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Olympic fever has gripped the show

Feb 14, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing the latest with the Olympics.

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Is it safe to say Jerry you're out of this conversation just a minute Kirk because we're talking about and historical perspective here. We generally don't do the team shows around here now more often than not we were more like the Butte topical topical things like tropical. Jump off on the jump -- point generally the news that the news of the day I think we can combine the news of the day and sort of -- -- show and kind of break from tradition here on Valentine's Day. It it it's. Grown that scare me when do you see this column you scare me you ground com. And your plans and you're usually you know when those guys that. I have my read Milton -- underwear rule. So you'll be able to describe it will be read later -- red sack. And Milton. Underwear so I I can't I can't get any red ones -- again black and white human and they just assumed -- -- Do you listen red underwear kind of guy on my Levitt talk about yeah you get us out outside the article that what I. I -- I understand what was the question here no no question -- -- -- -- -- -- from. I have their duties sacks and were aware read what color magic has complied by yet you got government and the red white blue. And while it's always have no rat milk and stuff and quell all out. It is he retired the trophy. Com anyway Valentine's Day but he has an anniversary of note. A world class athlete but he claims he's not celebrating. He plans last Valentine's Day -- all blowing. In my whole ham yeah. -- I forgot it was on balance yeah yeah -- haven't who's the he's free yet he's a double double guy. The story is that a minute. The the week has been what triangles correct. Triangles. Researchers -- reasons I think we have the greatest reasonable time can they can all agree today that that debate has been settled. I'm we castill weakness reasons yeah I think we have a -- about it. And punch you extra to -- and you can get your corporate general wannabes. By the -- -- I told you should have reported she's got a big for Fortis a wrong of people who wants to say to address inappropriate. We have a total -- we would have been a -- rocky Dennis. A it will be related or are not a get around guys you -- it looked into -- but they got an athletic these three era. But it athletic threesome love triangle would be the -- she -- and Josh McDaniels they find themselves. In the news Mike Marty for Europe to Michael RX. The foursome that gentleman knots -- -- problem. Click on anything turn on anything open anything and you will see the top salute. Love him for Derek Jeter in Seoul bloom. It is funny when you catch people like we cup while Brian going overboard and I'm all for the world before I do is shore. But you heard a number of people Sandy's right there behind Babe Ruth. Actually question a month ago I guess I guess I'll just seems. You ever -- achieve great writer at the aquarium on today he does set a bit Jeter's best players generation. I would say he wrote we wrote that. I have to again at the crunch numbers and see if that's doesn't strike -- -- literally what Lawrence what generation now that last twenty years -- started in 9695. To 2012. Better -- -- also heard -- crowds that generate a little cute though. A comfort to -- in that regard he doesn't know. Official throw them all out -- bonds -- Clemens -- -- -- better than Pedro Martinez player I don't think like players. Yeah we'll all tell me what he said. Always up at a temple no no he's not became you know we can't throw pool so it is Boston yet. That's true coaches say that anybody else to say that don't get into trouble right sure yet if captures. Are like -- -- -- better. Well which takes me to the angels might be showing Mike Trout some -- On or around Valentine's Day. Without question the best Valentine's Day present that anybody could give anybody else happened a couple of hours before. Valentine's dawned at midnight last. That was from BC head Coach Steve Donahue -- what a nice valentines they present that I watch horse attack. I watched this live didn't unless we want a -- that was nothing else on I was waiting for figure skaters is he's a fired I was waiting. I was waiting for mixed singles figure skating my favorite event of the Olympics and it didn't disappoint we get to that. It -- you can see the great performances but he -- and real drama from a sure oh that's right watch figure skating for drama human drama. We can get that but. I watched last and I don't know what meal -- -- but the TV guys were -- Stunned at that Steve Donahue -- it was one of the purity as you're watching right now on what it -- Woodson. I'll just give the quick recap OK BC scores to but go ahead by one great clutch shot by. Oh what's his name I don't know John Bagley none of Mike Adams exactly alike -- you give his name because it was a great play there was agrees that their star stud. Anyway knocked down twelve foot -- with a guy in his face to pull ahead 3.4 seconds left. And guess how many Thomas Georgia Tech -- let me -- From. Two that would end the show yeah this 1000. Timeouts for Georgia Tech -- host. What -- Steve Donahue do. Let it play as these backlogs great outlook. Or -- in the match I do that's what I would do -- gentleman about it. It was a gentleman he calls time out and I swear right -- if you listen closely Google crowd crowded in and cheered yes thank you Steve Donahue was it was a gift. He gave George