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USA Hockey wins first game; Derek Jeter announces retirement

Feb 13, 2014|

Mut and Merloni talk about USA's dominating win over Zdeno Chara and Slovakia. They also discuss Derek Jeter's announcement that he is retiring.

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How they cover my bases -- run up the top. Well -- 937 WVU I can send all hate mail to me. Eight -- you guys already do which do hate mail text phone calls not -- -- our producer. We did a decision as a show. And I will leave this decision. That we're not gonna hide from. Results of this USA game this morning right -- first of the art got a tweet it's that you guys are gonna talk about the game I have a DVR -- are you stuck it. So if you were if if you -- -- get a DVR version without a score -- ago at a seven -- hours without seeing this so you gonna hear it here. -- -- -- yeah I'm sorry. Team USA rolled this morning. Roll over Slovakia. 71 your fired during a fear that you don't watch the holder I think it's still work -- back to watch because there are some every skilled goals Olympic hockey is great to get into -- second. But actually rolled the most impressive thing of the morning was not the game was that who got himself fear for 730 -- In the office ago sat down watched the game 768. Out. -- and only sixteen and sixteen same thing couldn't even see the puck and you're here on time ready to go get sent on to the Unix. Slovakia looks looks like they got the US road UT's -- even read the birdies it'll smoke any profitably merry. I know. At least. It was crap -- right now -- In their starting at six -- there that's why play the Bruins -- on a set of what he should play the national kept them out of the gays getting to -- in the Bruins team USA at. Celebrated United States when you would go with something. -- American. You would go the National Anthem or pledge of allegiance. Something along those lines of the pledge of allegiance to do that just -- If I'm there to save at that very ago. Now we start to sober up at channel nine today. The seven bloody marys -- where. It was around today and it was fun to watch. Olympic hockey and -- -- that ice freaking awesome I don't know it was not the best part of the game though. That's part of the game was no commercials. They had very it like commercial between periods and that was it they went limited commercial interruption no I -- respect -- right they -- with analytic or it was pure unadulterated. Olympic. Hockey with doc Emmerich and patio and our boy Pierre McGuire. And no commercials on top with 71 -- win for help the morning we just live sporting event every morning on our show. It does make you realize that means Slovenian next it's like OK -- actually Russia's next Pennsylvania it's like by the rushing game obviously ethical -- We -- Indian walks but it's about. The next one at the next round when you gonna start -- those matchups. That. Star studded ones in this you know what -- five teams the teams -- can win it's. Let's get let's get to build US Canada Russia Sweden who's the Finland it's only because that'll -- -- OK okay -- four. Sixteen shot sixteenths eight point shots local. You and eight until I think he's probably sentiment at a reality that you are late and for Finland I've noticed I think he should say don't expect that -- He would sit down gamble it was a game in ill first period and came out made of one to one and but that it is sort blew it out at that point to target giving all of 1618 minutes. McCain had a -- of it's. And I don't know like I. It's. I think it's. Sorry I can't -- now. It's. Good to hear that all day which which are only one on the right side. I thought was an indication of how. Much they thought they're gonna have to or rely on him that the gonna play -- left and right and it seemed like what -- -- that was against which Randy doesn't have a true defensive partner it's like K. Wherever you're up there with -- they get the play of their strength. You let the plan the right side is that how much we're general I go out there every other shift go. Well but what will go and what do you view you put eighteen minutes -- once second outside for -- and the next couple games that that team Slovakia plays three minutes to load the only couple what -- it come it. -- Sally Jackson wins and there's a page Alastair fifteen million couple gave us feel a little realistic here gave those toys guy he's going to be whole people a week or for. They'll be able for the time in a spring training really commences down their Fort Myers. But Charlie played eighteen minutes which is good they went 71. And the game changed he said it was a a good game early you know what changed. Went teen USA realized that the not just the plane -- Slovakia. But they're playing the officials so -- tied the game all was a blatant. Off sides. It was one nothing they scored to make it 11. It was a -- off sides we have docket -- talking about the off sides call Joey that started the six nothing -- for team USA this morning here's the goal just. To tired right should putted and got tired. Dads tired. It's just play on side. Let's see if the players' dorm size. And that's flops. God is off signs they've missed it but that is not excited she's not in your shot on goal and not even close. That was offside -- my. I'm not miles as