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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 2/14/14

Feb 14, 2014|

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So can -- now. 37937. On Sports Radio 93 point seven. Yeah I don't know. And yeah it's time for answers the question generic answer the question which sought out -- is the big question. So put should be -- on -- anything and everything I'll answer that question it's answer that question yeah. Tell you all Michael the two big stories that have dominated this week terms of the national news this and Michael slam. Yep how interesting or both of their first press conferences and -- -- -- guys really spoken other than salmon as his conversation with the SPN. Which which press conference are you more looking for. All boy that's it up an early question of the great question I would say. Martin damn exit. -- don't say is gonna that isn't gonna have a press conference next week I think Syria. The company -- First data come on now you know what I you know -- more interest again more interesting than Sam's press conference at the combine more interest in the job with the Martins press conference. To be a fly on the wall with he when Sam -- ask questions. But NFL teams you know some of these teams are going to be ill and hit a -- and ask him some crazy questions you know that. When he gets those fifteen minute interviews yeah. You know this is the same and -- well surprise surprise it was -- Miami Dolphins remember it was Jeff Ireland last. Dez Bryant yup so we're Jamal all of. She thought that's -- -- NATO or player B I think it was put him on the reasons to have a good -- on the list it's perfect for killing Jeff Ireland while unbelievable Jeff Ireland's got to be feel a little unsteady today Greg can you imagine feeling that way about your boss. Now. It. Of course. Guys ousted after getting served divorce papers and I get -- of winning immediately when the divorce is final. Thought it would immediately. Right before before it's vital. He needs to get rid of it right away be -- take off that's pressure out of that quarter -- -- you gave. It. Can get the winning back. These guys gave each other in the winning. At least on. -- money is definitely look. Let's let's let's be real you're a guy it's not worth it's not worth of a fraction. Of workers and that that that. So it's not about the money it's just about the psychological freedom. I'm Mike I think this one's for you will you be -- the court fees for the wife kills her husband because he came home -- that it. -- I don't go home and color of fat -- If you could give -- to let you know about it is going to be. Words don't matter. Mike lives words go matters awhile we get all excited and fired up sticks and stones may Hitler -- last. Words don't matter to what now. The question is almost before me better children's book LA in the all stars or little engine that could easily I mean I haven't read -- in the -- yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I hate each each sentenced in that -- instructor to protect each sentenced as like an extra closet that doesn't need to be there was frustrating victory. There's another one coming played. -- made. This at all engine is not the only one in the world that I -- -- so whiny. I'm a very important -- -- -- god intends next question popped off then definitely the read it loved it it being really really quickly read too much -- -- what indignantly me now pentagon now and yet next question. Jerks is the story for you Michael -- allowing him checking back in the NBA solve the problem we're talking about the other day with transcendent players. Yeah but that it would prevent it brings us back to right remember the OJ finals rightly be talking about -- -- between the mid 18175. Dollars terror awful. Yet nobody's transcendental Spanish knicks couldn't score damn basket -- don't want to score baskets well Charles Smith did and that is why did this while people. How I found that Charles and a great. I mean it was it was a four or five I think is for this. If he only missed more well. Some of them were missed some of them were blocked by Scottie Pippen Pippen and Jordan. It's embarrassing always -- -- what put -- in the -- right yet but it basket literally you're acquitted after he's thrown 86 foot nine no no worse. 66. And became -- the Obama -- And and what is. A good friends ex girlfriend is asked me out for tonight for Valentine's Day or two ago yes. Better clear your friend first even though to no action today that's no -- -- to go yes go he said. A good friends ex girlfriend. OK okay we're here is an -- -- attacks. We're pushing for a -- him. How long ago. Even if it was even if it was a while ago to send your body attacks take it lets you know. It was three years ago we might not bring it back you got to force your body to be missed all of a Valentine's Day but otherwise -- to find out that you're taking out his ex girlfriend amount -- just different. You're right her -- -- that I don't know I went out. I went out with the other day I went out with -- So they've got Obama's -- if you ever got okay if your friend is already had another relationship multiple relations with you don't have gotten what it's just a nice thing to do. Now it's a nice thing that failure to be up front with your friends but not -- the -- Plus she said she said in the text and say let's go. I don't know -- estimate. She's awesome he's -- opposite to me. It just doing a -- code. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think we'll end on that I don't know just chimed in it was four months ago when they broke out. August mistress and -- -- to -- -- got to do I -- and that's -- ought to get it was four million a year ago don't -- the W just. It was a mere sixteen weeks ago now he's -- nobody is over yet it's too soon we'd over Valentine's him. Driving driving home Ryan. Why wouldn't be around -- house that that watch MBA all star weekend you know what everybody doesn't Valentine's Day right. That what you gonna Valentine's I don't know gonna comical Michael tonight at the Wilbur theatre. Go out gonna miss MBA or your mr. celebrity golf cart I am -- he's doing this. What is important and what's important bit early favorite comedian. Your favorite comedian is where he's at the world over. Which I'm -- technical calculates take my wife found. Nine Valentine's Day the whole thing and then Sunday and I hope people are going to be watching that GO dot com. Attempted plot directed for real talk after -- -- you want to tune in nine right after go to net GO dot com for -- and and and years and you take him that though the bartender tonight for Valentine's. Churches really know goes into a Manhattan which he those are sports. Just like Derek Jeter the envelope that we'll be back Monday at 2 o'clock until then Michael have a good run home talked again about. Let's go home and color of fat pig. Cheer or.

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