packages to drop play and they did in the go to guy and they ran pick and you know starting did clearly said. If his team won instant file file and tell them that they went back I backwards -- is backed -- gave his kid a clean look three point squared shall not like that Tyler in -- Clear shot it knocked down they lose one gaffe I mean -- -- -- The media who have read DC due to meet meet the media Demetris explain that to -- coach by the slowness of the names of the war and invasion. -- it was justices Thomas asleep in Mo Fortier now focused on -- and a good run at Cornell the sweet sixteen most beat Kansas to get the finally. They are six and eighteen to a nine EC rule this -- join us again. One Holm written -- of important -- one home win in the conference. And BC -- beat. I am -- watching going. The on your -- fours and scrambled takes in this race you are exactly. When you call -- -- they say okay let's get half a dozen plays that they would run that situation and they pick one. It worked beautifully. And the BC kids Regis she can look and I didn't see -- went after the call the timeout that they have to bring from the baseline of course they don't get to find out the outside -- it was easy again -- easily 3.4 seconds on time. And the kid was almost couldn't believe that time he pressured offensively it's true back ready to -- for BB three point which. -- it was right -- kind of moment to -- and you know what else the call -- it was a plea made a bad call didn't -- advocate of free throw -- or so ago. But Donahue I mean just it's and it was a. So whatever you're getting your so right for Valentine's Day and whatever you're getting -- right from -- -- what are I'm getting my fiance for Valentine's pails in comparison to adapt to that press last night. -- you gave Georgia Tech yes that was a gift. He all the was missing was the -- in the ball yes and finally you mentioned figure skating and shouldn't go he's won out paying their what are the case may be we should. Point out that on Valentine's Day our best friend. Johnny Weir has big big plants. Valentine's. I'm sitting in a darkroom and obviously watching it -- Charlotte today. A -- gotta get him on. The C I don't understand -- figures figures which events which. But I tune in obviously stop -- -- in the -- off the hook. And one is the -- singles Braveheart was on said -- that art for the third time -- redemption. As father -- -- my phone on because in case any reporter called me. Which didn't happen. But I really adamantly handled online article. I'm watching and that's Shiancoe who does indeed it. He has like this looks like the Portland with -- -- knows that not much snow on record. It's an everyday is a bad aired yeah well I guess he's at thirty is old and he doesn't and they -- -- -- again though. Looked like it was in pain. He just kind of gave up and yet got to be. Great athlete in the years to try. But -- -- by contrast. My new hero app is for Greg Jim lose him to -- the web Google. Brought us. That's from US. -- -- the walls. On one Spain and deals as double triple falls slams into the boards. And the announcers not John thank god -- -- and he would he all he run breakdown. And he falls and hits the boards and announces to Obama countries that are out there -- It was like watching that it was like watching Lawrence Taylor and to have -- Alia he would never walk again and Abbott gets up. And crossed last year and again she have a choice to Cuba at that point or keep Colin. He's been down for a -- so routine is two hours two minutes fifteen seconds threat you know that. -- -- -- -- -- So he gets up in the crowd cheers he goes into his routine and stats and again in the announces like -- just. Charged a machine. And it. Battle of the bulge in this world -- -- I -- credit because he's working at this for four years as street Jakarta -- -- -- what you -- I don't sport it was and he got a good grade I guess. From the next but in the end of the interviews agree because -- all very hard amend them Stan thanks and when these guys -- an alternate lifestyle. I'm not sure about -- these -- yeah. Alternative network yeah. Like restaurant and all the same -- -- just great whatever will be a big deal if one of them comes like Michael and -- Hugh will be -- migrating each of derby habits performance generally address the becomes as heterosexuals. In the congress will to distraction locker. I give credit it was pretty dramatic was I don't know he's. Place. Why would I was wondering what it would mean -- for four years. He never know -- that's the other -- Couldn't be continued let's just ice skating is where he bumped into the boards skating is like horse race and you butcher need to shoot to yet -- -- it was a down -- -- No shots what and that doesn't eat your groin pull was aback was -- -- -- back as well back spasms -- -- talks opened Tuesday no backs backs up the package and it. He was out unless I missed it he was like -- to compete at the other -- It's right did okay and -- and they skipped over this young guy beat them. In the Russian. Pre production yes so because they want to give him a shot in the Olympics now she sees what's yours. You guys that -- steal your great performer yes. Should pretend we -- BP's. Well. -- -- our audience here's the figure skating 101 and it is a very first rule you must if you're commenting. On figure skating used the word exquisite. Who wore -- -- it was -- team. Exquisite movements like it'll come with it exec with exceptional access. That was choreography. Exquisite asked if you don't want to look at tiger start he's done right the big