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Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports, joins Mut and Lou from Sochi

Feb 14, 2014|

NBC Sports analyst, Pierre McGuire, joins the show from Sochi to discuss Olympic men's hockey.

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It's just play on side. Let's see if the players I'm sorry. That's flops. That is soft side they've missed it but that is not excited she's not in the the shot on goal and not even close. That was offside Bob -- -- -- Pierre McGuire had a chance to get an early yesterday -- team USA roll 71 in their opener. An off sides call a day after a couple of best committee met on the ice golf here McGuire joins us through associate -- -- Lou how are you. I'm doing very well much to the misery of their -- -- here how we doing out there. Good really good get ready to go to Canada. And their big -- of us here tonight I say that facetiously. I look I we just start with the call we just played -- -- they this a -- -- scores the goal to tie at 11 you guys replay -- year old over and it. And we got a chance to watch US Canada women's today before in an -- -- at an award to a two blatant seven men seven women seven skater on the ice calls Pierre. Miss by the referees so. I I was able to discern that -- view and doc Emmerich. We're making a product kinda connecting the two and I'm curious do you think there is a chance a little anti American bias going on these first couple games he watched over socially. Not because it just saw the -- have problems with the officials do. And this was neutral sites like this split but. I think -- equal opportunity one thing I will say. These officials the European -- particular they're not used to having guys inside the glass actually also about. He would go or not. And so on that offside call yesterday I called my producer John Norton as a boxing guy and one of the best in the business of doing what he does have a truck. -- -- really that's outside I think guys know what that's like darn it we -- -- back. Because it's just it was egregious it was really bad. The committee met on the ice in the women's game. I'm standing right there -- see at the rate in front of me. And they're gonna happen and I mean this -- all the respect all the officials in the world. Men or women. I really think when Canada and the United States women play it's sold back its little frenetic its sole physical. There -- not a lot of women in the world better prepared to refereed at about bubble. Because I'm telling the -- the work the other day she was more in the play that away from the played it became pretty hazardous. Yeah I just wanted to -- is that. Are you concerned because I think it is an unbelievable tournament right just think this does not the you have some of the best players in the world that actually care you know that it's not just that an all star game are you concerned -- the ref for Rees will be part of the discussion more discussion here at the end of. I think it'll start to get better I'm not that concerned I think the one thing again. I just finished doing -- to -- total to one nothing went for this region that you offer some of the -- rhetoric got two game winning goal late in the game. That part and I've coached a lot of players are planned the Swedish team and I know a lot of the Swiss players. They don't think it's that big an issue and I would agree with -- I think the biggest thing is. The caliber player the caliber of play in this tournament that they anyways. Both on the women's side in the men's side hasn't been phenomenal I got I have malicious and awesome. And I think the officiating assert itself vote. You're that was Phnom political while right for you team USA keep going but what what was impressive to me was how well these lines played together at that just being thrown together mean. One through four all the full what you files oppressed by looking at CNET from the US team. This is why it as a coach and I learned this from the great Scotty Bowman a long time ago never number your lines you know Herbert about the first -- and that's the secular. Yes it up four point supposedly the fourth final with accurately that you know G. How to best client I apply it was unbelievable I thought in the first period they kept calling -- the tape apartment building a pack. Aren't accurate that he or she in that because they're dominating this game and eventually he lost that he gets to balls. Saturated moves the puck so well. -- has huge game. You can just see it's starting to -- and I agree you look at van riemsdyk Belsky -- same kind of thing you watched brown -- game. Same kind of thing what planet did have a great game but they're really effective physically was -- back to Callahan. But not the Americans were full value as -- and that's our team to play against assault election really -- -- the team. What did you think about the ice service affecting that the team -- at the Americas make up their roster vs what you saw. Yesterday outs can impact their play the extra fifteen feet the way the rate configured for Olympic play. You run blast I visited with human -- I remember saying that. Americans have built a little bit differently because they're great outside speed size on the wings they're not great down the middle. I think you can still say the same thing but you can see the -- to the outside but really that -- fifteen feet is making a -- you could see our the first goal and John Carlson. -- -- why would indeed back diagonal pass and they karlson on a one timer job but it. The American speed from the back end and also on the way he's going to be a big difference maker mr. monopoly. What about the other teams Europe Canada Russia -- they get wins a win is a win but we surprised team Canada especially maybe help. -- as good as the other reading you're team USA and looked cohesive but he -- didn't. I think there are a lot of -- -- -- Patrice -- all after the game and a partnership whoever after the -- in my interviews Iran on NBC ES cent. And the best -- -- for McCain was -- brought to bear and then. I was the best client for the Canadians. They're tough time getting going Patrick -- not playing tonight against Austria back to shape in the Colorado I want to take his place. Danny -- views of Vancouver's out of the lineup. The case to -- my truck can't ignore it so Mike Babcock saw messing around. That was it for the dress rehearsals for the Canadians. You put up pretty don't apply and so that'll be interesting to watch tonight against Austria I think the freight train in the Austria. Not that -- moment saying that I play a lot better but I will say this about educated but there are more positives after the first forty minutes. Lose that there were in the first trimester first claim that there were no good. You require NB CNBC sports is and so she games all this weekend let's talk about some separate goaltending things you appear first for team US that but Jonathan Quick. Wasn't tested but they gave the Stanley Cup champion -- first opportunity. I know after the game files but didn't make commitment what's the plan going forward with USA's goaltenders heading into the big game -- -- Saturday. Jonathan Quick plan a moral for us for I'm one newspaper also means for NBC. In that game could Purdue in the games with Jonathan Quick will be the goal against Russia. That's been formally announced by the Americans and by the