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Jackie MacMullan, ESPN Boston: On the latest trade rumors surrounding the Celtics

Feb 13, 2014|

Jackie MacMullan joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Celtics and the latest trade rumors surrounding the team.

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Watch our Butler and ID 37 WEE we see you guys lined up. The talks the Celtics basketball gets your call 617779. 79378. TT -- -- -- 37937. Joining us says that she always does on Thursdays our friend Jack McMullen. Brought you by Toyota of Nashua commonwealth mortgage and by Lexus. Of Watertown. -- also has four start I thought he'd been awesome job with Mike on the broadcast on Comcast the other night. Well thank you that was. Credit challenged it released. Like there were at least nine people a stance that came Jackie Saturday. An unbelievable you know in that used to be back in the day when I covered could be. Milwaukee a law places with you green people waiting for you -- hotel lobby when he you know got off the Boston. And of those nine people understand that you saw I think hated report Celtics fans -- life. Yeah I need all of signal -- -- -- Annika actually here. Like a group of fans Agusta group of guys and bad idea in this agreement like you know 76. Like the shot clock but really it's just that it fifteen except you do it. Maybe high school level nobody in the stands you can hear the nets. That's not a good -- you know it. It's so bad that you know they have a great history as you guys now they -- it went 71 they had -- that it had Oscar Robertson and it's. They had great teams when Nellie was supposed to seeing what happened there. There is it as simple as if they get one of those topics -- that -- a mile the fans the return that they get wigand's. The fan base we'll come backers gonna take a while the thank. -- it's gonna take awhile there because they've just been so long since they've had any kind of hope it really has been quite a while since Ray Allen was there probably. And and it gets. You know Herb Kohl is the one time on their he's trying to sell so. They needed new arena they're going to well that's so there's a lot of negativity. A lot different in the situation here. You object to it we're talking but the Celtics here -- 1935 the that this first half against by definition of a call it button. LC it they're almost in a in a perfect spot here and I was shocked -- Rondo to -- in games he started his comeback but trying to search -- up with you know a top five pick and actually keep everybody here. And it would not be the best case scenario. It can happen. I don't know second half the number one run as they -- think the more -- round into form the better the team should be and I think Donnie Danny not done stockpiling picks if he can do it in cap space to what have you so and I also think that. I think that the one thing that struck me being on the road with those guys can he can really do get a different feel confident. They've all -- -- they're pretty well these veterans you know pick a guy like Jeff Green prince -- was in the -- -- -- -- It can't -- joint strike. But he's been very good if anything's a lawless countries all these guys they told the -- that is not been to a Milwaukee. We're Kerry Neal and Larry Sanders got into it there's been you know OJ Mayo -- shape -- you know it is an even playing right now. So they've had those kind of issues and I think the differences that. Larry Drew the coach Tyndall hockey and who knows he's going to be the coach of the future once they get pissed that I draft pick that they probably will get. Everybody knows who's in charge here at you know it's Brad Stevens Christine if you don't like it your goal and because he's saying. And that's a huge difference. And even went back. Even with that looting really wears on players. And it wears on veterans that have won before being -- -- think about it Georgetown Oklahoma City the Celtics didn't even know what losing it. And so if you can pull one of those guys and get an asset backed I think it's a good idea. I agree the draft picks -- asked what they just keep all these guys I say -- trade Jeff -- a brand ambassador some sort of package and getting first round pick this year I'd prefer that over keep we have look at its -- in 1935 and say you know life depends on what you think in his -- -- that continue to lose games. It's not because -- reading Neal Rhonda came back -- -- off for a little bit but I out of thought that would won more games with the team they have right now -- and and guys are actually. Proven to be assets in Salinger and -- in these kind of guys that are actually helping them that there -- good spot depending on which direction wanna go. Well listen there where you would I guess he would've guessed they would have been right. But with a pretty good attitude and the thing that I look at I look at remember we are all week just all taken for granted Brad Stevens is gonna be really good at -- Well guess what he is. But it's remarkable it's remarkable that a guy that has never had a sniff of the NBA at any level at assistant coach -- -- anything. Has been as good as he has been and he's learning on the job will be the first Italian. But that he's commanded. The respect in the attention to these players and I think a lot of it goes back to what I just said they all know he's here to