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Buster Olney, ESPN: From Yankees training camp

Feb 14, 2014|

Espn columnist, Buster Olney, joins the show from Yankee training camp to discuss Derek Jeter's retirement, Red Sox and Rays, and Mike Trout.

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Or didn't do you really doing then that's not so -- all of what. Bob did you in the one constant over here. Baseball we've looked thin blue. On Sports Radio WV. Forget baseball every day at this time on the show at 1250 was -- not agree seven WEP -- called the Billy Donovan. Today we call on our guy busts are all -- joins us weekly throughout the baseball season he is with ESPN he's at Yankee camp. Part of spring training buster but. -- -- -- -- Don't great. It just. Tension in the aftermath of that they're -- announcement -- he makes that announcement and I'm curious I know that people -- -- like Yankee lore. There's a contemporaries buster where do you put Jeter CD best player. As -- your contemporaries by Tom -- -- speculates during his time he's the best player Major League Baseball. You know and I'm gonna look at it differently than Tom and you know I -- tactical differences and how we evaluate its reflect all -- ballot. On the -- Barry Bonds were handed out it was the best player that I saw. You know if he's trying to cover girl Alomar was an incredibly dynamic player but it -- start factoring if you wanna be. That fact that. It is which seem to be a pretty -- he was clean during his career mean none of us really know for sure it was clean it wasn't but it you make that assumption. And you know what the sport went through and EEC. You factor in the championship they won I continue argument that you don't agree that I think Barry aren't far away the best -- in the last one here. Buster what exactly was the reasoning as far as just announcing it now residency waiting some months -- it's going all star break and break -- now. It Derrick hasn't really. Answered that question purse say he's gonna speak excellent -- I really thought that we started to see signs that last -- because when he elected -- first press conference he made the first time. Mentioned Tunisian. And you know time in the weight he never had before because you guys know I mean one of the great things about Eric may be you know one of the street you would say they want the best players. It because he'd been so reliable and and I I heard air -- the other -- talk about it with under -- Adam looked up the but he's played through a lot of injuries collapse spring and look right. And in that was in the beginning of spring training and any of the setback for the ankle. And he never looked right here only 73 plate appearances and I do wonder if in his early work out in preparation for this year. If he's feeling similar thing that he didn't look right and so I think -- every one. You know if you -- Yankee fan. Or you're with the Yankee organization you'd love to see him gonna ship desperately repair it did last year. But I I think physically -- that's not going to be any. What method thing yeah well what happens having a rethink about elect is. Derek -- final day -- his final game here ever played hear me. This chance that you know it said he is similar here last year when he played he's not the same player the Yankees almost forced to play this guy. About that that's the really interesting question. And and I don't need India first of I think the fact that he announced retirement don't allow them little flexibility in terms of going -- If he doesn't righted -- look at that a day game off after nineteen. How about you sit against certain righty. How about -- apply voltage on the mound that's when you start -- -- of a ground ball guy like to knock it supposedly years. Maybe that's the day we're gonna rip rest you. I do think that and you get it in the numbers and on the ticket. There's a lot of pressure on the Yankees they will be to play him a certain number came this year that'll be inching he had -- handled that. Do you believe this at all escalates the chances that Stephen Drew ends up with the Yankees buster. -- Based on based on everything at that today no. You know they can always change their. The bottom line but basically what they've been saying is. We're done we are we're finished spending money during the course of the off season. And and let that change is much help -- is -- -- -- more -- they're not going to be thinking it's on them. -- they say they spent almost half a billion dollars and I think that's difficult to do and come out of that and still not know your clothes -- second base third baseman back in the rotation is. Where they stand in the American League as he reiterated start -- -- For me pretty distinct third. And I think they're going to be in the play operate during the course -- the year there's so many questions about the infield. Even a CC sabathia shut up -- you got into pictures of weight loss. He says he feels like their bodies and it able to adapt to -- weight loss which has been forty pound the last two Nazis and. Any feel like he's in better shape I think a real wildcard then it's gonna be Michael Pineda. You know was an all star in 2011. That was the dike that was a rookie -- ninety miles an hour and be around Yankee -- the last few days. There's a lot of quiet excitement about what he's doing this a lot city. And coming back they have apple this thing worked out well because. In particular this show many questions about composition the infield in how much can Kelly Johnson played third. Well Brian Roberts they help you were market share ever be the same type of player and of course Jeter. Buster follow on the Red Sox where you have them they win a championship maybe a year early are they at the top -- the American League they fighting with other teams for supremacy going into spring training. I think right now you look at the -- in the Red Sox have been pretty good match I mean I I think the rate has taken a step forward given that they didn't trade David -- And the Red Sox had taken a step back because they. Lost a I'm really off the dynamic offensive player and helped bury I was looking at a sporting it courts big -- seven more runs than any other team. In baseball last year battalion of the guy who says you know I think he's third among all lead -- hitters on base percentage -- golf. And I I believe they're gonna wind up going with it and it lava getting -- up against right handed pitching and probably Shane Victorino gets what -- -- pitching. But let's basic needs to step back. And they didn't make a lot of tradition and I totally agree with your big picked a lot speed not overspending and trying to add. But I do think they came back to the race I think have a chance to be really good thing. Yeah I think about my biggest concern talked about over and over again just quickly is that you know there's -- comfort in knowing what you have in a player and I think it takes some times even three years before he -- say I know what I'm gonna get from I know what Liggett from Dustin Pedroia. Three to meet unproven players in this lineup with really not much depth unless you consider Grady Sizemore. As depth I think that is the big question mark with this team coming in the year. The big one from me and I it's your point I do think -- -- Bogart bait and everything I've heard from about waiters it is. It's unanimous basically they think he's going to be like I'm Manny Machado. And an impact right away I think the jury out on Jackie Bradley junior for me eat the big question in terms of one player for the Red Sox as. What he's clay buckled going to be I don't think anybody knows that because. The -- the second half last year I think we all wondered when he you can come back what's gonna be when he comes comes back. It seemed like you don't you did you know last year with the physical. And you know that -- huge wildcard then cookie so important first tapped. Buster last one from a contract extension time Ortiz and Lester here in Boston are being targeted as guys who may get extensions but the big one. Is going to be Mike Trout to speculation that trial will get a big time extension how -- the angels handle Mike Trout contract once the season gets going. Well I I do think that they'll work something out because they don't wanna be like. -- the Red Sox trading Babe Ruth. They don't wanna put themselves in position where they waited -- year to also and Trout closer free -- thing besides I -- test the market. Because he is and you know everyone respect the heck of -- Miguel Cabrera you run through the names of other guys. He's so far away regarded best player based all scary you know because a page 560 port on the last two years and that's why some. People that spoke -- with eighteen and 182 particular. They say that if if he's facing Craig Landis and ended a twelve year deal for 400 million dollars okay we we never even at 300 million dollar player. That would be well in line considering his agent late opera -- Well then 400. We set up plus there. I had an eight meat purse and I in that not it's not AT OK this is a very reasonable agent. And I at the estimation given the fact that you are trapped likely want when he killed. And then I took that the general managers and eight and without it easy you know like -- -- makes sense. And and the question I put on that it differently was it -- trial was a free agent now on a one year in got a one year deal someplace what will be yet. And yet I got -- was 35 to fifty million dollars and one year contract. You know you got any general. And pray that the feeling it you get five million dollars for every one war. Out heated -- war player. Fifty million dollars. Use -- tea -- they renewed last year -- it's late last year it did the year before about the guys are still out there right now Kendry Morales. Our present candidates Stephen Drew -- a lot of people following him here in the what what are we have gonna what these guys. I don't know you know I think -- what I wrote a couple weeks ago what should be noted baseball itself. Okay because it's clear that there are huge number team dictate it will never give up draft pick. You know can you morality might make sense and cents for the pirates. Through -- makes -- -- the part but they're just it for philosophically not gonna give up the draft pick. The problem is the winner goes on teens just decide you know what. We're not gonna spend money belt and I wrote that today that if you're in through issues at this point that you're not gonna get a deal from the Yankees in all likelihood directly I think combat terror. I don't know exactly what property but they were offering two for fourteen. Total it wouldn't surprise me I think that Red Sox certainly have offered discounted situation because. In order to sign in now -- -- you that the draft pick it paid acquired through that. Through this process. Tell your drill your best play might be to sit back and -- some short it's sort of play on a good thing besides that. You know these guys are really bad spot right now I -- have people said. Well you know that the system doesn't work I think we're to the point where two years into it. Now bad decisions were made in my opinion. And some of these players in terms of not accepting qualifying offer. Bustier in new York at -- -- should be at Florida Yankee camp for ESPN a look for talking you throughout the course the season and enjoy -- the catch reporting cross baseball tomorrow. I got a -- awkward about Bob buster earlier joins us throughout though the season. Joins us. As we get ready for the season whole -- crap. -- this right for a give away a thousand dollars which is usually pretty good. It's the hero Mike Trout -- I have this right he just bitch he just told us that Mike Trout can make baseball people believe Mike -- would get. 35 to fifty million. On a one year deal if you're free agent he said that I'm not -- that operate boys are but the war being fifteen minute edit them -- but 351235. While -- -- now for your chance to win like they did not like -- money Joseph what -- pretty good go to WEEI dot com slash cash. At the the code word meant. You've got ten minutes to enter enter the Cold -- today Nate MIT and T at WEEI dot com slash cash into it now and much. Edit pages mobile friendly bunch. Cancer with your Smartphone the next shot through with salt and holly I love it at 4 o'clock 61777979837. AT&T -- -- Is 379. -- 372 things I've heard or read today don't agree with one set by bombardier -- about Derek Jeter the other. Written about the patriots on ESPN insider will talk about that was involves connects the collar for a dollar.

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