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Torey Lovullo talks about preparing for Spring Training after a World Series Championship

Feb 13, 2014|

Rob Bradford talks with Red Sox bench coach Torey Lovullo about putting together the plan for spring training for all the players, and how the plans are altered as spring training goes on. Also, Torey gives out his favorite place to eat when he's in Fort Myers.

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-- more Novello and -- music. Let's get right to. I'm rob Bradford -- your hot rod from our president WEEI dot com what a joke or Novello. Where where are you exactly. Right now -- on what you get all Els or or or or or give power to my phone went flat Hebert always Trammell letting go. Well that we don't know where you're at now -- our -- -- they're good pick off -- You know when you're when you're playing for the Detroit tiger's first coming out and Lou Whitaker who out of the studio 54. And you says I would like flap Hebert in the whole wide over went over it took on a whole new meaning than. It quicker. I'm like -- -- pray so at -- -- couple upset in this offseason. Whenever one that I believe this is. The first appearance by -- on the -- coach I'm not positive. You know that's that's not and that's where I want all of you almost an -- Oriole I'm -- like -- go you got. What you are the go to guy you know so this if this is that this is the last show -- the offseason and it's like Jay Leno you bring him beat you most. Notable guests for the last show. We talked about Stephen -- It's a focal at an -- we've talked about keeping true he had been in the -- W ball. But -- you I was talking earlier to show. Paris say how you are the guy who organized this in training as the bench coach you organize last few spring training in this is what impressed me. So how does this half. And and how do you formulate. What you're gonna do and how much has changed. From last year to this. Inculcated. For them. What -- in place murder you know now -- year we know we're gonna do you know. Occasions are and I are going up and -- Who all called out a lot of people find out what they want change but we're gonna run pretty much exactly more than what it is is. -- can't -- by the one day. There's a growing -- and then are not throwing group and then. They altered it in between -- and then we. Came out and -- pitcher -- hitter and then their. The game and you know you were injured toward the court back in early spring training 00 there. -- they're all put. Oh it and go right it would make sure we got. Try to get a rated last year which I do very well there the -- I don't and you can't let Bono and the -- you know moves great. W analytical or -- gone on this year and they're all they're gonna be very well there are you know another -- you're -- not our main goal -- -- which one. Are they one of the these. You know -- indicate people don't understand. This week coming up. Is what a week there are a lot of people go down preschool vacationing -- around jetBlue would you seem to view of players go from station to station to station in -- imagine. What you wanna do with you wanna limit the in -- if you wanna. He these guys moving in doing different things and then you get out there and play golf a new -- or whatever but -- -- constant motion. -- while the -- about a week and a half right. I mean you've been there and intentional or on an -- or so. We try to limit down. Others in time we're going to be Shaq and limited limited -- time -- guys go and get the ball we feel like a healthy environment. Together they're gonna get -- people to know one another. And that probably should came in during the course they were they have not in the Duke which I -- ball. I'll side of that car emotionally. You know we got a withdrawal or. You do you -- and doorknob in any guys. -- direction them on notice -- northern Garnett talks and structure. Right AM by -- -- are dating of that what they're doing timing wise to film these drills over move on and. Natural to. -- development coach for the Red Sox also returning organizer. And Rory unique part about you felt good about how you guys went to the regular season before you came on I was talking about that exact thing which is the Red Sox had some tough starts in previous years and why do winning isn't the be all end all in spring training they were not winning they were not playing good baseball. As spring training went a long last year did you kind of feel that momentum building. I guess it would be. Three weeks out. Oh what are over these guys -- a lot of I was nor honestly training and and deal with the way you look up are skiing. Last year to start your -- eighteen your early guys that are playing in the first I was little and then your second -- guys that are going to be mostly. Guys are -- burn through. Call up Ryan threw the ball. We're when he and I. And we really didn't care so much about when -- way we wanted to do with our eighteen those guys that we're gonna make -- counted on. Road course you're there. And if it went our way regret the day off and then ripping -- their inactivity. Therefore you -- Clement. That's their meet them by. -- last year in Yankee Stadium I thought our regular nine. The reaction position -- Our starting are all and they were yeah we're 100 V. And Iran or not I'm not only in their rhetoric on number I'm. You know what are the differences are. Perhaps this time around is that you have a lot of pitchers who are probably going to be drawn back on a little day play buckles when I was down there earlier this week in view -- talk about how he had thrown any bull pens. And the wind was coming ease into things this seems to -- other guys along the lines that you are up. Lester threw more pitches than anybody in baseball. The secondary guys do bills' secondary guys. Give more