stay and they need to be they need to get him with him. Having said all of that. He he's been huge plot now I guess we all assumed it was going to because it's such a great -- to make. But I relevant gonna take for granted that he was gonna succeed any -- he's been good. The other thing is over the last ten days in particular. Kelly Olympic and he had that ankle injury came back at that is very tentative he needs to be -- -- to somebody take a -- approximately. Okay. That aside. He's showing us something now he you know when they play up tempo and you get on the ball he's playing with a little more conviction he's driving hard to behold now. He looks like a much more content place now you think OK yeah maybe he's one of the pieces. Salinger has been the best player there's just no question about it in my opinion the most consistent player. -- he needs the opposite of what killing meet you need to take the 35 pounds -- has been put it on Kelly I'll make it that I am okay. And you know Salinger I think can really be a cornerstone. But only. Only if he does commit to conditioning and nutrition and all the things he needs because. Name one player that played at 290 pounds which is about what -- soldiers -- Tell me one player that has been able to -- In the NBA with that kind of wait you came so he's got a commitment that -- Let's make that trade treat some of soldiers wait to -- elect payment that's interest Celtics and under the keeper I mean I I agree untouchable. Probably the closest thing -- I have three have Rondo I'd have Olympic and and have sellinger of course Jeffrey would not be on that list and I know we talk about every week and I know you set out -- has to be for him Jackie but I. Let this week in particular -- a caller texture tell me that he is a cornerstone for them. Going for a fight the game that you did were early on not into it greatly and then last night in a game were look at your. If you wanna win right here you look at San -- say no Tony Parker. Their debt three for the players not playing enact game right now Ginobili split her well nobody playing and Jeff green's gone up against the LAs as some of that. -- -- back ups for that team and he's four for seventeen -- that early is the disinterested as you mentioned it. The nonaggressive Jeff Green and that's why to me he is soul. Freak and frustrating that an opportunity presents itself last night against the team that may be compete if he's into it early and there's some games re still for whatever reason. Doesn't appear to be all that motivated or aggressive manages it bothers me at the start games with him. And stand that and you know I think it -- to Brad Stevens creek you know he'll never admit it and so I agree with you I think that he. Was and he is what he is we'll say it one more times the reason he's not in the league player is because. He can't follow up Milwaukee with another performance close to that. And he's never done that in his career he's never had you know a two month stretch where he's just. Like out and he had I believe he has the ability. But you know what it's not his make up he doesn't have that killer instinct we've all covered enough athletes Lou you've been around enough and now he can't teach that. You either have it -- you don't. Go to comes LeBron James Jackie -- I don't I don't jump on the bashing thing is much you know but I would I would like for him to just. Sort of stay out of that maybe a little bit more humble at the whole mount Rushmore -- it will what will -- be -- that you see a guy that you would you are nervously. I think so they -- there's never been anybody like him. Anybody like him he is in and NFL linebacker playing basketball and played it with played both ends of the floor he is it to a player. He is a terrific player needs to Hitler and he needs to win more championships before we can put them up there. But I do think he's headed that way and and I don't mind the positive they'll start because I think if you asked all the guys that he put up there. I think you would they -- all plays they belong up there and Kobe Bryant at home -- somewhere just furious that he's not even in this conversation. And and you know I don't know what Bill Russell. Isn't mentioned I don't like Kareem Abdul Jabbar wasn't someone in the conversation that you know I don't agree with his mount Rushmore but I do agree that if he continues on the path he's on. He will be up there the problem is comparing apples and oranges you know Oscar Robertson. Averaged a triple double. Averaged a triple double over the course of the season and yet. You know he wouldn't be I mean I guess he wouldn't be -- about how great it is Bill Russell averaged over 23 rebounds a game one year but the numbers don't aren't the same because became has changed so too. Writes Jack you have to ask it was LeBron out of it for now who is in year top four who's on -- Jackie's mount Rushmore they want instead -- and I'm just having the hardest time with it because at. -- the course. Michael Jordan Michael Jordan is number one and Brussels number one day okay those two are are given. And and the way I'm gonna cop out on you because I really believe -- magic and Larry together won eight championships magic five Larry three. The two of them -- one another from cementing their place on mount Rushmore so my solution is to take. Their faces and cut them in half and put them together