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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Lesbians banned from church

Feb 14, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys talked about a church in Missouri that banned lesbians from attending mass.

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You can't come here and act reckless and do your own stuff -- knows when the person that I can hear. Let acted the way I want to activate -- change but I -- those six way. You can change by the patriot way and now they're on the patriots don't live my -- They make the right decisions. All electric out every time I hear like listen OJ hit -- about how much he loved. Love -- I loved I loved her selection Roy Firestone -- yes. We have as of today uncovered yet in other skill set physical skill set. The Aaron Hernandez possesses that we were unaware of -- through all the scouting reports from when he was drafted in. Out of Florida and in no particular order. -- -- -- Very good smooth athlete. Outstanding receiver after the catch nice hand eye coordination. Showed the ability to adjust to poorly thrown balls consistently soft hands -- over the middle. Not an easy tackle. Great red zone target and terrific vision. In the open field. -- -- Doesn't sound like Michael Sam the public -- Will we find out -- the -- that did not appear -- That guy win in the fourth round -- -- He's big he's fast and all those other qualities were evident to every scout and he went in the fourth round us up there so many hand made of live and -- and it's not patriots ball. Because he killed the guy that's true but don't you think that in other teams -- it was more than we'd. Yes the -- have a full right he just described as a -- to the fourth round. Because we thought he thought PM you're saying you think this team seismic it would nobody thought he'd get in trouble sure and I think I just thought that too. Luckily enough on this particular. Like guns web site arguments against does mention character. His biggest weaknesses other reasons he will drop out of the first round compared to -- true tight end like Jermaine Gresham. Russian controlling too little run block pass. Go get the ball as an outlet receiver -- but about Augusta -- necessarily help the -- system just in the rams take him to utilize Hernandez to get the most out of him. To -- and set which patriots in the doing it kind of antiquated. Characteristic or. Or knock on the because you know teams would look exactly like -- -- -- -- about temper seek mole right com. Or bench coach for that matter anyway we come to find out that there's -- war. To his physical resume then we knew. This news by Joseph tech appeal and post wires lawyer it's like Joseph -- a -- and post wires. New York Post I guess. Former NFL star Aaron Hernandez. Was seen on surveillance video. Dancing around and apparently high on drugs the night he allegedly murdered his friend in new report claims. Hernandez was caught by a gas station security camera in a bizarre. Dance performance. Just one minutes before he picked up semi pro football player old Lloyd who was found shot to death the next day. This seems not that big failure against. -- who's -- -- happens to -- the Woodstock wouldn't stop. The disgraced former patriot was dancing in his own headlights for so long. But the service station owner eventually turn the overhead lights off. That is a credit maker now -- when they flashed a Alaska all skull -- that they got out of there. Authorities have said the Hernandez a Pro Bowl tight end was a heavy user of Angel dust and marijuana. Prosecutors plan to use this video the dancing video as evidence in his upcoming trial according to the report. Other restore was show unity -- so I don't Saturdays not a defense that works. Well ever dust ever I was really whacked out and Angel duster on her. -- don't think out of work that's gonna do enough where I -- Charlie Manson's crew dealt a true true. It was a dancer. Angel dust is what's smoked snorted what you can smoke it certainly could -- it would do no added that seemed scared -- -- not really see what it's that it up president -- what does -- do that and additionally I actually like LSD -- that you do because the it gap that was that would -- was on which is on the balcony in Forrest -- with the -- Did -- -- cardinal force that's why you couldn't cover Alabama football at all. I'll talk how many what are these pictures tight ends and dancing. Would you politics and just didn't jig and those guys are friends at all seem like they -- asking Hernandez well -- -- -- a lot of friends that's why we heard initially we were skeptical. You -- alone have have you heard anything bug guys be in a safe the whole lot of so called a no no Belichick. Picked it up and -- the security deposit. What we're -- close the -- -- market. And we know we hung out with some of the thugs. -- -- -- Yup well like -- plug in earning bigger and I think they're I think it's a deceitful and that the team Edward and keyword yeah he's -- -- on the save us the flop house. But no players as far as we know I've even been at the old lady. Neighbor. Says she saw Ernie Ernie was nice and was nice Aaron and and this was a -- kept to himself. Federal away she says Brady was nice to. Good guy -- guy I know what it was like -- craft -- month. Patrick did you crap urban dictionary says about Angel best yet. The use of the word Angel dust is rather ironic as it is a street nickname for PCP. The scariest drug on the planet. PCP to be called double -- can bring on violent behavior for users. And along with hallucinations which obviously would not. Have a very positive effect it's also very harmful from -- usage standpoint you can cause seizures -- even death. Well this case it might have -- and that's without even overdosing it all depends on how you react to it it's extremely. Dangerous in and I notified state. It's a white crystal -- powder industry it's available to tablet as a liquid and powder for can be smoked in a joint if you laced with marijuana. Dangerous drug and an exclamation point do not try Angel dust even once -- in their