I got here wide you'll join us tomorrow. Here will join us tomorrow to talk about today's game in preview the big game against Russia but then from there was like that was the wake up call that was the proverbial smelling salts for your team USA today. As it develops here it get carrier. Well here is back as he said changing the subject from yeah. Today team USA and Canada. You've got -- -- US announcers openly speculating. That the officiating is anti American after. Was -- three games through for the women won for the men. Pierre an end not questioning. The two non calls yesterday seven women on the ice the team -- twice on two occasions that there were seven women on the ice seven skaters on the ice. And -- called they finally called late but that was during a US rush for guys this -- that against the United States. Is this or put by the officials. Against the United States now we're gonna stare down the barrel up this tournament. You start to think -- concern about that. Very -- in. And private IOC -- Olympics in so she gave witches. Tropical resort when the Russian but the temperature was today sixty ridiculously -- regularly you know. That the coverage it and back and -- grass everywhere Winter Olympics. Need to see snow everywhere it's not the case. Mean that they're creating some knowledge slot machines extort snow free learned last winter they have a lot of social extorted by its -- Then. With the most important thing in this Olympics. Or start but the pressure that Russia has on them it will trade in everything. Everything every medal they get. They were traded for Olympic gold in hockey no doubt you know and don't argue start -- a little concerned yes vote. Maybe some corruption Q what's thought it all Olympics or something and it's not just. US sabre candidate Slovakia it just overall the referees. Know that that is my biggest -- that is unbelievable tournament is the greatest tournament. Because you very rarely get the best in the world that actually care about winning and losing right the World Baseball Classic that they care. But they're not really equipped. Guys aren't ready it will appear and give yet up donating Jim riches that it's not ready but mail this season best players in the world. This -- the chance pretty deep down that finally the final 431. Of the greatest tournament jeez you know walked. The last thing we need is to have blatant calls things not called in for that to be the topic of discussion. I usually figure conspiracy theories out like Greg -- are constantly. This -- you're on to something that Russia could make this thing. Pretty shady that we end up coming ends Monday after they played the USA on Saturday we say all they lost two to one of a hard fought game ticket absolute concern about that he can get a resort town to host the Olympics when. Austria. Austria was on the list the potential Olympic destinations this year and they end up at a resort town. Where it's warmer this morning there than in Phoenix. Arizona. I'd be concerned about that. How did the Olympics kick us. Well a lot of the other options Haiti or middle of -- -- They roll today edit they'd be open ice concept is unbelievable it's it's it's wider by fifteen feet. There's more space behind the net the blue lines up -- a different place compared to where the goal now is so the wide open hockey was fun. And I. I love how quickly. You started talking about shall cast -- -- at the start tweeting about Phil Kessel I'll be I'll be honest because last year you and I agree. Against Toronto or the Bruins entire Stanley Cup brawn to the loss and Chicago. The most impressive offensive player that we saw the scariest offensive guy we saw not -- Patrick Kane. Was Phil Kessel right what Toronto dig him sold immediately it's like ten minutes and and and you say to me off the year logs in on the air. I'm gonna get pissed that they'll cast I'm gonna get his during this think Phil -- can be so freaking good drops off the Carlson Carlson -- won one nothing is up and down. EI we can get you shaking your head a tweet it out there I'll fill it's always gonna look Eric during his term it honestly he's gonna look even better. Right now we agree on now because the way the ice is set -- yeah ice and displays hitting brings everything right -- he's gonna look even better during these Olympics so. Yeah the united articulate. I just posed the question follows a -- -- -- The Beatles that vote yes Paris watching yet overwhelming we're good we don't need him you know. And then this is the funny you know we if we had cast we will cup -- that's right to a signal of forgot. You know -- and agree with that thought -- report role -- a site you you get the whole thing is he's not a Bruins type players on a two way guy getting all but I'd. I've always thought Hawaii everybody's got to beat the same. Now why everyone -- -- got to grind it out boards. You know -- just that doesn't make sense to you can't afford to have one sniper. And it out -- -- and grew into himself was a big goal scorer. Could you look past a little bit of the of the doesn't grind in the corner if you got a -- that can possibly score forty goals. I think I could. It OBS -- -- -- -- because he's gonna actually look even better with the ice and I still think Patrick came have been the best player on the ice. And all around the best play that got -- castle. Outline looks looks but he just passed to speed. -- knows how to use his speed and -- syndicate which he says once beat. A -- outside and that's it period you know there was no stopped there was no -- -- a patient does not and I'm gonna do this never did at castle is different. Mean it's our last in -- Texas -- bleep I don't beat temple without saying. Mr. entered a -- could have of. Court for the 88 -- at the castle that wanna play here and it became a public thing. By looking back on it now he scored is able to score goals very scored goal he's here he's a pretty good player. I'm curious what -- have a hard time guarding fours a Bruins fan out on open as the full call but there's two guys that USA team but apart and -- at the wrong way. Max -- ready and Phil -- And I because he's a Canadian. I defer to patch ready. But watching shall cast to go up on the ice and probably be more a factor. And the when the catcher -- That's gonna bother some people but it was fun today as -- what it's -- that's a good first ever team USA. And the rushing game is important because if you win your group right you beat Russia gonna beat Slovenia their I've got to -- very good team they have green neon uniform that's about it. You got beat so -- on Sunday. Ought to be rushing -- three you know you when your group that usually by. Like -- by and that quarterfinal at the first round to get my into the quarterfinals and it improves your -- big time if you don't beat Russia. Well then -- left a -- the from a goal differential standpoint and points you're the fourteen because there's fourteen ticket buys the group winners. And the best team the highest rated team that's not a group winner. So you know left and that your your fight for your life they -- you don't -- three you know on this group's appeal that Russia is gonna go three and all they Beecher. So today's -- important as a tone setter the rushing game Saturday. Well putted terrible weather right you get a bye we're receiving is going to be and by the way they -- the big bad team and that comforts in that division in that side of it they're seen as one of the favorites to win. Not injury report as a text -- wants an auto care of -- -- care about the Bruins players Chara played eighteen minutes he came out of it okay Tuukka Rask give up four goals. But -- -- -- we think healthy candidate for -- for that team I've seen no other. Bruins' injury news today the year word about Bruins player get hurt in -- gonna play at noon while backing -- here in the background keep you updated on that so. -- -- -- -- You got through it okay. Rask got hurt got lit up a little bit but they want a four. And after USA fan things are good -- too big game Saturday morning 730 -- body and he Britain will be over there at grammys. A fourteen USA took the ice which had what -- Sixteen hours or so sixteen hours of by by Derek Jeter. Bye -- jeetz yet jeetz capping called -- What's the reaction what's what you thought of the reaction. To Derek Jeter deciding to announce before the season he's gonna step away what are your contemporaries guy you played against for a lot of years of Major League Baseball. I think the reaction -- -- Was that the people in Boston that if before. The greatest thing to happen for Derek Jeter as far as being a Boston Red Sox fan was out Rodriguez -- yankees. Visited that you'd just. You can then switch your anger some it may be deserves it more I think people have respected Derek Jeter you know -- this early retirement thing. -- other responsibly out of -- I don't know -- really responding Tuesday when I think I'm a little surprised that he is announcing his retirement before the season started. You know I'm just I'm a little surprised it's ugly it's not like Derek Jeter the kind of make this announcement and make it about that story you know to meet. Out of rather seen him play this first half of the season out and at the all star break look at his body work. It upset -- it's going to be difficult year for me just say you know this this this is probably going to be yet. And have the last two or three months of the Derek Jeter farewell tour now he saw Mariano Rivera he saw we went -- at. Mary felt that okay we'll leave it wasn't that big of a distraction ticket at a place for that group. And figured OK maybe this is like I can handle this too but I was a little surprised. That you come up I mean I expected as a very good chance to be as last year served. I just felt like Yost operatives that -- that got their play it's your body reaction -- you perform. That at some point you make you know maybe you wanna hear. It was -- you last year maybe is trying to eliminate those talks I brought a different discussion you know media attention to himself yeah maybe you're just sick of I don't wanna hear everybody say is can be last year's mile judges tell you right now yes it is it is so. On the Derek Jeter like that's the -- it'll get you say you're surprised I'm floored. The Derek Jeter who hit everything. About his private life from the media who want it no attention whatsoever who has basically Tom Brady of the Yankees he speaks a lot but he says nothing. What he does the media availability. That I take that baseball. Like Derek Jeter knows that FaceBook is writes this big give by the Yankee fans in the organization and how I came to -- a difficult decision