of a look 'cause you brought back from these other guys. Well -- -- to counter as a secondary got post secondary guys can count on those and -- that Great Britain the guys try to make -- team and those guys those are guys that know their secondary. Because they are primary guys -- the up and coming guy left of the secondary guys pretty special but yeah we're gonna go out there. And evaluate them -- -- secondary guys it's really got primary guy. The work and make sure they're ready in their body turn to for -- are are being number one. Secondary guys evaluated with everything they do during the course -- their day. Even though they get around -- -- they are being evaluated. They're they're there performers or not but. I wanted to do it you know and in the in the spring training. -- what we -- -- on any Saturday and Sunday we're gonna go over these that dynamic we have a great. Medical out. Our our guys it's not like I'm sure they have a win all those guys and workload. We had a group of guys that played one extra month to pay off we -- a lot changed and we've played longer than anybody else. It was -- last year and we have to I think. Consideration. The road from the game plan -- I what I do certainly would not just in my eyes or the know are not. Did your game played for Jackie Bradley junior change last year in other words you go into spring training you know what the logical progression for a guy of that between -- -- is going to be that he hit 500 in just cares about did it change as you went along and say you know what we have to Alter things and get this guy a little bit more run with the regulars. Oh yeah I. I got out of all this and turns out in the end -- last win and their situation you're we're. There's a reason for that we -- Jack was in summer and in your tremendous. We thought -- was potential of that out and -- You were on a nice little run we wondered if he would do under those circumstances and a big league environment you know a very well that first period in New York -- I know. -- a couple in. Leighton made a couple great returning -- -- sports -- run. When you we are not during the course and Trent -- you're one duel in the elite you know make their current. Start off with a big lead you to do. -- what yet to be very careful out there. He's where were you -- great horse trainer over at the hearing and reading that he. Ready to make all up and -- -- -- yeah. Would you would you look for the first week and a half the what we're going to be facing here come and is there anybody last year they. Did during this time you're running around you're running around probably more than any coach could you organizing everything. Is there what you remember that jump out at you said while you know the ball's coming off his back. Really really well -- he's moving a lot better than I anticipated. Or was it it just kind of learn we'll just see what happens when the games start. Well I. All eyes are on my -- read and watch him take batting track this. We were really -- quickly that he would help in the ball absolutely flying off that. And we were really really Kurt go on it he -- to all hell went on -- obviously know how. -- they quicker than ever -- in a lot of tension to -- on the sent there. Whenever a player. You know I was really impressed -- what you're not reached out that he's in the out. On the embassy gently like Great Britain came in it was on the ball downhill on the ball very very well just what. Does use so. Couple young players. And -- -- with now I was watching that really jumped out of last year. What -- you looking forward to vote. -- getting down there which is going to be in -- like how far is that from Dallas to Fort Myers two hours. I think a couple hours. Now I'm probably Alou ordered -- Didn't know what were the guys. To get back on got enough pace on boat that mentality. -- -- its career. -- required. You know. These guys -- We want the same train that we stepped away from there were several month I'm I'm really changed. Or start talking baseball with him at the Dustin Pedroia or. With a little -- Are you glad to hear it. Into the rhythm of your around the guys that you would want me on to me to -- only Royce Salmons chicken wings number two. You have those. I have not I couldn't let my wife and triple what New York I don't eat anything the amount of what I'll live with your ego -- -- has won -- -- every. Not for a big give. The fans who are going -- for mark to -- Americans going on by and see you. Whereas you go to place the Fort Myers. Or like Russia without question. Or like a -- butter and jelly guys are. Oh really the -- talked about Oregon street after a long day all part governor likes you know. I don't do any -- in an -- or not he's and so in the off when people start tomorrow my own Olympic girl 00 with a former. So really -- this is trying to. We're off of that variation Fiedler golf and it's -- That's fair that's the difference beat you with the media that's all we look forward to all day long -- we're going to be your night. -- -- a fellow. We're looking forward to another -- -- organize and -- Don't appreciate or are very you know a he had -- hope we will talk to you many many times -- Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday with ward they'll have a real or -- -- -- there out. Have a safe trip nice line okay and well. Aura of fellow French coast Boston Red Sox always give it always did when he's on -- -- information and as I said before that it is very. Vote to have him on because what we're doing we're turn the page to spring training in this of the -- he said. He's living in Fort Myers tonight. We gonna get after this weekend he's the guy that draws out the entire plan to organize and treading where these guys are gonna do what they're gonna do. And get ready.

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