second. And if it -- -- every uniter in the me it was rampant and Connecticut in. Bristol bomb but. You can't use that as defense don't know what it does create a -- that's not a war and just on the contrary if the prosecution. He admits it is witnesses today smoke and does that help to put a lot over the exit to bring an expert says what it does to your mind makes you crazy me too violent. And that would explain a lot and I always say it's because he. Was so empowered he's been proves he's gotten away so much and in his life includes -- -- and pace of a kick me. And and -- and two cousins of the self and with witnesses killing two. Injuring a third. He thought he could get away with anything including shoot his friend and -- -- body half mile from -- Part of that is the ring of protection in the -- world. That's -- daggers shoot daggers -- don't go on Tuesday he shot. Keep -- out and get back. As -- Andy's it was too dumb to realize that the video. Would capture him as he broke right to due on the realized when he smashed cell phone that gets the records. Selig should work. May -- -- may be dumb and -- live like this all year round means strange. Dogs think like I mean obviously was in good shape he worked hard. To sleep. -- I -- CP perform at that level I mean it was great. But he did it from -- he's just in the offseason doesn't get guys only to critics who recently I've only -- ranking I don't think he shut -- that stuff. Almost two years it seems to ACP's addictive. Extremely -- -- a friend who was always on that will craziness that means I get an idea it's -- soluble in water or alcohol. Oh so you could sneak it in the -- to shoot it and do you know increasing. -- -- -- distinct changes in body awareness that those associate with alcohol intoxication other specs include celebrating flushing refuse wedding. Generalized number numbness of the extremities port muscular coordination. And I'd listen. In on was dance and to return this season short. It's like tourniquet in the the next they could sleep if you can't hallucinations as well seizures coma and death match and some -- news and all be on it anyway. -- -- -- Sounds like fun check this out people use PCP for long periods report memory loss. The first speech about the guy the Kapanen it's while some. Difficulties with speech and thinking depression and weight loss the symptoms can -- up to a year. After the cessation. PCP -- that Texas says when he was a cop that took five guys to subdue subdue. An Angel dust. He gives you great strengths now maybe on -- -- -- But he used to -- during the games -- has -- maybe I don't know how effective strangest I would get up claiming go to. Houston Miami buffalo of its second -- -- breakfast with the good -- area -- and no obvious Scarnecchia on the phone put it on someone that there's hotel room and don't ever in negative words out of out of the patriot organization about Bronx activities not security in the pictures anywhere they say. History can now is sadistic and his shirt off -- exactly exactly sure wrestling ball but he went 113. In the draft. If he were. Clean and you're. Good. Upstanding Christian young man yes yes we ago pop up fifteen -- yeah. Obviously hybrid receiver. And obviously just real -- that guy he most of -- off the board for one point 52 off complete. And eat and they thinker I don't think he's gonna murder people they think he's gone and gone guys some -- -- guy popped with a guy on guy slash and right and ethnic and he's gonna get caught. Selling drugs. And by definition don't gang guys have to find themselves in the wrong places and bad places that people with bad people and that's probably with a look at who's hanging out right. I'm back those guys as its production itself justify the pact enemies or didn't -- that. Work. The old ones but -- seven -- -- -- production of the texture and seven at once is my brother was a heavy dust users sounds like you're describing him to a -- one time he was arrested. It took twelve cops to bring him down and three of them went to the hospital. Lobby and -- -- Kaczur at right at a if you're gonna get away when you -- enough. This. Post and as you like and and well probably -- -- people ought to heat up crystal cubs jump over that fence. Like magic on -- day and through detective civil. Essentially he's running with guys like a motorcycle gang the gang. The -- he was going to infiltrate and at all today. The iron Chris Chris -- -- That's a group turning it doesn't get you as a pet that's -- the sea world and more white supremacist yet but it. -- -- -- -- In this -- for -- ten Democrats have passed. Strippers -- them a -- war with the ugly strippers -- -- it got ugly orange have fostered over the lowest you have to see this but it doesn't the -- way graphic cards -- grade I just consider money you know read the strippers and -- -- -- -- that if it's by dollar model 500 gigabytes of the -- or so ago. 500 dollars hooker in the auto some gorgeous currently one and -- and -- the goat in his three and 01 of not bad second baseman on the go. In his what -- relative -- -- and they show why Obama is to join us out of its brands and one of the guys got -- on the desktop there were protection and his -- -- guys she's -- that she's had a bat an analyst in in their suits were blocked just waiting to turn it if and when it's. It's -- depraved. You liked it so much greatest she was slow growth she'd like at two legs -- issues just like a role should herald. It owes a debt is that an abuse protection are and break it. -- was disgusted you're paying attention to the Olympics last night you saw a near. Death experience. That ended up being heroic if nothing else Alia -- great. The only thing -- can compare to would be the accomplishments. Of the endurance of Louisiana I was just a -- put the ball down now because it's not been any of that concern and I am after everything not everything that -- when he does that -- -- -- -- -- pails in comparison this. This is what you call. Courage coverage for Israel Dan rather would say -- guts determination. At sushi we come back.

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