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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - Begrudging Respect Edition - 2/13/14

Feb 13, 2014|

We tackle four topics stemming from Derek Jeter's retirement and how there are athletes outside of Boston that we all have to begrudgingly respect.

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A and now our -- silicon -- swollen already roller -- or the -- Fun for me. -- -- Well we solved it finally got on Sports Radio W GE. Agree. -- -- How many people right now are saying wait. Is this the Sunday Night Football so. Joan -- -- parts. Which seven to -- We said things it took this song and turned it into the -- and typical I don't know. So what should -- a princess cut where will we leave little weakness in. The same song. It just. Jordan and that -- got a lot of ways that we before I got to admit it I never thought about it really and as it is I heard I was Eduardo. I'm just more focused on this -- -- now the finger makes me forget everything else. Today it's. You're like man so he'll let man not really don't know. What are. Don't tell me like it's all about. The intellect and all that stuff -- it was just like some districts and in their underwear being -- around in the snow once he's my house. Like little backside. And that got back to you like our conversations are right now here -- my -- Now we can converse apparently you like snow obliged him. Well livestock doesn't necessarily have to be there or force brought you by CB on your technology ally. You get a businessman at one what's to be on manager technology and by integrity windows. -- -- I hate myself for loving -- -- to write something missing in about Jeter apparently. Of -- -- behaving themselves they seem to be happy about it this is like degraded they've been free thankfully now we can work at the -- Derek Jeter book. We have. Well Derek Jeter announcing his retirement Red Sox fans -- heated but mostly. Respected respected. And the face of this generation's Yankee resentment is obviously to report. On Boston's. Grudgingly respect. Question number one to say that your in your bed reading boys. -- are. And number one boss about weight because it is there any other yankees -- -- grudgingly respect. Current Yankee. We're running out yankees. But passed Yankee shore. Bernie Williams. Mariano Rivera. Joseph Torre we know -- Peter respected who -- you. Who are you going to get through that front that's they don't want kids. -- be grudgingly respected. Gary Sheffield. Wrote Gary Sheffield. Letter read that this is a problem for. We're going on and on and I'm just giving. -- are a lot of budget year yeah Gary Sheffield public Sheffield have those formed with the backswing thing that he would do. Of those chemical I like it before I went to New York. Not as a person. Fully integrated of your major -- those those who -- nuts to me. Thought I don't I don't think about it that way I don't think about respecting -- grudgingly or not I guess like begrudgingly respect all those guys. -- good ball players obviously I just don't really think about them that way. Which -- you think about it I think about the fact that they're yankees and I don't like them and then I don't get to the part where I respect them. Like it I guess I do I do respect him I just don't get. I just don't think about it. -- and we show you just point out how ridiculous appointments and sort. -- similar to Gary Sheffield. You're working in Boston at the time it was yet. Gary Sheffield music -- -- -- 890. European tour I was at the time ESPN eight -- -- so tight. Where they hate the idea is that no please -- not -- your Boston. Now. I don't talk to Boston reporters minutes this crazy like. What is how is having to make centers are. Putting out here's the problem you're not separating things out -- all the guy who was working as a baseball reporter -- I don't have a problem anybody. Right Mike -- the baseball reporters happy to talk to Jeter a rod Sheffield whoever -- all the Red Sox -- slash radio host. I have to I don't have to think about respecting them and I think that I. So like Rickey Henderson and why because it got myself now you heard it right prescribing like the the these various. The various personalities of Mike's all of the mikes all want somebody. Personalities as well come on come reporter you can't you can't think that way right you you don't like -- you know -- felt so -- all. Talk show host right. Hates them yes okay. That's when make sure likes all person Mike are anything other than reporter -- your report you gotta put that stuff aside and be professional. Stopping Shaughnessy come on a picture of Michael you know that little monsters and we don't know order SEC ID that sports reporter. Yes even in the -- of -- now you know. No likes short and it can be realistically I don't know I think is a sport to ever you all would you you should you should play it -- used to play it straight -- As a sports reporter you don't know adding people because of that the team they've played four -- that -- as a sports reporter Mike -- listened to Mike song which which personality