great stuff -- a thank you so much you know this today love your perspective of course BC and ESPN all the time talk against him. -- as -- a joint disease the AT&T hotline. And an -- -- -- based on the call today right. Something Elena walk former gonna say you know what that's awful what happened to wanna. Make it safe haven for each year and your new team and help you succeed we think he can be valuable player and other players is he kidding me animal like -- in my team I think he's. You know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and some moderates among -- -- -- -- -- right Eric -- did not acknowledge the very -- well play -- wanna get ark and fill in all the rest here calls here justice 607779790%. Insult WB yeah.

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