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Salk and Holley's 4 at 4 Overrated Edition - 2/14/14

Feb 14, 2014|

We tackle four topics around overrated athletes in Boston and all of pro sports.

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And now our -- Silicon Valley school. -- -- roller board or the -- Fun cleaning. -- -- Well we solved it -- and sports radio and W -- -- Knew everybody was raised in -- -- -- -- of he's the -- and. Apparently I'm on the I got -- I know I know exactly remains. That famous overrated people look at you think he's overrated. And I don't. This is just because he's overrated god they had another doing what this saga has got to get a lyrics no no we try to come up. Most overrated songs of all time switch it up and literally so subjective. And you don't agree with -- Overrated well what are people's. What what do people say about her. He says he's Jesus what he thought he he's over he is overrated themselves did not overrated himself all agree there instead he has called himself Warhol. Jesus and Shakespeare. Three for three and overeating himself me you know so. I think he's a tad over our opening rout -- overrated is that conversation that brought Cuba see beyond your Tulane got the end result you got a business to manage one that would seem like -- -- And by integrity windows and doors as a matter. We've read this and sponsors he can you tell us about being overrated and ask this question. Now. You know we are you know we are were underrated true -- -- -- a populist appropriately rated -- our doubt over underrated really. And there was going to be viewed as underrated. While Jeter is an all time greatest player we can all agree on whenever. You don't like these secret base -- an all time great baseball great baseball players aren't here. Comments from Mike Lupica saying quote there will never be a Yankee who -- more than Jeter is clearly over all of myself voters. After Derek Jeter who would be the most overrated player in Major League Baseball. Well based on what I heard -- only -- today on -- on mark Maloney would -- be. Wouldn't be the guy that everybody loves -- -- did you hear that you have you here here in Bristol Michael he was asked. What a one year while he is it was asking GMs what they would be willing to do for a one year deal. For for -- -- -- it a -- it was a free agent what would you for one year was in -- -- -- And I -- the estimation given the fact that you know -- what's going once when he killed. And then I took that the general managers and say that without it he's besides being open like -- an expense. And and the question put to him that I did differently was it Mike -- was a free agent now on a one year in got a one year deal someplace what -- yet. And yet and I got Indians well it. 35 to fifty million dollars one year contracts can you guys in general. Are you kind of an up and 35 to fifteen million dollars I think my vote is a rates. A lot of 85 to fifty million dollars or one year quite -- overrated. Hey that if you're John Henry annually to pay fifty million dollars four year. The Mike throughout would you do it. Maybe -- a four year fifty. Only a year by fifty million dollars this money. It's just money Larry you know a bit out of shape it is money the real answer it is my -- team. Not a -- holes. Our Josh and Josh Hamilton is the most elaborate player. What what what you say that. Because there's something symptomatic was something wrong with him. Like even though he's incredibly talented. There's something wrong with -- he's an excuse maker this -- like -- can't hit during the day because he's got -- wise and he broke his arm because the third base coach sent -- -- from the from third base which most absurd thing I've ever heard and Wednesday. He is overrated and and and he's troublesome to a team even there was a very good offensive player. Yeah I thought about I thought about Hamels in two. But without his Jeter's this is hard to come up with any anybody in second place it's not a legit second place it's like thirtieth place. Derek Jeter is so far over rated -- -- -- mention anybody else. In the same conversation with some of the other text messages that come through is that a fairway -- of people of different field. Well on the playoffs yet have a Jacoby Ellsbury based on what it is compared. That would that would double Bryce Harper. Not yet panel thinks he's rated much for what is Robinson canola based -- when he discount. -- not overrated yes -- week. Now based -- blew -- last said he had not say overrated so far and in the best -- we got Victor Martinez -- McCarver him. That's right it's good -- does it. That was quick. The idea there is filled with good players who think they're great yeah you Carmelo Anthony and it. -- -- That -- Carmelo is a great player -- replace half the game is not a bad game. And the bad there that we hear the best -- both raised superstar you shouldn't be at a bad teams. -- -- -- -- -- -- what players are. Good art and art and I said quote the NBA's filled with good players who think they are great but marking a great player now. The great player though in the news Dublin. -- of them very good score terrible -- I stand with them. So -- -- Bernard -- scored sixty points didn't have a single -- -- haven't settled this all the most overrated player in the NBA two day. That's one got a few a few weeks ago the Makiko here. It's rational as fashionable as they do anyway but I don't think that's right Alec he's overrated and still he's still pretty good isn't just coasting on his reputation though it's not always overrated it's that he was something he used to be better than he is now an OK I still think he was he knows what he was OK now that's right. That's I think that's. Votes are coming in for his teammate mr. bosh. Well not anymore it's Chris Bosh overrated. More enemies -- like it nobody thinks is a good you know nobody no labor talks about the summit of anybody else on the team he used to be over -- LeBron now -- children. Double vote for Dwight Howard. I was gonna say to a -- that was going to be my hands. I can't believe some of the same reasons as Josh Hamilton. Incredible player like incredibly talented but just seems to have something about him that that the long term will not lead to success on your. Maybe it's expected it his shooting range that go beyond like six or seven