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Jonny Gomes is clean shaven and ready for baseball

Feb 13, 2014|

Rob Bradford talks with Jonny about how he spent his offseason coming off the World Series. Jonny talks about why he decided to get his now famous tattoo, and how proud he is to be a part of the Red Sox and the community in and around the team. Jonny also gives his thoughts on what makes Derek Jeter such a respected player in baseball.

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Speakers in training we got a guy right here on the phone. Who I would imagine is -- returning pretty quick Jonny Gomes Johnny was going on. Will tell what's -- wrong -- -- judge so what would your head down -- I know there's a lot of guys there right right. Yeah. I would imagine so -- taken time or yet but I'm. And I'm. Smart enough to call my office -- hole. Got -- Bears owner who we're happy with that being said -- error -- need your lead off facilities out here. Eighty degree there's a little bit screen one -- and -- -- I'm pretty jacket on all. On all of -- even so no real or there I got on my. -- my work out and hit Murton grow outside every day so -- albeit not here right we're building. So the obvious question is have you been carted since -- shaved off your beard. I mean I didn't know what I had underneath that beard I mean you or talk courts you know I mean for. Or box and you're you know unfortunate enough she would work. Well I tell you what you -- idea of me I. I have the bearded if there's no secret the -- covered a lot of stuff that you policy. And I don't I don't want -- the -- to anybody else but as you said you. When was the last time that you didn't have that I -- I the games recuperating. Last year with a right. Yeah yeah talk with the bastard here if I get locked up at -- Yeah but I mean whether it's in you know years carnival by the Hawks got a beard -- go key. I mean I can't remember the last time when like -- read your actual like. Metal -- or not you know like -- Trimmer. You know it might soon in my -- you know so -- that means that like -- Clean sheet it's been I don't even know who made the first -- in -- But you different charity right you did for charity right. Ion yeah -- took it down you know calm. You know Rocco you know they jumped on. And do or endorsement I am. But but it really you know I'm reading score keeping it down. You know someone want to help out you know project got going on right now that great. -- -- ambulance that might -- good luck charm that you have because what here that look I mean look when and where well in had a good luck here. And you know I wonder I want to take it down you know like north of Ray Lewis. No we're going to -- Or Jerome Bettis go without a chance. At a loss you know so. Or -- The the couple things we have to get to that. That are on the cost of baseball related. I guess this one isn't really based -- related all you were at the Westminster dog show. I would not like you weren't. -- -- -- Yet again what you -- and if you're doing great but if I saw it went I shaped my year off. On camera on the FOX & Friends in New York. Okay. Political would it hassle back and crew. It just so happened I mean they got. So many people and show it to yourself are not dogs I. -- -- as well. Moon Kaymer is running him again I'll give it every need that. I did you play with a Ryan Hanigan. Again what. Not yet I won't hit it was his target Juan. You -- there are well see where -- bring you back here we're gonna bring you back to something much more birdies which is April -- yet known but what's that something much corporate which. Tattoo on your back. Which is a lot of that other storyline. That we've had in training so far. John you're not here in Boston you guys you said you've been working out athlete athlete performance right now and Arizona correct okay -- -- yet decide what to do what pretend not bad. But you you've got this tattoo on your back which we you know you take us through the reasoning and why you went to that level of commitment. Yeah I mean it might be a little bit germanic I'd be. Commitment to some. But I I'm no pressure you know that you you called me you know -- -- -- with that being said. You know all the way from you know back in the day at a cup -- you know helped him up and all these things. I got -- to and they are notre too and I just heard -- kind of like -- you know in my life. Through my tattoos. So. You know and I don't have the unit Korn you know -- that all being here on the you know all my hat usually pat me on the when the issue this goal ever accomplished. More than that you -- beaten in way more than just based off you know happen this year in. Yup had to document. Mean dead that's next level commitment though. It did was it -- it started some -- smaller did you go and -- a this is exactly what I want in this execute. Yeah I mean -- different method to the madness you know on the Nike and you know wait out sets and he got me. Yeah might catch you -- artists that you know pat awhile. She eight yards and you know he. Just out of like Cincinnati area that when I was out there. Got shot down there cause you know all star tech doing. Very trustworthy very good artist -- -- and there are 80% of my work. And yeah I'd -- you know I'm not an -- second barely draw stick your. So you know I just 10 yeah ideas every thing I want -- -- one. Couple rough draft we -- we -- -- Aren't as good -- some based lawyer and I go I we talk to a horrible Villa was on the show. Just a few minutes ago you talked about organizing in training in how you guys were really. Ready to roll when the season rolled around and I remember hockey pretty early on about. The kind of the communique. And the approach that you guys are taking in even the purse. Bring training game did you notice that from the get go and obviously you were big part of that. That was out at -- that was set even in the northeastern -- in college those type of game. Are or who I mean maybe not or team wise you know that game that you know. Pitching wise no pressure. I mean I don't think we're pitcher you know that it on the Red Sox roster and -- -- -- in two -- or -- On what that -- -- You know there's there's so much work you know built up spring training before that way. -- Geithner I caught in the morning or 7 o'clock game not working to get this -- the dedication and Hedo will to work. -- the will -- totally eat and like. But watching you guys we got nailed this now -- you know on the same page now because. You know once we once we get New York lecture me we had hit it -- And we -- it. -- Barrett I always reference that where. You obviously has score from from second on that -- -- -- and you pop off and you celebrate but you also you look over to the Yankees in. This is a team that is is probably thinking OK you know what what are they so excited about but as reset before. It seemed like everything that you worked on in spring training. -- manifested itself in that one game right. -- yeah. You know that is that was the goal and that was the idea. The same time you know golden ideas don't always happen between the