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Tom Verducci on the legacy of Derek Jeter

Feb 14, 2014|

Tom joined the show to discuss his column on Derek Jeter's legacy. He added that he thinks Stephen Drew will return to the Sox.

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Three Dennis and Callahan 807 in Boston -- nasty day outside what a way to prepare a little primer or pribor if you like for our trip to spring training on Tuesday. That our annual spring training talk. A good friend talk crew chief from SI SI dot com and Major League Baseball network he joins us on the AT&T outlined the morning top power you. Mario great I don't I guess the only way come this very good piece you wrote about Derek Jeter could draw more attention is that somehow made it into the swimsuit issue those three women -- at that but I guess that's probably not happening right. Yeah now. -- -- you'll get -- didn't the swimsuit issue more of these yeah they get -- -- SA a jump off point here on Derek Jeter's career it's fair to say that the discipline. That he demonstrated over his twenty year for nineteen going on twenty years to be great on the field. May have been only matched by his discipline off the field away from the game not to ever cause a ripple in New York City. Yeah I think especially considering it at a time when the Yankees were that it be in the Major League is from day one really were expected to win and most times are a lot of times they -- deliver so. Play shortstop for a championship Yankee team in New York that's a little guy I mean I hope that. And don't forget this is an era when the -- all became popular and everything all the social media. I don't know that anybody has. I survived. Back kind of collar right -- the attention of -- -- that Jeter and I think he would like that and they want help with anything yet to learn. Came naturally to him -- handle things the right way I always say when you look at -- you -- job as a parent that because they do a great job raising them. You have a quoting here from mum Joseph Torre and Jeter -- I know there are a lot of distractions out their Joseph Torre told him. This is 997 spring training after he won the rookie of the year -- single guy -- New York you just what rookie of the year and -- New York Yankee world champion I just wanna make sure. You take nothing for granted. Jeter response don't worry Mr. T baseball is the most important thing to me and always will be I won't be distracted by anything he gonna promise. He did that was the last time Torre even broached. The subject -- worry about Derek Jeter. I think that's what made him and great part of manager's dream I mean you never have to worry about that guy getting distracted. Signed a ten year contract curiosity there's relic like say you know don't you guys these really long term contracts they don't they turn -- beat pat -- -- -- Kirk focus and drive. I look good on your -- 189 million dollars to yank -- collar work. And you'll hear what a way to play it and repeat it again is when you have 2122. As a rookie he would -- and the leader -- the column saying. You know any camera rookie -- -- the -- veterans are looking for a way to get on the young -- to Japan welcomes detainment. Which increased research and research the research we never count anything you cannot have a topic is because -- that you think right away or they want. Eight Tom you lay out a great case for Jeter as the best shortstop ever and I agree with you on this guy you you point out that on -- -- has the numbers but. You know he play he retired in 1917. He played the eighteen hundreds when. The use the same ball all game so I Amal I'm with you on setting that aside. And and naming Jeter the best shortstop ever but here's the funny thing to me the amazing thing. He could be the best shortstop ever come and he's not in the top. 405. Best yankees. I do agree that -- -- amazed at Yankee shortstop I think that's clear but when you talk about the best players that franchise's history. I mean it you don't think you're gonna leak rock guys like Rick Perry. That you're talking about my -- mentality. And those guys I mean not his best he wasn't better you can see a longer -- career eco beat franchise in place at some point about a category. But you know as best he -- -- probably not so he probably fired on that list mideast or get people -- -- -- to a great arguments to make -- money -- to -- partly I think he's the best shortstop moderate -- all air and kinda worry a little. And like affected you dismissed -- out of hand to a mall that you all the reason you are right on any time you write -- to talk about steroids married and well I'm right with you on that one but two would you just fought for the record would you put him number five. -- best. The fifth best Yankee. Yeah I probably would. You know I think -- assault case there against me want to argue barrel -- may -- pretty hard to argue but I think Jeter's numbers and especially playing shortstop position I mean guys probably remember years ago talking out