like I'm on mount Rushmore. And then you know let. You gotta give -- -- even -- never like to dude. I appreciate what he accomplished all time leading scorer in NBA history one of the most devastating. Weapons that's sky -- in history won everywhere he went sky high school we UCLA. Milwaukee Bucks Los Angeles Lakers he blogs up there. But Jackie just there's other out of New York to switching gears Slobodan Derek Jeter you -- -- retirement that in. And essays and a throw back because it's almost like he had his career not during social media not want -- he was crazy new Yorker against Korea 7080 years ago right with a time they were following it the with help private he was not just Grady was on the field but off the field respect president that I haven't you look at. You know flies on I mean I covered Dieter a lot. Just the most down to earth guy I've ever been around as a superstar that he is as stupid starting blocks like to start talks like one and certainly acts like one. But when you talk to one. I'll keep that promise experience to another guy there are one game. We were there at duke does about is just about the close we were in -- probably even a little later than we should have been and he just. -- all of us with you know the that a whole lot right you would make you feel like you would -- definitely go back is -- I didn't really say anything bad boy was polite while it wasn't anything. You know and I was in there and I was just about to leave any he was opening -- a pop tart yet at chocolate pop -- in the -- He's eating at these parties to pop tart and like me in my mom you know like I forgot -- let's go to. -- even or did you know. And nutritional value of that -- it. Well okay mom tanks and I and I really well -- you know what I do that I could -- -- obviously do which is what he said no. Oh and you know what -- He wrapped it right back -- it as black and -- that little -- you know. I just think he. So much of what he did had -- with on the field of course you know. -- tornado PS is a -- at 308 batting average in the postseason you know clutch player. A great putt so you know we can argue about whether his range I think as a shortstop sometimes is overrated. But it's certainly one of you know offensively a great source that the defense we have very very good one perhaps is overrated -- a little bit through the years can you make. You know that play in July 2004 when he died in the stands and comes up with that -- -- opens. But I I just think you know you look at -- He is the antithesis of a rat rod probably had more talent certainly has a better -- and better hitter -- a ride should have been. Derek Jeter but he could never figure it out. And that's what I admire Jeter so much because not only was -- great baseball player he was one of the best leaders I've ever seen in sports. Well that's the most circle back to question we asked our listeners early in the jokes Odyssey comes back to Jeter and Nomar and I think we all agree that Derek Jeter has a eight has a a longer career has a better career but right. -- question was saying it's a good one in their prime right in their prime years. Who would you take who was a better shortstop in their prime Jackie Derek Jeter. Or Nomar Garciaparra. That's a good question -- -- Omar had some great great years there. Late ninety's there. Well know -- was probably -- short time better than Jeter. But he was I think a little and -- -- better I think not or had been arranged but I think you would probably a little more consistent -- normally that would more erratic I don't know if that's. Yes and -- march had more trouble with the routine already had a right ignited with ball a little -- Left or right and and no market hit the ball I would say this bill and again it's wild give the edge to Jeter and I know he's your friend and I don't mean to. Well -- we've already -- -- believe -- but I ER Nomar was a great leader. And you may disagree with me. But to me leader means you're leader in the about with your teammates your -- you you anything -- any -- you have to front office to keep yourself. You'd have to deal with the media with you want or not no I just he never seemed comfortable in that role immediately just simply personality. But and then the other thing -- is. There are questions around Omar there were some questions there's never been any questions about Derek -- so I guess on the totality of it that's what I get cheated or not. I Jackie literal -- is going now what is your preferred Winter Olympic sport to sit down watch. I like the scheme like this scheme please don't make be watched figure skating I'd rather -- played a beat and I hate -- So I love this scheme. Now you are you downhill or is this like you know we -- half -- triple a lot solidly in the flip all the but I really allowed to. It down on me you know -- Claude -- -- well I'm old school a little bit I don't mind down I don't mind I have to I watched it just because I was curious. With all the furor over some of the. -- -- you know the advantage on like pulled out of and all that so I like games in my blood little. I Jackie is always we appreciate it enjoy the weekend and it was a snell talked you next week I can't jacket on ESPN Boston joining us when Jackie joins us brought to you by our friends. At Toyota -- -- commonwealth mortgage and by Lexus. Of Watertown.

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