things that he -- went -- hard for him to do. Derek Jeter. Know. There's a witness was a Derek Jeter production. It's either the Yankees asking him to do this because they saw the reaction they got last year from their fans -- Rivera dated ports Major League Baseball. Saying look you're gonna give us a lot of attention Derrick if you comported you announced before the year. That you're gonna retire in fact the same way that attention helped the Yankees again helpful Major League Baseball in the Yankees sure does and I feel like Jeter. I don't like Derek is gone along well with a lot of things you know the Yankees wannabe doesn't speak out against the Yankees and Steinbrenner manager choices and Iran okay. There's another case where Derrick is for the betterment of the organization. For the betterment a Major League Baseball he makes the announcement before hand. That's the only thing I come up with I can't imagine he sought his teammate is -- Rivera. Get rated out there and on the field every single series last year in the second happened say I want backed. He would take girls to his apartment. And not go out to dinner for fear being seen publicly the -- private life and his public life. Interfere. To back guys now wants the extra media attention of a slasher a baseball. All crap. I it's gonna happen today or tomorrow or release on a case and it makes a baseball practiced. I think they went to what -- -- do this for us -- if they went Toobin said Derrick if you're really destroy India last year you told us privately. You adopted Scarnecchia told Bill Belichick but I last year this is it I'm done on it and -- it -- detail forty hours after the season. They went to the Yankees and -- Major League Baseball or the Yankees told MLB. Pegged those two organizations. Went to went said Derrick could be really good for us as a sport for the Yankees good frost is organization. If you come out you say. I'm gonna retire. And I'm gonna I'm gonna be it's in my last year as a going away -- you know what that does. Takes a lot of the black -- off the Iraq situation Lou but the Yankees and away -- going to be gone and and not forgotten. And is gonna spend a year away and -- you know what -- spin that Derek Jeter's last year. It helps the -- -- a policy accents and that makes sense PR wise. But I just. That Derrick set a goal along with that it doesn't if that's really not inside of them it -- really want to do that always good for the Yankees. Many times they are not sick things publicly I felt about the way the organization was going what they were doing that's what Derek well that's what organization what to make organization that Derek. That's about Derek Jeter. You know that that's about not one to be an issue not want to go public. Not want to be critical publicly about him. You know why doesn't ought to be critical that wanna make a story. And in this case. He's saying well why I will help you guys all the way help this team not by not making a story a certain things. He's helping out the organization is helping out the Yankees by doing this. What what -- Derek -- background gives you any evidence. This was a Derek Jeter production that's why I'm asking that I see nothing. I see or normally just an adult Derek Jeter's hand you know to me I mean. Was I often annoyed with the the the top step as well continuously. Every single run. And -- the the not walking in the dugout going up the top steps by the by the on deck circle instead going at the top steps on the but it first base side. It and walking in front of the did the dugout on the field in front of everybody with a fist -- in here. So that's everyone's got to give them okay and and and he did a very nice job and I think I respect -- remotely betting game of baseball right now. It is this it is a question that I do everybody's got a little something. Derek Jeter's not gonna sit here and do whatever MLB baseball MLB in the Yankees want in the duke repeal all or if they're -- not comfortable with. He's not gonna in my last year I'm not -- don't ask me on my last year with a career that I had to do some I don't believe it. He was on board with this. And you write it it doesn't make cents. You know -- I'm not crazy about it go out and do it the all star break. About in July come out in August in the last couple of months okay do you thing. You know I just there's no reason to come out -- there's no reason a couple for the year what would be doing next euros. In two years of retiring. Especially considering just -- with a go to II group. Especially considering just all the attention Rivera got. And he saw that Rivera every party went somewhere -- again after held a press conference. He doesn't seem like and there's nothing in his resume. The makes me believe he wanted this well guess now I'm speculating a lot only eighteen detects lamb what you speculate I am. On the evidence that I've -- act like the Yankees or Major League Baseball horrible. Pushed him to do this. 6177797937. Is your phone number the eighteenth tee -- line is 37937. How is Derek Jeter Jeter. -- ought to be remembered by baseball fan it's your boss and across the country up they what. Pedro Martinez. Is gonna about brought Derek Jeter he talked about Jeter had some strong words you'll hear that it will get to you 937 WEEI.

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