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Greg Bedard on Michael Sam's draft prospects

Feb 14, 2014|

Greg Bedard of MMQB joined the show to discuss Michael Sam's draft prospects. He said he is a 6th or 7th round pick in the upcoming draft.

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The fourth and final hour of the fifth and final day on the Dennis and Callahan program 90736. Degrees outside. We -- welcoming. -- AT&T text line. The person I would consider pure contradiction the second bravest man. On the planet making -- that you Greg Bedard the MM QB -- to check the website out dot SI dot com. -- good morning how are you. You are brave you know why I know this now Marbury are far. You are and I'm sure you've taken heat all we did this morning sometime in the 6 o'clock hour. Was go through and read the highlights of your extensive piece as you. Graded Michael Salem. Based on 922. Missouri defensive snaps over twelve games and just this passionately and objectively. Re read what you wrote and we have one text after another saying. It is suspect what you're spending time validity belittling a fourth or fifth draft choice round draft choice just because he's gay and there were about fifty of those I can imagine. You've probably taken some heat for this have you not. -- you can be a lot. Tell us about it. But excellent -- very well done and. It was a good idea from Peter king and a good exit Q -- on your part -- surprised. And how poorly. Michael Sam graded out in your eyes. A boulder and here I went into it I had no preconceived notions about him I mean I I figured. Giving his credentials that I would be you know impressed at least it's some aspects of his game when you talk about. Watching called players are projecting it at the at a level you're looking for 22 things really. In my expert that you -- you for being -- you extraordinarily well. -- -- okay well that's the real strength -- that can be used on the NFL level for you might find guys who maybe don't value. -- Really show will be -- in thinks. Incumbent in her ability to play well all -- It's hard to measure by it will show walk in the AMOCO -- in the end it just didn't seem not. -- while the -- -- mean -- stadium and I want a little bit surprised that he met but I. He's not a good football player on the call plausible that he didn't deserve the accolades mean. You don't produce this year and I think that production can be take part. I -- I'm. Won't -- he was. You know -- -- as a player of the year over Alex came mostly from Alabama. In most perfect prospect. You don't voice yeah I would what I was surprised one night when I went through. Twelve games and teaches you know he could good college football player but I think -- have a hard time. You don't being able translate that next level. You know Greg invariably when the NFL does their scouting reports you know this orbit of the night they generate about with you know strengths and weaknesses are positives and negatives as best I can tell. The only positives to come out of Europe valuation was. Number one he plays hard and number two is always assignments accurate he's where the coaches when -- debate dessert is or another strength that I missed. While I would say that he has. He has. You know above average ability to. Hit the quarterback now. He doesn't do in in the in a variety waves. Like you need to have NFL level to act. If he doesn't really show the applicable to be able to develop the belt that's gonna be I think -- ever felt he'd sit down. It and you don't really get beat him. That's going to be the thing about him is that you know it's it's fine if you're wrong you don't really -- -- in the -- -- you got to remember -- -- -- war and com and that's going to be not when I is Paramount Pictures wrapped we have ordered to underclassmen. We have 53 years ago. 102 now there's so many in the draft when it comes down to. It's your pick in the fifth sixth seventh round you're looking -- Michael spam act will be war. Government positions of the other fellows going to be a little there project and take him. Are eager to get what he role. Who can jump out of the building and you say are at war that we keep this he would we might -- I think a lot Internet think the younger crop up. If the if he goes to come by Greg here in a few weeks and runs for. 487 -- 49 is that women leave him do you think for being drafted these centers that does that does -- eliminate I guess at least. -- -- is still hearsay you know third fourth round does that and if he has performance like that. It could Kirk I mean look at a guy like. Terrel Suggs who you know we had the world you bring up 44. And soared into the cement down again. -- had unbelievable production on the unbelievable strength. You know I think to me the thing that there'd be more telling is spam measurable in the short area quickness stuff like. Between your short shuttle -- drill because. You can get away would be slow 140. -- they -- three yen 34 outside linebacker wherever he's projected