lines so to see -- hate that we came out that last year. It's the you know. You know the goals in the way to play to gain an effort and just a little you know on that ordeal. Breaking up to you you know work in the starting pitchers seen accused passed the torch to the guy behind you. Geez. Like trying to quit you know that first series and well I got on the plane you know right after New York in. Worried and angry action -- -- thing I think will be all right guys you play. Mean you talk about the team that I don't know the exact or how many series we want. I'll talk about the team that -- you lose four games. In a row. When you talk about like our roster and that's truly what we had to do you know to win on the way we did win with players who had. You've been on a lot of winning teams you were in Tampa Cincinnati Oakland. And and you've played a lot of winning baseball and been a lot of different environment. Austin's different Austin's unique and how do you feel heading into your second year bosh in. Do you feel more comfortable you feel like you figure some things out you are you looking forward to it because. Little things like. -- you you were gonna -- to playing the left field wall that was unique in now you can take it to that next level. Just being in Boston for a one year are you looking forward to kind of taking the next. And in packs a -- thing of being here. Yes yeah absolutely I'm. Yeah I mean -- -- definitely it you know get. Different atmosphere and I think you know you -- you guys this is same thing about obviously unique wall and going deep and you know make sure that we educated in packed fan base public and -- -- all the way -- Accountability. But -- -- managers not at 7 o'clock and we're in warrant had. On. Not the same time I mean how fortunate in my you know I mean. Unbelievable you know I want the Red Sox and win a World Series the first year you don't go with the hundred with out it. You know treaty picked up -- -- he's in a huge role in your wallet. Read on my and the clouds about you know how hard that was how lucky I am you. -- on up well you know you're wanted -- option. But you know I know it's -- love at first sight for baseball but you know see him more carefully. And the special place in my heart -- Special place in my medical into the memorabilia grabbed him. You know hopefully. Would have found a home for a long time and it was business but I don't you know I'm not sure rather where were such uniform. -- crowd in the community and you know idea. At a place so to going like cinema and the -- that same thing and I'm lucky I am. You know -- given -- Other a lot of guys having their free agent used of those I've had used that you're sending a message that you -- be clearly but as you say it's a business. Majority is the thing that a lot of people are talking about down Fort Myers made throughout the world baseball Derek Jeter. My last question you is -- why does Derek Jeter so wrist back. -- who you are I've said that for a long time I've said this when I mean my name by it you didn't out there. And -- I mean obviously there's been some home -- players that are played for him. But if you in that city for that long and not have one hit just gain that that he could not long and I have one hiccup on the -- You. You know. I ever when I mean that is so hard and not only so hard but it went in it that that's got to be real on. From my generation come and now. -- always -- you know someone retired that is gonna grow someone. Moves on new guy in that I was stopped play. There's one guy that that grass was stopped growing per day you know would be your year and I got nothing but respect for the guy cap in this baseball. Well decorated. And no 100% a 100%. So hopefully it. I -- he talked a little bit you had mentioned earlier -- -- about your charity project you talk a little bit about that. Yeah its own. Start off and just like game like off my head and out like a project and don't. You know kind of rolls in. -- it would make some things have been some contacts and people who work in. It will roll right now. Or -- or -- ago. This site Norton donations -- crap crowd rise. Last Johnny Jones dot com and what my. Michael years. All the tragedies that we have had happened you know enough Marathon Monday Patriots day and obviously the all the people and injured. You know the weight on the knee -- ankles. If ET's. -- fielder and you know. I mean you name her. You know people to probably you know hampered their days at their -- record days. Being active so that being said. We're gonna raise as much -- and learn by just a week. I trust them great -- wheelchairs. Or it's for people to give back and active. You know lifestyle it and maybe you can be in a wheelchair so then we got like hand cart team or can. You have a titles with the -- you do what you can't. We also have you know on these -- -- people that push you know someone. In in those buddies so -- ball three goes that she covered you know a lot India injuries a lot of tragedy that happened. Go back in there on. The same time I mean he's got like we got like soldiers know that out -- and -- that marathon sort Hindus are gonna. -- much more you can create you know because we these rock and roll wheelchairs and we're -- people. -- -- Bostonians yeah it won't. Ought to get that website crowd rise dot com slash started Jones about the website right now it's a big picture view. While placing New Jersey on mobile World Series trophy out of Boston Marathon for the side that was unbelievable moment obviously. But again crowd rise dot com slash Johnny go on let's get some money this thing it's a great size and it's going to be an unbelievable. Unbelievable day to remember that tragedy there and I know that you've been at the forefront of that well. John we'll see I guess and in a little bit. On Fort -- Yeah absolutely and you know you go on. And you know kick a little bit nation. Ain't cute video of the people that are so what is -- money going to pick. And that's on made a little video and I just made it a couple days ago. With the clean sheet and -- ago guys you want me he let me get a go ahead and open because and -- -- new look sixteen year old during -- A -- crowd right crowd while. And -- route rise dot com slash Johnny Jones and his road you'd you'd donate. Very self explanatory once you're on the website. We'll see if again if how that beard no beard translate because I -- -- BR three when I saw it I'm with you I'm with -- you look like completely different person and -- these guys -- -- -- that by. I don't that's what people were that's what people are told me not be devastated if I grew a beard correctly school you know. Can keep Lawton I took it off and look at saint. It's different who so that the rock though. Yeah I'm excited to play at their 33 year old rookie edition right all right Johnny thanks so much for Jonas. Irabu Bobby checking the greens here to see your name that bill and while -- done a good thing right in front of me right after the show -- I Johnny -- I'll talk you are or Jonny Gomes Boston Red Sox. -- --

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