your four years ago. People are saying the word you can play next under steal first base third base. That go -- it off the shortstop while he's got finished. -- toward your Major League career without moving out shortstop where Barry Larkin an oddity that it and that that says something about the -- get help shape. He says he's the right he's the finest player of his generation which I first I thought that they can't be true and I thought about them start eliminating guys like you are probably knock out the Sarah guys. And it might be true would you think I guess the question is what is it generation started starting right to -- -- career 959020. Years senate discussion. The other importantly by senators and lets -- be. It -- simple as they still doing his body of work here is not done and actually think you can have a good prospect season. The -- epic earlier here is how important he was the business of baseball may meet again outpaced all where was it. He first got it in 9596. About a billion dollar industry now to nine billion dollar industry. Alex I'm not a sign that the Derek Jeter ball I think -- surely is because he played for the Yankees on championship team. A Madison avenue love this guy and women men and can't all look this guy. I think -- the most important player in terms of their side of the game in this decade or two decades of growth. Robert she from Sports Illustrated our guest at this moment Tom as you can probably tell it's dangerous to say anything negative about Derek Jeter it's anti American practicing but Derek Jeter and let me let me just -- that stick my toe into the water. Was there or -- there are a bit of a selfish element. In on two separate fronts he wanted to do enjoy this as your writing you wanted to enjoy this exit with the fans similar to rob Mariano Rivera did last year and also the fact that. If you were talking about the the good of the team would mean not volunteer to move over to third base either one of those things demonstrate a selfish factor to you. -- personal terms of making the announcement now I don't think. I mean look I think you'll like it and that's correct and that's why I don't think that the driving force but he decided to -- months ago this is going to be -- And he didn't -- -- questions -- your -- -- you know from from day one -- spring training at first slump every city coast through the courts are going to be there about hey want you to retire -- this last year now -- -- just sit back and enjoy it not to worry about playing defense against those kind of questions. As -- loading up shortstop. I don't think I was as selfless thing I think it truly believe that the Yankees or better with him at shortstop. He was the incumbent territory -- -- -- heavyweight champ and given that he was so important franchise. I think it was a big deal it will. Turned out beautifully and not to move through but. I can see how people put on him I mean I would like I say I'll do anything to help the team went. But in -- if you -- really depressed I do want to keep playing shortstop for the Yankees went. Do you think a factor in any of this might have been he didn't want the last image of Derek Jeter to be lying to shortstop with a broken ankle writing -- -- he wanted to come backs were like Rivera didn't want his final -- should be on the warning -- in Kansas City. Yeah I didn't think there's something to that Michael Rivera spoke and multiple multiple times about he who you'd probably would have retired a year ago heart but he was not going outlast them it and being carted off. You can't sing and and I think what computer to about especially when you're hurt an important time to rehab and you -- come back and play. You want to see something of a payoff for that -- -- do you think. It attracted towards sort I think the fact he broke down told him at the end of the year and -- going beyond this year and also I want to get back on the field at least play. And humor got less. I am fascinated by this come with the second best player of his generation of Jesus generation. It probably is all again I don't think he's anywhere near donny's. Had a couple championships he played well the post season like Eric. -- I haven't seen -- -- -- -- you know Madison avenue falling in love with -- also credited with -- part of that is in Saint -- for New York. But yeah I think Albert will probably be that guy who's. -- -- You don't very good question Chipper Jones may be holes -- I think -- great career. Have a great career and interpret one of those guys you look back at his numbers are better than what you think -- -- your head and they did it with one franchise. Chipper there. -- You know I Yorker David Ortiz therefore I -- that credit cards. It in the conversation put it that -- -- -- -- -- in the conversation. Does that do the Mets signed Stephen Drew or or do does anybody. -- so -- why he's still alive he's not -- the -- at this point I I think the only way to do that could sign him. Is that the market really came so far back that can actually afford it because