nose spy vs buy again jailed for over these dead ends. You know what he's a hero -- we think -- a follow -- cook on Twitter. -- wish of singing his praise really yet tweeted out pictures of Alice and her kids many many years ago. -- -- was very very young kids like 567. Posing with him while the rates of all a couple of hours doing wonderful people ball really how they all seem. Wonderful guys then a guy and the guy he's American in my pony tail he was next yes the rebel very dramatic yet and I think he got good grades in -- that was over the top. We'll just try to have a ghost stories so I was so intrigued by the that I I highlighted John powers -- -- -- the first times it didn't take. Behind letter read -- highlight of said I can't do -- for John does a remarkable thing I. On noise and finish telegraph I mean -- just like -- -- and I record no one's ever read all John I highlighted how they bypassed the maximum -- coach whom the teenager who beat Shiancoe last month national championships. And what would there be metal stark their grand old man who won his first Olympic Medal dozen years ago Salt Lake City. It was a gamble sports minister. -- moved to conceive of what is better just to going to the worthy performance. We're just take a risk and he's the champagne. Oh yeah. I did and I haven't yet I would name a maximum maximum ethical problem that he Sergey it's better than beat holly at a mere glad I'm here to common actions. He's like you don't they're gonna do with logic and such a big deal in Russia they gonna. -- lines stayed on the glass yeah insurer and your medical field Estonia -- -- -- that Lieberman is -- now it will buy you know his father Russia. Father Russia for Jon -- reject calls the rush is their version of Santa Claus. They don't see it collapse and then we pushing a father father Russia himself father Christmas England's version says a father Russia which is their -- -- But they don't have -- caterers and an auto pilot and I would be very happy in Russia I would it would they have. Overseen Russian funerals like for -- that pictures on at least. In this just you watch and the reasons one thing missing is no crying right is no crosses does know. -- cents. We government reading from you know that book I think -- do well so -- it's nice in the winter to. An outcast walking around shirtless. Swimming in the and he is right I did something -- -- in the tank tops and some of the spectators at their shirts did you see one of the which slopes -- general -- Greg app integrated -- all looked awesome like that I -- -- -- order to -- new favorite sport as an effect it might want to -- stuff that's out -- and -- still afraid that. -- had some dumb sports in the Olympic slopes we're grown men have the slide down railing yeah. And Pakistan on X games this did you see the store owner with a long braids and we as ridiculously big clothes is passed off. Almost yet he -- let's say he's a list of -- in braids. He's like he's at the long run justifying the game so we witnessed his triple XL sure -- hands. And it looks like his pants off and east. And went down railings and flip them back with style maybe that is the style finished and in did. This this amateur -- and they -- urged him such a great performance -- four feet tall wearing clothes that. We beat two big sausage incident as a like it's almost -- parish line to be here to get help so it looks like a flying school I give you credit -- into the site cannot get next -- -- put it all Winter Olympics you watch last I -- some of those that you read a book I want I -- just kick it for around. A watch that I watch a lot of was via. -- from the Revere what -- that was of course you know for these products rodeos and Freddie he's Keegan was on Keegan when he gets difficult for you early on in prime time they didn't like. Outward ten minutes of by apple on this age and get -- like. -- apple want to get to my new favorite sport which I absolutely love. Luge relay sickness now. See it's it's three Q3 sled. Three sled team -- like the US -- that -- of and the first is. American woman goes down by herself an -- like thousand miles an hour and the differences at the very end. The finish line there is this kind of cattle that hangs down and as you go underneath -- -- -- and you hit it and that opens the gate back at the top of the mountain. For the men's singles guy decode it really comes flying down they had was there's a lot of the -- Right after -- one that these acts the panel which opens the gate that doubles which is only preview like this sounds a little good patent well. Yeah. You watch -- I know it's my old time refrain that you watch skeleton won't lose -- It's to do that I'm never gonna try. Should be like a trial yeah once every four years and open trial like the US open -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now. -- as a -- dressing room but. But skeleton lose they should have open -- you could go to Lake Placid if you walk yeah given a shot and look at who ever gets the opportunity to try to skillet I. She saw this feature about this house. Three slopes -- kid from Indiana all places annually at 300 -- he'll lose in his. Area so we have to go somewhere else to be this pretty slow styles right guy and he said my parents really didn't have. The 40000. Dollars a year to semi when winter sports now 40000 here to -- winners or -- -- -- -- -- not a product lunch tray down an identity issue that a lot. And really the other you know I guess. Here's the other thing that I wonder every total -- solutions. What's the difference you see one guy gonna and then expect