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Salk and Holley's Boston Blitz - 2/14/14

Feb 14, 2014|

We set the table for the show with three of the hottest topics in Boston sports. Today featuring DJ Bean and Alex Speier of WEEI.com and Mike Reiss of ESPNBoston

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Now it's not been taken inside look at the board feet. My memories from here to -- -- that Paul flattery is a professor Vijay being the WEEI dot com -- It's the ball up the blitz samples babies are borders are on toppled but it is sports team is we did a look inside. Govern from front to back now come home. Boston herald's Steve -- Chris price WEEI dot com where I open. Time now for assault and -- is often Blair thought Sports Radio WE. And the loss of bullets as always brought you by AT&T start off talking to an NFL football Mike -- of ESPN boston.com on Twitter. At Michael Reese. You know all of Michael ask you about the about the Jonathan mark Ritchie and company this if you want to want to ask you about your. A couple of a couple of mailbag entries you've had. Related to the patriots and their defense of system especially as it relates to defensive ends of whether or not. There's a potential for a systematic change where those guys need to be more attacking a supposed -- Trying to do everything you see bill actually analyzing that part of the game. Who blew the BP has stood out to you might was when you felt the difference between what. Chandler Jones and Rob Ninkovich we're doing in the AFC championship game. And -- Seahawks defensive end Chris Clemons that. You know which he was doing along you know with his costly and is made clear on its defense and -- pressuring Peyton Manning. -- huge difference and it was basically because that's the -- right after it. Where they -- -- and Jones were shipping and they were sometimes. You know are more -- coverage sacrificing their initial rush. And for the thought there it's maybe you know maybe there needs to be a little more consideration to possibly setting those guys free a little bit. I will last about and got -- you don't but first when asked about Mike Lombardi what do you think the role for him in Foxborough is going to be. What Michael if it it -- happen to me nothing has officially happened yet I think it would probably. Steve -- consultant base which is basically. In a lot of ways what I think it was without the title you know before he went to Cleveland we know what -- strong -- him. He has would Bill Belichick and how Bill Belichick really respects. His personnel acumen. I I don't and in addition it I get to boil it down Islamic I don't envisioning you know how small that trap premier is good I think you were in there -- -- -- -- small table. I'd be surprised if Mike Lombardi had a seated at table so to me it would be more of a consultant sort of sounding board type but that's just my friends I don't have any real inside information on that. And -- I can hold no wells report right now 144 pages and dolphins. Really some explosive stuff in your what's your take away what do you think Roger Goodell we'll do. I I don't look good don't do my my take away my cup effect keeps coming back to its. How could which he can -- -- to have been a captain on that team how could that people who did side with the captains are. Put someone like that in the position of leadership. And I I obviously there's a lot more to it but they keep coming back to that as. As to how the dysfunction. Could be what it was there I mean a lot of explosives -- And I know it's never black and white -- there's a lot of different layers to it but to me. I'd certainly comes back in -- Ito as the person -- he was removed from this whole thing I'm not sure we're in the situation. They are we gonna have an extended chat soon might -- bring you win a little talk about this offseason was talking to that's him. Horrific I have my greasy as we -- -- dot com bringing DJ being the WEEI dot com of course covering the Bruins and Duca didn't play all that well on his first his first Olympic. Opportunity yesterday DJ and then he didn't even get the start today for Finland what's going on Tuukka Rask. Go and -- to grasp right now is that Kerry let them submit your feet started yet -- to -- -- -- I think that they really did to assess okay to a yes so yes. For all her all the talk great. Street Bergeron looked the other day to assist Kerry let them as just the ready for Finland today as a goal. You go into the system when it was pretty political center with the end route in what. I think that that was kind of the plan for Finland where you give rough start in. You see what happens from there he doesn't play well you certainly got other options. Adding that appear Bruins fan right now with that having allowed four goals now maybe not playing much against going forward. That's of course but in the world for birds and what we've been talking up. Much of what terrific guy. But -- -- taught you about my disappointment not you're the one who. Brought Jack Edwards and Peter elements together on a podcast about that was it I thought it ended the -- Apparently didn't I don't know be heard Jack on earlier this week you still part of what happened about -- were supposed to settle. This dispute. Where a so cute thing -- do -- that effectively but it's not in all that it's not. But a lot to you didn't. -- whatever -- says sabre -- Always going to be a -- sport is John parole opted proper what they'll look a little bit different than it was for its site. The he's. A. DJ good stuff odd man rushes up the WEEI dot com and he's at DJ underscore being -- about it. Yes -- Alex beard joins us from Fort Myers -- is covering the Sox -- WEEI dot com as well on. For buster talking about Stephen Drew would some of the other guys were sort of caught in this. You know in between nobody wants to give them a contractor it's -- to the one team that wouldn't need to give up the draft pick for drew. How low can they go with them and what would he be willing to take. What. There are disparity between obviously what he's going to take it what they've been offered state of -- of -- my wife and that. Probably right now it's less of a negotiation that it is. Just what the red sucks for offering -- they're not really going to. To push too far beyond that can't my defense but I got important people in Fort Myers today is that -- -- a multi year deal. -- the Red Sox probably are only interested in having him back on either one year or what you're a player option in the kind of comfort structure that they had for Adrian Beltre. And in -- -- tickets than it is anyone's guess. I know that Foster said that the Yankees. As of today would not deal ending up warmup though as far as the Yankees have done well you know in in terms of investing in the it's still hard for me to believe that given the fragility of so many members of their infield -- terms of either performance or help. Did they wouldn't look at a guy like -- and say well there's going to be giving up what fourth round pick forum you know that's that's someone who. It would be the heir apparent Derek Jeter that would answer a lot of questions or. I just wanna follow up on drew he wants a multiyear deal the Red Sox wanna a shorter deal what kind of dollars -- are we talking about. Don't have a feel for that my guess is that you know is that we moved well off the fourteen dollar qualifying offer. In words you know we're talking about. You know about something it would be a lot closer to what -- made last year which is I'm -- Barbara -- the Red Sox. In order you know you don't want to bring god back in don't want to offend his sensibility so. You know it wouldn't surprise me if we were talking about. Kind of a one year ten million dollar offer from that but that's mere speculation. No idea right now about and the dollars are being voted for him but it's clear that -- it was pretty much destroyed. In it in the same way in more surprising me. There has Jason Varitek and when you have a free agent. And ended up coming back turning down what year about ten million dollars -- arbitration board -- actually in nurturing for two years and got a fallout spear at. Alex beer then -- -- WEEI dot com throughout spring training and the season thanks Al. Thank god are they go that's possible it's brought you by AT&T AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible Michael you know who received it. 44 point two million dollars that I. I don't -- you're gonna tell me -- Italian ex alcoholic W yet.

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