I think by both goalies Miller and quick on their Twitter account so. That'll be interesting that Jonathan drew the unpredictable. In terms of how he plays of the Wallach -- magic it's hard to get a book -- -- And I think that's one of the -- playing also played. I keep time generic game we have so lucky when the score was pretty amazing really it's a and let's be ought to see -- the opportunity to do that I mean the guy's won a Stanley Cup he's won a Stanley Cup go all the way. He's a really good -- -- -- the year they won in particular really excited about implant. Do you view it as until he fails he's the guy like do you view -- Ryan Miller and and really. But it didn't will not see an opportunity -- Lester out of the quick does not play well against Russia. I think that's more than fair to say now I couldn't has said that four hours ago. But detectives say it now. Or article I had no idea which -- they were gone I can say now I really think it's quick turn reporter who's now. Our children how you can apply. When you look at Tuukka Rask on the other side you know he gives up four goals either reported -- late -- is going to start. In game two he might be the third goaltender Pierre. It is is that a different way of approaching it letting the other goaltender get an opportunity that after two games see where Finland goes the raskin there in their backups. I'd be really surprised to -- get the ball again for them not really wasn't on him yesterday. You know I think the big thing in the car and made -- get to go to play which is great but I would be shocked if ticketing get a chance to play after Britney gets -- chance. The center are really about team they understand because tactics. I think the one thing they're not getting enough respect side is they've got a lot of players that are from the world country leader from the cage off. There really good players they're really really Smart players some big guys so. Watch for the -- to be a little bit of a dark horse cost of problems. And a lot of people say how are they able to do that without legal Cleveland without doctors to put out there. One of the reasons why is Michael Graham would really get a bigger -- a huge game in game number one for the sense. And the other reason why is that when you watch them transition apart from defense to offense that are as good as most teams in this tournament. It -- sure -- here enjoying your Olympic experience. I'm just curious to that's kind of slowed down a view. -- every scene they have things that we heard so much about -- is everything still you're in that village in. And you've you've enjoyed everything will be seen some of the or talked to some of the media members and going through the most things we heard early on. Yep media guys I mean every meeting members at a different hotel Lou I'm -- with an organization. It -- Arnold pellets and our regions is the Dutch it's a Canadian Broadcasting Corp. CBC. And it does that basically at our hotel to mutual pal complexes 3200 rooms. Our brand -- it's great -- complaints. I have friends of mine in the work for the Canadian press writers in particular we're having a tough time but that I got -- reference -- for USA today. He's saying it's grade so everybody's got their mobile experience. I have seen no nothing personally. I've seen nothing negative that there's other things that were happening with the stocks early on before the Olympics started I didn't like seeing -- -- You know again it. It just it didn't seem like it had to happen but they wanted to it. Clean up the straight -- and they did it in a very different kind of where I didn't really like that. -- a glass half empty -- on the idea that did the league is gonna allow players to go back to South Korea are next time I think it's yes South Korean four years. And I wonder European when you read the story today that is Zetterberg is gonna go home for team Sweden disk is worse than ever. Might be out in definitely. Two with the Detroit Red Wings. Does that have any affect on what these NHL all of a look at only point to say see Zetterberg went -- got hurt affected the red wings and we don't wanna send our guys back over four years. Well I think tank was circuit for a -- all -- because he's such -- -- problems earlier this year with Detroit. But you know you're right I mean they'll be looking at everything -- really be scrutinized. The one thing that needs to be brought up and again I don't know how much you've met -- talked about a month move but. Such issues Vancouver's a measuring stick the Vancouver Olympics drop charge all right also a look at the hockey venues. Produced all over a 150. Million dollars of revenue. -- a 150. Million dollars of revenue from the two venues for hockey men's and women's. You know how much the NHL -- for a hundred out of that 150 million against -- Zero. When you see that in Europe they tell -- you say you know what we're not send our guys there to build your -- you give us nothing. And I don't blame them especially when you're gonna close the season now for two and after three weeks it might have to be closer to three and a half weeks when you go to South Korea just because of the travel. I mean this wasn't easy to get to Sochi but. Korea would be even that much more difficult salt. We'll see I think we just got to play this turnabout I don't I can tell you -- us and -- you from -- days of pro baseball. When guy have a chance to do some special their career. They wanted to do it and the one thing every hockey player I've talked to -- every coach I've talked to a -- for long periods of time they all wanna be an electric. They think the Olympics is also. So there's going to be some push back from the players' association. And there's going to be some push back from the coaches to everybody wants to be in the. -- -- up there's always I'll be up early with you tomorrow it's it's great coffee. It's -- docket medio and it's Olympic hockey with no commercials he had those commercials in the outstanding. So you guys know -- you have records of -- better now you know look at video live from Roland Garros the French Open. So we're gonna have bloody -- from the ball short. -- -- Let's look there so here for you to -- exhibit there must -- you. Well no. Callaway -- a bottle wait a minute your little sneak. I hear from some of the security men that I've gotten -- -- here around our compound. That Vladimir Putin is probably going to be a began a more so that should be worth the price of additional law. Well did you interview him between getting up between now periods rather. I would love -- I've had the privilege -- has to them twice what was at the world championships in Halifax Quebec city back in the late. But he was 20072008. Re enact and then the other I was at a world junior but I I can tell you that people that surround them I don't think they want to get to cultured and. If you see him talking to the officials the larger of the game Pierre put away all let them talk to the officials. It's documented personal story LT breaking. -- great stuff have a great call this week general Puerto talk the next weeks we get into the elimination rounds. Felt like you know much enjoy visiting with you suspect -- have a great weekend everybody -- north. He is the best we -- Olympics there I have. -- the -- issues like cutting it off but I want to talk Olympics I loved it.

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