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Salk and Holley's Boston Blitz - 2/13/14

Feb 13, 2014|

We set the table for the day in sports with the three biggest topics in Boston today. We check in with Rob Bradford of WEEI.com, David Filipov from the Boston Globe live from Sochi and Jonathan Abrams of Grantland.com

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Sports Radio 93 point. -- look at all the big stories and sports we. It's okay please. On Sports Radio W. Are the awesome let's always brought to you by AT&T we get -- going talking baseball with rob Bradford WEEI dot com and tonight at 6 o'clock is the hot stove show him and Alex spear rob -- become cool to like Derek Jeter your Red Sox fan. It ever go like dirt in their urine or it sure sounds that way based on the calls -- again you know that they would you have Dustin Pedroia getting out there would be off or give a couple years ago and -- that I just sort of growth in all the things is Derek Jeter. Kind of pushes -- along the little -- because there's acceptance. Of what you Red Sox player by. Though -- Jeter does not think. Denigrate the Red Sox -- and I guess let me put our principal problem because. He's actually helping them this year by president and so there's always that. And and how much -- -- follow up on that and and we can talk about the past and talk about the president do because. Assault has often made the point is I don't want to say is that Jeter should have moved to third base when A-Rod got -- 2004. Do you agree with that and do you think that third base is the best position for Derek Jeter right now. I don't know about your -- or both this is one of the most apt when things I've come across which -- You -- yeah it is riders throughout people New York why is Derek Jeter not moving to third base the most logical. Cool for them. And basic because he Derek Jeter at the only defense you have put into my defense without -- cal Ripken did it that's cal Ripken. So it makes absolutely no offense this guy is still at shortstop. Because you can win a third you aren't even true. You're better off for the next couple years you have to know her parents the free agent class for the week he's hurting organization whether it's yankees. -- -- they're hurting your donation by not doing. Rob Bradford tonight at 6 o'clock about -- here in WEEI appreciate it. Totals -- let's go to move to Russia. To Sochi where David flip off of the Boston Globe is he's on Twitter at David before liftoff you wrote the other day about Shaun White male conversation about that David. How was how was his lack of -- received by some of the people in -- sport who thought that -- become too obsessed with his own brand -- not disinterested in the fun carefree nature of snowboard. So in that particular sport with a lot. You know shot in front -- -- a lot of bogeys those C unit is that it you know it's hard one thing to be in one battle. A lot of that unity that used to -- you really move the need to corporation. Those that. You know -- we talked a lot about Sochi before the game started and it was pretty fashionable to talk about all the things that weren't finished there -- that. Toilets that were too close to each other in the rooms without doors. -- have you heard any stories like that lately and overall just give us a sense of how other games or are being operated there obviously he's running. Or other than when the NHL players' association. Guys were gonna take my room I was gonna go out in the yard queried talked about that one. No we didn't needing to the -- Being in the history icing. That didn't happen. You know. Inside the park legally in their results -- just stopped going on -- just you know Paula Newton. You know interactive people dancing swing like that you know -- you don't really get that feeling and its completeness sat there and it restricting sort of -- -- Kind of fall apart and if you go just outside you -- village and asked people that you know they took down the house completely let me. -- was not seen the kind of sense does a lot of and there's that much attention but if you close your guys and its stated. Yet they needed then you came here I had chronic currently think about the perspective -- -- currently. For the Russians talk about Bob Costas is -- factional. The fact that I think that's I think that's our thing OK then how worried about that are we appreciate it David Wright hit a lot of lot of NBC over here aren't it's mostly just. Thanks Dave we appreciate it talk to you soon. Right center of our Jonathan Abrams joins us from -- -- dot com big front page story. On grant -- about Traber and of course -- soldier called big man little man a really good read what we need to know about Jared Solingen Jonathan and is he a building block kind of a player for the -- I think he can be as evidenced by his recent player of the week award. You know he's the guy who. I think that's the biggest -- or one of the biggest on that young player needs. I Jonathan Georgia compared to Avaya we were talking about this the other they're going way back. And Celtic history Paul Silas would. Maybe have a more contemporary example force who's -- sellinger when he grows up. I mean it looked -- Eric question occurred here that your old school camera so. I mean -- cleared space to good rebounder he uses his body well I would say almost. Operation -- You know top level of video that Charles Barkley type player who can really clear they the body. Is he franchise player the Preston -- I don't know maybe -- -- building block certain building -- franchise player maybe a little bit too I've done it for -- -- -- -- -- -- he's definitely a good piece. Art and radio or read about all star players you think is that I got in not like twelve time all star but any guy could make five or six All Star Games in his career. Yeah you know I don't see him. You know not being able to reach exactly good player good building -- Are you give by Jonathan Abrams on Twitter at JPD. Abramson great -- dot com big story are injured soldier Trey -- thanks Jonathan we appreciate it. The to Boston with today as always -- by AT&T. Eighteenth he covers more than 99%. Of all Americans rethink possible we will some more -- stock Rick -- We'll join us coming up a half hour at three there. We could dig more into -- sellinger Michael whether or not he's a building blockade number one and number two star number three star. An all star five or six times. You know just trying to get -- and nail people down like I think. You know soldier is one of those guys like Celtics and of course love them you should love you get a guy like Dan. Late in the draft you don't expect to be there could have been a lottery pick he wasn't you picked them up and so yes he got the year team -- a guy like that. Okay you're excited about it. But soldiers like those guys if you're not a Celtics and he's he's one of those players that in basketball lovers like. But they loan that's I was trying to nail on them and say okay this is we might take that bold step yeah we know we like him and we like him to. How good is like who is that Charles Barkley -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- wanted him to say that. I got all of China and opened feels comfortable over at the Charles Barkley statement. But. I don't think it it's maybe it's not a popular opinion to say that he is. Up and he's an all star he's like you know he is and there are games are similar. But if you look at the amount of All Star Games that David West -- I'm guessing it's fine. 45 all starting David West. Who's not an all star player anymore but these. I mean I always like David West and cat like the same story -- -- I'm not mistaken I think west was taken. -- seventeenth or eighteenth in the draft that is behaviors should have been taken higher but. It took so my kids they are banking on kids making them potentially was just a good solid player. In college in the film and he felt that the teams. And he was an all star player in his crime. And not an all star player anymore but does good Agassi Jared -- being one and not gonna he's. David West than that he's not the number one option team wins championships and I don't know that number I don't I nobody be a piece of the puzzle are absolutely right David West is now -- -- -- -- more about that coming up and a half hour -- thoughts on that -- of course a lot more of your calls on -- -- -- told Obama jerks all shot -- believe popular make it a full of yourself who -- -- against the rules to like individual player on another team. It's not against the rules you like them all you want I just don't know what it became cool I don't wanna became the hip thing to do it like Derek Jeter and why I'm the jerk I don't like -- Yankee. So -- WB --

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