to play LP reports record but. It's something might. You know you've really. You really need short area quickness to be able you know get around walks struck recovered in -- look at a guy like I think you know -- guy in. Size in speed and LaMarr -- From the Steelers but you know what it was very productive Michigan and Il -- or seven it was a Ahmad black. He really let the world shorter quicker than that shows up he's one of the -- -- structures and leak a drop in the coverage into everything. Spam on film does not sure that ability. Can -- develop that I don't know what they'll look like. We're talking with our Greg Bedard from MM QB his piece is called Michael slams studying the game tape as we turn our attention the weaknesses. Out what Obama jumped out at me against the best teams and the best help that he faced essentially disappeared on tape would that be the most damning weakness that you came up with. Yeah -- you win when he's. Look at him and they. -- debate in the goodness -- sit down there are it will pay. Where'd he. You produce and mean you know when he did win against the right tackle from -- in them -- In the extreme right now who is. A spectacular. Allen who's going to be or travel on left tackle and don't quite right tackle they've got it out and connect. The right tackle going to be top ten pick at left tackle in a year to. You know I did -- give you -- completely shut down and he was against. Most the great competition victory -- that is he got it and eleven an app that. In -- 514. And I've stretched. You know Arkansas city which look the weaker he would agree in -- bill the right tackle it was -- -- they want very good. Borders don't -- off on her receive in my life at that level including their right tackles were terribly respects -- And then wanna get South Carolina when he blocked. That's it that's where there is production happened in teams are gonna look at that end. Yet that's going to be pretty downgrade in in the -- you know India you know there's a lot of things. We don't know what they're gonna look yet like you know from what I hear it is is character and is. Is leadership. Is very good some teams value that a lot so you know and -- -- -- he's also the -- down on him. So in Europe integrity he has to be a and an -- for free and excel on special teams that would be it. Yeah. I yeah I mean I think there're some teams their -- reports use that similar to a 43 where that. One and beat the state line and that -- drop and coverage I think he can play those are teams. I mean he could fit their scheme. If he doesn't. He he does this corporate currency for special in so that really can hurt him when it comes out making Arnold roster but. You know maybe -- field -- there. And people and for. Your guess -- mid to late round or even undrafted. If we had to nail you down on the it will would you say 65 seventh fourth or not I would say. I would say six or seven. In my shoes were I think he goes -- DC scenario. -- you know we've we've we've for -- -- points in the pages to be good landing spot because it makes cents or does he could stop the story itself but he's the kind of guy that kind of player that it's a Belichick more at all. I think he's the type of guy. Because he obviously take coaching well. He's in the right spot but their but I I would be completely shocked the patriots. Michael -- because use weak and short for what they'd I don't know they've ever taken a guy. On the edge but the defense that short I don't think in my memory. So the outlook because it's not their -- -- forgot at least six the read. Proper bleak for 65. That can really to a lot of different things that's not him at all I would be shocked. Greg Bedard before we let you go talk about some of the patriots might take the name that keeps popping up this -- unfair question that a much Texas Tech stuff you've seen. -- is a moral I'm sure you're hearing that name as well and oddly enough the comparison seems to be. -- -- Aaron Hernandez physically. Type of tight end. You're right I have not watched a lot of Texas I know a little bit about tomorrow and -- it is extremely talented and you know the I think the patriot news. Although. The targets that they can Muster you know -- execute incumbent and run the -- I think that -- some type -- talk about receiving targets. But the patriot I put that thing to keep in mind -- -- what to keep them call level. He's got to be Smart and upcoming get if the -- in and -- could Brady and so about all. It was big but wonderful and stuff like that it is you'll look at those and say OK yeah. You know it looks like he chose that ability to and that's important for the patriots now it didn't used to be but they realize there's other ways and now. It's a fascinating and in depth piece on -- and QB Michael Sam studying the game -- written by our for an Greg Bedard thanks for the time Greg good stuff really appreciate it. -- -- red -- Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline.

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