feet yet if that would also mean his personality -- the the thinking your great when your very good thing and I think that's. I think I think that he shares quite a bit in common with -- I think he's pretty close to a great player. But I power Lotta votes coming in and he's -- it I would Jeremy -- He was there -- mix of people went I mean yeah definitely today. Rod goes overrated as they Rondo is Blake Griffin. Overrated because of the dunks dope because he's actually improve I think people Blake Griffin the last few weeks. Blake Griffin without Chris Paul. Show me something that he had just met. Yes overrated but there are definitely. Yes. Yes it is yes western it is preferred some six of three that pitched for the past judgment. Is Josh -- the bridge. My name is coming up here -- to put my name on here for over I don't blame him got -- I'd be overrated as a compliment. If you think I'm over it I -- somebody out there as a rating behind and how -- you have a -- -- I felt back -- -- as though that's pretty good aren't I think you're I think you're drastic you're you're you're greatly. Briefly can you votes for Joseph Johnson and agree here. -- -- it is is over and over rated over over haze kind of people think he has who he has right carrier ring now hole. He's having you know these people same fine until I don't think Bynum is overrated he's just that year. And nuts right but I think he's overrated in the at this point it was he's talented but he's crazy. -- have a direct. Normal -- and are you kidding combined with -- a course -- Hard to sleep to judge players preakness has to be the NFL also would mind who was most overrated player in the NFL today. Red Sox Peyton Manning guard Marcus -- and now now. You know a Peyton Manning is over -- I think it's like 29 different running backs are overrated. Pick one. Pick one at -- Guatemala I don't Adrian Peterson Jamaal Charles is overrated Chris Johnson is overrated at least know -- mode is great but he's overrated all of those guys are always. All -- action but a lot position is overrated on but that action -- -- on you don't understand. Obama. That's. And appreciate it. I guess I'm guilty of overeating. Into law but. I think criticized because in a -- on analyze and and Russell a little -- Russell Wilson being god is hopping -- from Russell Wilson but the other easy answer from quarterback perspective Michael your guy. Incredibly overrated coach Tony Romo. Whose fault is that it. The people's faults they think Tony Romo was a great quarterback is deeply sorry no well if it got hot chicks. Tony romo's got a reprieve you're talking about. Guys are great quarter -- -- I. Might be you know it in my brain. It might be you want to. Running back and let the receivers. I certainly seem like a whole game changing stretch the field type receiver. The seminoles guys. When games really matters but gave it even had tied him for that area could Jimmy Graham. When it really -- -- Beckett AJ green when it really mattered. Calvin Johnson because those guys were there and the economic Johnson out of Calvin Johnson Natalie both out of it. A lot of those guys this kind of disappear for long stretches. You have the last name. Is with the other and you'll. People got to recognize that Eli is not great though he's underrated you know and again it's under -- group Michael I think he's underrated I think you guys better than most people get credit for. Because he's he's had some up and down seasons but when he's going well he can be great. But he's not consistent like we gotta admit that. How I'll take its inconsistency. In his his big game ability. Constantly about that Pittman a passing through. It's what eleven that the second jarring -- -- an awful -- it. Has that -- inability. That they're they're the Red Sox poet laureate -- write a poem about that. -- We go over Boston teams and players but we do have a tendency to over read them because they happen to play here so. All time. Who's the most overrated player in Boston history at that time I -- to names in my list they both play the same position. Brian rose and one Pena. But Brent rose and based on the height. I guess maybe it's over hyped. But people were only thirty MC. It's too early for that got him looking here. You're on the like you're willing to say about the Hamilton but only your right haggard told me he's gonna be the next great idol -- he put it. Yet he's still the second year in the league first full season. -- was supposed to be incredible turn into nothing and I thought Juan Pena is. -- the next Pedro well you know. As Steve and they would say it pains me that faith. And love them like a brother. Like. Jason -- America have -- his body in right field. -- -- Not on a drug -- -- career over yet they don't know -- I don't know if it is very and I love and barbaric act and a Varitek but it's easy answer because of because of the pitching staff. That Pedro specifically what Pedro was able to do. And what this -- represented. Any time there was a good game. It was more about Varitek -- Varitek became. There are some people they talk about Varitek to -- when he talked about you know Johnny Bench and Carlton Fisk. And he was excellently -- an excellent prepared. Good teammate good captain. But people made them into something they talked about them right in a way -- -- -- really. It is not him it's a great answer a couple of Doug flute. There was a time in this time on the page -- two winning games -- so when there is a huge segment of the population that would trade him straight up for Flutie. Doug Flutie over -- public is -- year he was on the roster recent calls in the post I -- every once you give to warrant Capote it's Friday evening's game he just he was loved so much for what he had done collagen in the -- everyone thought he could be. But he was bad. Of people around here for years turn him into. Name them ending great quarterback here. David he was never really able to do that better but he Titanic -- common burn your house so -- -- Most overrated boss of that what you sent -- we've forgotten in obvious answer easy. Because technically wasn't Boston -- for a while Tim Tebow. -- Call my boss and happily -- was -- an athlete or the summer and US summer fling with Tim Tebow have a Michael bishop. Have a guy about Daisuke first gusher -- Soledad.

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