not only ending -- days ago multiple years. I think it was like a one year opt out and got a case that the market isn't as strong that he wanted to pay. Or white or illegal -- bus and I still think that we're going to end up. Did foreigner and 71 million dollars get the Yankees back in this AL east mix with the Red Sox and Tampa. It got -- in the mix with a good way to put it doesn't make -- favorite I don't I can't sit here today and say they're better than Tampa or Boston. By. Before they signed to knock I would not have put them in a postseason mix at all so I hate it closed the gap and it being -- and 10%. Allowed are put. Men are the kind of questions with the team and I think -- to start with the starting rotation needle that's a knock. I still would take steps current stock and raised over the Yankees -- want to twelfth. Why anchor there are pretty right now the best shot in there and do the right but I don't think it works just. The angels fans might try 300 million. If they're Smart they will. I felt like getting -- I mean he will be in the waited a year to strip that character is a real bank I mean. He's like Jeter play important impact here and now or about his age. And I thought one leg hurt shot -- -- and the guy that most effective was actually Mike Trout because trying to define how do you do you value of free agent years Mike Trout that's really what you're doing. I know you buy -- arbitration. You can pretty much know what those years are based on past history but the free agent years you look -- -- valued at about 32 million dollars history eighteen years. Trying to appear on any -- or are you wouldn't Albert Pujols who has. Forty to forty wired forty years at about thirty million dollars so I really anchor currency at number and I think it look at that and at some point. That it is gonna blow people away and I think it will turn out to be the right thing to do. But ball party or analysts say this is going to be a bitter pill to swallow in that we controlled him through arbitration through 2017. Yeah I I didn't think he you have to say that because the president listened to you urgency to -- have been on the business partners and baseball because that -- -- you do have that kind of control the next three or four -- right. Database you think you're knocked it -- -- better player than Mike Trout at eagle on the free agent market you just bought an arbitration years and 45 years old at the freeagent. I mean you knock -- ill keep my trap at that point. So I think I know it got a commitment to pool hall another four years and and Josh Hamilton. That guy to me is most valuable property based all right now because the -- -- use deputy best player is only 22 years old so. I think they need to get it done. Circling back to the greatest player of the generation. A beside pulls this Cabrera and Griffey junior enter into that discussion. Yeah I mean Cabrera certainly more than greatly -- cricket career he certainly was. You know that your guy that the best player up until about 39 he just didn't -- well through his birdies with all the injuries art Cabrera on that track he's won only 3031 right now back to back MVPs he's certainly the best hitter of the generation I think he has Albert in that regard. Yeah I'd put all said that we might be talked about Cabrera like we talk about. Hey Jeremy stage I'll go home run record that certainly. The RBIs hits that high batting average power either special on. Have you done your picture a common if not just gives a hint on who you're leaning towards. In the -- And doesn't yet have a Obama -- yet much like that is making -- -- -- ranked first going head I really like the Dodgers change. And I know everybody liked to point out there's potential for trouble there was four outfielders increased options. On the other issue that may have it registry the way that team played in the last summer and -- Incredible fifty game stretch. There's potential there for that tiger -- -- a hundred games. And I would say that the only team in -- -- say that about right now I got about Washington last year by the way I was ticket on the net. I really liked that debt that Argentina Matt -- and really helped eight. Wake up and say oh yeah this case you one of the five best players baseball it's because he's been hard but he's healthy. Man that you talked about MVP candidate I'm very deep roster. When you're heading out where you go on first Arizona or Florida. Well I'm gonna Monday and going down to a police have not yankees can't all start out there in the Tampa area that -- -- back to Florida. -- it turned out -- area Tuesday -- to knock I I think -- going to have a press conference next Tuesday or Wednesday. Tall order out and now we're right now is -- -- great talking about. -- -- our friend from SI SI dot com in Major League Baseball network number who cheat always a pleasure talking baseball with in the spring hockey down the road. My pleasure thanks guys covering -- doesn't Callahan on the AT&T hotline.

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