because I -- what a great and now though so Mike you saw -- -- get the photo that's on our side and not a -- all 890 reporter still had these latent feelings patriot. Toward Gary Sheffield in the Yankees. But was able to put it aside during the of course you have to -- I've got. -- after -- but it's not realistic course and enjoy it entirely realist and I can absolutely realistic you put it aside that your job -- to be. To be a reporter. Very easy to do but now I'm not a reporter anymore great I have to do that anymore like. -- Michael most often used compliments of the Yankee captain is that news accounts of professional played hard it was -- surfers port -- It's their Derek Jeter in the NFL. All it's so easy order compliments again. What -- what a rundown professional hard. I was agreed that survivors. Well you know we're not really appreciate you asked that question. They had a tendency fake. -- -- they may not Peyton Manning because -- leaves out a huge a huge. Part of the -- mystique and that's the five championship. That part of the Jeter mystique -- a lot of players are professional player or -- great ambassadors for the sport. But what sets Jeter part to be fair is the five championships -- has -- not a big game players -- to Jeter who's known for his clutch play. Whether you like it or not the best comparison break how many MVP since you're here have not. I mean it's paid more than Nam alive so I mean. I'm a debate you're not not talking about. So Derek Jeter. I don't quarterback in quarterback football is the guy who gets the credit for the championship right who's got a baseball the short. Now easier to get our so so Derek Jeter gets the -- the ringleader. So to speak he's the guy. Is that Andy -- And his championships or Rivera has championships well I you know in this case it's the captain Derek Jeter of the guys are a big hit the clutch it and that's what they say about. I don't think that's part of what makes Jeter Jeter. So without Jeter. There was no 15. Without Jeter that might not -- 11 Michael without without Jeffrey Maier in that ball happening and they might never won that set the whole thing emotion. It's either right the other hand it's either Peyton or or or Brady. Ambassador. The following this I think is is that patent -- sort -- shocks. He's much more operating I really do. Even counted dating some high profile. Actresses it's better I think he's much more like -- but what you are shake his head since Tom and what. You got married right mediator got caught. It. -- And it's. Hates Derek Jeter and perspective so how does it -- your hatred in respect. I respect -- as that I did it -- but I respect him as a global player. The are you becoming hate you you hate somebody and respect them when they are really good player for the team you hate right after militant familiar. -- 1000030. You know over and over their outstanding they have cost you some. I've caused you some heartbreak you're probably taken. A playoff game or two away from you if they snatch the championship or two away from you got that guy that guy who's just that a pain in -- -- Now we got a vet who who who also. Does it taunt you with his accomplice are there other guys really good but. It is did these guys not really turn zawahiri is viewed do you respect -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But you can respect him not like them and at the same time kind of -- Evidence Peyton Manning if if he announced. Tomorrow that 2014. Gotta be his final season football. They had I probably would do the same thing that people are going for Jeter you know under the hole all nannies you know great quarterback in. -- be too bad when he's out of the league and be a little seven and Peyton Manning is no longer playing and then after certain hours from player -- no doubt about that. I think he's more fun to watch that -- -- it's tough there's. Right that focuses on the quarterback but he's he is a fun player to watch -- is even if he's -- -- again. -- With Jeter on the way and no one here. Stupid name anymore who's the most iconic rival Boston sports now. In any sport any sport any sport. Case in our -- enemy think about it. Iconic. I think in coping. But. This hour in a position not a rivalry -- about it yet. He's playing for the lakers there has been a rivalry but neither team is going to challenge -- -- -- The iconic. I guess he has no he's just on. -- -- -- -- -- The knicks. Jets. And giants. Italy's two KG was on -- about Joseph Maddon. LeBron. There was a driver again that rhetoric coming and now. Nancy because it right. That's well -- the a couple of years at least that is that LeBron he's still playing but -- the Celtics are gonna compete against them in the robbery. I got an easy one it's the cardinals and just hate those cardinals are in a World Series. -- just hate everything about them. You know Michael while aka. So cocky. Adam -- Trash talking Carlos Beltran I was gonna Wear pins are terrible fans there in Saint Louis. Not polite at all and there is there's not -- bonus. Are nice I think. Don't know that answer is -- got anybody new York and orbit. -- -- -- LeBron