that I -- -- a -- -- what is they doing different. I noticed you don't I don't do this it's the lines they'd take -- the the absence of touching all the -- did you watch and you know what's going. Others say this is a perfectly -- but the perfect line a week ago we said. That was in it was it was not into a lot of you I'm good at your watch and store I could ever -- that shuttle really playing before usury. That was on NBC -- he's just one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Your version of lately on top of each other -- in the problem. Oh I don't think -- going to be a part if it's exciting someone gets it exactly would I top it pushed up but we got Ryan -- top. -- -- -- -- deciding to and I know you know that these kids that got money opportunity that's all well and good. They don't just let it would try. And ridiculous probably do well. Come hell even the word exist and -- -- gotta be asked you on in. That you brought Wiki if we could say sausage said -- the right. The skeleton GO. It's just that's always a budget or go to 65. -- -- I actually tried something like that for now I laid down a skateboard went down they -- on the street it was not a good experience and badly. Yeah there was a good amount of reserves on cheeks a ski. The old you were talking while I was much younger a fair result I. Don't under I just like fixed. Like an hour or so walker cups Mike throw. Some great at the Lake Placid and do you get qualified and I don't think so I mean it's just that recreational thing on the summer they have bobsled wheels on sleeping you know obviously never an -- right that's that. Mark -- by the end of the park -- on Jesse did yeah park keystone of the inner tube on the right. And the best at that and kick ass do you stop you should see my full -- -- to take it up yet I don't touch the size instantly just keep good lines good luck to offer their exquisite. This is -- perfect and I think people and stop in -- in amazement when they -- economics man. He can ride that to only Jerry Kelly in the greatest who ever -- 00 the best to Basra generation -- your opponent senator Alice and I mean what's the next level it was RT Callahan document. That's good -- better I've got a good I've mastered the tube ready for the next level the next challenge yet we should try and when I was UMass went snow we take the lunch trays right on the hill. And council. We can go to that people used to say you should be a skeleton -- at an event now I think it is like to admit it is yet should be fortunate it went straight writing in skeleton. They're very similar error. Ought to have my person familiar I don't know what the skeletal looks like you know it looks like looks like a flexible flyer. What's the difference of your good -- Helton at first -- had back. So it's I never had back as for pluses. And at least let him back when -- -- And a public life straight back and go forward. Face first it was never it was never Cutler now. It is cold and the colored people the -- full they were good puppy bowl luge practice he can send Callahan had to try out -- can qualify for I wanna go to South Korea in four years -- -- -- sounds worse than go to Korea. It's true it's right at the border. An initial pictures -- -- some of those pictures with the North Korean as a janitor who like team in its early days both sides. Find their most intimidating looking guys in the service in and put them. Ordered austerity each other via series -- the opening of -- that against 5353. -- really only in -- home stretch exactly and it does make it to Asia and it's. At Rodman is he gonna puke yeah Anderson but to have that point where they can look at it this close to -- you it's part of it it's like the yet to be an old -- -- -- to stand -- 824 hours today and stare each cycle and -- when the Japanese. Surrenders. On the ship on or MacArthur yes he got his biggest. Henchmen -- -- -- of the vote Lee's pals from I don't look at what they were sergeants. -- privates -- -- they got big scary looking guys look like jobs and on. That's technically yeah just that Richard Kiel and they got really tall guys he wanted to -- -- -- again it would have been down on them and limited them and he worked all right -- -- -- today 6177797937. What are your plans will talk to our plans would be the talked to. Robert G talk -- SI agree writers base at plot number two -- I can I gotta say the Greg Bedard RG oh I was just -- that is -- he's subtle wrote one of the great pieces and I might. And editor of the -- book sales my mentor great. And he was always trying to find a different angle and go tell me the go routes in and don't go in the club just don't on the beaming. Ever wonder. If you look at it differently would Dodd did. Was different and didn't talk to he has yet to interview anybody. Didn't fall any -- he just. And mature -- repeat all just say what he wrote. May affect where Michael Sam is draft and it may affect Greg's life prisoner number of people in the media will never talked to him again because he this was kind of we'll put this way Greg god our old Greg Bedard loves Aaron Hernandez and I'm not how we -- but Michael samba -- gloves as much of probably not a beauty of it is. It has nothing to do with Michael -- film doesn't carry the sexuality the man at the -- -- the gay guy the leader of the civil rights leader I don't believe that Jackie Robinson -- there maybe a homo -- agenda here yes there may see a homophobic agenda -- doesn't care to explain that week -- back end up but -- -- is doing the late tonight on --

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