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NBA Tanking and Celtics talk with Ric Bucher of Bleacher Report/CSN

Feb 13, 2014|

Salk and Holley talk Celtics and NBA tanking with Ric Bucher of Bleacher Report and Comcast Sports.

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I promise -- more of your. Eric Jeter warship calls and it's now the cool hip thing to do to law of Derek Jeter. It -- him throughout the day at 61777979837. -- Ali on WEEI. Is looking quickly Michael at the NBA standings. So there aren't good team right 352 winning percentage to go out on top of your hand what do you think Milwaukee's win percentages this year. You know -- we're gonna map that probably know this from I guess. 251 gonna be fine it's 17. -- -- okay. You go to go see your team play you've got to 17%. Chance that they're gonna make it they're nine and what they are nine and forty Teresa without as a backdrop. I guess that's if you're thinking. Ayers setting the standard. It you have yet to see if yeah. If you have to say if their tank now if someone is tanking OK I was gonna say then you would look at them as the gold standard how to do it. 17%. Of the games they're winning -- duke joins us right now. At rebuke her on Twitter Bleacher Report dot com and our sister station -- five point seven the game in the Bay Area. You make of the whole tank oppose the thing in the 568 teams that seem to be involved. Believe he might get -- act that. Out. So I not -- out there Jeter and all that is retirement. We here in the area to watch bowl or an old score again and. The flip to home plate. To get -- -- -- here -- how the plate that Ron. On eight and -- I'm not. Died in the war age an error or but I route route and not of them that. Every time that comes on everybody around ELY. I don't I don't let it rip goes. I know Giambi should have slew of great place. -- No question though and there are probably I don't like to -- tell -- the count -- that that -- Play like it. Or why we're here it -- and how everybody under the sun. And not all that. Controversy. Out there and -- their lifestyle at all tend not at an. Bill brush up again. -- you -- you you woman answered a question for Eric. I know I'll just say it has an article about that got called down. I'll tell us about -- -- stories -- back in the day when you're at the San Jose Mercury news argued. I can go all the way back now. Watch out. But no it isn't it's an easy answer for Jeter the guy he had to get the driver for the ladies after denied give them a nice little. Let this guy in baseball that's why you don't let me ask a top of that class. Well we don't lie dormant act out like a lot out -- -- order to get out. We signed baseball or does it -- air that your. You must be nice it must be nightlife and and that's not a repeat her life is like in the Bay Area now. Apollo I am. Not part saying. I am. Going on -- surf trip Mexico we. I haven't -- -- over like a gate. After covering all star game after all star game what I'm undergoing. What was that all about what -- -- I got Utley thought. I now realize. The best thing you do is just find a way out there goes a. We'll talk -- basketball is what we got to hear -- we could talk a literal they would basically what we've been doing but the Celtics are. Not tanking well enough that that's sort of where we started off a couple of days ago saying the other being way too many of these other bad teams that we do if you're game change. I don't know that I don't know -- ain't being beat. At the at bat Philadelphia or Milwaukee and Milwaukee. Well and being cute and quite like bit. At a couple of street and and start that. I'll put it in the camp that now they are blowing in that direction but. That should -- at bat and it -- calculate. It by forty point. -- error in -- and is at oak curtly. And I am maybe it's. Old school but I'm not -- line. Edit our -- more added. Those players going through the one thing I ever want to creep into. An NBA players might because they are so many. -- He is why it's OK. Not to go all out should not plant or I. -- and. What are they may -- why why why. -- game he -- at all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- again. I would feel I don't how hot topic. Approach. That they have. How -- a lot. So there's no guarantee that the worst record. You're going. But -- or they are going to be at a certain place I believe -- there -- -- By. Directing your in a letter to tell. Them when there's an overt. -- to -- Sure you're. Challenged like K. So say oh it should call it okay little. When you have the young players. Not a precedent that. You know Rick we we hear from people a lot when we talk about this tanking issue in the people who were against tanking. She well you can do what you can do it in other ways don't necessarily have in need the number one pick. And and I'm thinking about I'm thinking about the warriors and you've seen that you've seen many incarnations of the warriors you've seen them when they have an epic. When they when they got Chris Webber. You have seen them. In in this era right now -- with stuff curry Klay Thompson either one of those guys was the top five pick. So what. Do you think the warriors who haven't had the number one overall pick and are a respectable team. Do you think that they are close to a championship could they could conceivably win a championship this year but it in a year to. -- -- -- -- -- to make that. But but there and all are quite open. -- -- Look back and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So unless you -- App Store and it. Pot on the situation where. You're going. To Miami get where we're. Not Allen -- by 188. True. 0388. But ultimately you're. Going side. Chuck it or idol contender or not and I -- I -- Or course -- he. Ran. Out or were. Shot. -- -- it looked like. Yeah Elena report in. Double a that we are. Air and where -- Don't know that surely get. Trapped. It. A lottery -- it through Italy -- round out there. Cornerstone. It is realistic. That -- So. -- and site at. Michael. Hope and you'd normally had to go to -- five years. Hey you know. First round. Morale and -- -- In that light and fine art out here up. No final. -- out quickly Oklahoma City and other. And yet I don't yet but it right there in the final. Not -- -- -- injury. They shot and I like our model. That there are no dirt no law or rebuilt. Its. Jewelry will go. -- they'll call a ULIE. On it actually -- Rick -- -- -- fight him on Twitter at rebuke or Bleacher Report dot com as well. You can -- 95 point seven the game in the Bay Area erected the doctor I'm sorry he had to keep watching Jeter highlights all day and sincerest Apollo -- We don't ever -- There are shot out notebook. -- either way you're not deal with a blizzard we are so take solace in that banks -- toxin. From order Diego's regard Rick joins us like everyone. -- the AT&T hotline. Here's the problem we get into this next it's nice and easy to say OK Oklahoma City is the new model just do like they did but they do what if they don't have the number two pick the year happens to be Kevin Durant isn't just that easy as acknowledges go young and you -- It's not you still need one of these elite players -- -- alcoholic WE yeah.

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