is the popular -- -- it can't be a rival with LeBron anymore if you're not good. If you're worried about tanking and he's worried about another championship you're not a rival at war here's -- -- Now. Enough connection. Sidney Crosby is I mean that could grow let's go Hillary could ethical way to get it this year that's. Back returning to a rivalry a lesson that's a good call even though it's a minor sports all that is a good. That there really go one. How crazy with Jack yesterday. Scale of one to ten you like music fifteen on the crowds crazy with Jack yesterday. Anyone got any state doughnut hole. It came back for mortgage that is research on hold and it came back for more he was arguably crazier when he was talking to them on hold and it was on the year. I don't believe that then. Well you don't usually do all of thought. Gross. Quote is now what it's about is it about haven't paid fifty fox support your current gas station to walk over subtle way. He says it was such can have fifty -- gas. Station two batteries to go park -- garden. Well if we have talks secret spotted corporate costs cost nothing in exhibited at the garden I think 36 bucks an analogy. Just little importance prince right yeah. There are just cruised over the garden no problem. Are there I see Xbox and and you go. 35 bucks to park in the garden and in the lot next door. I mean that really that got him go that that you just imagine all the things you think that would. Set object ever oddly definitely something I would think would object. Peer given that they -- hockey's. Always going to be a one -- sport because John parole pop this chopper went down -- -- the -- meticulously this site. I get maker of Jack I think it's I don't think Peter -- needed to say that I still don't see -- him not being at the arena matters at all. He's an appeal he's giving an opinion on something -- when he could be in the arena to have an opinion on. You know what this is that this is one of those things -- happening that -- you put it it is -- it is an old school thing. That. Reporters. Allow athletes to set for this is not a reporter's coat. You think about this whole showing up this show your face after you -- me -- do you think -- -- public. Come up with that would be an athlete -- -- come -- -- that or would it be a writer. I think it would be athlete for as an athlete and aptly came -- so this whole deal. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wouldn't get out of it what we're getting out of this. It just doesn't critics and it'd expand everything. So Peter Gammons says that on Thursday that he shows up on a Friday like hey you know I'm here. I'm the guy who wrote what you hate to -- that. Disarm or face a -- it's. I'm not a pretty you. And I believe me. -- -- his name is on it. It's his Twitter account. Do let them on Twitter cinema direct message saying -- The whole thing you know tech tweet Peter Gammons they can get a follow. And Peter Gammons -- you and you guys can -- On line and you -- publicly or even need a folly can do it publicly that you can have the debate publicly that's isn't that better than having him show up at the park. Our debt at the arena where you rather have the debate publicly and if you're so convinced. You're right about just how the debate with him -- -- oh Twitter you hold on -- Twitter -- get after each other -- the masses see the whole thing that's true that much better. You can have the eight maybe it turns into -- Richard Sherman skip Bayless then. Better life I don't know about and a battery life -- some product both a -- guys we weren't life. I'm gonna destroy you hear both of those guys are excellent that like -- drinking from a loving cup. Peter Gammons is playing guitar with famous people and they are both they're both winning life. Neither one of them going to be able to bring him he's not famous -- can she is famous stop it. She's awesome. Ripper -- -- lakers does like to work for charity but c'mon dude. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You were never into it and know. Summit but he Avalon saw -- -- river the original river raven it was -- out on the out on the the capture -- They're great today and the grace and high ninety's and -- not just scan you know who Peter Gammons friendly. Them here. We'll all laureate. Old. Eddy. Peter Gavin had Eddie. He's got Eddie on as well like you know. Call up Eddie and ask them. What what is inspiration for what this on the ability to do that to pick up to protect and Eddie correctly by minutes. As -- talked about elderly woman behind account and small town. Logical but that title this one you -- that -- debate our friends right now and I -- you can settle this up call you in five minutes. -- -- -- Peter Gammons knows any better. At some Muslims. They want -- we give back to Jeter here. In about twenty minutes. Yeah did you see I know you did because you texted me the news earlier today late last night buses or at and you you're horrified by this -- I don't think it's nearly as bad as yours is bad -- will get to the next rockaholic W media.

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